Gysxrda’s Replacement Motor Brushes: An Economically Efficient Solution to Your Repair Needs

Gysxrda's Replacement Motor Brushes: An Economically Efficient Solution to Your Repair Needs

When it comes to keeping your power tools in good working order, it is important to identify and address any issues as soon as they arise. Carbon brushes are an essential part of most power tools, and when these start to wear down or malfunction, it can have a significant impact on the performance of your tool. It’s time to replace these components, and Gysxrda Carbon Brush is just a perfect choice for such a replacement helping you get your power tools back up and running in no time.

Product Overview

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The packs of replacement motor brushes by Gysxrda are the perfect solution for restoring your power machines to their optimal performance. Featuring a long-lasting wear item, this pitch-bonded graphite material-based carbon brush opens up a broad spectrum of uses for motors of all performance classes. The added running-surface coating delays break-in and lowers noise emissions while also preventing further commutator roughening. They are compatible with most top brands, such as DeWALT or Hitachi and replace a variety of part numbers, including 614367-00, 5140024-30, 0502025007, etc.

Gysxrda's Replacement Motor Brushes: An Economically Efficient Solution to Your Repair Needs


– Long-lasting wear item 

– Reduces break-in time and noise emissions 

– Prevents additional roughening of the commutator 

– Compatible with most top brands (DeWALT/Ryobi/Ridgid/Craftsman/Hitachi)


– Not suitable for all motor types and sizes

Product Features 

Highly Compatible 

This replacement motor brush is compatible with most top brands, from DeWALT, Ryobi, Ridgid, Craftsman to Hitachi, making it the perfect fit for repairing your power machine without having to buy a new one entirely. It also replaces multiple part numbers including 614367-00, 5140024-30, 0502025007, 999044, 816768, 089110102254 etc., giving you more options when replacing parts of your motor.  

High Quality Materials

The 614367-00 replacement motor brush by Gysxrda is made of high quality pitch-bonded graphite material. This motor brush provides a broad resistance range and great thermal and electrical resilience, ensuring that your power tool works efficiently with maximum safety.

Easy to Install

This replacement motor brush is easy to install, making it a great solution for those who need to repair their power tools quickly and with minimal effort. It is compatible with most top brands and replaces various part numbers (614367-00, 5140024-30, 0502025007, 999044, 816768, 089110102254, 375001006, 089037004271, and 080037002511).

Long Lasting Performance

This motor brush is designed to provide long-lasting performance. It has a running surface coating that reduces break-in time and noise emissions, while also preventing roughening of the commutator. This ensures that your power tool is running at peak efficiency and provides reliable operation without damage. 

Affordable Replacement Part

Instead of purchasing an entirely new motor for your power machine, this provides an affordable solution that fits within your budget. This replacement brush is a great way to fix issues with worn brushes, intermittent motor function, reduced electric braking and reduced motor power without having to spend too much money. 

Gysxrda's Replacement Motor Brushes: An Economically Efficient Solution to Your Repair Needs

DIY Solutions for Easy Troubleshooting

Gysxrda brings DIY solutions to help you deal with any trouble that your power machine may have. This replacement motor brush is an easy and cost-effective way to fix common issues without having to buy a new motor entirely. With this component, you can enjoy the great feeling of having your power machine repaired and working properly like it did before. 

Product Benefits

Gysxrda’s 614367-00 Replacement Motor Brush is a great solution for those looking to repair their power tools. The carbon brush is compatible with many top brands and replaces several part numbers, making it an ideal replacement component for your motor. It functions efficiently and is excellently thermal and electrical resilient. It has trustworthy commutation, and strong radio interference suppression capabilities. This replacement motor brush is built with pitch-bonded graphite material, which offers optimal safety and complies with interference suppression regulations while offering a long service life. 

Carbon brushes are an integral component of power tools, and their consistent use leads to gradual wear and tear. As such, over time they will need to be replaced when they have reached their wear limit in order to ensure optimal motor performance. Carbon brushes can help resolve a range of problems, including those that affect starting the motor, inconsistent motor function, slower electric braking and decreased motor power. Replacing the carbon brushes is an easy way to restore these symptoms and ensure smooth operation of the power tool.

Gysxrda's Replacement Motor Brushes: An Economically Efficient Solution to Your Repair Needs

Replacement Motor Brush: Buyer’s Guide

Replacement motor brushes are essential components of any power tool. They provide the necessary electrical connection between the motor and its power source, as well as helping to reduce noise and wear on the commutator. When choosing a replacement brush, it’s important to consider factors such as compatibility with your existing tools, running surface coating, and overall durability. This guide will provide helpful information on how to choose the right replacement brush for your needs. 


The first thing you should check when selecting a replacement motor brush is whether or not it is compatible with your existing tools. Different models may be compatible with different brands or require specific part numbers in order to work properly. Make sure that any new parts you purchase are designed for use with your current model of power tool before making any purchases.  

Running Surface Coating 

A good quality running surface coating can make all the difference when it comes to reducing break-in time and noise emissions from your power machine. Look for a motor brush that has an additional layer of protection against roughening of the commutator which will help ensure more reliable operation without damage over time.   


When it comes to the longevity of your motor, durability is key. Look for a replacement brush made from high quality materials that can withstand frequent use and provide reliable performance over time. High thermal and electrical resilience also helps ensure maximum efficiency when operating your machine.   


Replacement motor brushes may be a necessary purchase to keep your power machine running, but they don’t have to break the bank. Look for an economical solution that fits within your budget while still providing reliable performance and a long service life. 


Gysxrda's Replacement Motor Brushes: An Economically Efficient Solution to Your Repair Needs

Many replacement motor brushes are made from pitch-bonded graphite material which is designed to provide maximum safety in compliance with interference suppression standards. Check for this feature to help ensure that your power machine operates safely and effectively. 

About Gysxrda

Gysxrda is an innovative company dedicated to making home repair and improvement easier and more affordable through DIY solutions. They strive to provide customers with reliable, functional, and secure products that guarantee safe protection for wires, lines, cables, cords, and automotive equipment. 

Their replacement parts are made of superior quality materials that resist wear and tear, that provide a resistance range of 35 to 3,000 μΩm, making them suitable for motors of all performance classes. An integrated stop-motion mechanism is also featured to prevent damage to the motor or the whole machine when the limit of the carbon brush wears out. 

At Gysxrda, they strive to ensure that customers are always satisfied with their purchase. They promise safety, convenience, and reliability with every product.  

FAQs about Replacement Motor Brush by Gysxrda 

What is the material used in Gysxrda’s Replacement Motor Brushes?

The Gysxrda’ replacement motor brushes are manufactured from high-quality and durable materials with a pitch-bonded graphite material featuring a resistance range of 35 to 3,000 μΩm. This offers broad applications for motors of all performance classes. 

Are Gysxrda’s Replacement Motor Brushes safe to use?

Absolutely! They come with an integrated stop-motion mechanism that prevents damage to the motor and entire machine as soon as the wear limit of the carbon brush is reached, making them extremely safe to use. 

How do I know when my Replacement Motor Brush needs replacing? 

With such an integrated safety feature embedded into their design; you will be able to tell if your replacement motor brush needs replacing due to it switching off automatically when its wear limit has been reached.  

Is there any benefit using Gysxrda’s Replacement Motor Brushes over other brands? 

Yes! Not only are they made from high quality and durable materials but also offer various features that other brands may not have, such as the integrated stop-motion mechanism that prevents damage to the motor and entire machine. 

What kind of appliances can I use Gysxrda’s Replacement Motor Brushes for? 

Gysxrda’s replacement motor brushes are suitable to use with a wide range of home appliances including motors, drills, and other automotive cables. They are also suitable for use with almost all performance classes.


Overall, Gysxrda’s Replacement Motor Brushes provide a safe and secure solution to your repair needs due to their high-quality materials and integrated safety features. The high-quality material used in these brushes makes them resistant to wear and tear, while also being able to withstand extreme temperatures. Furthermore, Gysxrda’s patented design ensures that each brush provides an optimal electrical contact with your motor so you can get maximum efficiency out of it. All things considered, investing in Gysxrda’s replacement carbon brushes is definitely worth considering if you want reliable performance from your machine over time.

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