Best Mavic Pro Ipad Mount 2022: Top Reviews For You

Best Mavic Pro Ipad Mount 2022
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In this guide, Staaker will be focusing on the Best Mavic Pro iPad Mounts from great brands like RCGEEK, Skyreat, Hanatora, Powerextra, O’woda… Let’s get started!

It takes a lot of practice to fly a drone. You have to keep the drone in each of three dimensions. This is a lot more difficult than driving a car. It might also be more difficult to use because you can only see the drone from far away.

Mounts address these concerns because they allow you to easily view the drone’s view from your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to learn how to fly a drone with visual feedback quickly. You can also use the live feed to locate your drone and help you recover it.

Top 7 Best IPad mount for Mavic Pro

Top Best IPad mount for Mavic Pro

SaleBestseller No. 1
Skyreat Mavic Mini Air Pro...
  • Aviation aluminum-alloy...
  • 120Mm-190mm wide support 4-11...
Bestseller No. 2
Hanatora 4-11 Inch Tablet...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The base and...
Bestseller No. 3
Hanatora 4.7-12.9 Inch Tablet...
  • Compatible With DJI Mavic...
  • 【Wide range of...
SaleBestseller No. 4
UZOPI Mavic Mini Air Pro...
  • Aviation aluminum-alloy and...
  • Support 4-12 inch Phone &...
SaleBestseller No. 5
GardTok Aluminum-Alloy...
  • Aviation Aluminum-Alloy...
  • 120mm-190mm wide support 4-12...
SaleBestseller No. 6
VCUTECH Drone RC Tablet Holder...
  • Designed only for DJI Mavic 3...
  • Support up to maximum...

RCGEEK Compatible with DJI Mavic

RCGEEK Mount features a remote control for the DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic 2 Pro. It features a foldable design that facilitates compact storage. RCGEEK has replaced the aluminum shaft with flexible screw technology, making it more compatible with larger phones and tablets.

The 2-step adjustable shaft can be used to adjust the viewing angle according to your preferences. The lanyard included in the box protects your iPad.

REGEEK Drone RC Table Holder...
  • 『Meet Your Need』This drone...
  • 『Wide Range of...

RCGEEK Compatible with DJI Mavic Mini 2 / Mavic Air 2 / Mavic 2 Pro

The RCGEEK Tablet Mount Extender will be your only mounting solution. This product is made from high-quality ABS material and aluminum, which ensures its durability. You can calibrate your iPad at the ideal angle with adjustable mounts. It folds up and is compact, making it easy to transport.

The mount includes a neck lanyard that prevents accidental damage to your tablet. For easy maneuverability, the built-in remote control gives you more functionality. This mount can be used with many DJI Mavic drones. This remote controller can hold a tablet up to 7 inches. You will be able to view your video capture life on the screen.

RCGEEK Compatible with DJI...
276 Reviews
RCGEEK Compatible with DJI...
  • 【Compatible...
  • 【Compact Design】Foldable...

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SKYREAT Tablet Mount for Mavic Air/Pro/Spark

Since our first recommendation of the SKYREAT tablet mounting for the Mavic Pro more than a year ago, many have happened.

SINCE THEN, the DJI Spark mini-drone has been released, and the Mavic Air was released just half a year later.

The best thing about these three drones is their shared features, especially the Remote Controller.

Pilots often prefer to fly their DJI drone with an iPad Mini 2, 3, or 4 rather than a smartphone. For users like me who love the larger screen, this is a popular setup. My iPad mini also has a longer battery life than my iPhone.

Although the iPad mini can fit in the controller arms, it isn’t ideal for flight control. It’s awkward and uncomfortable in the controller.

After some research, I decided to purchase the SKYREAT tablet mounting from Amazon. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Prime Shipping Free
  • Includes Neck Strap
  • Fits iPad Mini 2/3/4 & iPad Pro/Air 1/2
  • Adjustable
  • Made from premium materials

The SKYREAT tablet mounting is an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

The best thing about the tablet mount? It’s a sturdy, machined aluminum base. It is strong enough to use my iPad Air, which is much larger than the iPad mini.

We recommend the SKYREAT tablet mounting if you plan to use your iPad Mini with your DJI Spark or Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, or Mavic Air. It’s amazing!

Powerextra 4-12 Inch Adjustable Extender Tablet Holder

The Powerextra tablet holder mount supports tablets and smartphones ranging in size from 4-12 inches. The mount can be attached to the drone’s remote controller and provides a secure grip for iPads. The lanyard can be worn around the neck or attached to a belt.

The mount can also be used to shade your iPad’s screen. This holder is made from nylon and can support the tablet’s weight securely. Easy installation is possible with thumbscrews, thanks to the quick-release bracket.

Powerextra 4-12 Inch...

Hanatora Aluminum-Alloy 4.7-12.9 Inch Tablet Holder

To provide industry-leading durability, the Hanatora tablet holder has been made from high-quality aluminum alloy. This holder is lightweight and sturdy thanks to its non-slip base and hollow aluminum construction. The clamp can be used to securely attach phones and tablets, measuring between 4.7 inches and 12.9 inches. Two attachment methods allow for greater compatibility.

This holder has an arm with three joints that allow you to adjust the angle while on the go. To prevent accidental drops, the holder includes a neck lanyard. If you’re not satisfied, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty and a money-back guarantee.

Fstop Labs Remote Controller Device Holder

Fstop Labs Remote Controller Holder is a strong mount that allows you to attach your smartphone or tablet to the drone’s remote control. The mount is compatible with devices between 4-10 inches in size and includes an extended mount.

This product also comes with neck strap accessories. This holder is made from ABS plastic and is extremely lightweight. You have three options to adjust the angle and elevation of your tablet for better visibility.

You can easily swap individual parts in the event of damage, which will save you money over time.

Fstop Labs Remote Controller...
1,111 Reviews
Fstop Labs Remote Controller...
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Table...
  • Easy to attach and detach...

O’woda foldable tablet holder

O’woda’s foldable tablet holder has a CNC aluminum bracket mount and a plastic clip. This balances the weight of the tablet and makes it easy to use. The mount was sandblasted and laser-engraved to give it a luxurious finish.

The built-in ball head can be used to adjust the angle to your iPad to up to 350 degrees. This mount includes a lanyard, so you don’t have to purchase a neck strap. The mount weighs in at 91g and has a quick-release mechanism.

O'woda Mavic Air 2S Foldable...
1,351 Reviews
O'woda Mavic Air 2S Foldable...
  • 【PERFECT FIT 】- Perfect...

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Crystalsky Monitor/Phone/Tablet Holder

Crystalsky Bracket extender mounting supports the DJI Mavic Spark Air, Platinum, and Pro. The base holder is CNC machined from aluminum alloy and will withstand the test of time. It can be mounted diagonally at 3.5 to 5.5″.

The mount connects to your remote controller’s handles and offers a new design. This mount shifts the center point of gravity or provides a better balance and increased reliability.

Its minimalistic design makes it easy to pack in your backpack. The lanyard is included as a free bonus, which protects your tablet and remote.

Drone Pit Stop Tablet Holder

The Drone Pit Stop Tablet Holder has a slim yet functional design. This tablet holder allows you to mount smartphones and tablets easily. This tablet holder is made of durable plastic and lightweight. The mount can be adjusted to adjust its height and rotate 360 degrees.

The easy-mount allows for easy attachment and disassembly of your smartphone or tablet. For added convenience, the screen is placed at the top of the mount so that the remote control can be seen clearly. This mount will enhance the overall appearance of your drone setup.

Boanju Tablet Mount Holder Foldable

The Tablet Mount Holder attaches to your DJI Mavic drone’s remote control. The mount can attach tablets and smartphones ranging in size from 4-12 inches. This ensures compatibility. This mount is made of ABS plastic and has an aluminum alloy base plate.

The mount can be adjusted in height and rotated up to 360° or 45° in either direction. You have added security with the 1-year warranty that includes returns and refunds.

FAQs Regarding Mavic Pro Ipad Mount

FAQs Regarding Mavic Pro Ipad Mount 

Are expensive mounts worth the money?

You only get what you pay for. So consider how much you’ve invested in your drone and tablet. Your setup will last longer if it is of higher quality. What are you waiting for?

Which is better ABS plastic, or aluminum?

While ABS plastic may be cheaper and offer a lighter solution, it is always recommended to choose a metal-based mounting. It will last longer and withstand more use without breaking down. What is the best way to keep your hair trimmed?

Is it possible to fly a drone using an iPad?

iPads. DroneSense Pilot is available on the iPad currently. The pilot will soon be available for Android devices. We are currently working to make Pilot available for Android devices (including the CrystalSky Smart Controller).


Do I need a cellular iPad to use Mavic Pro?

IMO can buy the iPad mini 4 with Wi-Fi / Mobile. This is because the hardware includes GPS and barometer modules. These items can be used without the need for cell service. The GPS will be required to track the remote if you are using any of the autonomous features.



Mounts are useful in difficult flying conditions like strong winds and bad weather. It’s nearly impossible to find a drone far away at night. A mounted iPad will help you determine the drone’s location, which can increase your chances of landing your drone safely.

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