Autel Robotics Evo Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Autel Robotics Evo Drone Review

This Autel drone review inspection examines the outstanding features of this brand new quadcopter together with its cameras. The latest Evo 2 drone has been a complete tremendous feat of technology, elegant layout, and innovative new engineering from Autel Robotics.

Within our Evo 2 inspection, we provide you an excellent summary of these drones’ exceptional features and look at the specifications.

Staaker will answer your frequently asked question during this post, like the Autel Evo two array, space, maximum height, elevation, frequency, detectors, transmission, gimbal, camera, as and a whole lot more. Also, we have some excellent Autel Evo two videos on the way.

Autel Robotics Evo Drone Inspection

Autel Robotics Evo Drone Inspection

  • Top Features Of This Autel Evo
  • Flight period: 30 minutes


The Autel Evo stones a 12-megapixel camera, which captures a stunning 4K resolution video at a frame rate of 60 frames-per-second. It’s constructed around a three-axis stabilizing global platform for sports and stability in a 94-degree area of view.

Flying Safety

The Evo is outfitted with GPS and GLONASS and combined with two cameras at the front. The Evo may produce a digital 3D map of its environment and move around them efficiently.


The control features a 3.3-inch OLED display built into it, which means that you may observe the drone’s action in real-time. Additionally, it lets you telephone the drone back house, change camera settings, land, take off, etc…

What is included?

From the box, you will come across a remote control with a display, a USB-C kind cable using an adapter, a battery, three pairs of propellers, and a 32GB micro-SD card.

First impressions

I have reviewed and utilized many drones throughout my journeys through Asia, Europe, and North America, so the bar was set pretty high for the Evo. Luckily, I am pleased to report that the Evo fulfilled most of my expectations, and I would be delighted to take this together with me on any future trips.

It is well-built, includes class-leading features, has a pretty good flight period, and is quite durable.

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The Autel Evo is among the most well-designed drones

Layout and Hardware

The Autel Evo is among the most well-designed drones available in the industry nowadays and boasts hardware to match. Being a robotics engineer, I am equally as curious about the layout and the application of a product in this way.

Beginning with portability, the Evo is watertight, and that I discovered folding and unfolding it for a reasonably straightforward job. In typical drone style, it features a propeller on every corner.

You’ve got the entire body of this drone in the middle, and in the front, you get two cameras for the drone navigation. And under those, there is the primary 12MP camera for photography and videography.

Autel Robotics EVO II 8K Drone Camera, Portable Folding Aircraft with Remote Controller, Captures Incredibly Smooth 8K Ultra HD Video and 48MP Photos
35 Reviews
Autel Robotics EVO II 8K Drone Camera, Portable Folding Aircraft with Remote Controller, Captures Incredibly Smooth 8K Ultra HD Video and 48MP Photos
  • 40 MINUTES OF STABLE FLIGHT TIME: From inspecting electrical cell towers to surveying property lines, the EVO II was designed to provide enough flight time to capture all the data needed.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDABLE DESIGN: Deployed in under 30 seconds, the 2.5lb EVO II is ideal for rapid deploying missions with a minimal footprint both in the air and for seamless transport.
  • PATENTED LOCKING PROPELLER DESIGN: No tools required, quick release foldable propellers for the EVO II securely lock with a meticulously designed built-in locking mechanism.

I discovered two ultrasonic detectors on the floor, which forbid the Evo from landing on irregular surfaces and in the back. Additionally, it features an IR sensor that protects the Evo while flying backward.

Autel asserts it checks each part of the Evo and undergoes rigorous tests before being finished on the drone. Throughout my time, nothing went wrong with all the Autel, as well as the components felt hardy and well-built. Therefore durability and reliability should not be a problem.

Ease of Use

Drones are complex enough since they are, and utilizing them should not make matters more complicated.

To get a robotics engineer and cool-stuff-buff like me, the Evo is as complex as having a faucet. But bear in mind that not many buyers spend their days holed up in a cellar, tinkering with motherboards; I’ve assessed its simplicity of use, retaining the average consumer in mind.

Employing the Autel Evo is simple. The moment it took off until the moment it landed, the product reacted to my inputs with minimal lag or sign fall. The control features two joysticks for motion and camera management, which can be easy to use.

Where usability requires a hit, however, is the absolute variety of features the Evo offers. While I’m not whining about the abundance of features, I’d locate using them to be somewhat challenging. It is apparent the Autel had the very best intentions in mind when designing the intuitive menus, but there is just a lot of menu could perform.

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best drone money can buy

Picture and Video Quality

The Autel Evo features a 12-megapixel camera that’s capable of recording 4K movies in 60 frames-per-second. It’s mounted on a stage containing a three-axis stabilized gimbal to decrease blur.

I attempted the Evo in several diverse sorts of ailments, such as intense storms, fog/haze, etc. but no matter this challenge that I snapped in the Evo, it only rose to the job.

Pictures seem magnificent, color reproduction is excellent, and sound is kept to a minimum. The resolution could have been more deserving, and also, a multiple-lens setup would have been fine, but I’m nitpicking here. My buddies were looking in the photographs with their mouths wide open. Therefore, purpose served!

The movies, notably in 4K, are magnificent. I didn’t catch any shake or blur in some of those movies, along with the attention and light, which were constantly well-judged.

I can see myself carrying the Evo as my top snapper on another trip!

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Battery Life and Performance

I discovered that Evo’s battery life to be satisfactory, but nothing more than that.

The rechargeable 4300 mAh Li-Po battery supplies a maximum 30-minute flight period into the Evo, meaning that the flight period may vary based on their working conditions and the features used.

The control features a larger battery of 6300 mAh, and I wondered why it did not Autel match a larger battery to the Evo? You need to check out its form factor since it is a compact drone stuffed to the gills with features. So there’s not much space to get a larger battery.

See what others are saying.

I discovered the operation, on the other hand, to be amazing! I will clarify what I mean by those points.

1. The IR and Ultrasonic detectors

The Evo sports a set of vertical sensors on the floor and an IR sensor on the trunk. It employs ultrasonic detectors to stop landing on irregular surfaces and the IR detector to fly back without crashing.

2. The stereo camera

The stereo camera makes a 3D map of Evo’s environment. With this map, the Evo not just stops when faced with an item but consciously maneuvers about it. Meaning, you can take it with you for a run in dense woods!

3. Other navigational features

You might even place the Evo to orbit a particular thing or follow a set course of waypoints, and I believe that is more features than you will ever need. All of these work nicely, and I frankly do not have any complaints.


Unfortunately, we don’t believe the Autel Evo lives up to its own $1000 price tag. It’s possible to become far greater overall in the considerably more mobile $800 Mavic Air or the $1000 first Mavic Pro.


The Autel Robotics Evo is still a good drone, but it can not compete with different versions in precisely the same budget. In virtually every test, it felt just like a much less elegant variant of DJI’s Mavic series.

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