All eyes on you!

Just ride, slide and create
Staaker takes care of the rest

“Unfold the arms, put on the tracker and press play to get your perfect drone footage”

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    The Staaker follow drone is ready to film in 30 sec, and super easy to operate

  • Robust & Durable

    Robust & Durable

    The Staaker can be used anywhere, anytime, and in (almost) any weather conditions

  • Speed


    With a 80kph / 50 mph max speed the Staaker drone should be able to keep up with most of your escapades

  • 30 min flight time

    30 min flight time

    Your adventures aren't over in a few minutes, neither is Staaker. The follow me drone has 30 min flight time

  • Weatherproof


    The drone is designed for, and tested, in all kinds of weather. Staaker flies itself in snow, wind and rain!


    Never flown a drone before? No worries! Staaker flies itself.  You can fly with confidence from the first flight!

  • Dirt and waterproof tracker

    The Tracker is waterproof down to 2m. You can use the tracker for almost any activity, without worrying!

  • Staaker Follow Drone

    The Staaker follows you to capture every move you make!