Best Gimbal For Mountain Biking Reviewed 2022: Which One Should You Buy

Best Gimbal For Mountain Biking Reviewed 2022 Which One Should You Buy

The best gimbal for mountain biking is the one that can provide you with the most stability and control while you are riding. There are many different types of gimbals on the market, but the one that is best for mountain biking is the one that can help you keep your balance and stay in control while you are riding over rough terrain.

There are some great options out there, but you don’t want to spend more than you have to. With those things in mind, here are our picks for the best gimbals for mountain biking.

Top Rated Gimbal For Mountain Biking

FeiyuTech WG2X-Official 3-Axis...
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】Comes with...
Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest...
  • Compatible with all GoPro...
  • Fully adjustable; fits a wide...
Hohem XG1 Classic 3-Axis...
EVO SS Wearable Gimbal Action...
  • 3-Axis Precision The EVO SS...
  • Plug & Play Ready to use right...
Zhiyun Rider-M Wearable 3-Axis...
  • Control the Rider-M with a New...

1. FeiyuTech WG2X: Our Choice


  • Amazing responsiveness
  • Weathertight
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Easy to set up
  • Audible motor noise


  • No way to get the battery out.

You can use a great gimbal when mountain biking to get clear footage. It was made by FeiyuTech and is a strong product that can be attached in many ways, such as to a helmet, chest, handlebar, etc. It can also be used with a mini-tripod for a camera if you want to make videos for a living and ensure they are always smooth.

Buyers like this gimbal for mountain biking because it is small and light and can hold GoPro HERO 7-5 or other action cameras of similar sizes. There is also a GoPro Session adapter in the kit. If you want to use your Sony RX0 with an adapter, you have to buy it separately.

FeiyuTech WG2X-Official 3-Axis...
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】Comes with...

2. AmazonBasics GP-XD-A: Able to do anything


  • All GoPro models can use it.
  • Multi-purpose option
  • It offers a unique perspective.


  • Expensive
  • Questionable quality

This chess harness can be used to attach any GoPro camera and is the best choice for people who can pay a much higher price than average. For that much money, you get a gimbal that can keep your camera steady even on the most dangerous adventures and give you a new point of view.

Another good thing about this GoPro bike stabilizer is that you can change it to fit your body. This gimbal is great for mountain biking but also for snowboarding, rafting, kayaking, skiing, and other extreme outdoor sports.

Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest...
  • Compatible with all GoPro...
  • Fully adjustable; fits a wide...

3. Forevercam FM17US: Built well


  • Long-lasting design
  • Wide range
  • 360º rotation
  • Easy to install


  • Not really in my price range
  • Heavy

You probably won’t find anything better if you want a strong GoPro mount for mountain biking. It is made of an aluminum alloy with a special coating that prevents water, rust, and corrosion from getting into it.

If you like doing exciting things in the winter and want to record your progress and get clear results, don’t be afraid to use this gimbal. It works with all GoPro cameras and other devices with the exact measurements.

4. Hohem XG1: Works just fine


  • Built to last.
  • Easy to handle
  • It works perfectly
  • Great packaging


  • Too long bolts

This gimbal not only looks good but can also handle rough handling on rough mountain rides. The body is made of aluminum, and the only plastic part is on the back.

This GoPro gimbal bike mount has a rubber pad on the bottom that keeps it from moving when you put it on an uneven surface. There is also a tripod screw, so you can use the two screws that come with the package to connect a T-Type connector.

Hohem XG1 Classic 3-Axis...

5. EVO SS: Easy to stand on


  • Quickly finds its balance.
  • American-made
  • Have two sets of batteries included
  • It has a handle that can be stretched out.


  • No carrying bag
  • Not weatherproof

Every part of this gimbal was made to the needs of severe mountain bikers. This means that you can attach it securely and get great stabilization no matter where you record your videos. This gimbal is different from other accessories that require you to strap a camera to your body. Instead, it has 3 stabilization axes and a motor that reduces vibrations.

Whether you attach this best gimbal for mountain biking to the extension pole that comes with it or to another piece of gear, you’ll always get a steady video without the typical jerky motion that can ruin even the most amazing footage. Even though the gimbal is thought to be pretty advanced, it won’t be hard to set up.

EVO SS Wearable Gimbal Action...
  • 3-Axis Precision The EVO SS...
  • Plug & Play Ready to use right...

6. Zhiyun Rider M

Next is the Zhiyun Rider M. At the time of writing, it doesn’t have as many users as the Evo SS, but we think that will change over the next few months and years. The Zhiyun brand is more well-known and trusted than the Evo brand, so we think the Rider M will end up being the more popular gimbal.

In reality, the Evo SS and the Rider M are almost the same and have a lot of the same features. We switch back and forth between the two gimbals on a regular basis. Each has its own advantages that make it better than the other, but both are good additions to your GoPro camera gear.

With 0.35 pounds of payload weight, the Rider M has the highest load capacity of the three gimbals we’ve looked at. Now, this may be good if you think the next generation of GoPro action cameras will be heavier than they are now, but at the time this article was written, the Rider M’s increased load capacity over the Evo SS doesn’t really offer any benefit.

The Rider M has a maximum battery life of five and a half hours, which is thirty minutes longer than the Evo SS. Now, depending on what you’re doing, that extra thirty minutes may be useful, but since the Evo SS has a battery life of five hours, it’s hard to choose between the two.

The above YouTube video is a great example of the kind of video footage you can get with the Rider M when you use it for mountain biking. As you can see in the clips, the Rider M keeps your GoPro action camera steady even when you’re going over bumpy terrain, so you can get the best video footage possible.

Again, since the Rider M is just a simple wearable gimbal stabilizer, it doesn’t have much in the way of a user interface. The Zhiyun smartphone app does not have as much support as the Evo option, which is one thing the Zhiyun gimbal does have over the Evo option. This lets you change some of your gimbal settings from your phone, and we hope that Zhiyun adds more features to the Rider M app in the future.

As you might expect from a Zhiyun gimbal, the design and build quality are both great, and Zhiyun did a great job putting the gimbal together. It’s made to be as tough as possible, but it’s also pretty light and small, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when you’re out riding.

Like we said at the beginning of the article, either the Zhiyun Rider M or the Evo SS will be a great addition to your mountain biking gear and help you get the best photos of your adventures. At the time this article was written, the Evo SS was about $50 cheaper than the Zhiyun gimbal, but it did almost the same things. This could be the deciding factor for many of our readers.

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Zhiyun Rider-M Wearable 3-Axis...
  • Control the Rider-M with a New...

Best Gimbal Mountain Biking For GoPro

For GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro Hero 9 doesn’t have a wearable gimbal right now, to be honest. But the Hypersmooth 3.0 feature on the GoPro 9 means that it doesn’t need a gimbal for mountain biking.

You can easily shoot videos of mountain biking with the gopro gimbal chest mount mtb. Check out the sample video for the GoPro 9 chest strap (not using the wind slayer).

When it’s windy, you can use the wind slayer to get a perfect recording of the sound. (Turn on smooth and turn off boost)

Putting GoPro 9 on a helmet and going mountain biking is a great way to get more great footage.

Now, if you don’t have a GoPro camera, you can choose the Hero 9 because it will save you money on the gimbal and keep you from having to worry about things like keeping it balanced and charging it.

Wearable gimbals don’t have a long battery life, so you’ll need to carry a power bank. The GoPro 9 with a chest strap solves all of these problems. You can also put the GoPro 9 on your helmet to get awesome footage.

For GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5

Feiyutech WG2X

It still  Feiyutech WG2X. This is a gimbal that you can wear. It works best when you can’t use your hands to hold it. Attaching it to your chest strap or your helmet is all you need to do to get smooth and balanced footage, even when things are going very fast.

This gimbal is made to hold small action cameras like the GoPro Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 4, and DJI Osmo Action. These kinds of sports cameras can be put on the gimbal without any extra parts. You can also mount the GoPro Hero 8, but only if you have the adapter. The GoPro Hero 9 is not supported.

Now, if you want to change where the camera is locked, just hold it in a different place for two seconds. The camera will then be locked at that angle. The gimbal can run for 2.5 hours on the 1500 mAh battery, and it takes 2 hours to fully charge.

The unit is simple and easy to use in terms of its design. On one side is the mode button, and on the other is the charging port. You can choose between the pan mode, the pan and tilt mode, and the inversion mode by pressing the mode button. If you press it again, the gimbal will reset.

The mountain bike gimbal GoPro value is increased by its wireless connection to a smartphone, splash-proof design, thread-hole at the bottom, and ability to rotate 360° from the base.

There’s no doubt that this gimbal is built to work perfectly and costs less than you might think.

Now, you can choose the Feiyutech WG2X if you already have a GoPro camera (8/7/6/5). This wearable gimbal works with the GoPro Hero 8, 7, 6, and 5.

You will need to buy an extra mounting plate for the GoPro Hero 8, though.

The package comes with a mounting plate for the GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, and Hero 5.

GoPro Karma Grip

  • Ultra quick charging
  • The best stabilization system is the official GoPro gimbal, which is weatherproof and easy to use.
  • Only for GoPro cameras is it expensive.
  • The battery timing was off.

Even though it’s not the cheapest option, it’s by far the most useful. GoPro Karma works with all GoPro cameras and has the best system for stabilizing videos. If your GoPro camera has a GoPro karma handle, you don’t need to look any further.

Your GoPro karma handle may not have the latest technology, but it still works well with older models and works better than other high-tech gimbals on the market.

It is a real GoPro product, and you don’t need any other apps to change the settings.

The Karma Grip is a handheld stabilizer for the GoPro camera. But it is the most stable and can be easily taken off the grip so that it can be worn as a gimbal.

You’ll need an extension cable for your GoPro camera karma to make this happen. This will let you keep the grip with you since it is where the battery compartment is.

It’s true that the GoPro Karma grip is the most stable two-in-one gimbal, which is the most important thing for recording mountain biking, but it’s also the most expensive.

You should also notice that the recording only takes two hours. But it is possible to record 4k videos. If your friend who rides a mountain bike is with you, this is fine. It’s enough time to make a high-quality video of your adventure.

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GoPro Karma Grip for GoPro...
  • Capture amazingly smooth shake...
  • Compatible with GoPro body...

How to Pick the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking?

How to Pick the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking


Since you never know when you’ll need a new action camera, it makes sense to buy a gimbal for mountain biking that can hold not only the camera you’re using now but also a wide range of similar devices with slight weight differences. Make sure that the tripod you choose can hold more than the average point.

Easy to install

When biking in the mountains, you may suddenly want to take your action camera off and take a picture. It would be a shame if your gimbal didn’t let you do this in a few seconds. Choose stabilizers with a quick-release system that makes it easy to take the camera off the stabilizer whenever you need to.

Make things good

best gopro gimbal for mountain biking

Think about this really important point. The best gimbal for mountain biking should be able to handle all the bumps and knocks you give it on every trip. Choose stabilizers made of aluminum alloy with few or no plastic parts, as they tend to last longer than those made of other materials.

Keep in mind that a gimbal has to withstand pressure not only when it’s attached to a bike, helmet, etc., but also when it’s carried to the location in a bag, so it’s a good idea to put it in a protective case.

Size and Weight

Products that are small and don’t weigh much are usually better for different types of sports because they take up less space in a bag and are easier to carry. This is even more important if you often carry your gear in a backpack while traveling around the world.


FAQs about best gimbal for mountain biking

Which GoPro works best for mountain biking?

Get the GoPro Here8 Black if you want to record fast-paced mountain biking activities. With HyperSmooth 2.0, the camera can shoot in 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second.

I have a GoPro Here 7. Should I buy a gimbal?

There is a built-in stabilization system in the camera that can handle jitter well.

Is it smart to buy a GoPro gimbal?

Absolutely. If you like taking videos and want them to look like they were made by a pro, you need a stabilizer.

Why are gimbals so expensive?

Manufacturers use expensive materials to make durable, small gimbals that will last a long time. Also, the controls for the gimbal are quite expensive because they are unique.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the best gimbal for mountain biking. The weight of the gimbal is important, as are the size and shape. You also want to make sure that the gimbal is compatible with your bike’s handlebars. There are a few different types of gimbals on the market, so it’s important to do some research to find the one that best suits your needs. Hope this guide was helpful!


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