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Even as a seasoned drone pilot, the day you put on FPV goggles is probably something you won’t overlook. Flying in FPV is an adventure that’s hard to explain with words. It would help if you experienced it yourself to understand why it is so terrific.

However, flying in FPV takes yet another degree of discipline and skill. It can be easy to misjudge precisely how closely you’re flying up and down to obstacles. If you do not want to wreck your drone in your very Best FPV Drone Simulators review, then below are a few flight sims you’ll be able to practice on.

What is FPV Simulator

What is FPV Simulator?

An FPV simulator makes it possible to understand to fly racing drones onto a pc, any time, anywhere, regardless of the weather, and without any harm from crashes.

It is the ideal way to exercise your flying abilities. Whether you’re new and learning how not to wreck or getting the hang of a problematic acrobatic suggestion, simulators are tremendously beneficial for novices and advanced pilots alike.

Just in simulators, you’re training tricks that are too difficult or impossible in real life if you’re brand new; here is a guide to show you a bit of insight into rushing drones and ways to begin. The featured picture is from the Unreal FPV simulator.

Why Use an FPV Drone Simulator?

The most crucial benefit of all FPV drone simulators is the low entry price. For only a couple of bucks, you may input the drone racing hobby. You get unlimited digital repairs and the fundamental tools needed to be an experienced professional for the price. All pilots gain from simulators since it’s a cheap and efficient way of practicing.

I’ve learned new maneuvers during simulators that I will apply in actual life with higher precision and assurance. This movie below shows the outcomes of Get FPV team member Jaco after spending 100 hours at the simulator and heading for his first actual flight.

Top Rated Best FPV Drone Simulator Brand

Top Rated Best FPV Drones Simulator Brand

1. SimPro Drone Flight Simulator – best FPV simulator

Dronesimpro has just announced they are currently offering the accessibility of personalized solutions to make certain situations and drones due to their drone flight simulator.

The capability to produce an environment unique to your pilot’s demands might be a game-changer. It enables excellent customization for coaching drone pilots at both the surroundings and the sort of drone employed for your training.

Together with drone pilots discovering new and innovative ways to utilize drones, there’s a heightened requirement for tailored coaching, says Jessica Warburton, cofounder of drones Pro.

We can produce any situation with our modular applications as per a drone pilot training conditions, whether it’s to recreate a picture scene, an outside wedding, a tower review, a construction fire, or possibly a hostage situation.

HR Drone with Brushless Motor For Adults,Foldable Drones with 4K FHD Camera Live Video And GPS Return Home,Quadcopter with Altitude Hold,Follow Me,Includes Carrying Bag(Orange)
10 Reviews
HR Drone with Brushless Motor For Adults,Foldable Drones with 4K FHD Camera Live Video And GPS Return Home,Quadcopter with Altitude Hold,Follow Me,Includes Carrying Bag(Orange)
  • 【Brushless Motor】Brushless motors runs quieter and more powerful, its quiet and durable characters make flight more enjoyable,they have longer lifetime and spare you from motor maintenance.
  • 【GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight】Never lose the drone. It returns automatically whenever battery is low,signal is lost or you press one key return.Also,it is so smart to fly at your will, following you automatically,flying along a path you set,or fly around a point in circles.You may focus on your photography and creation.
  • 【4K HD Camera with Image Stabilization】With the 90°FOV adjustable 4K HD camera and 5G Wi-Fi transmission,the drone provides you ultra-vivid and crystal clear photos and videosfrom nearly 500m away.

SimPro is a brand new drone flight simulator that may be utilized on either a PC or Mac. Additionally, it uses a custom-built flight motor that reproduces the actual world physics of drone flight. This permits us to place a drone in any place on earth and have it fly right, including any elevation.

The current edition, the first launch version, comprises the Phantom 3 and 2 flight places. The following two releases incorporate a lot of significant improvements such as new drones and flight places, in addition to the aid of remote controls. These can be coming out within the next 4 months.

This drone simulator features:

  • Realistic Lighting Requirements
  • Accurate Physics and Flight Designs
  • Realistic Game and Sim Scenarios
  • Obstacle Courses, House Fires, Open Field Flight

A demonstration can be downloaded on The program supports many USB controllers and has been tested to operate with Xbox and Playstation controls. New assistance for various drone specific controls will likely be rolling out within the upcoming few months.

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2. RealFlight RF8 Drone Simulator – best FPV racing drone

RealFlight is the most comprehensive and highly effective quadcopter simulator available on the current market, and its most recent version, RF8, leaves this high-quality product better than ever before. It is among the most outstanding programs for getting a functional and professional drone flight clinic. But this amount of quality does not come cheap.

The Realflight drone sells for approximately $190. For the price, you have the newest edition of the application and also an Interlink-X flight control. This is very good for beginners since no batteries or complicated installation processes must find control working with the program.

Folding Rc Drone for Adults RC Quadcopter, with 1080P HD Camera, Fixed-Point Orbit, Live Video GPS Drone, 40Mins(20+20) Long Flight Time Smart Return Home
  • 25-minute battery life (one battery): The high-energy-density lithium battery improves the power a bit and brings up to 20 minutes of flight time, making flying more enjoyable
  • GPS return home automatically: the aircraft will automatically record the home point when taking off, and dynamically adjust it according to the user's position during the flight. The aircraft will automatically fly back to the home point when the communication is interrupted and the battery is insufficient or a return order is received
  • Fixed-point orbiting flight: The mobile phone APP sets the orbiting point and the orbiting radius. After the point is set, the aircraft will fly from the initial point to the set center point. After reaching the center point, it will fly around the center point at the set distance

The controller runs each application function, so there is no keyboard required, which implies more ease. And this program permits you to do whatever you might wish to at a quad-core simulator.

This drone simulator features:

  • Realistic flight features
  • Digital Truth performance (headset sold separately)
  • Lessons that can develop your photography skills in Addition to your flight Abilities
  • Challenges and multiplayer Choices

Exercise in various real-world states, such as day/night cycles and distinct wind speed and management settings

The enormous problem with all the RealFlight RF8 applications is it is exclusive to Windows 7, 8, or even 10. One of our readers who prefer Mac or Linux programs might need to consider a different choice.

But for everyone who would like to use a simulator to practice multiple drone flight methods, this is one of the best recommendations to get a drone flight simulator for PC. It is well worth the purchase price of entrance, steep although that cost could be.

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3. Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulator – best drone simulator

Phoenix R/C is a significant name in the flight simulator marketplace, and lots of drone pilots we all know have gotten their start with this particular program.

Additionally, it is located at the pricier end of things, together with the most recent version costing roughly USD 139. On the other hand, the cost is well worth it, considering you also receive a fully-functional Spektrum DX6i trip control.

It lacks a number of the drone certain features and challenges of this RealFlight Drone Simulator. Also, it does not have as much continuing support from the business. However, you still get whatever you will need to practice using real flight control.

Autel Robotics EVO 2 Drone 8K HDR Video Rugged Bundle with $498 Value Accessories Kit (2021 Newest Ver.)
71 Reviews
Autel Robotics EVO 2 Drone 8K HDR Video Rugged Bundle with $498 Value Accessories Kit (2021 Newest Ver.)
  • 👍【BUNDLE INCLUDES】: This bundle comes with 1 X EVO II 8K Drone, 3 X Batteries(1 pre-installed on the drone), 6 Pairs Propellers(2 pairs pre-installed on the drone, 4 pairs in the package), 1 Set X Remote Controller, 1 X Landing Pad, 1 X 32GB SD card, 1 X Hard Plastic Case. For any questions or better deal, please contact 🚘autelofficial @ outlook . com🚘 directly.
  • 👍【WORLD’S FIRST 8K DRONE】: Autel Robotics proudly presents world’s first 8K consumer drone. EVO II comes with 1/2” CMOS sensor, it can capture 48 Megapixel still images and 7680*4320 HDR video at 60 FPS. With f/1.8 aperture, it lets in more light in low light situations.
  • 👍【40 MINUTES FLIGHT TIME】: With 7100 mAh battery, Autel EVO II 8K Foldable Drone provides 40 minutes flight time or 35 minutes hover time. With additional 2 batteries in the bundle, never again miss those beautiful landscapes!

It can also help you find out more about other remote control aircraft forms such as airplanes or helicopters along with quadcopters.

Here is the way its features compare to the other reviews on this particular listing:

  • Two CDs, 1 Spektrum DX6icontroller, plus also a 20-page instruction booklet
  • Customizable wind, see cloud cover, and heat settings.
  • Interactive Flight Challenges
  • Fully functional tools in most cockpits

If you’re trying to find a fantastic pro-quality drone flight simulator, do not wish to spend the almost 200 dollars essential to pay for the RealFlight RF8, this is a tremendous backup option.

4. Liftoff from Immersion RC

LIFTOFF The Drone Race Simulator is new software by Immersion RC; it is possible to take a look. It is not your typical flight simulator. It is geared primarily towards people who are searching for fpv racing training. Advantages of the Type of drone flight simulator are:

  • Exercise for drone racing on applications explicitly built for drone racers
  • FPV goggle integration
  • A low cost of just $19.99 on Steam
  • PC and Mac Versions Available.
  • Beautiful and well-designed environments
GoolRC Flysky FS-i6 AFHDS 2A 2.4GHz 6CH Radio System Transmitter for RC Helicopter Glider with FS-iA6 Receiver
267 Reviews
GoolRC Flysky FS-i6 AFHDS 2A 2.4GHz 6CH Radio System Transmitter for RC Helicopter Glider with FS-iA6 Receiver
  • Reliable, interference free 2.4GHz AFHDS2A signal operation.
  • Use only 4*AA batteries for transmitter.
  • Digital receiver system.

This program is fun and cheap. However, it is not helpful for picture taking or video training. It’s one exceptional quadcopter simulator function, and that’s to help you learn how to fly your drone out of the very first-person view.

It goes nicely with fpv goggles and isn’t tricky to buy from Steam, simple to set up, and simple to set up and use with your present FPV system.

5. Heli X UAV Flight Simulator

Heli-X is a superb R/C helicopter flight sim that also gets the power to permit you to fly drone flight simulations. They utilize great real-time physics according to science.

The program is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, so it’s an excellent all-around part of the flight simulator program. You will find coaching situations within the applications that make it enjoyable to use for entertainment or learning.

New RC Tech 6 CH Flight Simulator Remote Control w/ Software for Helicopters/ Airplanes
263 Reviews
New RC Tech 6 CH Flight Simulator Remote Control w/ Software for Helicopters/ Airplanes
  • Download Software Online
  • Model Flight Simulator that allows the user to fly with the same type of transmitter used for regular flight.
  • Dynam 6CH USB RC Simulator For Heli Airplane Glider. Connect with USB port cable and no batteries is required.

This drone simulator features:

  • Availability for Windows, Mac-OS X, and Linux.
  • A Price of 49.00 Euros, or about USD 55.00
  • Training situations for saving conditions.
  • Other situations including cage, lasso, autorotation, reaction coaching, hover training, etc.
  • The fully functional demo that lets you try before you buy

Heli-X is a sound, informative drone flight simulator which will not break your bank. But before you may use Heli-X applications, you’ll have to use USB controls, which it is possible to find there. You can boot HELI-X with no power but can’t command the versions within the computer software.

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6. FPV Freerider Program

The FPV Freerider is a brand new and popular simulation program that can help you practice along with sight firing flight. It’s restricted by its program standing, meaning it does not have as strong a physics simulator engine as a few other applications on this listing.

Additionally, it does not include control, and you’ll have to locate a USB controller to use with this. It is possible to discover USB controllers that utilize this software. It would help if you made sure it’s a USB, compatible controller.

This drone simulator features:

  • A low price of $5.00.
  • Interesting for FPV racing training.
  • The capability to pair with just about any USB distance, pick up one, and join it to the program.

The drawbacks are that the program is not genuine, and you can’t practice your camera function. If you’re searching for something that will assist you with your aerial photography company or practice using a ghost or any other costly new drone, this might not be for you.

7. DJI Drone Simulator

If you are interested in figuring out how to fly a DJI drone afterward, the DJI drone simulation game might be your very best alternative.

The DJI simulator includes several POVs, three flight modes, and what DJI requires for a”comprehensive physics engine” to replicate the actual flight sensation.

DJI’s drone flight simulator features a robust set of flight situations, enabling pilots to practice flying in various industrial scenarios, like while running a powerline inspection.

The DJI simulation additionally enables you to fly many distinct versions of its drones. View the Customizable Drone’ entrance below for a complete list.


  • Devices: Windows PC
  • Customizable Environment: Yes
  • Customizable Drone Sort: Yes (Mavic Series, Spark Series, Phantom Series, Inspire Series, Matrice 200 Series)

Specs & Details:

  • High-quality visuals
  • Multiple POVs
  • Realistic flight encounter breeze effects, floor effects, and mimicked crashes.
  • Three Kinds of training modules skills coaching, free flight, and program training
  • Three variants complimentary trials, business variant, and energy variant

Supported Controllers:

  • Mavic Air
  • DJI Smart Controller
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Advanced
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Ghost 4 Pro V2.0
  • Matrice 100
  • Matrice 600
  • Matrice 600 Pro
  • Inspire 1 Series
  • Lightbridge two

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8. Zephyr Drone Flight Simulator

The Zephyr drone simulation was intentionally designed around drone pilot training and education.

This usually means it includes built-in classroom management and pupil progress monitoring tools, allowing teachers to monitor their pupils’ progress while utilizing the simulator.

A teacher can leverage those tools to observe how frequently a student crashes their drone and monitors student progress to understand whether pupils have improved over time or need further schooling.

The Zephyr drone flight simulator also will come with a continually expanding library of training modules and drone programs, each carefully made using precise flight characteristics.


  • Devices: Windows PC or Mac
  • Customizable Environment: Yes
  • Customizable Drone Sort: Yes (DJI Phantom 3, DJI Inspire 1, 3DR Solo, Syma X5C, Autel X-Star, Parrot Bebop two, DJI Mavic Pro)

Specs & Details:

  • Includes a Learning Management System, Which Makes It ideal for teachers teaching students how to fly drones in a classroom environment
  • True physics, carefully made to signify the real adventure of flying
  • The two FPV and VLOS flight styles are available
  • Various manners and fashions of flying accessible
  • Controller/transmitter could be put to any configuration
  • Contains FAA regulations in flying, so pilots have been cautioned for regulation offenses while training on the simulator
  • Supported Controllers:
  • Popular game controls, such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation controls
  • Hobby King 6-CH RC Flight Simulator Controller
  • And many others

Are there drone simulators for Windows


1. What is a drone simulator?

A drone flight simulator is a computer program that allows you to mimic the activity of flying a true drone without needing to receive any physical hardware included. They’re a fantastic way to improve at flying drones without denying the potential for breaking a costly aircraft.

2. Are there drone simulators for Windows?

Drone simulators and drone videos are offered on many apparatuses. Yes, Windows PCs are frequently among them. Our #1 drone simulation alternative, the DroneSim Pro Flight, is excellent if you’re trying to find a drone simulation for Windows.

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3. Are Quadcopter Flight Simulators Useful?

The very best drone flight simulator applications will help you practice aerial photography, racing, and video shooting and permit you to practice many distinct versions. Realflight flight simulator recorded at the 1 place allows you to do all these things and much more. If you are prepared to shell out the $109.99 it can take to buy it together with dedicated control.

There are different choices out there to get quadcopter simulators, but you are likely to perform a balancing act between what works you’re looking for and what price you need to cover.

For those of you looking for training, I propose the Realflight computer software. This is most effective for those working on their flight abilities for bigger drones.

It can be particularly beneficial when you live somewhere in a climate where it is impossible to fly your drone within the winter. It is possible to spend some time together with the simulator to lessen the withdrawal symptoms you feel! I understand that’s precisely what I use it for residing in Nebraska!

When appropriately used, drone flight simulators are an excellent way to work on your muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. They’re especially ideal for beginners but maybe handy for intermediate flyers, particularly those seeking to practice their photography and video skills.

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Last thoughts

The least expensive method to crash a drone will be to get it done within a flight sim. That is sound advice for novice drone pilots, in addition to for people who wish to try out FPV drone flight for the very first time. FPV flight is enjoyable, but it is not something that you can decide to do one day with zero prep.

The wonderful thing about the best free drone simulator is they’re usually very affordable. Apart from some high-end names, you can probably purchase a drone flight sim for under $30. They’re well worth the cost considering the price of replacing your propellers (or your drone!) Following a crash. You can visit Staaker to read more information.

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