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Inside this guide, Staaker will review a few of the Best Star Wars Drone available today on Amazon. Below are a few of the maximum quality, exceptional drones to select from, and better still, they are based on your favorite movies of all time. All these make fantastic birthday and holiday gifts for your Skywalker-stans in your life!

Without further ado, read about our best ten galaxy-invading Star Wars drones.

Buyers Guide - What to Search for When Purchasing flying star wars drone

Buyers Guide – What to Search for When Purchasing Star War Drones

If you are an avid collector of Star Wars products, your collection is not complete without a fully-functioning, flying, Star Wars-inspired drone! There are many different brands and models out there that pay homage to the popular franchise’s flyers and starships. But, not everyone, these toys have been constructed the same!

There are several distinct elements to consider before you buy any digital gadget. Below are a few strategies to help you started searching for the best Star Wars drone.

Accurate Replica

Any company seeking to generate a quality Star Wars product understands that their drone has to be movie-accurate. The most impressive-looking drones would be those to choose from if you would like to surprise somebody with a fantastic gift.

One of the most accurate depictions of those starcrafts would be the propel star wars drone millennium falcon. Their Tie Fighter and X-Wing drones came at Collector’s Edition, and a few are hand-painted to get a very detailed and stunning end.


One other important element is that the drone’s ability to withstand crashes. Whether you are a seasoned pro pilot or a newcomer, crashing your drone is unavoidable. You always need to check whether the Star War drones you are buying has a durable outside or not. Keep in mind that there is still a chance of paint chipped should you hit on your drone.

A good illustration of a lasting model this the Air Hogs lineup of Star War drones. They utilize durable foam to withstand minor consequences. This makes them appropriate for many ages, ability levels, and skills! Many of these products make a fantastic starter drone for children, particularly if they love Star Wars!

High-Quality Controller

A fantastic drone comes down to its controllers. Many drones are wireless, so they need some link between the gadget and the control. Always search for one which boasts an excellent connection and user-friendly controls.

Star Wars drones such as the Costzon Star War RC Quadcopter have lighting and sound effects in the films. Get your device from a company that pays attention to the aesthetics and the performance of this drone and the works inside the control.

Top Rated Best Star Wars Drones Review

Top Rated Best Star Wars Drones Review

Bestseller No. 1
Propel Star Wars Quadcopter:...
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
Air Hogs Star Wars X-Wing...
  • Air Hogs is the leading R/C...
  • Discover R/C Helicopters, Air...
SaleBestseller No. 4
World Tech Toys Star Wars The...
  • Durable Constructed Material
  • Master Hand / Eye Coordination
Bestseller No. 5
Air Hogs Star Wars Remote...
  • Air Hogs is the leading R/C...
  • Discover R/C Helicopters, Air...
Bestseller No. 6
Propel Star Wars Tie Fighter...
  • High performance Tie Advanced...

1. Propel Star Wars X Wing Drone

Propel Star War Quadcopter: X Wing Collector’s Edition is among the coolest Star War drones you could ever see in the industry. From its layout, you may observe that many of devotion has gone into producing this high-performance drone.

X-Wing played a Significant Role in the Galactic Civil War. It had been heralded as the boxer at Luke Skywalker’s hands, who destroyed the Death Star.

X-Wing drone has been hand-painted. Its bottoms parish comprises an IR receiver and four metal pieces that extend in the chassis, and it is where you’ll join the propellers. It includes 12 propellers.

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: X...
  • The Star Wars t-65 X-Wing...
  • Each special edition...

On the ideal side, there is a movable battery lock mechanism and rear LED lights. This includes two battery collections, which means that you may still utilize this while you bill another.

In terms of its functionality, I have to state you will undoubtedly be impressed. This quadcopter can attain flying speeds up to 35mph and provides 3-speed configurations to cater to various kinds of users, from novices to experts.

It’s a training mode for novices that’s ideal for learning how to pilot with no crashes. It’s an altitude stabilization mode also that makes driving simple.

This drone is high-quality and high-performance. If managed by a seasoned pilot, it may perform on the comparable equal period with TIE fighters.


  • Durable
  • Good layout
  • User-friendly
  • 3-speed configurations
  • Has additional battery
  • Altitude stabilization mode
  • The controller plays right Star War music.


  • No camera
  • Short flight period
  • Blades detached after a wreck.
  • Can’t fly if it is windy or rainy

2. Propel Tie Fighter Drone

Propel’s Tie Advanced X1 drone can bring you to a favorite Star War moment. This is created for all sorts of pilots.

It’s different speed flights and settings manners for multiple ability levels, such as a beginner’s training mode. The practice mode is the most effective approach to piloting a drone without crashes and crashes.

You won’t get bored with this since it features a light-up base and plays music in Star Wars films. Additionally, this may perform unique tricks, and you’re able to join this free companion program and proceed on particular assignments.

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter:...

Using its fitted, smart awareness technologies, you can get involved in an interactive game with as many as 12 other players via Propel’s companion program. It’s encoded laser fighting, too, that empowers you to get involved in a simulated laser conflict. The lasers are faster and more precise than IR, and this can be beneficial for challenging gameplay.

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This Star War drone is quite simple to fly since it’s auto-landing and takeoff features. Additionally, it will come with auto-calibration and trimming control.

I had so much fun flying this drone due to the incomparable experience it gives from flying this into the area to participate in simulated and interactive conflicts. I strongly recommend this!


  • Durable
  • Easy and fun to fly
  • 3-speed configurations
  • Has additional battery
  • Altitude stabilization mode
  • Intelligent comprehension technology
  • It lets you perform within an interactive sport and simulated conflicts.
  • The controller plays right Star War music.


  • No camera
  • Cannot fly if it is windy or rainy

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3. Propel Speeder Bike

Rekindle the raw landscapes of Endor in this gorgeous drone. Also, choose an unexpected journey for a Rebel Fighter or even Imperial Pilot. This quad is a favorite because of its exceptional agility and maneuverability. You can race along with different pilots on your customized rendition of Star War Return of the Jedi on this great drone.

The same as another drone out of Propel, this is hand-painted, highly detailed, and numbered. However, it’s an exceptional edition collector’s box since it includes a light-up screen case.

This includes the brand new reverse propulsion blade system, which could quickly reach speeds up to 35mph. It’s multiple speed settings for novices and skilled pilots. Regardless of what your ability level is, you’ll undoubtedly find this enjoyable and enjoyable.

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote...
  • Air Hogs is the leading R/C...
  • Discover R/C Helicopters, Air...

For novices, this includes a real physics flight simulator, which teaches you how to fly a drone. Its training mode allows you to learn how to pilot the aircraft without any crashes or fly-away. During real flights, this includes elevation stabilization mode, which makes driving the drone so simple.

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This utilizes Light Fidelity Communication and Intelligent Awareness Technology to Produce the drone simpler to control. You could even battle around 12 Star War quadcopters at the same time.

Its light screen seems one of the coolest things about the particular drone. This is suggested for every Star Wars fan!


  • Agile, fast, and fast
  • Awesome quality
  • Push-button aerial stunts
  • Unique box using light-up screen case
  • Flight Simulator
  • Battle mode
  • Great audio, light, and layout


  • No trimming tabs
  • Perhaps not a hobby-grade drone

4. Air Hogs – Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter

Recreate your favorite epic Star Wars battle with this replica of Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter. This drone has a rather detailed design and looks cool.

This X-Wing Fighter drone was created with a double rotor Powercore Drive Train that quickly and steadily lets it soar since this is ready to combat the First Order.

You can bank on its durability and quality since this is produced out of the impact-resistant layout. It’s powerful enough to withstand minor crashes and crashes. Poe’s X-Wing is designed to fight the strikes from the Dark Side. Also, this includes gyro-stabilization for equilibrium which makes controlling it a ton simpler.

Propel Star Wars Tie Fighter...
  • High performance Tie Advanced...

This is accompanied by an intuitive remote controller that feels great in hand. It’s possible to readily manage and browse the drone utilizing the super user-friendly controller. So, you can concentrate on perfecting mid-air tricks and stunts rather than wrestling with the control, thanks to this.

The drone is remarkably agile and responsive, which means you’ll certainly appreciate it. Beginners and children will adore this drone because, as I said, it’s straightforward to control, and it is prepared for battle. This quad will tickle your Star War fandom in you so that I highly recommend this!


  • Very easy to fly
  • Can execute mid-air tricks and stunts
  • User-friendly
  • It has a double rotor.
  • Durable and secure
  • Flies smoothly
  • Intuitive remote control


  • Short flight period
  • Questionable Selection

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5. Air Hogs Star War Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

Should you ever want to pilot Han Solo’s legendary boat, then that drone is for you. Millennium Falcon is the most iconic boat from the Star Wars universe. Han Solo and Chewbacca utilized this throughout the Galactic Civil War. This is quite popular since it’s the fastest hunk of junk in the world.

Millennium Falcon utilizes 4 rotors, which are hidden on the boat’s body to get an agile and space-like flight. It’s constructed from impact-resistant foam, which makes it resilient to minor crashes. The foam center ducts provide the rotors additional protection when flying inside and outside.

This quad includes LED light, and genuine Star War seems as if you bring Millennium Falcon into a lifetime. It’s possible to trigger Hyperspace style on the remote controller and continue to get a loaded hyperspace journey. When the deflector shields return, do not worry, you are still significant because this drone is more lasting and resilient to some few photon torpedo strikes.

Together with the 2.4Ghz communications, Millennium Falcon will get around 200 feet off. Besides the fantastic selection, this includes a much better flight period in contrast to other quadcopters.

This may fly around 10 minutes, which is more than other quads, which may fly for 4 to 6 minutes. It has doubled the flight period of another drone in precisely the same category, which usually means you’ll have more fun with this since it can fly more.


  • Fantastic layout
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to fly
  • Can do aerial stunts
  • Great mid-air stabilization
  • Adequate range because of the size
  • Better flight period when compared with other drones
  • Resilient to crashes and collisions


  • No camera
  • Lacks One-Key reunites and auto-hover style.
  • Requires a lot of batteries to work

6. Star Wars Air Hogs Star Destroyer Drone

Star Destroyer drone was a significant revelation! It is not the normal drone that you may notice in the marketplace because of its shape. If you aren’t comfortable or fond of Star Destroyer, you might come across that this is looking more like a pizza than a quad because of the triangular shape, but it stinks well.

This includes an exceptional design because its blades are within the body of this boat. The fantastic thing with this layout is the edges are well protected as it crashes. Additionally, this is sturdy and tough, and it may withstand crashes and crashes.

This drone is balanced, and it flies readily. It’s agile, and its maneuverability is quite impressive. It turns out and washes nicely. It moves in the way you would like it to go quickly and without delay. It’s super simple to control.

Star Destroyer consists of a remarkably sturdy Styrofoam, so it’s lightweight. This also has a lithium-ion battery kind.

Although it’s incredibly agile, it can not hover in 1 spot. The drawback with this is the battery lasts less than 10 minutes, so you will need to acquire a spare battery to expand the pleasure. Nonetheless, this is not surprising because drones in this dimension and weight usually have a brief flight period.

In general, Star Destroyer is among the greatest drones out of Air Hogs concerning layout, quality, and functionality. I strongly recommend this!


  • Simple to fly
  • Small and lightweight
  • Agile and responsive
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Operates easily


  • Loud
  • Does not hover in 1 place
  • No camera
  • Short flight period

7. Air Hogs – Star War Remote Control Millennium Falcon XL Flying Drone

Millennium Falcon is one of the most well-known ships in Star War. Air Hogs brings us a bigger version with Millennium Falcon XL Flying Drone.

With this drone, now you can bring the magic of Star War home. Apart from its enormous dimensions, this includes genuine Star Wars details.

This features real Star Wars was created with fantastic attention to particulars. It’s authentic sounds and lights. Additionally, it will come with a light-up cockpit using Chewie and Han Solo figures inside for a comprehensive Star Wars flying adventure.

Additionally, a massive improvement in this drone has been its Height Lock mode. As soon as you turn it on, the drone will put in precisely the same elevation. It will not go down and up and can hover by itself.

The other standout feature in Millennium Falcon XL is its hyperspace drive. Hyperspace is the most well-known characteristic of the Falcon from the films, and you can accomplish this in this drone using an easy push in a cause.

Using its advanced engineering, you’ll be able to enjoy a sleek and high-performance flight encounter with this particular drone. Be a pilot in no time with this specific Falcon XL drone!


  • Supersize
  • excellent design Is Quite comprehensive.
  • Authentic lights and sounds
  • Hyperspace drive
  • Height Lock style to hover


  • Not as mobile as miniature RC drones
  • Challenging to shop because of the size
  • Props are irreplaceable because It’s glued.
  • Cannot fly if it is breezy or windy

8. Air Hogs, Star Wars RC Tie Fighter Advanced

Air Hogs additionally brings us their particular version of RC Tie Fighter. This drone has a ducted fan propeller and rudder control for actual, gravity-defying flying activity. These features also bring about a smooth and stable flying experience.

It’s possible to combine Empire and combat the Rebel Alliance because you recreate your favorite intergalactic battles utilizing this RC Tie Fighter Advanced drone from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

This quad is intended for the outdoors. It’s an authentic design and durable construction for actual battle stimulation. If you wish to experience a death-defying escape in the event, then do not be scared to experiment since this has a crash-resistant structure, and it can endure even the most challenging crash landings.

For more entertainment, this includes a high-performance remote controller for fast and precise maneuvering, and it can fly around 250 feet. Unleash the starfighter in you while you explore this particular quad.

For novices, this demands a great deal of room and a bit of patience, but when you have that up in the atmosphere, you will agree this is a novelty!


  • Fantastic layout
  • High-performance remote controller
  • Crash-resistant construction
  • Stable and smooth flying adventure


  • No camera
  • Requires a Great Deal of space
  • Cannot fly if it is breezy or windy
  • You Have to adjust the control should you hear a humming sound.

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9. Air Hogs – Star War X-wing vs. Death Star, the Rebel Assault

This bundle brings you an X-Wing drone along with the Death Star for a much more enjoyable and exciting epic conflict. It’s possible to get behind the wheel of this iconic X-Wing and ought to fire three straight hits in the autonomous Death Star without having struck to conquer it. You ought to be very careful since the Death Star goes back.

This features responsive sounds and lights which mimic shots fired and developed for an immersive combat encounter. It’s a built-in battle screen on the remote controller, also providing one of them feels that you’re in the center of one of the very epic Star Wars battles.

This high-flying quad includes gyro-stabilization for smooth and effortless flying. It’s 2.4GHz long-range communication systems plus a range around 200 feet.

This drone is quite simple and enjoyable to fly. This makes a fantastic gift to some Star Wars enthusiasts.


  • Easy and fun to fly
  • Smooth and secure
  • High-performance flight
  • It lets you encounter an immersive conflict experience
  • Movie-accurate seems


  • No camera
  • Cannot fly if it is breezy or windy

Are star wars propel drone faster than normal drones


1. Are Star War drones faster than normal drones?

Not really. You wish to get a Star Wars drone solely for the interest of reimagining the same aircraft found from the films, TV games, and series.

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2. Are Star War drones more expensive than normal drones?

The majority of the time, yes. The excess brand about the drone is exactly what led to the cost increase over the standard edition.

3. Are Star War drones for kids?

A good deal of those Star War drones has quite basic controls. Yes, the drones showcased here are great for children.


Many of the drones we’ve shown here have similarities; however, you’re picking from a large or more miniature-scaled best buy star wars drone for the most part.

The smaller variations of drones might be the most enjoyable to use inside. However, the large-scale Millennium Falcon has gleaned many favorable reviews and appears to have taken the cake nationwide up to what celebrity pilots desire as their first option.

If you’re trying to find the ideal newcomer drones, there can be better options, but experienced pilots need to admit something is unique about flying among those real-life Star Wars drones.


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