Autel X Star Premium Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Autel X Star Premium Review

The Autel X Star Premium includes a fantastic assortment of autonomous flight manners, a 4K drone with a camera, and a decently high rate. Still, it does not have a collision avoidance program.

What it does have, however, is that a price tag that’s well under that of the Phantom 4 Pro, which makes it among the very best value-for-money camera drones available on the marketplace.

Autel X Star Premium Overview

Autel X Star Premium Overview


When you start your X-Star Premium, You Ought to find the following listed below from the box:

  • The X-Star Premium quadcopter
  • Premium hard situation
  • Controller
  • Charging cable
  • Intelligent battery
  • 1-hour Quick battery charger
  • 64GB Micro SD card
  • Spare propellers
  • Small Components

Design & Durability

The X-Star Premium is a drone that’s created for ultimate aerial vision and flight ease. It’s been designed to be very simple to fly, which is excellent if you are a beginner who would like a drone to capture fantastic images from the atmosphere, together with crystal explicit resolution attributes.

When there are many aerial photography drones presently available on the current market, this one is quite different. Its features are integrated into its design to provide additional quadcopter features and a much better flight management system, which can be awesome.

VOOCO X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera, 1.2-Mile HD Live View & Hard Case (Orange)
378 Reviews
VOOCO X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera, 1.2-Mile HD Live View & Hard Case (Orange)
  • 4K Ultra HD video camera with quick-release 3-axis gimbal stabilizer
  • HD Live View up to 1.2 miles away and autonomous flight modes via the free Starlink app for iOS or Android (mobile device sold separately)
  • Dual GPS/GLONASS outdoor navigation, SecureFlyTM magnetic interference protection, and the Starpoint Positioning SystemTM

It is a perfect size, not too large or too little, with a wingspan of approximately 352 mm. You may also choose the color you need, from white or orange, and the essential substance used is plastic.

Where strength is concerned, this item can take a beating. To find some fantastic footage that highlights both the durability and the quadcopter’s video footage.

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The X-Star Premium brings some fairly amazing specs to the table when it has to do with the camera. It may pay for a 108-degree FOV and can be HD using 4K resolution. You can shoot videos in 720p 240fps, 1080p 120fps, 4K 40fps, or 2.7K 60fps, that is an excellent selection of alternatives for users. You might even shoot 12MP still shots, also.

The camera is constructed into the drone to don’t need to install it on your own. The drone isn’t compatible with any outside cameras, like a GoPro, nevertheless, which is nice since the camera you’re getting is far better than every other external camera you probably had in mind.

The 3-axis gimbal stabilization system allows for crystal clear, secure photographs and movies, which are good to have if you’re flying and wanting to find some shots at the end. However, unless the lot is minor, do not expect to have stunning pictures.

The comprised Micro SD card stores all your videos and photos to save and also be uploaded on your PC in the future. In total, it may hold up to 64GB of images and videos.

Battery & Flight Time

The intelligent battery, which includes this quadcopter, provides around 25 minutes of flight time, which is relatively significant for a drone with its dimensions. Not too many bigger drones can stay up this long, like the Phantom 3 that just like 23 minutes of flight time. Therefore it is pretty impressive.

The charger that’s included is something different that’s pretty awesome. It ensures to take an hour charge, no less or more, even if the percent it had been billed at differs every time.

This is excellent since many drone consumers usually have to gauge how long their drone will charge, dependent on the percent it was when it was set on the charger, but this way, you can understand every time and plan it around.

The Autel X Star Premium


The control has a working assortment of around 2,000 yards plus a frequency of 2.4GHz. The drone has been controlled via the controller using a smartphone or competent apparatus within an attachment, in addition to the Starlink program, which may be discovered via any program shop. You must have Android 4.2 or even iOS 8.0 for minimal operating system compatibility yet.

The joysticks are produced from a material that makes them amazingly easy to control and manipulate and so are fantastic for nimble maneuvers every moment. The function keys are straightforward to hold on to, which is excellent for beginners or people that are only beginning with aerial photography.

The LCD screen, which can be performed from the smartphone, tablet computer, or whatever the case may be, provides all the crucial information you’ll have to view, for example, charge percent, for instance. You’ll have the ability to set up this through the program.

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Flight Performance

If you decide to go for the orange version, you’ll observe that the flight functionality gets more visible. This is because you are pretty much flying a traffic cone. Overall, the flight operation is an adequate one.

But, users have discovered that taking off and landing may sense somewhat uncomfortable and stable, mainly because they’ve found that either side up and down sometimes.

This is unquestionably a drone that needs to be flying high in the skies because particular problems have happened during nonlight scenarios.

When the quadcopter reaches under 20 feet in elevation, the machine becomes slightly confused and may gain external height by 5 feet. Thus, newer fliers remember, however, all ranges of accommodations must be cautious with drones regardless.

The X-Star Premium can attain up to 36 mph, which is relatively decent. The maximum elevation is undetermined mainly since it is dependent upon the selection of weather and particular ailments. By way of instance, it is a windy day, significantly higher in the skies. It is suggested that you remain low at a specific level. The ascent rate is 6 m/s, whereas the descent rate is 3 m/s.

Value For Money & Guarantee

At the composting time, the X-Star Premium quadcopter is priced at about $800.00 on Autel Robotic’s shop. However, you can locate it elsewhere like Amazon, which has it priced at $1,200.00. Therefore, purchasing directly from Autel Robotics is unquestionably the better purchase value money-wise.

They have a guarantee available but remember it’s pretty comprehensive and extensive.

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Unique Features

Where special features are involved, the X-Star Premium is filled with these. The Starpoint Positioning System is perfect for measuring the elevation and monitoring you and the drone’s position, for starters.

This allows for flying when a GPS signal isn’t available. You will find just two GLONASS and GPS navigation methods existing, which can enable you to place the drone. Also, it’ll take action on its own, is an environment with an external signal.

Waypoints, Orbit, and Follow, have included features observed in several different drones capable of innovative features. In any event, these features assist in controlling the drone shooting and camera to the top scene’s potential.

You may even empower Beginner Mode if you’re a newcomer to drones, which can help you create a bit of a geo-fence to ensure the speed and the scope is equally restricted to a particular level. This can help you not to lose your drone.

The Starlight program is almost a character in itself. You can check each facet of the aircraft to make sure it’s secure and prepared to proceed before you fly. It is also possible to have a live HD flow of the feed in the 4K camera board, even if you’re able to understand the drone in any way hardly.

To find a few of the features, flight footage, and the drone only doing everything, see the movie below.


  • 1-hour charger
  • Fantastic Excellent 4K movie
  • Simple to Use one-touch buttons on the control
  • Cheap
  • Great, stable global
  • Simple to fly even for novices
  • Memory card included


  • No more collision avoidance system
  • Could be Somewhat unsteady during take-off and landing
  • Prone to wandering in turns
  • Some reports of lousy customer support

Our Opinion

In summary, with all the features that it’s and the top excellent camera, which includes this, this is a superb drone for the cost that will meet the demand for anybody who wishes to take high-quality aerial video stills.

Performance, range, and battery life are slightly less striking than on other camera drones, but maybe not too far to make it a significant issue for anybody.

The drone flies nicely, but it may be a little shaky at low altitudes, and the camera takes apparent footage. Aside from the absence of a collision-avoidance system, the Autel Robotics X-Star does all you’d need it to, and it does it well. Visit Staaker to read more information.

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