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Want to learn the Best Follow Me Drone available, which isn’t just excellent quality but also rated highly among the drone flying community?

Drones containing the Follow Me modes let you capture amazing selfies and movies whenever you’re in the most scenic places. Follow Me Drones also appeal to people that movie high action sports like mountain biking and skateboarding. Adding videos and photographs from the drone’s view adds something unique and original to the movies you produce.

There are numerous drones available on the market which today possess the futuristic Follow-Me attribute, and it can be challenging to choose which to purchase.

Staaker has piled up the Top 10 Best Follow Me Drones, which you can purchase in 2021.How Does The Drone Follow Me Function Works

How Does The Drone Follow Me Function Works?

The Way Follow Me Drones Works

Drones that accompany you rely upon a dedicated technology that transforms your drone into a smart device, making it behave as your camera team.

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Until the newest DJI’s flagships (Mavic Pro, Inspire two, and Phantom 4), we just had one kind of Follow Me technology. It’s powered by GSC and GPS transmitter programs, which work together, permitting the drone to follow along with the controller and keep it from the camera’s attention.

The next technology is DJI’s ActiveTrack. Like we’ve mentioned previously, the most recent DJI versions use it. Relying solely on an object and facial recognition applications, ActiveTrack can pinpoint your exact location in any way times and easily follow you around anywhere you go.

GPS/GSC Technology

This technology is straightforward. It depends upon a link between the drone and its committed GPS-enabled device. Typically, that apparatus is GSC (ground station control ) or a telephone. Ideally, when the Follow Me work is switched on, the drone follows the GSC or telephone everywhere it moves, making sure it remains in the camera’s attention at any time.

This technology has many different following fashions, varying from hovering, circling the topic, after it in a direct line, and many more. All these sub-features depend on firing.

Recognition Program

Newest from the line of DJI’s flagship versions depends on the special recognition software named ActiveTrack. It essentially enables the drone to comprehend certain people or items and follow them around, with the camera being concentrated solely on these.

This is carried out through a collection of algorithms and a test flight around the desirable subject so that the program can learn its contour and outer look from all sides. ActiveTrack doesn’t call for GPS or some other technology and is now available only on DJI drones’ latest installations.

Top Rated Best Follow Me Drone Brand

Top Rated Best Follows Me Drone Brand

1. DJI Mavic Air 2

  • Flight Time: 34 minutes
  • Weight: 1.3pounds / 0.59kg
  • Camera: 48MP using 4K/60FPS movie
  • Range: 10km / 6.2 miles

We adore the DJI Mavic Air two as a drone that follows you.

DJI has been at the forefront of their drone industry, and their Practice Me technologies are much more advanced than the vast majority of, if not all, their opponents.

Calling this a self-following drone is a massive understatement. The quality of the construct and its smart flight features like barrier avoidance make it a stunning professional movie camera that follows you.

DJI Mavic Pro Bundle with Shoulder Bag, Props, Car Charger and 2 Extra Batteries
  • What's in this combo: Mavic Pro [US Version], 2 Extra batteries, 2 Extra propellers, 1 charging hub, 1 car charger, 1 battery to power bank adaptor and a shoulder bag
  • The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere.New OcuSync transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range.
  • Fly at up to 40mph (64kmh) or for as long as 27-minutes.True 4K, fully stabilized ensures smooth footageActive Track, Tap Fly and other smart features make professional looking video effortless.

Does this provide quality, but it may take action in volume too? It’s among the most excellent flight times potential in consumer-level drones; it could fly over 30 minutes in one trip.

The camera is imposing. Together with 8K hyper-lapse, 4K movie, and 48MP photographs, together with all its object-tracking features, this really could be the very best drone that follows you automatically.


  • Extended battery life
  • Intelligent flight Choices
  • Stunning photographs and movie


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2. Autel Robotics EVO

  • Flight Time: ~30 minutes
  • Charge Time: ~210 minutes
  • Range: 7050m / 4.4 miles
  • Remote Controller: WiFi 2.4GHz (contained in the group )
  • Camera: 3-axis gimbal 4K 60fps camera using 12MP
  • Live Video Transmission Range: 7000m / 4.3 miles
  • Weight: 863g / 1.9pounds
  • Take Capacity: N/A
  • Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Rated for outdoor usage

The Autel EVO is a waterproof drone that follows you. It is not completely waterproof to this point at which it can float, but it is water-resistant and splash-proof. It will still endure in moist conditions or whether it inadvertently landed in a puddle.

The EVO utilizes Autel’s Dynamic Track technologies to securely cement its place as a competition for the very best quadcopter that follows you.

Dynamic Track employs a mix of sensors, information, and AI, allowing automated flight features like individual and vehicle monitoring, with subsequent spinning, obstacle avoidance, and much more. Obstacle avoidance is among the main elements when you’re on the lookout for a high-end Follow Me drone.

GoolRC Drone with Camera SG700-D FPV RC 4K HD Wide Angle Optical Flow Positioning Follow Me Altitude Hold Quadcopter
  • FUNCTIONS: Sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down, forward/backward, optical flow positioning, altitude hold, one key take off/landing, 3D flip, WiFi FPV, way-point fly, headless mode, one key return, gesture control, follow me, palm manipulation, 4K wide angle camera, 20mins flight.
  • DOUBLE CAMERA:The 4K front camera and bottom optical flow camera are switchable, enabling you to have both wonderful real-time images transmission image from sky and the terrain situation under the aircraft.
  • PALM MANIPULATION: within about 1 meter, you can use palm to manipulate the aircraft to go up and down.

The EVO comprises three distinct ways to trace and monitor its subjects. The routine Follow Mode will observe and adhere to a goal from a predetermined space. If the target moves in a specific direction, the drone will imitate this motion.

Secondly, there is Tripod Mode, which will not follow a goal but will instead rotate round one that can be referred to as Orbit by additional drone producers. The last style is Parallel Mode, which will be much like Follow Mode but can monitor a topic moving horizontally rather than vertically.

This drone backs up its amazingly smart follow features using a top excellent 4K video camera along with an easy-to-use transmitter, which makes it effortless for anybody to capture film-quality footage.


  • Follow Me styles are Fantastic for shooting amazing looking shots autonomously.
  • Spectacular video quality thanks to its Effective 4K camera onboard
  • Sensors and security features like barrier avoidance maintain your drone and many others around you safe.


  • It could be tricky for novices to pick up right away.

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3. Potensic D88

  • Follow Me Method: GPS
  • Flight Time: 20 minutes
  • Camera: 2K resolution camera
  • Weight: 5.25 Pounds

Potensic is known for providing top quality, feature-packed drones at a fraction of the purchase price of big names such as DJI or even Autel. Plus, it continues this trend with all the D88; among the more high-end versions in their lineup.

It is not only the features that make this is excellent Follow Me drone, but also the accessories also. It’s simple to allow it to follow you anywhere as a result of its aluminum case and folding layout!

Potensic is more beginner-friendly and is made to help individuals get into the hobby. It’s simple to put this drone as a result of its mixture of optical and elevation sensors.

GoolRC S161 Mini Pro Drone, FPV Drone with 4K HD Camera, Foldable RC Quadcopter with Gesture Photos/Video, Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Track Flight, Include Storage Bag and 3 Batteries
  • Function: Up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, sideward flight, 4K camera, altitude hold, one key to take off/land, track flight, follow me, gesture photo/video, speed control, headless mode, emergency stop, 3D flip.
  • HD 4K CAMERA: The high-resolution 4K camera with a 180-degree adjustable angle captures the most beautiful scenery and offers a super sharp image, retaining the most authentic details.
  • Gesture Photo/Video: It's allowed you to take a picture by posing Victory gestures while taking a video by posing Palm gestures which achieves great convenience in photography; HD Real-time Transmission: The live transmission system gives a high-quality image on a mobile device. The FPV range is up to 80m.

If it comes to smart flight manners, the D88 has lots. The Follow Me Mode functions by tethering to your cellular phone’s GPS transmitter, developing a secure connection. This produces the drone to follow you accurately and effortlessly.

You can perform other flight manners with the D88 comprise Waypoint Flight, letting you plot pre-determined avenues you place from the program. Points of Interest Mode permit you to decide on a target topic, which the drone will orbit about for magnificent 360-degree shots of individuals, landmarks, or buildings.

You may gain access and control all these features through the included remote control, which also lets first-person watching (FPV) through your smartphone screen.


  • 2K resolution cameras in a 1080p pricetag
  • Stable flight Because of its built-in detectors
  • Intelligent flight modes for Simple operation
  • Contained carry case and 2-port charger


  • Some customers have reported battery life Difficulties.

4. Altair Aerial Outlaw SE

  • Follow Me Method: GPS
  • Flight Time: 20 minutes
  • Camera: 1080p HD built-in camera
  • Weight: 2.8 Pounds

The Altair Aerial Outlaw SE is one of the very budget and beginner-friendly drones on this listing.

At only 2.8 pounds, the drone has been very portable no matter if you will explore near your house or wish to bring it on a plane overseas without costing you a lot of money.

GoolRC CSJ S166 GPS RC Drone with 1080P HD Camera Follow Me Auto Return WiFi FPV Live Video Gesture Photos RC Quadcopter for Adults with 2 Battery
  • Function: Up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, sideward flight, Wifi FPV, headless mode, altitude hold, auto return home, one key take-off/landing/return, GPS location, waypoint flying, surrounding flying, V/R mode, follow me, 500m distance.
  • 1080P Camera: High quality 1080P HD camera enables to capture your remarkable moments and the 120°wide angle camera helps to take sharper images in a wide view; Gesture Photo/Video: Easy for you to shoot quality images or videos by gestures.
  • Accuracy GPS: Provides an accurate positioning details of your drone for a safer fly and also helps to achieve the astronomically return function when it is non-signal, which is free your worry from losing the drone.

With a high wind-resistance technician on board, you may use the Outlaw SE to accompany you around in your journeys in the most extreme weather conditions.

If you’re beginning, landing your drone with no damages is quite the challenge. But as a result of these built-in technologies, when the drone has followed for long enough, it is possible to bring it back to you with all the one-touch return attributes.


  • GPS flight provides excellent flight equilibrium even for novice flyers
  • Follow Me style is very precise
  • 1080p HD camera provides a great footage


  • For a newcomer drone, the shortage of prop guards May Be about

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5. 3DR Solo Quadcopter

  • Follow Me Method: GPS
  • Flight Time: 20 minutes
  • Camera: not; supports mounting of a Go-Pro camera
  • Weight: 3.3 Pounds

This quadcopter version was designed using the thought to provide you with easy compatibility to your Move Pro cameras.

If you’re a lover of Go Pro’s and are tired of tripods when shooting exciting footage, going the excess mile and receiving a Go Pro devoted drone to accompany you is as good as it could get.

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Fly More Combo with 3 Batteries
  • 4K EIS ANTI-SHAKE CAMERA WITH SONY SENSOR: The EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology reduces blurring and ensures video quality; Sony Sensor is equipped with advanced image-capture technologies for superior image quality compared with other common sensors; Pictures taken with the 4k(3840 x 2160) camera catch much more details; Videos recorded with 1080p@60fps/4K@30fps play more smoothly; besides, 5GHz FPV transmission enables longer and smooth image transmission.
  • EASY TO USE: With air optical flow & air pressure altitude control system, the drone can hover stably both indoor and outdoor. GPS location and Auto Return to Home free your minds of losing the drone.
  • ADVANCED FLIGHT MODES: The intelligent flight modes enables the drone to fly automatically and free your hands and minds to do video or picture creation, including Follow Me, Tap Fly and Point of Interest.

At only 3.3 pounds, this portable drone may accompany you around with extreme precision for up to 20 minutes from harsh weather conditions due to its integrated GPS monitoring technology.

Anyway, it requires zero flying experience to produce the most of it, meaning it is exceptionally beginner-friendly.


  • Works smoothly with your Move Pro camera
  • A Lot of autonomous flight manners go beyond only Follow Me.
  • Requires zero expertise and ability to fly properly


  • Works only with Move Pro camera owners

6. Holy Stone HS110G

  • Follow Me Method: GPS
  • Flight Time: 13 minutes
  • Camera: 1080p HD camera
  • Weight: 2.5 Pounds

The Holy Stone HS110G is the best drone for novices following a seriously great trace me drone without needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

At only 2.5 pounds, this mobile follow me drone may document while after you with really high-accuracy.

Whether the drone has been after you from high above, the 110-degree field-of-view 1080p camera may catch some incredibly incredible footage for more than 13 minutes at high speed.

Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS Drone with UHD Camera for Adults, Easy GPS Quadcopter for Beginner with 46mins Flight Time, Brushless Motor, 5GHz FPV Transmission with Spare Parts Accessories
  • 4K EIS ANTI-SHAKE CAMERA WITH SONY SENSOR: The EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology reduces blurring and ensures video quality; Sony Sensor is equipped with advanced image-capture technologies for superior image quality compared with other common sensors; Pictures taken with the 4k(3840 x 2160) camera catch much more details; Videos recorded with 1080p@60fps/4K@30fps play more smoothly; besides, 5GHz FPV transmission enables longer and smooth image transmission.
  • EASY TO USE: With air optical flow & air pressure altitude control system, the drone can hover stably both indoor and outdoor. GPS location and Auto Return to Home free your minds of losing the drone.
  • ADVANCED FLIGHT MODES: The intelligent flight modes enables the drone to fly automatically and free your hands and minds to do video or picture creation, including Follow Me, Tap Fly and Point of Interest.

Consequently, if you’re a newbie and so are scared of crashing you’re initial follow me a drone before you spend a significant sum of money on a high-end product, you can not fail with the Holy Stone HS110G.


  • Great features for the Purchase Price
  • Simple to fly
  • Intuitive flight controllers
  • Various security features


  • Not Acceptable for use in almost any wind

7. Hubsan H501SS X4

  • Follow Me Method: GPS
  • Flight Time: 20 minutes
  • Camera: 1080p HD camera
  • Weight: 4.6 Pounds

Despite being known for constructing comparatively toy-like drones, Hubsan has changed the game using the H501SS X4 accompany my drone.

Being credited with some pro follow me features, the 4.6 pounds design can correctly follow you around for more than 20 minutes thanks to its integrated GPS technology.

The next time you wish to capture some exceptionally excellent footage, it is simple to rely on this cheap drone because it can fly comparatively nicely in various weather conditions when utilizing the built-in 1080p camera.

In any case, you can’t ever eliminate an eye on the drone whenever it’s after you due to the LCD.


  • Simple to fly
  • LCD screen control


  • Controller requires some getting used to
  • Not a superior feel

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8. Autel Robotics VOOCO X-Star

  • Flight Time: ~25 minutes
  • Charge Time: ~90 minutes
  • Range: 2000m / 6560ft
  • Remote Controller: WiFi 5.8GHz (contained in the group )
  • Camera: 3-axis gimbal 4K camera using 12MP
  • Live Video Transmission Range: 1935m / 6349ft
  • Weight: 1420 grams / 3.13pounds
  • Take Capacity: 150g / 5.29oz
  • Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Rated for outdoor usage

Autel Robotic’s Vooco X-Star version is the most appropriate follow me drone for the casual consumer, even when you’re a complete newcomer.

Behind its 3.13 pound design, this drone may follow you around for as many as 25 minutes at the harshest weather conditions around 2km away.

When the battery runs out in only 90 minutes, then you may remove it again and utilize the 3-axis gimbal 4K camera to catch some more exceptionally smooth aerial footage.

As a result of these beautiful GPS technologies, the X-star version can accompany you around with reasonably good precision.


  • Follow Me functions nicely, with a Lot of autonomous flight manners.
  • Above-average flight period makes for longer extended missions
  • 4K camera captures sharp, magnificent footage
  • Water-resistant


  • No built-in collision avoidance

9. Holy Stone HS720

  • Flight Time: ~26 minutes
  • Charge Time: 5-7 hours
  • Range: 800-1000m / 2624-3277ft
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz transmitter contained
  • Camera: 2K HD (2048 x 1152) with shock absorption
  • Weight: 459g / 1.01pounds
  • Rated for outdoor usage

The biggest advantage of this Holy Stone HS720 is its capacity to accompany you for over 26 minutes due to this wonderful battery and brushless motors.

Regardless of the 5-7 hour charge period, you can capture amazing aerial footage with its shock absorption 2k HD camera at the half an hour you have.

All this could be achieved while the drone has been correctly following you about thanks to this GPS-assisted flight.

Another outstanding feature is its performance in various weather conditions, despite weighing only 1 pound.


  • Foldable for convenient transportation
  • Premium feel at a Reasonable Price.
  • Staggering battery life


  • Slow charge time
  • No spare parts

10. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

  • Flight Time: 30 minutes
  • Range: 7 km
  • Camera: 4K resolution at 30 fps; 20 MP stills
  • Weight: 1.64 Pounds
  • Gimbal: 3 Axis

The most premium auto-follow drone in our listing, the Mavic Pro out of DJI, is an alternative for anybody seeking to produce full quality movie content.

When it’s YouTube movies, social networking clips, or perhaps feature-length movies, the 4K / 20MP camera, outfitted with a Hasselblad L1D-20c plus a 1-inch CMOS detector, together with a 3-axis gimbal, is actually in a league of its own. It comes at a cost, but for those people who have a budget that exceeds $1,000, this is possibly the best choice you can make.

Regardless of being a drone that may fly for miles over 30 minutes, the standard of videos and photos nevertheless surpasses lots of professional SLRs and DSLRs. This is not a little drone, but it is compact and portable for such an excellent top drone that follows you.

The omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system will alert you if it experiences an obstruction and brake automatically to stop crashes.


  • Extraordinary picture and movie quality have has to be seen to be considered
  • Tight controls and flight styles make it a cinch to fly
  • Robust obstruction avoidance system makes it among the safest drones to fly for inexperienced pilots.

What does auto-follow drone mean


1. What does auto-follow drone mean?

An auto-follow drone can have a convenient feature that allows for a little more freedom in the creative realm. It can utilize comprehensive technologies to fixate on a moving thing, so the pilot doesn’t need to devote time and effort worrying about this craft’s navigation.

The topic being followed can be an individual, airplane, biker, hiker, runner, a pet with pleasure, or athlete in training or operation.

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2. How Fast can a Follow Me Drone Fly?

An average rate at a car follows a drone is approximately 25 MPH. That’s what’s clocked to your Ehang Ghostdrone; additional components will vary marginally.

3. How does a drone that follows you have the ability to track you?

The way these technology works is the system sends its place to the drone, and since the thing starts to move, the drone closely monitors the item’s coordinates. It does not see an item; it’s after based on map coordinates it is given.


The application of eyesight recognition technology represents a substantial step into the UAV sector to understand automated and intelligent features and contains improved flight expertise and security.

But because the follow-me feature remains determined by environmental conditions, it’s essential to stick to the customary flight security factors. To get a unique and intuitive flying adventure, provide the Best Follow Me Drones And Follow You Technology.

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