How To Charge Dji Mavic Mini Controller: Top Full Guide 2022

How To Charge Dji Mavic Mini Controller Top Full Guide 2022

Assuming you would like an introduction to the headline How to charge DJI Mavic Mini Controller: One of the most important parts of owning a DJI Mavic Mini Controller is understanding how to charge it.

In this article, will go over the different ways to charge the controller, as well as some tips to keep in mind while doing so.


How to Charge the Mavic Mini Batteries

When it comes to charging the Mavic Mini, there are two distinct ways, and both rely on which Mavic Mini package you got.

Regular Mavic Mini Kit

If you have the normal Mavic Mini, you charge the drone by inserting the battery and plugging in the Micro USB to the back of the drone. You can use a wall socket, PC or portable power bank to charge the Mavic Mini – so there are plenty of alternatives here! Unfortunately, you can only charge one battery at a time, which leads us to the fly more kit.

How to Charge the Mavic Mini Batteries

Mavic Mini Fly More Combo

If you have the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, the two-way charging hub is included in the box. The Two-way charging hub is just as the name says. You can charge the batteries via Micro USB on the side of the hub, as well as utilize a USB-A cable (the larger rectangular one) to charge another device!

The ability to power a gadget in a pinch is a fantastic addition, and charging the 3 batteries can be done in sequence without you needing to swap cells to charge the next one. Love it.

There is one thing, though.

I have one problem with DJI’s handling of charging the remote control…

Charging DJI Mavic Mini Controller

Charging DJI Mavic Mini Controller

Charging the DJI Mavic Mini controller isn’t too tough once you know where to insert the micro USB charging wire. Nowhere does DJI explain how to charge DJI Mavic Mini remote controller. We hope that this procedure will be simplified and made more transparent in the future.

There are several ways to charge the remote, as detailed below.

Utilizing the DJI-supplied Charger

Put the micro USB cords into the part on the upper left side that connects the controller to the phone. This is the square USB OTG port (charging port), and while it may sound odd, this is where it goes.

Charging DJI Mavic Mini Controller

Please be cautious and ensure that the micro USB cable plug is inserted correctly into the charging port, as improper insertion could result in port damage. After connecting the micro USB end, connect the USB end to the USB wall charger, plug it in, and turn it on; this will charge the remote’s battery.

Connect the Remote to the Computer

Using the included USB to Micro USB adapter, you can charge the DJI Mavic Mini remote controller through your computer or laptop. Keep in mind that this will take longer to charge the controller’s battery than using a power outlet, but it does work to charge the controller.

Utilize the Mavic Mini Dual-Port Charging Hub

If you purchased the ‘Fly More Combo’ package, you would receive a 2-way charging hub for recharging drone batteries. Connect the USB end of the cord to the hub and use it as a power bank. Again, this will take more time than using the wall plug, but it is a great idea.

how to charge dji mini controller

My remote once ran out of battery when I was on a flight. I recollected the charging hub, plugged in the controller for a time, and began flying again instead of immediately returning home.

Mavic Mini Controller Battery Flight Time

The 2600mAh battery provides roughly 4.5 hours of flight time on an iOS device and 1 hour and 40 minutes on an Android device.

You may be asking why the disparity exists. This is due to the fact that the remote controller charges your Android device while it is connected. Some individuals find this aggravating because they are squandering a considerable amount of the controller’s battery life to charge their gadget.

Mavic Mini Controller Battery Flight Time

How to Prevent Mavic Mini Controller From Charging a Mobile Device

How to Prevent Mavic Mini Controller From Charging a Mobile Device

There is no method to prevent the controller from charging your phone without rooting your Android device, which is not advised.

The most straightforward approach to limiting the amount of power your Android device requires from your drone controller is to ensure that your Android device is fully charged before the flight.

In this manner, the Mini remote will still charge your phone or tablet but will consume significantly less power than if you were to fly with a device that was only partially charged. If your phone’s battery dies, you can still operate the Mavic Mini without it.


How to Turn On Mini Drone Controller

How to Turn On Mini Drone Controller

To switch on the Mavic Mini controller, press and hold the power button on the remote until all the LED lights illuminate. A sound will also emanate from the controller once it has been activated.

How to Turn Off the Mavic Mini Controller

To switch off the Mavic Mini controller, press the power button once, then hold it down until all of the controller’s LED lights turn off. Essentially the same as how you switched it on previously. When the remote’s power is turned off, it will emit a sound.

But WHY, DJI??

The requirement to use an OTG cable while flying the drone makes sense, given that your phone and remote controller must communicate and exchange data back and forth. USB OTG permits both devices to switch from host to device and facilitates the transfer of additional data between your mobile smartphone and RC.

OTG USB is also powered; I suspect they needed this connector since the DJI GO 4 app allows you to charge your phone via USB connection from the remote controller. And your device and RC must be able to exchange data, so the OTG cable makes this possible.

But WHY DJI how to charge mavic mini controller

But why not a Micro USB port or, even better, a USB-C port for charging? Perhaps DJI will respond and give us a simple, damage-free solution to charge the remote. Or at least include more instructions on how to connect the Micro USB cable to the OTG port without causing damage.

Let’s find the reason make DJI is one of the best Drone Brands: Why Is DJI So Successful?


How Long Does a Mavic Mini Controller Charge?

It takes around two hours to fully charge the Mavic Mini Controller using the 18W USB wall charger provided by DJI.

How to Determine Whether the Mavic Mini Controller is Charged?

When all four LED lights on your Mavic Mini controller are lit, it is fully charged and ready for operation.

How To Charge Dji Mavic Mini Controller

How do you charge a DJI mini se?

How does one charge the DJI Mini SE? The aircraft can be connected to a charger using a USB Type-C connection or the Two-Way Charging Hub.


The conclusion of this guide is that there are a variety of ways to charge the DJI Mavic Mini Controller and that it is important to follow the specific instructions that come with the controller in order to ensure proper charging. Thank you for reading!

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