Where to Fly Drones in Houston? Houston Drone Laws (2022)

Where to Fly Drones in Houston
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Do you want to know where to fly drones in Houston? You’ve come to the right spot. This guide will show you the best places to fly drones in Houston. Let’s get started.

Houston Texas Drone Laws

This is a quick overview of Houston drone laws that must be followed by anyone who plans to fly a drone.


Houston drones are classified as UAVs (unmanned aircraft vehicles), just like all other states. Remotely controlled, they can be flown within 100 miles per hour speeds and must be flown within the hours. Commercial drone pilots must be aged 16 or older and have passed a test. There are three major categories of Houston drone laws that other pilots must observe.

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

The FAA has the responsibility of issuing drone pilots a certificate of authorization. Nearly 700 agencies in the US have applied for this permission. Only in Texas, Arlington PD and Houston PD have applied for a drone license Houston to fly a drone. The FAA doesn’t permit private citizens, but they do provide laws that govern their flying. 

You must register your DJI drone. It should weigh between 0.55 to 55 lbs (25g to 25kg). Register online to download your certificate. You should not fly the drone above 400 feet (a building 30-40 stories high).

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Texas Privacy Act

Texas was one of the first states that established laws to regulate and limit drone use. Code section 423.002(a), Texas Government states that it is legal to take photos with drones but that you must obtain consent before violating the privacy of others. 

The code makes it illegal to capture images solely to record someone. A fine may be imposed for images taken by drones without the consent of subjects.

City ordinances

Houston’s drone pilots must be at least 18 years of age, registered with FAA, be able to fly drones no heavier than 55 lbs, and fly only during daylight hours. They also need to have the ability to fly over 500 feet.

Best places to fly a drone in Houston

Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk has been the largest amusement/entertainment area since the closing of Astroworld. This area is home to many restaurants and hotels, making it ideal for family entertainment. There are also amenities like a train ride and good meat from Stake House. It is best to fly your drone high above the population as the area is populated all year.



Montrose is Houston’s only destination for vintage shopping and live music. This area is home to a wide variety of cultures, and you will also see many people in their daily lives. This is vintage living at its best in modern surroundings. When flying drones in Houston that can capture the reclaimed bungalows and provide a unique view of the city.

Dick scobee memorial aerfiel

The Dick Scobee memorial airfield is located in George Bush Park on the west side of Houston. It has a runway with a paved surface measuring 630 feet in length and 80 feet in width. A separate area is available for drones and RC helicopters. To fly on the field, you must have a valid AMA membership. 

The property is located near Barkers Reservoir, which also includes Buffalo Bayou. It is a wonderful location for drone enthusiasts because of its natural scenery and wide-open spaces.

The Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is home to over 4500 animals representing nearly 900 species. It is the largest Zoo in America. The facility’s beautiful grounds can be enjoyed all day. You can also take a guided tour to get a closer look at the animals. Your drone will give you a 3D view, while everyone else will only be able to see the area from a distance.

Lake Houston

Lake Houston is 15 miles from downtown. The San Jacinto River feeds it. Houston’s main water source is the lake. Sheldon Lake used to be located in the same spot as the current reservoir. In 1954, it was replaced to create a larger water body. It covers an area of 11,853 acres. 

Where to Fly Drones in Houston

Here, fishing, boating, and camping are all popular recreational activities. Flying a drone in downtown Houston, you will enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the lake. The lake’s western bank is located in Class B airspace at the border of Houston. When operating in controlled airspace, be extra cautious. It is one of the best drone locations Houston.

The Museum District

The Museum District

Houston’s Museum District is a neighborhood that contains various museums, galleries, and cultural centers within a radius of 1.5 miles of Hermann Park. 

The Museum of Fine Arts, which contains over 60,000 art pieces, and the Health Museum, Houston’s only 4D theatre, are on one side of the Museum of Fine Arts. The Houston Center for Photography and the Holocaust Museum will be on display.

Texas Cloudbusters Airfield – (AMA)

Texas Cloudbusters Airfield can be found in Hitchcock, Texas. It consists of an open field and a large runway. You can also find a covered shelter that provides relief from the Texas heat. Drone pilots will appreciate the airfield’s openness and mature trees.

Discovery Green

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a green park located away from the busy streets of Houston City that offers residents many activities during the day. The park is 12 acres and is entirely made from green grass. 

This allows residents to host a wide range of events, including concerts and fitness classes. You should be careful when flying drones in Houston, as many people use it every day.

The Galleria Mall

Galleria Mall is the largest shopping center in Houston, located right in the middle of the city. It is home to many people from all walks of life and is close to some of Houston’s most exclusive residential areas. If you want to capture stunning shots of the mall from a drone, you should visit the area during the week.

Terramar Beach

Terramar Beach

Terramar Beach can be found along the Gulf of Mexico or West Bay on Galveston Island. This beach isn’t a popular spot. Drone pilots have endless options to capture the breathtaking views of the Gulf. This area is popular for surfing. The beach is located close to Galveston Class-D airspace.

Buffalo Bayou

Houston is most well-known for its concrete jungle, with lots of concrete and glass littering most of the city. The Buffalo Bayou offers a much-deserved respite from this concrete jungle with its lush green areas and stunning downtown skyline views. Bikers use this area to relax down the Bayou. A drone is a great option if you want to capture amazing views of downtown Houston.

Art Car Museum

The Art Car Museum is exactly what it seems. The garage is made up of cars and has been painted with intricate paintings for fans. Each car has a unique artwork, which keeps the fans engaged and snapping pictures for hours. The museum offers a glimpse into many other types of art as well as painted cars. You can take amazing photos and capture beautiful footage from the museum using your drone.

Market Square Park

Market Square Park

Although the market square park is very small, it has everything. The park is serene and has some restaurants where you can enjoy your meals. The gardens are beautiful, especially when they bloom. The entire area can be covered by a drone taken from the air.

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