DJI Smart Controller Review: Top Full Guide 2022

DJI Smart Controller Review
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After the evocative images that DJI has revealed, DJI finally released the DJI controller. In this article, we will explore the features of the DJI Smart Controller Review. Probably available after reading this article, you will buy yourself one.

What’s the DJI Smart Controller?

The wise Controller (now ) is basically among DJI’s ordinary Mavic 2 remote controllers using a Crystal Sky Screen built-in. It permits you to utilize only the remote Controller and no more needing to connect your smartphone at the often fiddly remote controls cellular device clamps.

Besides only saving you time when preparing to shoot your next drone flight, the distance, of course, features a few other pleasant improvements above a smartphone-connected alternative, more on this in a little. Note that based on DJI, this remote Controller will encourage additional aircraft later on.

Why is the DJI Smart Controller appealing

Why is the DJI Smart Controller appealing?

We have covered the clear one with having to cope with fewer wires and trivial with your tablet or smartphone computer, that is not it though. Comparable to that which drew us into the built-in screen on our Phantom 4 Pro +, the crystal transparent and super vivid HD screen. The built-in screen features a 1000 nit brightness screen.

Does the inherently bright screen enable you to find the display in sunlight? But there is also something known as SRE style (Sunlight Readable Enhancement) that can help boost the viewability further.

The iPhone X and also the iPhone XS Max attain a peak brightness of 725 nits. Most smartphones brightness-wise lie in a range of just under 500 nits to approximately 675 nits, as a comparison.

OK, you receive this, a super bright screen. What about the resolution and size? The Smart Controller features a 5.5″ 1080P FullHD screen. The pixel peepers among us won’t detect individual pixels.

No more DJI Smart Controller Review is complete with a look at a few of the specs, so let us take a peek at these next. Do not miss our comprehensive review beyond the specs, though!

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DJI Smart Controller Review

DJI Smart Controller Review


  • Fantastic integration, all in 1 device, quick and responsive
  • Quick setup time may maintain the atmosphere in 30 minutes from a cold start
  • No demand for cables and smartphone
  • Suitable brightness of the display, even in bright conditions
  • Willing to maintain the system airtight after turning off the Wi-Fi link (no undesirable firmware upgrades )
  • Good battery life
  • USB C charging with the device turned on
  • Ability to browse and copy the material of this microSD card into an external drive with no laptop
  • Possibility to several couple drones into the control


  • Expensive as a standalone buy, particularly since the latest cost increase ($750 from $650)
  • Just compatible with DJI Mavic 2 Pro along with Zoom drone (OcuSync Two technology)
  • Deficiency of ring to attach a neck strap
  • No attachment method for sunshade cover (hood)

1. Within the Box

According to DJI, the packaging is well done, and the box Includes the following things:

  • A Wise control
  • A USB charger adapter using 12 V/2 A output jack
  • A USB-to-USB C cable
  • An Excess pair of joysticks (one place is already attached to the control )
  • A Fast start guide booklet

DJI Smart Controller Review2021

2. Managing

In comparison to the standard control, this one appears and feels enormous. At 1.4 lbs (630 g ), the intelligent control is rather hefty, but both side grips fit well in palms. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no ring on the front panel (or anyplace else) to attach a neck strap.

The glowing 1,000 cd/m^2, 5.5-inch 1080p touchscreen is found in the control center, and the entire system operates Android. Both antennae unfold in the back to provide access to the joysticks concealed beneath.

DJI specifies that the wise Controller may operate from -4 to 104°F (-20 to 40°C). I didn’t get near the freezing temperatures throughout my tests. However, I will affirm that this control works well at 104°F and outside. Beyond 71°F (20°C), the inner fan will kick in to cool down the electronic equipment.

The control is quite responsive, and the machine takes approximately 20 minutes to boot. The link into the drone is nearly instantaneous. It is possible to be in the atmosphere in under 30 minutes, a remarkable difference in contrast to the standard Controller with a smartphone.

That is probably what I enjoy the most about the wise Controller: do have to pull on a telephone, wreck with a loose cable, and await the program to synchronize with the drone. The installation is speedy, and that I do not need to be worried about the condition of release of my telephone before flying.

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3. Compatibility

DJI Smart Controller Compatibility

The wise Controller relies on the Ocusync two technology. Hence, the compatibility is restricted to the Mavic two drones (Pro and Zoom). Additional DJI drones are not compatible with this control.

The DJI Spark and Mavic Air utilize a stable wifi connection, whereas the Mavic Pro’s initial form is based on the old Ocusync connection (variant 1). Last, the Phantom and Inspire series link over Lightbridge links.

4. Pairing

The matching procedure is straightforward and takes a couple of seconds. At first, the Controller might only be bound to one drone, but DJI adjusted the problem with a recent firmware upgrade.

I finally have my Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom paired with the wise Controller. The drone choice occurs on the house menu before launching the DJI Move Program.

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5. Display and Brightness

What's the DJI Smart Controller

DJI added a CrystalSky screen with this control. The specifications are identical using the standalone screen: 5.5 inches broad, 1080p resolution, and 1,000 cd/m^2 brightness.

The display is more comfortable to use in actual life, and the brightness is sufficient to fly in great states, even under bright daylight hours. I have used this control in Miami’s relatively bright surroundings, on the Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean shore with no situation.

I needed to remove my sunglasses and maintain the control at the ideal angle to prevent the glistening display’s reflections. I need that DJI has executed a matte finish with this control to prevent reflections, but that is not a dealbreaker.

What’s more, there is not any point or system of attachment to mount a sunshade cover. Third part producers might need to be imaginative.

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6. Connectivity


The system connects to the net by wifi, and the link could be switched off beyond the first setup and firmware update period. The actual difference within the standard control is the existence of an HDMI output (type A).

This interface permits you to stream the video feed on another display, goggles, or even the world wide web. On the other hand, the picture displayed over HDMI suffers from high latency. This lag complicates using the HDMI video feed for piloting.

The best USB port (type A) was made to plug in extra attachments, like a hard disk (powered with the connector), flash drive, keyboard, and mouse. ) For this reason, you can quickly move the files in control to an external storage device.

The base USB C connector may also link accessories but isn’t compatible with the video output signal. This vent is used to recharge the control through the USB power source (the cable and charger are included in the box).

At length, that the microSD slot supports cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB. This slot May Be Used in Many ways:

  • As a reader, to perform with the movie on the microSD card of this drone. The hardware could decode h.264 and h.265 video around 60 fps.
  • To automatically copy the images in high resolution in the drone within the atmosphere (check the “Auto Sync HD Photos” alternative ).
  • To capture the video cache rather than using the internal 16 GB memory of this control (check the “Cache into SD Card” alternative ).
  • To replicate the content of this SD card into an external storage device.

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7. Battery Life

Battery Life

DJI declared a lifetime of 2.5 hours due to this extended 5,000 mAh battery incorporated in control. My tests demonstrate a fully recharged battery will provide enough juice to run five or six flights using the Mavic two drone (display brightness set to the max and wifi switched off). Hence, life isn’t bad, but not outstanding.

On the other hand, intelligent control can be powered through the USB C connector, even though it is a flight. These features actually will help to prolong the life having an outside power lender.

8. Recharge

It requires approximately two weeks to recharge the control and the highly effective 12V/2A charger included in the kit. The recharge cycle may require much longer using conventional low voltage USB chargers like smartphones (e.g., 5V/1A).

Radio Link and Range

I have not noticed any difference concerning range and picture quality if I flew the drone in FCC or CE style. All in all, the OcuSync two radio transmission technologies are very robust and provide lots of range.

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10. Maintaining the System Airtight, Free of Mandatory Firmware Updates

“When it ai not broke, do not fix it” is my motto when it comes to the majority of systems, and DJI isn’t different. Sadly, this company will induce users to set up compulsory firmware updates as time passes, and a few upgrades tend to attract more problems and limitations than necessary.

Since the regular Controller is paired with a smartphone, the DJI Proceed Program is connected and brings the firmware upgrade on the net.

As for me, I turned off the wifi link beyond the first setup phase and maintained my system completely airtight for months: no longer upgrades and bothersome pop-up messages mid-flight prompting me to put in the newest upgrade or load a second no-fly zone.

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DJI’s controller is a great product, but its price is relatively high. If you can afford one, you should have one that will give you a great flying experience. If you can’t afford it, you should use your money to buy a battery charger or backpack.

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