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Take shots or videos from above while you’re mountain biking or skiing. It would help if you had a drone that follows you from above, everything from the jumps you’re doing, the marathon steps you’re running. Running, or the obstacles you are grinding or flying over with your skateboard will come to life.

If finding a drone suitable for your purpose and budget in the market today is a bit difficult for you, then this is exactly where you need to come. Here Staaker will show you the Best Follow Me Drone 2022 and the best tips to find the right drone.

What Is Follow Me Mode?

Follow me mode allows your drone to follow you or another object autonomously, as its name implies. It is possible to use various techniques such as object detection, controller following, and GPS/GLONASS Follow.

Each mode uses its own set of ultrasonic sensors and GPS/GLONASS, Bluetooth connectivity, and cameras to give the best shots possible.

What Is Follow Me Mode

There is a wide gap between entry-level drones and the top-of-the-line machines on this list. A Bluetooth connection between drone and remote is a basic way to perform follow-me functions.

These machines may not have obstacle avoidance. It would help if you were careful, literally. Advanced machines combine visioning systems with laser and other sensors that can detect and avoid obstacles. Some even can navigate around trees.

The Most Important Features to Consider

The Most Important Features to Consider

Intelligent Flight Modes Technology

Two methods are available to track drones automatically, without the need for you to drone pilots them. The GPS drone provides the most accurate tracking accuracy.

GPS drones connect to a GPS transmitter, such as your phone, and follow the signal’s location. Another type of follow-me technology is based upon visual recognition.

The drone’s sensor and camera identify the subject and follow it as it moves. An app on your smartphone allows you to control the drone’s tracking and adjust it as necessary.

This is an important feature to consider when buying a drone. It would help if you also considered the benefits and advantages of each model.


The drones that follow me are great for aerial photography. The camera must be of high quality along with the drone. The camera must capture at least 1080p HD video. Be aware that not all drones come with a camera.

These drones are made for mounting your action camera like a GoPro. A gimbal stabilizer is also recommended to ensure that your videos are clear and blurry photos don’t occur.

Battery Life and Range

When operating a drone, battery life and range are important considerations. A drone’s battery life can affect its flight time so ensure you buy a drone that is suitable for your needs.

The time it takes to charge a battery will vary from one product to the next. The range limit for Follow Me drones varies depending on the model.

Some drones are not capable of ascending to panoramic heights. Be aware of the drone’s range limit. When piloting the drone, the drone’s follow-me range may differ from its overall range.

Top 10 Best Follow Me Drones 2022

Top 10 Best Follow Me Drones 2022

Bestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 2
Super Endurance Foldable...
671 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 3
Holy Stone GPS Drone with 4K...
2,700 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 4
Bestseller No. 5
Foldable GPS FPV Drone with...
83 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 6

1. Skydio 2

Skydio 2 follows up the Skydio R1, an impressive drone that boasts unheard-of autonomy. Both Skydio drones are powered by the Nvidia Jetson computer onboard and an array of obstacle avoidance sensors.

Skydio 2 has 6 cameras with 48MP resolution for obstacle avoidance. This makes it one of the safest drones in terms of avoiding crashes. They are so confident in their technology that they will repair or replace your drone for free if it crashes.

Skydio isn’t the only company to have drones powered by Nvidia Jetson computers. However, at Launch, we didn’t know of any other Jetson-powered drone priced below a thousand dollars. Skydio 2 can be integrated with DroneDeploy for mapping and inspection tasks.

The Skydio 2 is a 4K camera that can shoot at 60 frames per second. The Skydio 2 is the best GPS drone and offers more control options. Skydio 2 can be controlled via your smartphone, just as the older models.

Or you can use the Skydio Beacon remote controller, which allows you to control the drone but acts mostly as a wireless tether. This will ensure that the drone follows you even when it doesn’t see you.

2. The Mavic 2

DJI’s most recent consumer drone, the Mavic 2, features two powerful lens options: Zoom and Pro 2. It is one of the best personal cameras available, with many of the latest features and functions. It is portable and reliable enough to be a popular choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

The following functions are available as part of Mavic 2’s ActiveTrack Mode:

Trace: The aircraft follows the subject at a constant distance. Fly in a circle around your subject using the joystick or slider on DJI GO 4 remote controller.

Parallel (Profile): The aircraft follows the subject at a constant angle from its side. You can fly around the subject using the joystick on your remote controller.

Spotlight: The aircraft does not automatically track the subject, but the camera will remain pointed at it. The remote controller can control the aircraft, but it cannot be used for orientation control. To adjust the framing of the subject, the left joystick and the gimbal dial are used.

DJI’s Mavic 2 consumer drone is the first to offer Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensors. The aircraft’s sensors are on six sides so that you can fly in difficult environments with no worries.

The upgraded FlightAutonomy system transmits and processes data continuously to make flying in difficult environments safer.

DJI’s Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) is also available on the Mavic 2. This allows you to fly forward or backward with ease and avoid obstacles behind and in front of your subject. APAS will automatically plan a flight path to avoid these obstacles in flight or Dji’s ActiveTrack.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo...
8,376 Reviews

3. Mavic Air

The DJI Mavic Air drone is the best follow drone in the DJI family. It packs all the latest features into a compact, lightweight package. The Mavic Air is lightweight at only 430g and perfect for outdoor sports and travel.

The following functions are available as part of Mavic Air’s ActiveTrack Mode:

Trace: The aircraft follows the subject at a constant distance. Fly in a circle around your subject using the joystick or slider on DJI GO 4 remote controller.

Parallel (Profile): The aircraft follows the subject at a constant angle from its side. You can fly around the subject using the joystick on your remote controller.

Spotlight: The aircraft does not automatically track the subject, but the camera will remain pointed at it. The remote controller can control the aircraft, but it cannot be used for orientation control. To adjust the subject’s framing, the left joystick and the gimbal dial are used.

The Mavic Air has forward, backward, and downward obstacle avoidance sensors. These sensors detect obstacles all around it.

The Mavic Air will detect an obstacle during any Intelligent Flight Mode flight and stop, hover, fly backward, then ascend until it is cleared.

Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS), which can be enabled in DJI GO 4, allows the drone’s flight path to be set by the user. This mode allows Mavic Air to avoid obstacles actively.

Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for...
2,888 Reviews

4. DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro follow me drone excels at all its features, starting with the 27-minute average flight time. This allows users to travel up to eight miles on one charge. You can send a live stream of video from the drone up to 4.3 miles from you.

The drone is easy to fly thanks to its amazing automatic smart features, including precision hover, obstacle avoidance, and automatic leveling. Mavic Pro is equipped with two high-quality sensors, making it one of the safest drones.

The Mavic Pro’s camera system, which features 4K video at 30fps, and a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smooth footage, is also fantastic. The Mavic Pro follow me drone is easy to position and drone tracks at various altitudes.

Mavic Pro will maintain a constant height from the ground even when it is set. To optimize the drone’s movements and capture sharp photos, you can switch on Tripod Mode.

You can also use the Gesture Mode to gesture at it when it is tracking you, to take photos. ActiveTrack Technology, a DJI technology that combines precise GPS tracking and visual recognition technology to provide more dynamic and reliable tracking performance. Mavic Pro is as functional as the best drones with cameras and GPS on the market.

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5. DJI Mavic Air 2

Ocusync 2.0 allows for video transmission between the drone and your device at a remarkable range of up to 6 miles. Spotlight 2.0 smart flight features can be used to ensure that the drone’s camera is always in the same place as the subject when it is in tracking mode.

DJI Mavic Air 2’s omnidirectional obstacle sensing makes it hyper-sensitive to the environment in all three directions, forward, backward, and downward.

This allows for smooth flying, precise obstacle recognition technology, and avoidance. It is particularly important when flying around trees to avoid accidents.

DJI Mavic Air 2’s intelligent flight battery increases flight time by up to 34 minutes. The battery can detect any overheating and provides real-time updates on the battery’s battery life.

The drone’s camera can capture 4K video at 60fps and 48MP photos. This drone is the best beginner drone with camera and GPS.

The Mavic Air 2 can track a vehicle like a car, bike, or another vehicle. Mavic air 2 has an intelligent flight Sport Mode that allows you to keep the speed up to 42.3 mph.

GPS Drone with 2.7K Camera for...
165 Reviews

6. DJI Spark

DJI Spark follow me drone is an easy-to-use drone that’s fun and simple to use. It also features DJI’s top-end software and tech. Quick Launch allows you to launch the Spark in seconds using your palm.

It recognizes your face and launches the Spark instantly. This feature allows you to take a quick selfie and use intuitive gesture controls to frame the shot. Palm Control Mode can be turned on, which allows for simple movements using your hands.

It’s easy to capture 1080p HD video in HD and 12MP photos with ActiveTrack precision tracking and intuitive TapFly mode. You can send content to your smartphone.

DJI GO 4 allows you to create and edit videos and photos quickly and share them with your favorite social networks. To keep your content flowing, invest in the best vlogging cam.

7. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

With a six-rotor propeller system, the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro follow me drone flying to new heights. This allows for precise flight mode control and additional stabilization.

It also includes a fail-safe mode, which activates automatically if one or more rotors fail. This design is especially useful in windy conditions. When the battery is low, Typhoon H will automatically return home.

This drone has amazing tracking. It features eight smart flight modes, which will allow you to make the most of the 4K Ultra HD camera.

Typhoon H can track you up to 150 feet. The camera can orbit you in a circular motion while the focus is on you.

The wide-angle camera can capture 98 degrees of the camera’s 360-degree motion range. The 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal assures smooth motion.

You might also be interested in the best selfie drone 2018, which includes smaller models with similar capabilities.

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8. DJI Mavic Mini

The DJI Mavic Mini follow me drone is a compact drone that can be used for aerial photography. The Mavic Mini drone is sub-250 grams and can be folded down to 5.5 inches for easy transportation.

The drone’s lightweight design allows it to fly for 30 minutes of average flight time even with a smaller battery.

The Mavic Mini has the same high-quality CMOS sensor that other DJI drones. This allows for amazing and consistent tracking. The Dji go app can control everything, so you don’t need an additional controller if you are traveling light.

It can capture up to 2.7K HD video and is attached to a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. This drone is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who wants the best drone to travel.

9. DJI Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition

The DJI Inspire 1 follow me drone is a professional-grade camera and filmmaking tool. It also includes a Zenmuse X5 great camera.

The Zenmuse X5 4/3 camera is extremely compact and can capture 4K video at 30fps and 16mp images in RAW format.

The camera also features an interchangeable MFT lens mounting so that you can use your favorite drones lens to shoot.

For smooth capture of incredible shots, the camera is stabilized on a professional-grade 3-axis gimbal stabilization gimbal that has 0.2-degree precision accuracy.

The Inspire 1 has great focus control. Users can manually adjust the aperture to get the shot or depth of field they want. DJI drones have even designed a remote that is solely for focus control, the DJI Focus.

This allows you to make the most of your camera settings. The camera has 12.8 stops dynamic range, which allows for incredible details in highlights and shadows.

Additional control options include manual control of aperture and shutter speed, which we love about the best digital cameras.

10. Holy Stone HS100

The Holy Stone HS100 drone to follow offers a variety of smart features at a very affordable price. The cameras follow me mode allows for accurate, automatic tracking to keep you in the same frame as the camera.

The camera lens provides a 120-degree panoramic view. You can also adjust it vertically up to 90 degrees, giving you great flexibility with your camera angles.

Incredibly, the drone can capture video at up to 2K HD resolution and send it to your smartphone. For beginners, the drone’s flight controls include a one-key takeoff and hold, as well as options for a specific altitude and an automatic, one-key return to home.

If the battery is nearing its end, the return home function will automatically activate. The four rotors of the drone are wind-resistant for greater safety and stability in capturing photos and videos.

This drone is a great drone for beginners with a long flight time looking for the best starter drone with camera follow me mode.

Ruko F11 Foldable GPS Drones...
3,191 Reviews

11. Inspire 2

Professional-level performance and results are possible with Inspire 2. The camera and image processor are separate from the aircraft and can shoot RAW videos with the Zenmuse X5S.

When used with the DJI CINESSSD, lossless video in CinemaDNG or ProRes formats and DNG RAW photo-burst shooting are possible.

The Inspire 2 combines these features with the ones below to provide options and high-quality results that aren’t possible using other drones gear.

12. Skydio R1

This drone with follow me mode was the first consumer drone market to be connected to the Nvidia Jetson supercomputer. This platform was made for unmanned systems and focuses on navigation tasks.

This is to say that Jetson-powered robotics can fly extremely safely. It was expensive and had a poor camera. However, it was a valuable lesson that Skydio learned as they created the Skydio 2.

Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for...
2,888 Reviews

13. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Top drones on the market

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom has the best-advanced obstacle avoidance sensor configuration of any consumer drone.

The Mavic 2 series can provide all-direction sensing when used in the correct mode. The Mavic 2 Zoom features a solid zoom lens that can be used to capture stunning images on the move. This improves safety.

We love the Mavic 2 Zoom; it is a great consumer drone with a long flight time. We fly it often, especially when we need a greater visual range. Even though it is an older drone, we wouldn’t hesitate to pay full MSRP.

14. DJI Mini 2

Because of its small size, lightweight, and affordable price, a Great flight time, the DJI Mini 2 is a top choice on many best-seller lists. This is our top pick for the best 4K camera drone under $500.

The Mini 2 may not be ideal for following objects since it has only forward and down obstacle avoidance. However, it can track you and is super portable. If you believe that the best camera is the closest to you, the Mini 2 drone that follows will work well.

The Mini 2’s camera is decent but not exceptional. That’s all that we have to criticize. Although we like the quality of the Mini 2’s photos and videos, we know better drones such as the Mavic 2S and Mavic 2 Pro provide far better images.

We still prefer the smaller Mavic 2S drones when we want to grab a backpack and head out on the trail.


15. Swellpro Spry+

The Swellpro Spry+ is one of the best drones that follow me functionality for those who like to fly close to water. Although this capable 4K camera drone is not equipped with collision avoidance, it’s waterproof and durable enough to keep up with all your watersport adventures.

We know of no better consumer drone to fly over water. However, if you don’t plan on flying over water, the Spry+ has extra safety features that will keep it safe on dry ground.

16. Hubsan 501S Brushless Quadcopter

Monoprice Hubsan’s 501S Brushless Quadcopter Drone costs half as much as the Follow Me sports drone.

However, the main reason for this is the 1080p video resolution instead of 4K. The drone has a cool white and gold appearance and takes around 20 minutes of average flight time.

The motors are made with durable and powerful technology. The self-tightening propellers assure smooth flight.

The good Drones That Follow You function works on a 5.8Ghz frequency. You can also use the shark FPV goggles for great views.

The drone does not offer obstacle avoidance. However, you get something that you can use to enjoy the thrills of downhill skiing or mountain biking for the price.

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17. Potensic T35

The list starts at number 10, where we have the cheap all-rounder PotensicT35. It’s a very affordable package, at around $150. However, it is often available for much less.

After reading this brief overview, you will agree with me that Potensic T35 can be a great option for a follow-me drone at a very affordable price!

You won’t find a decent camera for this price. Drone follow me technology has advanced significantly over the past two years, and although we now have GPS-powered drones for incredibly low prices, the camera department still trails behind.

The Potensic T35 has a solid 1080p wide-angle camera. But it’s the vibrations that are killing the footage. Potesnic T35 isn’t the only one. The drone industry still has to deal with vibration and jello.

It’s no surprise that Potensic T35 includes the famous follow me feature. FM wouldn’t exist without it. Potensic T35 has a dual GPS module that follows you around. This ensures stable flight and failsafe features such as auto return to home.

This little drone won’t take you far. Although it’s a bulky drone, the price is reasonable. The range is between 200 and 300 meters. Even that requires a clear line of sight.

The battery lasts about 14 minutes on average flight time. Potensic T35 is one of the best Drones that follow you let you make the most of your adventure without the worry of crashing your beloved drone because you’re too focused on where you’re going.


18. Holy Stone HS120D

The Holy Stone HS120D following drone is the Best Drones That Follow You. It is very similar to Potensic T35/Holy Stone H100, but it has distinct features that make it stand out. You can often find it for less than $140. The HS120D will not disappoint with its adorable design, responsive controls, and solid FPV range.

Let’s start with the important stuff. Holy Stone HS120D has both GPS and follow me. This means it is very accurate in following. It is a good value for the money. It is impossible to fly too fast or make many directional changes (i.e., You shouldn’t be running around in the drone’s FOV. Otherwise, it will lose track of you.

Holy Stone HS120 is a 1080p camera with a basic function. It does well for still images but falls short in the drone follow me section. Vibration is the main problem, and Holy Stone HS120D cannot dampen it.

This drone has a limited range. You’ll see that most drones with follow-me capabilities have a range of 300-300 meters. This is the same range as what you can get from HS120D. This little guy is not to be underestimated. The range is also reasonable when you consider the price. The battery lasts for around 18 minutes of average flight time, which is enough time to fly your drone daily.

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19. RUKO F11

The eighth drone in our list of best follows me drones is Ruko F11. Even though it is more expensive than the other models, its performance is well worth it. Here are the reasons:

This self-following drone comes with a 4K camera. 4K is for stunning still images. You can even vertically turn it with the controller.

The footage isn’t sharp or smooth and can only go up to 2.7K. This is a minor issue and will not affect any drones of similar price. If you have the budget, you should consider buying a drone with proper image stabilization.

The Ruko F11’s most popular features include the Gesture Controls, Headless Mode, GPS Altitude Hold, GPS Point of Interest, and GPS Altitude Hold. The best thing about the Ruko F11 is its extra battery and carrying case. If that isn’t a great deal, I don’t know what qualifies.

Ruko F11, if you don’t like the range and price of the above-featured drones but still want something more affordable without breaking your bank account, is the way to go.

The Ruko F11 has a 500m range, which is more than the other models. You can also fly FPV with this little bugger, as the operating range is over 1 km. It’s also easy to charge the battery, which can last for 25 minutes on average flight time.

How Do Follow Me Drones Work?

Drones that track you can autonomously track a target without needing to be piloted. There are currently two main technologies used in the follow-me feature.

They are most often found in quadcopter drones, and they work in different ways that allow drones to track objects accurately and autonomously.

How Do Follow Me Drones Work

GPS Tech or Ground Station Controller

The first follow me drones were designed to track a GPS transmitter (or Ground Station Controller (GSC),) which users had to wear. This established a virtual tether between drone and user. The remote controller usually has a GPS transmitter required to allow the drones to follow you.

In 2015, DJI introduced the DJI Phantom 3 series of follow-me drones. There are many Intelligent Flight Modes available, including Follow Me, Waypoints, and Home Lock. Like other GPS-based drones, the DJI Phantom 3 needs a remote controller and DJI GO to enable Follow Me mode.

Why use GPS tech? GPS tech provides superior precision and tracking accuracy than other techs. The system cannot function without a tracker/transmitter. Collision avoidance is not an option.

Vision Recognition Tech

Vision Recognition Tech

Robotics has used data from a camera to detect objects, people, and obstacles since the early 2000s. The tech is only used in drones because of its high computing requirements, battery life, and safety.

The vision recognition follow me drone technology generally works in the following manner:

Drone cameras and sensors capture image and sound data that is transmitted to the processor.

The processor will locate any moving objects and identify the background areas of the scene if there is enough data.

The aircraft will automatically follow the object as programmed.

This three-step process is now possible thanks to technological advancements.

Vision recognition is fast and can track all moving objects. It does not need an external tracking device and instead uses compatible software/apps on the control device.

However, lighting conditions and the contrast between shadows and direct light can affect recognition accuracy.

DJI combined both visual recognition and GPS technologies to create the ActiveTrack system. This allows DJI to overcome limitations.

Flight Safety Tips

Flight Safety Tips

While obstacle avoidance features can be a valuable tool for flight safety, it is still advisable to remember the following safety tips when flying a Follow Me modes drone.

Flight altitude: Some drone models may require a minimum flight height to use follow-me flight modes. We recommend that the drone’s flight height be higher than any obstacles.

Fly in open spaces: Drones cannot avoid obstacles in front or below them using Intelligent Flight modes.

However, they can avoid obstacles above, behind, and between the drone and the ground. Fly the drone in open spaces and ensure there are no obstructions to its side or back.

Fly in P mode: DJI’s ActiveTrack features require both GPS signal strength and the visual recognition system.

This feature is only available to pilots who fly in P mode. The aircraft will only use GPS to find itself when you change to S-mode.

If the forward and backward vision systems are disabled, the aircraft cannot sense obstacles or avoid them. Intelligent Flight Modes are also unavailable.

When the GPS signal becomes weak or interferes with the aircraft’s vision system, or when it is unavailable or disabled, the aircraft will automatically switch to Attitude mode (ATTI) and change to Attitude mode. This is when the aircraft cannot avoid obstacles and can pose a flight risk.

Battery status: Keep an eye on your battery levels and any warnings. Low battery is a reason not to use the Follow Me modes. Fly in ActiveTrack mode with a minimum of 30% remaining battery power.

Consumer Drones Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want the auto-follow drone to follow me?

There are many uses for drones today. While pilots who race drones or want to record amazing video from the air might not be as concerned about the follow-me mode, action sports enthusiasts depend on it to capture their best moves. A follow-me mode allows you to automate your flight modes and capture some amazing shots.

What if my drone doesn’t follow me?

Every drone offers a different method of controlling the follow-me mode. Some drones can lock onto the remote control so that your drone follows you. Others use vision systems or AI to track objects.

The second type of drone is easy to fool. It can lock onto you, lose sight of your face behind obstacles, and many other things.

Although you can trust the drone to some extent, it is best to pay attention to what is happening and be ready to take over if necessary. To learn the factors that make a flight mode successful flight, you will need to practice with your drone.

It is more complicated to turn a drone without a follow feature into one that follows you. It is important to note that third-party navigation tools can cost a lot and require a flight controller and systems that allow you to plug in modules and codes.

It is very enjoyable to add Intel RealSense technology to a PX4-powered drone, especially if NVIDIA Jetson computers power it. However, I have only listed components that cost approximately the same as a DJI Mini 2.

Can a drone follow a car?

Many drones designed for action sports can follow a car. These drones can travel at speeds up to 40 mph. It is crucial to test the drone’s capabilities before it follows a car in safe and controlled conditions.


What Does the Drone Follow Me Modes Function Mean?

This feature is so obvious that there is no need to explain it. But, what the hell, let me write a few sentences about the drone that follows you.

The Follow drones feature allows your drones to follow you wherever you go. You can also order your drone’s ability to control other objects or people. You might be able to adjust the altitude and speed of your drone depending on which model you are buying.

Some models have subfeatures based on Follow Me. These are usually variations of the main feature, which incorporate preset settings from that feature. Let me show you a few examples to make it clear:

TapFly: Tap on the screen to set the desired location. Your drone will follow that flight path.

Terrain Follow: Recognition software can learn about the terrain follow around you and maintain the height by following it up and down.

Trace: It’s very simple – the drone will focus on the subject while it is flying around.

Spotlight: The drone will circle the target and fly in front or behind it.

Profil: The drone will fly alongside the target.

What Is the Fastest Follow Me Drone?

The AirDog ADII is the drone for you if speed is your priority. AirDog ADII, an auto-follow drone designed for fast-paced, outdoor activities, is a detailed explanation. It is no surprise that it can reach speeds of approximately 45mph (a little over 70km/h).

DJI Inspire 2 is a fast, lightweight platform that can travel up to 58mph (almost 100 km/h) for professional filmmakers.

Is There Any Cheap Drone That Follows You?

Many people believe that smart auto-follow drones are more expensive than they are. I’ll rephrase: People believe that anything less than $500 is a toy drone. If you are familiar with the drone industry, you will know that these people are seriously mistaken.

This leads us to the simple answer to the question above: yes, you can buy cheap Follow Me drones to sweep you off your feet. Below is a list of inexpensive drones that can follow you.

Which is better Mavic pro or zoom?

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is outfitted with a Hasselblad camera and a 1-inch CMOS sensor, whereas the Mavic 2 Zoom is equipped with a smaller 1/2.3-inch sensor and a 24-48mm optical zoom lens. The Mavic 2 Pro’s shooter is arguably the better of the two.

This zooming ability is an outrageously fun feature to have on a drone. Drones with obstacle detection and collision avoidance sensors are becoming more prevalent in both the consumer and professional sectors


You have just seen our Best Follow Me Drones; We hope you have a choice for yourself. All our suggestions were received a good review from users and experts. We hope that our article can help you learn more about these drones and make a better decision.

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