DJI Phantom 3 Vs Spark: Which Drone To Buy?

DJI Phantom 3 Vs Spark Which Drone To Buy

Spark is the second drone under $500 released by DJI. DJI Phantom 3 Vs Spark is an excellent price for those who cannot afford to invest in products with 4 numbers. So, How do you know which of these full-featured drones is right for you? That’s what we can help you with. In this article, Staaker will analyze and compare each aspect of both drones. Now, it’s time to invest in a drone to carry out your plans.




  • Size and portability
  • Ease-of-use
  • Forward Obstacle Avoidance
  • Gesture control, Active Track, and new flight modes
  • Longer range (with optional controller)
  • Newer camera

Phantom 3 (1)

Phantom 3


  • Better gimbal
  • Better video options
  • Faster and more stable
  • Range (vs. base model Spark)
  • Longer flight time
  • Actual Cost

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DJI Spark vs Phantom 3: Step-By-Step Comparison

DJI Spark vs Phantom 3 Step-By-Step Comparison


Spark Phantom 3 Standard
Size (L×W×H) 5,6×5,6×2,1 inches (folded) 19.3 x 19.3 inches (with props)
Take off Weight 0,66 lbs 2,68 lbs
Camera 1/2.3” CMOS; 12 MP; 1920×1080 30p 1/2.3” CMOS; 12 MP; 2.7K: 2704 x1520p 24/25/30
Gimbal 2 axis 3 axis
Hover Time ~14-16 minutes around 20 minutes
Range 1.2 miles 1 mile


The biggest difference between them is their size. The Spark is about the same size as a large smartphone, while the Phantom is approximately the size of an NBA basketball. To transport the Phantom, you will need a backpack or special case.

The Spark can be flown with a small remote control. You can use hand gestures to fly at up to 10 m or 100 m using your tablet or smartphone. Spark is easy to take along because you don’t need a remote.



A more powerful camera produces sharper photos and videos. It pays to be familiar with what your drone is capable of.

Each camera weighs in at 12 Megapixels for still shots. Video quality is what does vary. Only Phantom 3 4Kor Phantom 3 Pro can shoot in 4K. The Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 Advanced are next. DJI Spark vs DJI Phantom 3 Models can reach 2.7K, while the Spark is last at 1080p.

While 1080p is still HD, a camera capable of shooting at this speed is becoming a little outdated. The same is true for the 2.7K video. Professional and semi-professional filmmakers will find 4K video to be of superior quality.


Flight Time

Your drone will fly for longer periods, increasing the amount of footage and fun it can have. Flight time is critical. Take a look at these figures.

As you can see, the Phantom range is roughly equal. With a flight time of just 16 minutes, the Spark is a little behind. This is not enough time to get the most out of your work, but it’s certainly sufficient.


Every drone uses GPS and GLONASS for its location, so there is no room for error. Each drone can connect to both American and Russian satellites. This ensures high coverage and accuracy.

Vision position is important. What does this mean? All drones except the Phantom 3 Standard have various sensors that help them determine their position close to the ground and in areas without GPS. They can hover accurately and without excessive displacement.

Vertical Hover Displacement:

  • +-0.1m (with Vision Placing)
  • +-0.5m (without Vision Positioning).

Horizontal Hover Displacement:

  • +-0.3m (with vision positioning
  • +-1.5m (without vision positioning).

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Top Speed

The Phantom 3 drones can reach speeds of 35.8 mph. They can reach speeds of up to 6.7mph and climb at an impressive 11.2mph. The Spark’s maximum speed is 31 mph. It can climb and descend at speeds of up to 6.7 mph. It doesn’t make a huge difference.

Maximum Flight Distance

It is important to consider the maximum distance that a drone can travel before deciding on DJI Spark or Phantom 3. You have more freedom in the air the longer the flight range.

DJI Spark can keep in touch with you within 100 meters if controlled by a smartphone. However, it can reach distances of around 2km if you use a transmitter. This is impressive considering Spark’s small size.

A transmitter is essential if you plan to fly seriously with the Spark. The transmitter allows the Spark to beat the Phantom 3 in the distance easily.

The range of the Phantom 3 4k is 1200 meters from the box, which is 10x greater than the Spark when piloted with no transmitter.

Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

Spark is the clear winner in this department, as it has a high-tech sensor capable of detecting objects up to 16ft ahead.

The Phantom 3 is an older model, so this sensor was not available (at least in consumer drones), and it doesn’t have this useful obstacle avoidance system.

You have many intelligent flight options to choose from, regardless of whether you choose the Phantom 3 or DJI Spark.

DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Modes:

  • Mode
  • Dronie
  • Gestures
  • Helix
  • Circle

DJI Phantom 3 4K Intelligent Flight Modes:

  • Point of interest
  • Waypoints
  • Home lock
  • Follow me
  • Course Lock

The DJI Spark also has a cool gesture control mode that isn’t available on older models such as Phantom 3.

Gesture control mode allows you to move the drone using hand signals. The drone’s sensors recognize these movements, and it reacts accordingly.


The controllers for the Phantom 3 range have a variety of flight and camera buttons as well as two large steering wheels. The mount can be attached to a smartphone or tablet at the top so users can view their flight footage via the DJI app.

The controller is very functional and simple to use. The only problem is that the Phantom 3 Standard includes an older version of the controller. It has fewer buttons and amounts that can only be used with a smartphone.

The Spark can be flown using hand gestures or with the DJI app. While these methods work well, the manual flight is more fun and more functional. You will need a controller to do this. One controller is not included in stand-alone models.

Spark controllers offer a significant advantage in terms of range. You can only go as far as 100m without a controller. One controller will allow you to reach 1.2 miles.

You can also enable sports mode on the controller so that your drone can reach a maximum speed of 31 mph. The controller also has two control sticks and dedicated flight buttons. If you decide to purchase a Spark, then consider bundle deals that include the controller. It is worth it.


DJI’s classic intelligent flight modes are included on all drones, including:

  • Waypoints: This allows users to create an automated flight path for their drones.
  • Course Lock: This makes the drone’s controls work about its flight direction.
  • Home Lock: This allows the drone to function at its home point.
  • Beginner: This allows new flyers to practice safely at slower speeds.

There are a few more features included in The Spark:

  • Rocket: This causes the drone to rise with its camera pointed. This provides a unique perspective.
  • Dronie: The drone will fly backward and forwards with its camera fixed to a subject. This allows for a variety of exciting shots.
  • Circle: Causes the drone to circle a subject.
  • Helix: The drone will circle a subject, but the radius of the circle increases over time.
  • Gestures: You can control the drone with hand signals or gestures.


Both drones are priced at the same price, but it doesn’t matter which one is best. It’s more about which drone suits your needs. Below is the current pricing structure for all Phantom 3 models as well as DJI Spark.


  • Phantom 3 Standard 500
  • Phantom 3 4K $600
  • Phantom 3 Advanced $700
  • Phantom 3 Pro $800
  • Spark $550

DJI Spark or DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Which Is Better for You?

It’s time you need to make your decision. If you need a drone that can produce high-quality footage, the Phantom 3 can go with you. But if you want a drone with obstacle avoidance and high mobility, then you should invest in Spark. We hope that our Spark vs Phantom 3 article can help you know more detail about these drones and make the decision better. Let’s wait for our DJI Spark vs Phantom 4 article next time.

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