Yuneec Breeze 4K Review 2022: Is It Worth To Get?

Yuneec Breeze 4K Review

You will usually need to spend around $300 on a drone. If you are starting, not everyone likely has the money or means to purchase a drone. This is exactly why the Yuneec Breeze 4K quadcopter is so useful. It is easily one of the top selfie drone options on the mid-range market because of its exceptional camera quality.

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Yuneec Breeze 4K pros and cons


  • Simple to use
  • Fly Safe
  • Includes propeller protections
  • Indoor flying is possible.
  • Great for beginners


  • Short flight time
  • Speed is slow

Key features

The Yuneec Breeze quad drone is powered by four propellers and has brushless motors. It has GPS and can maintain a good orientation outdoors. The indoor positioning system allows it to keep its level and orientation when used indoors. The Breeze’s folding propellers are 5″ in diameter and have propeller guards to protect them against damage indoors or outdoors.

Although the Breeze is capable of flying at impressive speeds, it was not built for speed. The Breeze can climb to over 250 feet at a maximum speed of 1m/s. The Breeze drone is slow and can take well-composed photos and video.


Yuneec Breeze 4K Design

The Breeze’s design is sturdy enough to withstand regular but careful use. The Breeze is made from plastic and can withstand minor bumps or crashes. The Breeze is less than $500, but it’s still quite expensive. Its overall durability is very positive. The Breeze’s white body can make it difficult for the eye to track its movements. Contrasting body colors make a drone stand out against bright skies.

The color of the Breeze can make it difficult to see in certain conditions. The Breeze has a failsafe feature that prevents it from going missing if the signal goes out. If the controller loses range or is not generating enough power, a drone may lose its signal. The Breeze will hover for one minute, then return to its takeoff point and shut down.


The drone’s flight stability system includes a GPS, an optical sensor, and an infrared detector. Although the GPS is used for positioning, it cannot be used indoors. The optical sensor ensures stability while hovering in mid-air. This feature is found on the belly and records in real-time the ground beneath the drone.

The image is transmitted to the flight controller, which analyzes it. The drone will move if the image is changed. The drone will compensate for any movement that the controller does not detect.

An infrared sensor is included on the drone to ensure vertical stability. The drone’s infrared sensor beams light that detects the distance to the ground. This sensor works at a distance of between 7.8 inches and 275 inches.

It works perfectly as long as there’s no wind. However, if the wind blows more than 6 miles an hour, stabilization becomes ineffective, and the drone’s balance movements disrupt the piloting, causing a loss of precision at controls.

The drone can also be used indoors. The drone’s small size allows indoor flight. It also has propeller protections, which are essential in the event of minor steering errors. The Indoor Positioning System technology, which consists of the optical and infrared sensor, effectively in-flight stabilization.

The Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone comes ready to fly. You only need to insert the battery and attach propeller protection to get started. You can fly your drone without propeller protections. If you are flying your drone indoors, however, the propeller protection will protect your items as the propellers could cause damage.

Consider unfolding the propellers before you land the drone. Place the drone in a clean, flat place. It is easy to use the Breeze Cam app because it is well-organized. The main screen will show you real-time video feedback on the images that the camera has taken.

The main screen will display the telemetry data and the buttons to take off. Some icons allow you to select a flight mode. After you select the flight mode, virtual joysticks will appear.

You can also access the settings for the drone’s parameters and calibrations. These screens should be scanned before you take off, as it can be difficult to modify the parameters once the drone has taken flight.

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The Breeze weighed in at just 1 pound. It was also one of our most portable drones. The case is made of hard plastic and can be easily slipped into any backpack. It also comes with two AAA batteries that provide approximately 12 minutes of flight time. The drone can be controlled using your smartphone, making it very lightweight and compact.

The DJI Spark is comparable in size but not as compact. However, it offers similar flight capabilities and camera quality. The YUNEEC Breeze, a budget drone that’s super portable and doesn’t compromise on camera quality, is a great option.

Limit range

The app allows you to control the Breeze from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network. The drone can be controlled from more than 100ft away and at an altitude of more than 200ft. As expected, however, the signal becomes weaker as the drone moves further from the controller.

The Wi-Fi connection between the drone’s controller and the app was good, according to most testers. A failsafe feature means that the signal can be restored quickly and without any problems.


The Breeze camera can capture 4K videos at over 200 feet in the air. The Breeze uses digital stabilization to ensure steady footage. The digital stabilization of the Breeze is limited to Full HD (1920x1080px) or lower resolutions.

If the wind blows, 4K footage shot from the Breeze can become unsteady or wobbly. Videos and photos taken by the Breeze make great social media posts, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Flight time and battery

The drone’s battery is an 11.1V Lipo3S with a 1,150 mAh capacity. The drone can fly for 12 minutes at maximum. This performance is still very poor in a market full of competing drones, which can reach speeds of 25 minutes. The Parrot Bebop 2 can fly for 25 minutes, while the Mavic Pro can fly for 27 minutes.

This drone’s maximum range can be limited to 12 minutes, as users don’t have the time to exploit its capabilities fully. An alternative solution is to add an extra battery to increase the flying time.

You will need to download the Breeze Cam app to pilot the drone from your phone or tablet. The app allows you to access the drone’s settings and share your shots on social media. You can download the app free of charge from both the Google Play Store or the App Store.

For novices, you can adjust the height at the drone hovers when it takes off, as well as the distance from the target in Selfie or Orbit mode.

Before you take off, calibrate your compasses. There are many settings to adjust, and even though you don’t want to alter all of them at first, you should still look at them. They could help reveal settings you didn’t know about, but they will still be useful.


Both Android and iOS phones can download the app for the Breeze. The app has virtual joysticks that can be used to control the drone and orient it as required. Although it’s as efficient as you would expect virtual joysticks to be, testers found that the app provides less precision than radio joysticks.

The app allows you to view your drone footage easily. While the camera’s live feed is displayed in the background, the virtual joysticks can be activated on the smartphone’s screen. This makes it much easier to adjust the camera or drone’s position.

FAQs On Yuneec Breeze 4K

FAQs On Yuneec Breeze 4K

Is it worth the Yuneec breeze?

For a drone that costs $500, the image quality is amazing. The video can sometimes be soft, and stills won’t look as good as 16×20 prints. It’s more than enough for most online sharing.


How high can the Yuneec breeze go?

If you need to take specific aerial shots, you can fly them manually using the on-screen controls. However, the maximum height and distance are limited to 80m (262.5 feet) and 100m (328.1 feet). The flight time is 12 minutes, so don’t fly too far from it.


Is Yuneec going out of business?

Yuneec seems to be in receivership and not bankruptcy. This indicates that the company is still in existence.


How can I update my Yuneec breeze software?

You will need both a WiFi and cellular connection to update the firmware through the app. Cellular data must also be enabled for the Breeze Cam App. Follow the instructions in the thread that you were quoting to install the 1.37A firmware.


How do I connect my Yuneec breeze controller?

When you want to connect the controller to an Android device:

  • Press the Power button and the B key simultaneously.
  • For a few seconds, hold the button down until the left LED flashes.
  • Press Power and then Y on an iOS device. The LED second from the left will flash.



The Breeze is small and portable, making it ideal for selfies or a toy for young children. However, its poor stability and low flight performance make it ineligible for high-quality aerial footage.

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