Tricopter Vs Quadcopter 2021: Difference and Comparison

You have a plan to invest in a new drone and wonder between Tricopter vs Quadcopter; first of all, you need to determine your purpose of use, making choosing the right drone for your job easier.

A quadcopter is the most common design, and it comes in many sizes. The Tricopter was one of the first flying vehicles on the market now. They are ranked high in popularity for light usage.

In this article, the Staaker will compare the important aspects of these two types of drones to help you find the most suitable drone for your job.




  • One less motor
  • Less weight
  • Longer battery life and
  • Lower price


  • Low speeds when compared to the quadcopters as the three blades mean a slower speed and performance level.
  • Navigation confusion due to the difficulty in discerning where the nose is.
  • Harder to find parts
  • More difficult to pilot




  • They are simpler
  • Low repair cost in case of a crash
  • They can lift a larger weight
  • Higher chances of surviving a crash
  • They are available in many designs
  • They can move in any direction
  • Easier to fly


  • Not reliable
  • One motor failure can cause a crash

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Differences Between Quadcopter and Tricopter

Differences Between Quadcopter and Tricopter

The rotors in these toys are different, and this is what you’ll notice the most between a Quadcopter or Tricopter. A quadcopter can have four rotors, while a Tricopter has three.

A majority of quadcopters are equipped with a hard shell to protect them. However, most Tricopters don’t have this feature. Their main hardware is not protected and can cause severe damage in the event of a crash.

These two crafts have a very short flight time. The flight time can be affected by many factors. The flight time will be shorter if there are more maneuvering and windy days.

A Tricopter flight will typically last around 21 minutes on a calm day. A flight time for a quadcopter typically lasts between 10 to 15 minutes. A drone’s highest flight time is approximately 180 minutes.

A Tricopter is often a personal decision. Some Tricopters have gimbals to allow you to capture high-quality videos. Others may be used as toys.

Many Tricopters are more similar to traditional helicopter shapes and are often marketed as UFOs or helicopters. Quadcopters, on the other hand, are entirely different vehicles and have their style.

Some quadcopters have a cable cam, 4K streaming, follow me mode, and auto-landing feature. Tricopters, on the other hand, are more basic and do not have these features.

There are many similarities between Tricopter Versus Quadcopter. Both are motor copters. Two rotors are used in traditional helicopters: a tail rotor and the main one.

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It can be hard to tell which side should face forward when flying a Tricopter. This is one of the main drawbacks of the Tricopter. It may not be difficult for an experienced pilot to recognize. A newbie may not recognize the problem and wonder why the controls aren’t working as they should.

A Tricopter with a headless mode function may make flying a bit more challenging. This function allows the pilot to fly in any direction the nose points.

It will fly in the direction the nose points, so if you don’t want the drone to fly forward, the drone will fly sideways. Experienced pilots will know how to determine the direction of the drone and adjust accordingly. This may prove difficult for novices.

There is nothing difficult about quadcopter design, construction, or controls. Quadcopters don’t require servos as much as Tricopters. The frame of a quadcopter is a cross-shaped design, and the motors can be bolted to it.

Because of the advancements in battery technology, Tricopters can fly longer than quadcopters. These toys can fly for six to seven minutes. They must be recharged again after that time.

Tricopters are easier to learn to fly due to their lighter weight. Quadcopters can be used as commercial drones more often than Tricopters. You may find it easier to learn how to fly the Tricopter.

Tricopters are also resistant to crashes, as most of their construction is designed with durability in mind. Because they are lighter, there are fewer safety concerns.

This is particularly important for children. Tricopters may be a better option for hobbyists or kids, and this is why Tricopters are so popular.



Many users say that quadcopters are faster than Tricopters. This is likely because quadcopters have four motors, blades, and three motors for Tricopters.

This means that quadcopters have four motors and three blades, whereas Tricopters have three. This means there is less thrust for Tricopters than quadcopters.

This feature is great for newbies as they can use the tri copter to control it more easily and keep it within an acceptable flight range. Professionals may find this feature problematic. Due to their low performance, Tricopters are usually only available in smaller sizes.

Many people prefer quadcopters to Tricopters when buying a gift for children. Quadcopters are seen as adult vehicles because of their reputation for being fast-paced flying machines.

Other Features

Quadcopters and Tricopters are both made of the same plastic carbon fiber materials. They are also available in almost any color. Black, white, red, and blue is the most common colors.

Lights are possible for both quadcopters as well as Tricopters. Quadcopters seem to have more modern LED lights. However, Tricopters have larger light bulbs that are better suited for daytime flying. This is fine for beginners or children, as they won’t be flying the toy at night.

Like some quadcopters, Tricopters also can carry a camera. These toys are more costly. Additional gimbals and cameras may be required.


Quadcopters don’t sell as many quadcopters, so the price of a Tricopter with similar features to a quadcopter is higher. Quadcopters less than $100 often come equipped with a camera.

It was once easy to find a cheap Tricopter. They are no longer available for purchase, and it isn’t easy to find a Tricopter affordable at $50.

Tricopter vs Quadcopter Conclusion

Tricopter or Quadcopter, which is the most suitable for you? It highly depends on what you enjoy and your skills. If you prefer a drone with a long battery and more challenges, you should look into a Tricopter.

The Quadcopters are much rugged and are less susceptible to damage in case of a crash, and if you have a lower budget, it is very suitable for you. We hope that our article can help you learn more about them.

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