The Story:

In 2013 during a backcountry skiing trip Sigurd (Co-founder) had an epic day skiing, but little to no footage he could share with his friends. The little footage he did have was only of what he saw that day from a helmet camera, and not what he actually did. 

And Sigurd is not the only one having this issue, on youtube there are millions of POV movies, but it’s not what the professionals do; they use drones or helicopters to get the footage they need to tell their story the way it’s meant to be told, with you at the center of it. Why do the pros get to have all the fun?

The idea to make a drone that follows and films you completely automatically while going down the gnarliest of mountains was born. He shared this idea with OJ (CEO and Founder) who quickly said, “how hard can it be!?”. He managed to convince some really clever engineers to join him and the team started work right away.

50 prototypes and 3 years later it turns out it was harder than OJ first imagined. The team quickly grew and OJ hired people that are way smarter than him. They built a predictive tracking system that works much like a human cameraman. And a drone that is fast, stable, robust, water resistant and has a long flight time. The tracker was also designed and built so that it can take a beating whilst being completely waterproof.

The drone has been tested everywhere from Svalbard to Hawaii and most places between. This rigorous testing and development was to ensure that we deliver the best possible product to our customers. The Staaker Company is committed to enable you to tell your stories the way they should be told; with you at the center of it.

Address: Martin Linges vei 25, 1364 Fornebu, Norway