Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air: Top Full Guide 2021

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air

Continuing DJI’s series of drones, In this article, we’ll show you the head-to-head of DJI’s two smallest drones – the Mavic mini vs Mavic air.

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DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini

Having a lengthy list of all drones that begin with the title Mavic, DJI has established yet another consumer system, possibly their consumer-friendly nonetheless, the brand new, relatively compact, folding DJI Mavic Mini.

As its name suggests, the DJI Mavic Mini is a compact machine, also in authentic DJI style, it’s a couple of compromises to make everything work. The very first point to notice is the Mavic Mini weighs significantly less than 0.55 pounds, so that you don’t have to enroll together with the FAA before the flight. Registration is easy and quick, but not needing it all is a bonus.

Do not allow the small size to fool you. This drone packs a 12MP camera, takes 2.7K video from a 3-axis stabilized Gimbal, and contains all the flight features you’d expect from a Mavic drone now.

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DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

DJI found fantastic success using all the Mavic Pro. They followed up that with the much less expensive Spark. The Mavic Air bridges the difference between those two, offering all of the fun features from the more compact Spark and all of the pro flight features of this Mavic Pro.

Even better, the Mavic Air introduced a 100Mbps data rate for video capture on a DJI drone below $1500. This seems like a mouthful. Suffice to mention. The Mavic Air immediately took the crown to the very best video at the lowest cost of any drone available on the marketplace.

Much like numerous DJI drones, the Mavic Air comes in two primary buying alternatives. You can purchase the drone independently or update it into the alveolar More package to find more batteries, a carry case, and much more.

Following the initiation of the Mavic two-string of drones, we needed to urge the newer Mavic lineup as the very best camera onto a compact drone. However, the Mavic Air remains our best pick if supreme portability is the own concern. The Mavic Air manages to package down to nearly fit snugly in your pocket.

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air - Which drone is right for you

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air – Which drone is right for you?

  • Cost: DJ Mavic Mini readily wins on cost as it comes in at $399 versus $919 for your Mavic Air.
  • Weight and dimension: Mavic Mini drops with 249 g of 430 g for your Mavic Air.
  • Flight period: 30 minutes to your Mavic Mini vs. 21 minutes to your Mavic Air. Mini wins.
  • Best speed: 42.5 miles for your Air at 29 miles for your Mini. Mavic Air wins.
  • Max range capacities: 2.48 miles for both drones, but the DJI Mavic Air has more robust connectivity and wins this round.
  • Obstacle avoidance: The DJI Mavic Air had forwards, backward and downward sensors for obstacle avoidance, whereas the Mini has downhill sensors to aid during landing. Mavic Air wins hands-down.
  • Focal length: the two camera characteristic 24mm lenses at 35 formats equal, so that is a draw.
  • Camera quality and frame rate choices: 1/2.3″ CMOS detectors for both drones. Mavic Air has better specs, but this Mavic Mini is lovely and provides a cleaner and sharper picture. Additionally, it has an excellent dynamic range. Therefore, even though the Mavic Air shoots 100 Mbps versus just 40 Mbps for your Mini, the Mavic Mini wins this round.
  • Wind conditions: the DJI Mavic Air readily wins this round.
  • Camera controllers: This is a draw.
  • Exposure settings: And that one is a draw too. The drones are different, along with the Mini provides fewer choices but still provides.
  • Build quality: The Mavic Air wins readily.
  • Noise levels: The DJI Mavic Mini wins with just 74 decibels versus 79 Db for your Air.
  • Internal storage: The DJI Mavic Air includes 8GB of storage and wins. The Mini has none.
  • Quickshot manner: A draw based on Chris, but I am not sure. I’d give the upper hand to the Air in this situation with its Pano style and HDR features.
  • Low light performance: Astonishingly, the Mavic Mini wins this one too.

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Mavic Mini Advantages

The Mavic Mini has some apparent benefits over its larger brother, the Mavic Air. The first and possibly most important benefit of this new Mini is it smaller and weighs just 249 g. It’s important because there are additional regulations for drones that weigh 250 g and up in most countries.

Together with the Mavic Mini below the brink, it provides pilots the freedom to fly more areas without being concerned about enrollment in the USA. In a few nations, such as Canada, the lightweight provides pilots much more flying liberty than bigger drones.

The Mavic Mini also outshines the Mavic Air as it comes to the airport period. The Mavic Air is limited to just 20 minutes, whereas the Mavic Mini can remain airborne for as much as 30. Ten additional minutes of journey time may make a difference.

The next benefit the Mavic Mini has within the Mavic Air will be price. Starting at just $399, it’s $400 less than the $799+ Mavic Air. The additional batteries of this Mavic Mini are also less costly.

Together with the Mavic Air costs nearly twice that of those smaller Mavic Mini, it’s difficult to justify that cost difference. Nevertheless, the Mavic Air does benefit the Mavic Mini at a couple of vital classes.

Mavic Air Advantages

The Mavic Air has a much better camera than the Mavic Mini. An individual might assert that the camera has become the most significant part of a camera. The Mavic Mini is limited to 2.7K HD video, whereas the Mavic Air effectively shoots higher-resolution 4K footage. Most consumers do not require a 4K video.

In reality, a 1080p movie is precisely what many professional videographers use. But, including the choice of 4K video could have been a remarkable improvement to the Mavic Mini.

The Mavic Air additionally has barrier avoidance sensors on the front and the back of this drone. The Mavic Mini has detectors on the front which will help it prevent a crash. The Mavic Air can hit speeds up to 42 miles, while the Mavic Mini tops out at just 30 mph.

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Mavic Air or Mavic Mini? What’s the greater drone?

In various ways, both of these drones are incredibly similar. They use DJI’s best-in-class applications. They have a 4000-meter range. They have intelligent flight manners and rock-solid GPS equilibrium. An individual could argue that the greater drone is than the Mavic Air due to the camera, faster rate, and obstacle avoidance.

On the other hand, the more excellent value is ultimately the newest DJI Mavic Mini. It can do nearly all the Mavic Air can perform, and it’s nearly half the cost. If you’re interested in finding a brand new drone to capture video and pictures, then we’d advise picking up the newest DJI Mavic Mini.


While neither drones are cheap, they are of good quality. Forget about really cheap planes because of the cost of trying to experience. It won’t be as good as a DJI product. It would help if you considered it before buying a drone.

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