Parrot Swing Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Parrot Swing Drone Review

Remote-controlled airplanes, helicopters, and drones may be a good deal of fun if they’re simple to fly and do not split into a million pieces when you wreck them, which you know will occur. You can read more about Drone vs. Helicopter; What Is The Difference?

The most recent drone to fly the heavens near my home is your Parrot Swing Drone Review. Let us see how enjoyable it would be to fly and when it could survive an accident.

Parrot Swing Drone Review Inspection

Parrot Swing Drone Review Inspection


  • Cheap
  • Simple to fly
  • Entertaining airplane mode
  • Super light so will not damage readily


  • The camera quality is awful
  • Battery life is bad
  • Restricted Selection


  • 160 x 78 x 9.8mm, 295g
  • Polystyrene wings
  • Plastic center shell

Parrot attempted something a little different with its newest small drone. As opposed to going with a typical four-arm quadcopter that may only face one way, the Swing can fly using its propellers pointing upward or ahead. To put it differently, it may either appear to be a normal quad-copter or even much like an X-Wing Fighter.

To keep it mild, the Swing’s arms are based on a sort of polystyrene. All these large blade-like wings are slender but broad to enhance the surface area. This design means that they can function as wings once the Swing flips 90 degrees to fly in its airplane mode.

These slanting arms (or wings) compose most of the drone’s surface region. They are attached with a slender plastic skeleton into this drone’s mind, which sits within a small, shuttle-like chassis into the center.

Parrot PF727004 Minidrone Swing with Flypad Controller Hobby RC Quadcopter & Multirotor, White (Renewed)
89 Reviews
Parrot PF727004 Minidrone Swing with Flypad Controller Hobby RC Quadcopter & Multirotor, White (Renewed)
  • Dual Flight mode (Quad/Plane): designed for aerial acrobatics and high-speed racing with friends
  • Achieve speeds of up to 19mph in plane mode
  • Increase piloting range with the included Parrot Flypad (works with or without a smartphone)

The front of the plastic shuttle includes a face, or rather, two eye-like LED lighting. These flash different colors to inform you of the drone’s status. As an example, they’re healthy green when attached to the control or red once the battery can not maintain it is flying.

There is a camera, micro USB, and strain detector on the other end of the shuttle, while the bottom is a mainly hollow curved plastic case.


  • Ultrasound detector to measure elevation
  • 550mAh removable battery
  • 0.3-megapixel camera

There is some impressive technician inside Parrot’s mini-drone for what is a Christmas gift type of toy. An assortment of detectors can measure elevation and make sure the Swing remains in the atmosphere.

Indoors, there is a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope to measure its rate, tilt, and just how hard it is to hit an obstruction. There is also an ultrasound detector beneath, which can quantify how far off the earth is, provided that you do not fly above four yards.

As you’d expect, you do not get the same high-tech barrier avoidance or end resistance you would see in a more professional drone, which restricts where and how you’re able to fly the aisle.

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  • Contained keypad control
  • Up to 60m Variety
  • Android or iPhone program (20m range)

There are two strategies to restrain the Swing. You may either use your smartphone by simply downloading the management program or use the added Parrot Flypad controller. The benefit of this Flypad is you get around 60 meters array, whereas the smartphone’s link will probably max out at 20 meters.

Utilizing the added controller pad is about as simple as you can hope for. There is a committed physiological take-off and landing button, which takes the Swing drone up a couple of feet in the floor in which it melts slowly.

Once airborne, the pad’s left joystick controls the elevation and rotation of the drone. The ideal joystick controls the directional moves.

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There are additional buttons, also. The 1, 2, B, and A buttons are pre-programmed patterns that take the drone over a preset path. R1 requires a photo, while L1 plays a U-turn. The pressing-and-holding R2 or L2 will change the drone on its airplane mode, using its propellers and nose facing forward for fly rates around 18.4mph.

As you only get one-third of the possible range using your telephone, the downloadable program is quite simple to use, using a setup that is almost as simple as using the controller. Launch the program, then set it mechanically via Bluetooth – provided that the drone is on, your phone must pick this up for matching.

Besides the two enormous digital joysticks on screen, there is an automated take-off and landing button, along with lots of settings for altering components like maximum speed and height.

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Easy flying

  • Automated take-off and landing
  • The battery lasts a couple of minutes
  • Second battery included
  • 30-minute recharge time

While the Swing isn’t created explicitly for exclusive indoor usage, its size and weight mean it is significantly more straightforward to fly inside than a proper drone. Additionally, it is tiny and lights any breeze outdoors will quickly ship it off the path to some tree, discard, or individual.

Being small and light means it is very responsive, however. For the most part, that is precisely what you need at a drone. You wish to understand your joystick control causes a swift, quick movement. But in a restricted area, that is not always such a fantastic thing: we slid to a few windows, door frames, and ceilings by usually hoping to become a bit too smart.

After the Swing drone finds impact, it tends to shut off the propellers and proceed into freefall, which seems a lot worse than it is. Its weight and size imply no actual harm upon impact with the floor if it falls. It is not thick enough to split; it usually drops like a feather and lands on its side.

The most considerable drawback about flying the drone will be that while you are getting to grips with all the control and drone reply, the battery expires. Fortunately, there is a second spare one from the box. However, it is still not quite enough.

Parrot asserts the battery could last up to seven minutes in a usual quad-copter flight manner or eight and a half an hour in airplane mode. But we found it did not come near. The majority of the time, five minutes, was typical or more minor. With a 30-minute recharge per battery, some is waiting to be achieved after only 10 minutes of pleasure!

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Could it survive an accident

Could it survive an accident?

Yes, it could, and yes, it did—several times. However, there was some harm. Following one wreck, I discovered that among the propellers had been missing. Attempting to locate a tiny black or white thing in heaps of foliage jumble was hopeless. The propellers should be a brighter, more conspicuous color.

I didn’t freak out, though, since I recalled a spare pair of propellers are contained in the bundle. So I moved back into the home and installed among those shameful propellers. Then I went outside to resume flying.

But every time I attempted to fly, the Parrot Swing would flop. I double-checked all of the propellers and the wings to be sure there was not some extra damage I had overlooked, but what looked and felt lovely. I continued to attempt and fly, but the drone will flop on its side every time the propellers awakened.

I returned to the home, flipped through the manual to determine whether there were any directions for replacing the propellers, and discovered none.

I hunted around on Parrot’s site and found that a user forum at which another man was asking about precisely the same problem. Long story short, you will discover clockwise propellers and counter-clockwise propellers.

But the odd thing is that the color does not stipulate which way they ought to turn or be set up. I needed to put in a white propeller instead of the black propeller.

After I had the ideal propeller set up, flying pleasure started.

Last thoughts

The Parrot Swing mini drone is a great deal of fun to fly in quad or airplane mode (I enjoy the airplane mode the finest ). It is not tough to get the hang of it, and as soon as you do, crashes do not occur that often unless you are flying near a lot of trees such as I’m.

But if you do crash, then the Swing appears to be hard enough to manage. Just ensure you have additional propellers practical and know that goes where.

At roughly $99, the Parrot Swing is not too pricey. I only want the built-in camera was better, and the flight times were more. But despite these minor complaints, it is still a delightful flying toy. Visit Staaker to read more information.

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