Do You Need Wifi To Fly A Drone: Top Full Guide 2022

Do You Need Wifi To Fly A Drone Top Full Guide 2022

Drone technology has come a long way in recent years, but do you need wifi to fly a drone? will take a look at what you need to know.

A drone can fly without wifi or cell coverage. Access to the internet is only required when downloading a program for your drone or conducting a system upgrade. Once the download is complete, the internet is no longer needed. However, several drone features are increased with wifi or mobile service.

Before we proceed, it’s good to remember that drones are not all standard, with different models having varied specifications. They differ in connectivity and technology. Setting up a drone is complicated and could be a problem for a new drone owner.

One source of confusion here is that the drone and the controller typically connect using a wifi signal from the drone. That’s not to mean that you need an external internet connection for your drone. Instead, the drone produces a wifi signal to communicate with the controller.

This article will help you understand whether you can fly your drone without wifi or cellular connectivity.

Does The Mavic Mini Require An Internet Connection To Fly?

You do not need an internet connection to operate a Mavic Mini, as the drone is controlled by its remote controller. It is advised that you disable the data connection when flying the drone.

When you want to activate your Mavic Mini drone or execute firmware updates, you will be required to use an internet connection.

Possibly you’re wondering how you’ll access the map without an internet connection. Fortunately, the cached map will still be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This is excellent news because you can still quickly return your drone to its original location.

Does The Mavic Mini Require An Internet Connection To Fly

Can I Fly A Mavic Pro Without An Internet Connection?

Yes, you may operate your Mavic Pro drone offline. However, confirm that the map has been preloaded before releasing the drone. In the absence of an active internet connection, you will require it.

Similar to the Mini, the Mavic Pro is controlled by a normal controller that does not require an internet or wifi connection. However, internet access will be necessary if the unit needs an update.

Do Drones Require Wifi To Fly?

Even the most excellent drones do not require wifi to fly, including those manufactured by the most reputable companies. Wifi will be necessary, however, for additional capabilities and while downloading flying programs. Wifi is only required when an application is required to fly, which is the case for most drones.

If you haven’t downloaded the flight app or don’t have your smartphone on hand, you may still fly the drone using the controller and radio waves alone.

Do Drones Require Wifi To Fly

You will need wifi to get the most out of your drone, as many functions can only be performed when an internet connection is available. A fantastic example is when you need to live-stream a movie or update the map.

Flying a drone using a phone that lacks internet access.

Even if your drone is not linked to the internet, you can still fly it using your phone. You should set your phone to silent mode to eliminate interruptions from texts and calls. Many of the drone’s functionality will rely on the phone’s GPS if it has a GPS signal. The good news is that the GPS in the phone does not require an internet connection or cellular connectivity.

Can A Drone Be Flown Without Cell Service?

Yes, it is possible to fly a drone without cellular service. Expert drone pilots recommend putting your mobile phone in airplane or flight mode.

The only time you would require cell service is if you need to download an app or perform a firmware upgrade, AND there is no wifi connectivity. Then, you would utilize the data provided by your mobile service provider to complete the downloads.

Can A Drone Be Flown Without Cell Service

You do not need cell phone service if you can access a wifi internet connection. This is also why flying a drone using an iPad or tablet without a cellular data plan is possible.

A second reason why cell service is not required during flight is that your phone can access GPS without cell service. You must store maps in the background to err on caution’s side. Verify that the home point has been accurately recorded prior to launching the drone. This will allow you to locate your drone quickly should you lose sight of it.

Why Use Cellular Or Wifi When Piloting A Drone?

Certain functionalities require wifi or cellular service for the majority of drones. Additionally, you stand to have a more thrilling drone flying experience. However, this does not imply that drones cannot operate without cell service or wifi.

Drones include a controller that is sufficient for their operation. However, the operation will be restricted to a rudimentary level, meaning that you cannot take advantage of crucial elements essential to the drone’s flawless operation.

Notably, you will not be able to stream live videos or update maps without a wifi connection on your drone. Additionally, you will be unable to upgrade maps or determine the precise location of your aircraft.

Please permit me to assist you in comprehending the numerous methods in which wifi or cellular service will help you fly your drone more efficiently and effectively.

can you fly a drone without wifi

Wifi or cellular service allows you to pinpoint the precise location of your drone.

If you have any experience with drones, you have almost certainly attempted to run a program that required wifi to be enabled. The reason for this request is that a wifi signal improves the accuracy of these programs.

This is true of your drone’s location services. The wifi or cellular connection of your phone will enable the gadget to triangulate a more precise location than the GPS of the drone or phone alone.

Why Use Cellular Or Wifi When Piloting A Drone

Wifi enables the streaming of live drone videos

This is yet another crucial advantage of having cell service or a wifi signal on your phone while flying your drone. Live streaming does not relate to data transmission between the controller and drone. This feed does not utilize wifi or cellular connectivity; instead, it employs radio waves.

Live streaming is transmitting a video acquired by a camera without first recording or saving it. To live to stream your drone footage to other viewers, you must be connected to the internet via wifi or cellular data.

To live stream regularly and without interruption, you must have a large or unlimited data plan; otherwise, streaming video can quickly consume your bandwidth allowance.

Connectivity to the Internet enables the Follow Me GPS function

Follow Me mode allows your drone to follow you while riding a bike or skateboard. You must have an active internet connection or cellular data to use this GPS function.

If you have a DJI drone with ActiveTrack, however, you do not need the data plan, as ActiveTrack relies on visual sensors rather than a GPS signal to follow you.

Map updates require an internet connection for drones

Map updates require an internet connection for drones

Internet connections allow the drone to update its maps regardless of where it is flown. If you’ve ever used Google Maps, the concept is identical. When an Internet connection is available and strong, map images will be downloaded from a server.

They will then be displayed on your screen; if you frequently use the map, they will be cached. If you have the DJI GO application, you can also cache maps. Depending on the program’s version, offline access may also be available.

However, as I indicated, you will need to instruct the application to cache maps. If the location you are flying your drone to lacks internet connectivity, this is a decent option for seeing maps.

How To Fly Drone Without Wifi Or Cellular Service?

The controller sends signals to the drone for it to function. Radio waves transmit wireless communications; the drone and controller make this feasible. The signal-sending radio waves must have the same frequency as the drone and transmitter.

After the controller and drone synchronize on the same radio frequency, you can control the drone’s direction, altitude, and other features.

How Can A Drone Function Without Wifi Or Cellular Service

How Much Data Is Required To Fly S Drone?

There is no set quantity of data that a drone uses when in flight. The amount of data consumed relies on the number of operations performed by the drone that require an internet connection.

how to fly drone without wifi

For instance, your smartphone will consume far more data when live streaming than when taking images or recording movies.

If you are browsing maps or the drone is pinging the phone to determine its GPS location, this does not consume significant data.

Before launching the drone, you can switch the phone to airplane mode if you wish to limit data usage.

If you don’t know connecting the drone to your phone, don’t miss our article.

Can A Drone Fail To Pick Up A Wifi Signal?

Yes. Interference is the primary factor preventing your drone from acquiring a wifi signal. This typically occurs while flying drones in densely populated regions with wifi routers. In addition, it will be challenging to get a wifi signal if the antenna is not positioned correctly within the drone.


FAQs about Do You Need Wifi To Fly A Drone

Are Drones Bluetooth-enabled?

Wifi and Bluetooth have enabled drone manufacturers to develop controls that can be operated from a smartphone or tablet. Certain drones include an RC transmitter controller and a smartphone application that displays your GPS location, flying data, and flight time.

FAQs Do Drones Need Wi-Fi to Fly

Can a drone be flown without a smartphone?

Yes, there are numerous possibilities to pick from. Even though these drones may have slightly less capability than their smartphone contemporaries, several high-quality choices are still available.

HolyStone is the brand I propose to assist you in your search. They manufacture inexpensive recreational drones with smartphone connections as an option. You are a courageous individual for being able to survive in 2019 without a smartphone.

Are drones equipped with wifi?

However, wifi drones operate differently. As opposed to a radio module, the drone is equipped with a wifi access point. To control drone functions, the pilot must detach from all other wifi networks and directly connect to the drone’s Access Point.

Does geo-fencing require WiFi or cell service?

No. Geofencing does not require an internet connection because it is a safety function. Regardless of the presence or absence of wifi, your drone will still avoid restricted areas.



The short answer is no, you don’t need wifi to fly a drone. However, if you want to take your drone flying for fun or capture some amazing aerial footage, you’ll need to have wifi access.

Without wifi, you won’t be able to control your drone or upload your footage to the Internet. So make sure you have access to wifi when you’re flying your drone! Hope this article was helpful.

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