Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review

The Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review: – Is it Worth Your Money? Drones are an intriguing technology that everyone should possess, but drones aren’t merely toys to throw about and play with.

One of the best and most expensive drones isn’t fantastic gifts for children, particularly if they can not treat the technology greater than an adult because having a drone is similar to having a vehicle. Let us say a drone is cheap, convenient for anybody, and drones for beginners.

Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review in 2021

Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone Review in 2021

The M500 Nano out of Sky Viper is a drone. You ought to examine if you care for flying it. To get a drone at the purchase price of 25 bucks to 30 bucks is not going to be ideal, but it is suitable for anybody who would like to begin to learn the way drones work.

This little nano drone is excellent for flying inside, and it is secure for the outside. The M500 Nano has viper flight technologies constructed inside the drone. It has features that have auto-flight, auto-launch, auto-hover, and auto-land. You may even execute incredible stunts together with the drone.

The M500 Nano is a drone that is produced by a drone-producing firm named Sky Viper. Sky Viper is an exceptionally recognized drone firm. The business has created several distinct kinds of drones with various features and sizes.

The M500 Nano is a part of the nano series from Sky Viper. Taking a look at different types of drones that Sky Viper has produced, the M500 Nano isn’t their latest addition, and it is not their earliest. Therefore it is still a worthy drone to check into.

The moment we got our hands on the drone, then the actual test began. Our expertise composing a Sky Viper M500 nano drone inspection has been the following:

What is in the bundle?

1 drone, its control, charger, and a set of spare blades are discovered in the bundle, in addition to a group of directions. We found the rules clear and straightforward, saving us lots of time when placing up everything.

The only thing required to begin flying the drone immediately that was not included was collecting AAA batteries for the remote. In general, with all the replacements, it is a fantastic bargain for the purchase price.

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The layout

Being about 2 inches, this drone fits comfortably in the palm. The small size makes it simpler for indoor use, but you might take it out if there is no end outside. On the other hand, the dimensions do amazing things for their flexibility, having the ability to reach areas other drones can’t.

The only negative is the absence of blade protection, though it’s paid for by the included pair of replacement blades. When flying this type of little drone, you are bound to crash.

Its functionality

The drone functioned perfectly and provided approximately ten minutes of flying time. As anticipated, it was pretty responsive and straightforward to operate. But it took some time to become accustomed to the control, and we ended up sometimes.

To prevent that, you can download their flight simulator. Employing this process, you will save yourself a great deal of cash in replacement components. Yet, even after a few minor crashes, nothing broke, which is fantastic.

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Launch the M500 Nano out of the box must include an instruction guide. A control to fly the drone and the rule requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included. It should also have a USB charging cable, which may be plugged everywhere, and charging the drone may take approximately 4 to 5 minutes to set completely.

You may download a free simulator program that lets you practice while the drone is currently charging. The box must also include 4 additional blades that are two green blades and two black blades.

The measurements of this M500 Nano are 1.9 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches, and it weighs about 8.5 ounces. Anticipate this 30 dollar firing has been plastic rather than metal. The M500 Nano is principally used for flying, so if you’re interested in acquiring a drone with a camera, that will disappoint. The drone is almost much like a remote control airplane.


The drone flies reasonably well for its price point. Drones will fly much better and more economically at a somewhat higher cost, but it is excellent enough to get a 30 dollar drone.

The M500 Nano will be hard and hard to fly initially, but you can figure it out since you continue experimenting. You will find car manual manners on the control, allowing you to fly the drone off and keep it from crashing.

Automobile manual mode is almost a beginner manner for first-timers. The control has a manual way for one to fly freely. The manual mode is principally created for anybody who is experienced with flying drones.

As stated above, you can do stunts and excellent tips using the M500 Nano, making it enjoyable to fly. If you are interested in the drones flying array, the flying display is decent. It can fly reasonably within the sky but does not anticipate a 30 dollar drone to fly at enormous distances.

It is better to fly the M500 Nano inside. There is nothing wrong with flying it outside. However, the M500 Nano has a much better sense when you are passing it inside. In general, there aren’t that many problems in regards to the way the M500 Nano flies.

The drone and the controller will possess LED lights built to allow you to know when the drone is prepared to fly and prepared to expire shortly. Removing and replacing the wing blades is relatively simple and easy to eliminate, but you should remove and replace them with care. There are labels on the edges that will assist you in realizing where to set them.

Considering that the M500 Nano is made from plastic, the drone is quite durable, and it can withstand harm once you inadvertently crash it into partitions or other vague obstacles.

If you are concerned about the drone breaking readily once you crash it for the very first time, then that is something you do not need to be worried about since the M500 Nano will stay to fly nice after inadvertently crashing it. The M500 Nano’s durability is a plus, along with a sudden advantage to get a drone that prices around 30 bucks.

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A huge disadvantage to this M500 Nano is its battery life. The battery life will not allow you to fly for hours and not even half an hour. The battery life will likely last you about 6 to 10 minutes, a shallow battery length.

There are also reports that the USB charger isn’t compatible with each USB port. It costs excellent on the pc, but it does not charge USB interfaces on a car and other vague USB port places.

Some individuals have a problem with it, and a few do not, but you will probably find a place to charge the drone. Though the led lights are cool, they are not as bright as the prior Sky Vipers, such as the M200.

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How can you fly a Sky Viper nano drone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you fly a Sky Viper nano drone?

With the drone billed and paired with a control, put it onto a level surface. Please switch it on, then tap on the Manual Flight alternative. Pick the auto-launch attribute to remove quickly and then only navigate around with the control.

2. How much time does it take to control a Sky Viper nano drone?

Charging your Sky Viper nano drone only requires a couple of minutes. Fully setting the drone will require approximately 20 minutes together with the necessary energy input. This fee should provide about 8-9 minutes of flying time.

3. How can I reset my Sky Viper nano drone?

You can reset your own Sky Viper drone from the PC. Employing the drone’s Wi-Fi link, get into the UI, and proceed to System Control. From that point, you have to choose Factory Reset and then await the changes to be implemented.

4. Who makes Sky Viper drones?

Skyrocket Toys is a tech entertainment firm with headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. They produce several popular items among the younger consumers, being Sky Viper drones among these.


After completing the Sky Viper M500 Nano drone inspection, we may safely recommend this drone to anybody. When it’s for a gift or a personal hobby, this could be an essential addition to anyone’s collection. During its budget, it’s unmatched concerning value and endurance.

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