Best Drone Video Editing Software 2022: Top Brands Reviewed

Best Drone Video Editing Software 2022

If you capture crowds of people, landscapes, places, closed nature reservations, and towns from high above, utilize exclusive drone movie editing applications to improve or simplify your drone flying and movie shooting.

Perform color grading, include cinematic visual effects, and find out how to the Best Drone Video Editing Software among the next drone movie editing program.

Top Rated Best Drones Video Editing Software Review

Top Rated Best Drones Video Editing Software Review

1. Premiere Pro – Our Pick

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere can be known as the ideal drone movie editing application since it works virtually with each present video format. Developers improved Adobe functionality with origin footage editing and improved multi-camera functionality. 8K editing was a norm for quite a very long moment.

You can add unlimited video and sound monitors, overlap them, and insert effects. A Grading makes your eyeglasses impressive with no requirement to become a professional from the color correction.

You could even use text templates in real-time, automated backup to Adobe Cloud, close integration with After Effects, enlarged masking, and tracking options in addition to the chance to export to several conventional branch formats.


  • 8K editing
  • Deep shade correction
  • Unlimited number of monitors
  • Masking
  • Layouts and templates


  • Not found

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2. Final Cut Pro – Best Free Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro - Best Free Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro is a professional application with the most extensive base of third-party plug-ins and assistance of all possible file formats. Among the unique functions is that the technology utilized to decrease the last video’s size without affecting the quality.

You’ll see a selection of practical purposes and well-developed tools that make this drone movie editing applications maximally intuitive. For example, a preview of the ramifications and magnet period scale allows one to code clips and overlap video outlines for video editing.

Additionally, there are functions for professionals, such as multifunctional video and sound editing, allowing them to combine various frame sizes, frame formats, and frequencies to a single project.


  • Massive library of color LUTs
  • Reduced dimensions of this source file
  • Preview of the consequences
  • Magnet scale
  • Multichannel video editing


  • No subscription system

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3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a non-linear movie editor comprising advanced color correction tools. It employs the mechanism of concurrent editing, allowing to check colors up to 2K resolution.

DaVinci Resolve drone movie editing applications comprise exclusive tools for color correction and also the best curves. Additionally, it features a couple of filters. It’s likely to use an infinite number of audio and video monitors.

The audio mixing feature deserves particular praise. It is possible to process up to 1000 soundtracks concurrently, utilizing the equalizer and positive controls.

This program for drones supports all popular video formats, such as Quicktime. You can edit movies with up to 8K resolution, but export configurations are confined to 3,840 x 2,160 if you upload video straight to YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Advanced sound mixing
  • Professional filter Collection
  • Powerful curves
  • Simple use the scale
  • Support for many drones


  • Export Just in 4K


4. After Effects

After Effects

After Effects is your ideal drone movie editing application if you would like to add realistic cinematic effects, such as smoke, explosions, gradient transfusions, etc.; additionally, it acts as an easy non-linear video editor, audio editor, and transcoder for multimedia.

There are hundreds and hundreds of built-in effects that could be combined to make an infinite number of mixes, including rain, wind, sunlight glares, sudden adjustments, mosaic, etc. When it isn’t sufficient, it is possible to upload third-party plug-ins.

The application supports scripts and designs, allowing you to combine several sources to make the last picture. By way of instance, for a single VFX framework, you need to incorporate a sheet of a green screen, wallpaper, a few burst components, smoke, and dust into a single scene.


  • Hollywood realistic Consequences
  • Supports third-party plug-ins
  • Unlimited number of mixtures
  • Scripts substitute manual function.
  • Useful designs


  • Requires a strong PC


Cyberlink Power Director

Cyberlink Power Director is a good alternative for owners of 360-gradient airborne drones. It permits editing videos from several drones and synchronizing them.

It supports all drone cameras, stabilization tools, motion monitoring, titles, transitions, and View Designer to get fantastic effects, including Small Earth.

This movie editing application for drones has upgraded color tools, like color matching, LUTs, a branch of tones, and HDR effects. Animated templates and automated audio muting to decrease the background audio’s degree also surfaced in the preceding edition.

Among exceptional features, I would like to mention a dual preview, which permits you to have a window showing this library’s contents, and another the project ends in 4K.


  • Works with a few cameras
  • Synchronized video editing
  • Realistic HDR effects
  • Automated toning-down
  • Double trailer


  • Cluttered interface

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6. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is quite a new drone movie editing application, including its media library, 4K service, and obeying an easy learning curve.

To improve colors, you might correct the white balance, use LUTs, regular HSL exposition, adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. What I enjoy most is that you can see the movie at the compare before/after style.

The most exceptional quality of this program is that it provides 4 different video editing styles. Their titles signify this program’s focus ‒ Action Cam, Full Feature, Instant Cutter, and Easy Mode.

It is possible to synchronize music with video and mechanically adjust color without wasting time. You might also add various built-in templates of titles/tags to emphasize the crucial information.


  • 4 movie editing modes
  • Support of third-party LUTs
  • 4K video editing
  • Automatic tools


  • Just for amateurs and personal usage


7. GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio is the ideal choice for novice video editors as it provides drag-and-drop alternatives and surplus learning stuff.

The program provides eye-catching presets and helpful features, such as combo, excursion, slo-mo, and fast-mo. This movie editing application for drones lets outputting your projects on several different platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, UHD4K, and much more. You will highlight epic scenes and slow them down to entice the audiences’ attention to your movies.

As this program is simple to grasp, it will not have sound editing programs; seasoned users are unlikely to enjoy it.


  • Intuitive control
  • UHD4K edits
  • It closely functions with YouTube.
  • Highlighting epic scenes


  • No tools to operate with audio

8. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Despite its stopped service, Windows Movie Maker remains among the most common free drone editing program. It will not receive any upgrades anymore, but users enjoy its handy functions and many consequences to experiment with. An XML code makes it possible for users to alter present transitions and effects or create entirely new ones.

Picture Maker uses a simplified variant of this movie editor’s regular time scale with clips introduced as long sketches. I love Movie Maker because most of those consequences, transitions, and topics are seen automatically when you hover the cursor above them.

You can stabilize video, mix, cut, and include soundtracks, video effects, fix toning, add transitions, and animated captions.


  • Simplified time scale
  • Review of the ramifications from the real-time manner
  • Animated transitions


  • Not updated anymore
  • Just for Windows

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9. iMovie for Mac

iMovie for Mac

Apple iMovie includes excellent multimedia business tools, color grading, green-screen effects, narration, and background audio on your digital movies.

It’s not the very best drone movie editing applications with the aid of new formats ‒ it doesn’t encourage 360-degree movies; nevertheless, it functions with 4K and HEVC.

IMovie can also boast of a few of the most excellent tools to make video clips on the grounds of both storyboard ‒ trailers and films. Also, you’re very likely to love the integration with other Apple devices, such as the iPad along with the iPhone.

Many step-by-step guides are made to assist you master iMovie, while its intuitive interface is likely to create video editing easy and convenient.


  • Integration with other Apple products
  • 4K video editing
  • Great step-by-step directions


  • Just for Mac
  • No 360-degree editing


10. FilmoraPro Video Editor

FilmoraPro Video Editor

FilmoraPro Video Editor is a budget-friendly video editor that provides innovative tools suited to more experienced users. Its easy and intuitive design makes it’s pretty simple to use. It gives unlimited tracks, allowing you to utilize as many audio and video ways as you desire.

Besides the regular editing programs like trim, harvest, merge, split, and cut, users also have access to sophisticated video editing programs such as speed stretch, slide, slide, ripple edit, and much more to help produce premium excellent drone videos.

If you’re familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and require a software tool using comparable innovative features and performance at a lower cost, this is the best video editing software for you.


11. VEED


Create videos with a single click. Add subtitles, transcribe audio and more




FAQs ABOUT Best Drone Video Editing Software

1. Is YouTube Movie Maker free?

YouTube Movie Maker is also a handy and helpful tool that will help you create videos that you could immediately publish online. Even the free version does set a 5-minute time limitation on movies, but there’s not any limit on the number of movies you’ll be able to create or how long you may use the program for, and there’s not any watermark on printed videos.

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2. How do I get a free Premiere Pro?

Download Adobe Premiere Pro Free

Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements Demo version is the only method to find these professional movie editing applications free.

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3. Is it hard to learn video editing?

To answer your query, it isn’t tough to understand how to use applications; studying how to EDIT is rigid in how any intricate task takes years to master. Editing is a craft and art; the more you get in the former component, the nearer you may approach the latter.


Picking the best free movie editor for your ability level can allow you to get the most from your drone footage. With the ideal software tool, it is possible to effectively produce high-quality and entertaining drone videos in your house without wasting time learning how to work with a program or even more than you will need.


If you’re a beginner trying to find a drone movie editor with a fantastic blend of features to enable you to explore your imagination while still being simple to use, mild on system resources, and budget-friendly, then proceed using Filmora Video Editor.

If you’re already knowledgeable about video editing and want more innovative tools to enhance your drone footage, FilmoraPro Video Editor is ideal for you. You can visit Staaker to read more information.

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