DJI Spark Vs Parrot Bebop 2: Top Full Guide 2021

DJI Spark Vs Parrot Bebop 2

DJI Spark Vs Parrot Bebop 2 – which one is better? A lot of people ask this question. Today we will help you answer this question. You’ll have to decide whether to choose between the mobility of DJI or Parrot’s flagship UAVs and more.

DJI Spark Vs Parrot Bebop 2 In2021

DJI Spark Vs Parrot Bebop 2

1. Camera

Both cameras have that the Spark and Bebop 2 have a maximum resolution of 1080p. On the other hand, the slight difference comes in the camera. While Spark utilizes a 12MP camera, the Bebop utilizes 14MP. However, does this mean that the camera quality of the Bebop 2 is better? Not really. You see, the additional two shots are for stability functions instead of quality.

Oddly enough, the Spark has improved camera quality despite its 12MP lens compared to Bebop two’s 14MP. It is not 4K, but it’s relatively straightforward.

The light is of high quality, the colors have good contrast, and the video appears film-worthy. In terms of the Bebop 2, you’ll feel that this drone’s cheapness via its camera quality, but the Parrot UAV is far from being a horrible apparatus; nonetheless, it is a terrific, affordable option compared to DJI.

2. Layout

If the DJI Spark resembles a mini flying vessel, then the Parrot Bebop 2 is much more of a telescopic tube with quad-core propellers. While I might have described them horribly, they do seem significant.

DJI never lost his signature at creating the Spark look very professional for its targeted casual viewers. Simultaneously, the Bebop 2 is an excellent flagship layout that reflects the finesse of Parrot drones.

Mainly, they look great in the opinion of the frequent consumer. The propellers on DJI ignite are double-winged, while the Parrot Bebop 2 is triple-winged, leading to quicker flights and more distances.

Luckily, they don’t seem bulky at all – providing a new modern take on recreational drones. The two UAVs also incorporate propeller guards and other components to improve and customize your own flying experience.

3. Size

The Bebop 2 is significantly more extensive compared to DJI Spark, and that’s as it’s packed with additional features. Though the Spark weighs in at 300 grams, the Bebop 2 is significantly heavier, weighing in at 498 g.

You will purchase every of those two, and you’ll have to enroll the drone on the FAA. As stated by the section, any drone which weighs over 250 gram has to be appreciated.

While the Bebop 2 could be significant, it’s still convenient sufficient to bring along inside your luggage.

4. Battery

Indeed, I will provide the Parrot Bebop 2 the top hand with this one. In the event the DJI Spark can perform 16 minutes, the Bebop two will 25 minutes. That is enough time to research at a summit distance of 100 m to and from wherever you’re standing.

The batteries on both DJI and Parrot are significant enough to endure for a lengthy time. However, it’s almost always best to purchase a back-up just if you desire a plus one additional flight for your session aside from the already-included spare batteries.

You do not need to be concerned about the battery positioning together with the Bebop 2 when it crashes; however, the Spark occurs to throw the batteries out as soon as it collides difficult on a challenging surface. Just be sure you’re flying safely to prevent one or more of these hindrances.

Controls and Flight Performance

5. Controls and Flight Performance

It’s always a blast to restrain the DJI Spark and the Parrot Bebop 2, though drone fans can differentiate the differences. The Spark feels smooth – much smoother to fly than the original DJI Mavic Pro.

You can utilize the smartphone program alone, but I advise using its control instead for optimum accuracy. The same can be stated with all the Parrot Bebop 2, even though the control itself feels plastic compared to Spark.

Among the most outstanding features of this Spark is that the advice sensor – a region of the drone-could confirm if it will hit an oncoming barrier, causing it to Dodge alone without needing to press anything. The Parrot Bebop two doesn’t have this, so you are very careful if you’re planning to purchase the latter.

The two drones also incorporate a GPS tracker, an elevation hold, and a return to the house (in the event the drone has been reduced battery or if it’s going too much from the line of sight).

In conclusion, the Spark and Bebop two are a joy to fly if you’re not, together with VR or without VR.

6. Maximum Rate

If making this choice wasn’t already challenging enough, both drones have a relatively similar maximum rate.

Having said this, the Parrot Bebop 2 has a slight edge over the Spark, offering pilots that a 60kph max rate rather than the Sparks 50kph maximum rate.

The Parrot Bebop two is intended for a more enjoyable flying experience compared to the DJI Spark, which subsequently is intended to be an inexpensive drone for shooting aerial imagery.

I’ve even heard of some people using their Parrot Bebop 2 for drone racing. While I’m not sure if it’ll have the ability to keep up with the quicker speed racing drones, it goes to prove that the Bebop two is a relatively quick little drone.

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7. Obstacle Avoidance & VPS

The Spark palms down defeat the Parrot Bebop two about security and simplicity of usage. As a result of its VPS (eyesight positioning system), Spark can hover precisely set up. When you take a look beneath the Spark, you’ll see two detectors.

These can discover the floor beneath the drone, which then makes it put in place more correctly.

With its VPS, the DJI Spark also owns forward-facing obstacle avoidance sensors that permit the drone to discover an item involving 0.2? 5metres away. This implies that, should you? Are flying towards a thing, the drone will cease itself until it collides with anything is in front of it.

Nevertheless, the two drones use GPS positioning, which permits the drone to put in place without swaying from side to side. This is quite successful on the Parrot but is incomparable to the hovering accuracy thanks to the added VPS positioning.

Which drone is more economical


1. Which drone is more economical?

Get the Parrot Bebop two if you’d like to go to get a more budgeted approach.

2. Is it true that the Parrot Bebop 2 has a fantastic camera?

Concerning equilibrium, Parrot Bebop 2 does a much better job with its 14 MP camera. The quality of pictures is nothing of a big deal as it’s just slightly lesser than DJI Spark.

3. Which has a much better program?

The DJI Spark program has a more reactive program but just marginally. The Parrot program is great too, but it will have a more “obsolete” look.

4. Which is much easier to fly?

The two drones are a breeze to fly through. The DJI Spark is lighter and more agile. The Parrot Bebop two is also simple enough, particularly if you decide on headless mode.

5. Do both drones have headless style?

Yes, they perform. Both are very enjoyable to use, especially for flying.


In general, these two drones are different. Parrot offers better flight range, battery life, and longer flight time. However, it comes at a higher price point than the DJI Spark. DJI Spark is more portable, smaller in size. We favor the DJI Spark.

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