Sharper Image DX 3 Video Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Sharper Image DX 3 Video Drone Review

Sharper Image DX 3 Video Drone Review – This entry-level drone with notable features is acceptable for all mid-level and beginner customers.

It’s created by a Sharper Picture Company based in the USA which is well known for its high-end designs of house electronics and assorted advanced products. This drone has attained a higher ranking from the marketplace owing to the incredible recording and movie streaming choices.

Sharper Image DX 3 Video Drone Review In 2021

Sharper Image DX 3 Video Drone Review


  • This drone steps someplace about 21x14x4 inches.
  • The transmitter is ergonomic with Wi-Fi antennas and a smartphone rack.
  • 720p HD camera to get adequate performance.
  • Headless style and FPV style allowed.
  • 6-axis gyro and three adjustable-rate settings.
  • Low Price
  • 450 feet range


  • More influenced by wind because of exceptionally lightweight design.
  • Is made for the beginner
  • 10 minutes fly times or less

1. Design

It may be stated this is a bigger drone because the measurements are 21 x 14 x 4 inches. On account of the little body and the thin arms that maintain the rotors, it’s remarkably lightweight compared to the dimensions. It isn’t high.

Even the slimline is maintained due to the simple fact that the camera has been built-in, so there’s no demand for bizarre-looking long pliers or pliers landing equipment as the many competitions have. Marginally longer rotor casings provide the landing gear function.

Another interesting design feature is that the propeller shield. It goes around the entire drone, and it’s made from an elastic material. In the event of effect, it will flex, absorb the impact force, and return to the prior position. Better than merely breaking. This bending won’t but hit and damage the blades.

The drone has two white LED lights indicating the front and two red ones to the rear. On the back, there’s a tiny doorway to accomplish the battery compartment. A screwthread also secures the doorway. Over the doorway is a micro USB charge socket to the battery. Hence the charging is relatively straightforward.

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2. Sharper Image DX-3 Camera

The camera is currently 720p, HD, 20fps. Pretty decent image quality to get a beginner drone. It may stream the video directly to a smartphone to empower the FPV.bThe Wi-Fireach is about 100 yards. The only drawback of this camera is that the black lines in the movie are completed on a windy day.

Sharper Image DX-3 Camera

3. Transmitter

The two 4 GHz transmitter is enormous, but it’s excellent ergonomics and a pleasant and straightforward layout. The buttons are nicely placed and observable. Besides the conventional two joysticks, you will find buttons for automobile takeoff and autoland, rate settings, camera, and trimming buttons. It’s built from the telephone holder, which may accommodate all telephone sizes.

There are alerts to get out of range and audio indicators when autoland work is active. Surprisingly, there’s absolutely no low battery alert, which means you’ll need to keep a watch out for the drone. The LED lights are flashing quickly as soon as the battery is operating empty.

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4. Sharper Image DX-3 Battery

3.7V lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 800 mAh. Perhaps it doesn’t seem much, but to get a lightweight drone such as this one, it’s sufficient to keep it from the atmosphere for as many as ten minutes. Bear in mind the stunts drain the battery, and it is not advised to perform them onto a half-empty battery. The battery takes approximately 50 minutes to recharge.

5. Sharper Image DX-3 Additional Features

  • 1 Key Take Off/Land

Fantastic features, particularly for beginners, are the primary audience for this particular model. It allows you to start or territory the drone with a press of a button.

  • Speed Control

The drone has three-speed configurations. That’s enough to please both beginners and more advanced users and help with additional power on a windy day.

  • FPV Control

The streaming video in the drone allows you to view instantly what the drone sees. You can definitely feel as a pilot.

  • Emergency Stop And Alarms

The alarm will sound if the drone moves from range and if you turn autoland or emergency stop button.

  • Stunts

The drone can conduct the 360-degree flip using a press of a button.

6. Flying Experience

The drone is mild when compared with its dimensions, which makes it increasingly vulnerable to end. Even though it contains a 6-axis gyro which can help stabilize, it can shake a windy day. If that’s the circumstance, a more significant rate setting is recommended, so the rotors’ excess capacity will help stabilize it.

Aside from that, the drone is nimble and quick, handles as anticipated, and there are no unpleasant surprises. Automobile takeoff and auto-land operate flawlessly. The drone may land itself when it reaches the best elevation.

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Sharper Image DX 3 Video Drone is definitely the perfect choice for beginners, a solution for those who want to optimize their budget. This is one of the cheapest drones on the market, but the configuration is still strong, durable.

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