Autel X Star Premium Review 2022: A Complete Guide

Autel X Star Premium Review
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A drone you can use to fly is a quality drone. You may not want to learn complicated technology and mechanics. The perfect drone must have captivating features.

The Autel X Star Premium could be your perfect drone. This quadcopter, which is simple and yet powerful, improves the X-Star, Autel Robotics‘ earlier creation. The quadcopter comes with an impressive set of features. You should investigate them all before you add them to your drone collection.

X-Star Premium Drone Specs

X-Star Premium Drone Specs

  • Weight: 3.52 lbs (1.6 kg)autel x star premium accessories
  • Hover: Horizontal (6.5 ft) Vertical (3.0 ft) 1m
  • Yaw: 150%
  • Ascent Speed 13.4mph (6m/s).
  • Horizontal Speed 35mph (16m/s).
  • Propeller Size: 9.4×5.5 inches (238×140 mm).
  • Camera: 12Mpx, 1080p. 720p. 2.7K. 4K
  • Batteries: 4900 mAH

Pros of Autel Robotics Premium Drone X-Star:

  • 4K camera
  • Large storage space with 64GB memory cards
  • Durable, sturdy construction
  • 2 km control range
  • For beginners, it is easy to fly.
  • Compact carrying case
  • Uses GPS and GLONASS navigation system
  • Excellent video and photo quality

Cons of Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone:

  • It is a bit heavy to travel.
  • There are no sensors to avoid obstacles.
  • Battery charging takes one hour, regardless of the charge level.

Build Features

Build Features

The Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone is medium-sized and orange in color. It measures 50x50x22 cm and weighs in at 3.2 pounds (1.5kg) without its hard case. It is heavier than most, but it can be transported thanks easily to its sturdy hard case.

However, the drone’s size and weight offer some advantages. Even in windy conditions, the drone can still perform well. It can adjust itself quickly to a stable position even if the wind moves it.

This drone’s exterior is made from hard plastic, which does not crack. The drone can withstand abuse. The drone is very easy to fly, as there is no assembly required. You can fly it straight out of the box. You will be able to fly this drone without any prior experience.

The package also includes a remote controller, charging cable (for both controller and drone), a 64GB microSD Card, a heavy-duty lithium battery, and a charger. There are also spare propellers and small parts.


The controller that comes with the X-Star Pro has been made to a high standard. Autel put a lot of effort into making the X-Star Pro as simple and intuitive as possible. It’s comfortable in hand, has a bit of weight (but not too much), and feels great in your hands.

You will need Autel’s app for your smartphone to fly the X-Star Pro (Android 4.2, iOS 8, or later are required). Although the app is not as sleek and beautiful as DJI’s, it does the job.

The app displays all information, including distance, battery life, and altitude, without you having to navigate through multiple menus. The app has all the standard features you’d expect on a drone, including orbiting, waypoints, and following.

Although the app looks a bit less polished than DJI’s, Autel has some amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. This should show some of the critics that Autel is not just another DJI clone.

Autel X Star Premium Controller

Their Starpoint system is what I love the most. This amazing feature allows you to fly your drone even in areas without a GPS signal. This allows you to fly in places that are not accessible by other brands.

The controller’s physical components are excellent. They are some of my favorite joysticks. They are strong enough to allow delicate maneuvers but flexible enough to perform some wild tricks if you’re daring enough.

The buttons at the bottom of your controller are easy to find and easily labeled. To operate, they require a firm press and are slightly recessed. Accidents from accidental presses are much less likely when you’re focused on flying.

The camera controls are a feature I love about the X-Star Pro controller. The camera controls are located at the rear and side of the controller, away from the rest of the flight controls. This may sound like a simple design pattern, but it’s not. You’d be amazed at how many controllers mix the flight controls with their camera controls.

The back of the device has a big, red button that allows you to start or stop recording. The sides have an exposure wheel and a few buttons that allow you to control what and how you record.

The range of the controller is 2km. It operates at 2.4GHz. This frequency is also used by Wi-Fi and can sometimes interfere with drone operation. This was tested with the X-Star Pro, and there was no interference from strong Wi-Fi signals.

4k Camera

Autel X Star Premium 4K Camera

This drone’s best feature is the camera. It is an incredible piece of kit, rivaling any other on the market (even DJI). It’s a great drone for aerial photography. You can capture stunning 4k ultra HD videos at 40fps.

You can adjust your shooting settings by using some FPS settings. For those who enjoy taking high-quality, dramatic shots at high frames rates, you can shoot 1080p at 120fps and 720p @ 240fps.

The camera performs better in still images than video, as with most drones. If you aren’t moving quickly, the difference between the two modes is quite negligible.

This camera is capable of handling almost any type of movement. The camera can take high-speed video at super-fast speeds without blurring or artifacts.

Unlike other drones, the X-Star Premium doesn’t require you to set up the camera. The camera comes pre-attached to the gimbal when you open the box. The entire drone comes preassembled when you purchase it. There is no installation or setup needed. Download the app and charge the battery to get started.

The camera’s pre-built nature and the gimbal may cause some inconvenience. The X-Star Premium cannot be used with any other camera. It must be used with the one it came with.

This is not an issue for me as the included camera is the best I’ve ever used. It’s not something I would want to trade for anything else. If you have a niche reason to mount a custom-made camera, this product may not be the right one for you.

Another positive aspect of the camera system’s camera is the amazing three-axis Gimbal, which attaches to the drone’s body. It is extremely stable and reliable, even at high speeds.

Without any intervention, your shots will look effortless. High wind conditions are the only place you might have issues with camera stability. These conditions are not ideal for flying, so it is unreasonable to assume stabilization will work.

You can see the Autel X-Star premium drone flying in action in this video.

Flying modes

As you can see, the Autel X-Star Premium offers a variety of flight modes.

Follow me – This mode allows drones to follow you wherever and whenever you go.

Orbit Me – This mode allows the drone to orbit around the remote controller and capture videos from all angles.

Beginner mode – This mode has a geo-fence that limits speed and range. This will ensure that you don’t lose your drone.

This drone is suitable for all levels of drone experience, whether you’re a seasoned pilot or beginners.

Flight Range, Battery, and Flight Time

Autel X Star Premium Flight range, battery, and flight time

The drone comes with a 4900mAh 14.8V Lithium Polymer Battery. The battery can be charged fully in less than an hour. This charger can charge both the drone and controller simultaneously.

A cooling fan prevents the charger from overheating. There is one thing to be aware of. It will take approximately an hour for the charger to fully charge your battery, regardless of how full it was before you plug it in.

The Autel Robotics Premium X-Star Premium can fly for up to 25 minutes. This is quite impressive. You will be notified when the battery is low.

The drone can fly at speeds up to 58 km/h. You can be sure that your drone is always under your control, with a transmission range of approximately 1.98km.

Starpoint Positioning System is also included in the X-Star Premium. This technology allows the drone to be tracked even when there’s no GPS signal. The X-Star Premium also features dual GLONASS/GPS systems. GLONASS will keep the drone’s location even if there is no GPS signal. You can concentrate on taking photos and videos when the signal is in place.


The X-Star Premium by Autel Robotics has some problems. The X-Star Premium from Autel Robotics is somewhat disappointing in that it can’t shoot 60fps at 4k.

The X-Star Premium drone is reliable and a great value for money, despite this minor issue. The aircraft is easy to fly for beginners, thanks to a variety of features. Veteran drone pilots will also enjoy the drone.

The X-Star Premium drone is a reliable and high-performing option for those who don’t want to spend a lot. It’s sturdy, takes professional-quality aerial shots, and performs well.


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