What is Headless Mode On a Drone? Headless Mode Explained 2022

What is Headless Mode On a Drone

Are you having trouble flying your drone over densely populated areas? Do the drone’s front and back look identical? If this is the case, you should get a drone that has a headless mode. But, what is headless mode on a drone?

In this post, Staaker.com will explain what does headless mode means on a drone with its pros and cons and much more.

What is drone headless mode?

Headless mode allows you to control a drone without worrying about its orientation. This mode allows you to control your drone using your orientation, not the quadcopter.

Headless mode allows the drone to be flown in any direction, based on its orientation and not the drones. To make the drone move forwards, you only need to push the controller (type 2) forward. Forwards on, the controller will only cause the controller to move in its direction if the headless mode is not activated. In this case, the controller would move left from your position (as it has been rotated left).

It is a useful setting for beginners, and most budget drones have it. Because it is crucial for many first-time pilots, it will be commonly advertised as a key feature.

You will need to refer to your instruction manual to activate the headless mode. This is because every drone has a different configuration. Some drones will allow you to set up a mobile app, while others may require you to use the physical controller.

Headless mode is something you might like, so make sure you check before buying.

How does drone headless mode work?

How does drone headless mode work

We now know what does headless mode means to a drone. Let’s look at the technical side and learn how it works.

Headless mode works by using inputs from the onboard Gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. Gyro, magnetometer, and accelerometers are MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), devices that allow the drone to determine its position relative to a reference point, include Gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometers, and Accelerometers. The reference point in our case was the drone’s initial position when it turned on the headless mode.

After the drone is locked in its reference position, the onboard computer remembers which side is the head and the tail. The gyroscope, accelerometer, and accelerometer measure the position change relative to the reference position during flight. This information is sent to the computer to calculate the ‘head side’ of the drone.

The computer tracks the ‘head” at all times, regardless of drone orientation. When you push the FORWARD button on your transmitter, the drone will move in the FORWARD direction relative to you, the pilot.

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The advantages of the headless mode

  • This setting makes it easy to learn how to fly the drone safely and effectively without struggling. Experts who have used drones for years agree that the headless mode improves the user experience.
  • The drone is entirely controlled by the user and can be positioned in any direction they desire using the headless mode.
  • This mode is less likely to make an error and causes fewer crashes. Headless mode guides the drone, and the user can operate it without worrying about whether the drone is heading in the wrong direction.
  • Headless mode allows the drone to be accessed from any distance. The drone can be brought back by a simple button press.
  • Headless mode allows you to fly a drone in tight spaces where there are many obstacles. You can navigate through entire factories without losing control.

The disadvantages of the Headless Mode

  • It is too simple for you to use the headless mode. It is difficult to control a regular drone.
  • The headless mode restricts the types of drones you can use. FPV mode is only for camera drones.
  • In areas with telecommunication masts, the headless mode cannot work in the presence of electromagnetic waves. Your project can be slowed down if the devices come in contact with power lines.

Is Headless Mode for Beginners?

For beginners, the headless mode is similar to the Anti-Lock Braking System’s (ABS) braking system for drivers. It is possible to fly a drone with no head, but your chances of making a directional mistake are much lower when you do.

If you are a person who takes your time learning how to do things properly, you will probably skip headless mode and learn how to fly the traditional way. This will help you fly all drones even if you are in headless mode.

Headless mode is the best option if you want to learn quickly or have a gentle learning curve. Don’t put too much faith in headless mode if you choose to go this route. Instead, learn to fly conventionally so that you can fly FPV and get as much out of drones.

How to know if my drone has headless mode?

Nowadays, most drones come with headless modes. Although the manufacturer may use different terms to describe the feature, it is the same thing.

It is a highly-respected feature, especially on medium-range drones. There is a good chance it is on your packing list (in Trump’s words). It’s impossible to miss.

Specifications or marketing materials for the model will boast a ‘headless mode’ (see Holly Stone HS110D marketing materials on Amazon).

If it’s not on your package, you can look in the user manual. Headless mode is one of the pre-programmed flight modes. The user manual covers them all. You can download the user manual for your drone model by searching for the term “headless mode” or something similar. It will contain specific instructions for activating the headless mode.

Things to Know when Flying a Drone in Headless Mode

Questions of reliability – Like any intelligent flight feature, the reliability of headless mode can be questioned and discussed among drone enthusiasts. It’s one of the most reliable drone features and is not affected by battery life or range.

However, its functionality is still dependent on a sensor which can be severely affected by electromagnetic field; think powerlines and using your drone to fly after you’ve taken it on an airplane.

It may lead to bad habits. Although headless flying is great for beginners, it shouldn’t rely on 100% of the time. It won’t let you improve your skills and can lead to bad habits.

You could have trouble flying if you start with a beginner drone and then move up to a high-end or mid-end drone with headless flying.

Like any other activity/sport, muscle memory is created by your brain and can be difficult to break.

Headless Mode and FPS – If you are flying a drone in FPV, there is no need to activate the headless mode. Because you will see your flight path through the drone’s view, you’ll always know where you’re going. We wanted to include the question because it is something we get asked often.

FAQs about Headless Mode Drones

Headless Mode Drones FAQs

Why does a drone have a headless mode?

A headless mode is a tool that assists new pilots. This flying mode is available on almost all entry-level drones on the market. This mode eliminates the need to focus on the drone’s orientation and allows for easier Line of Sight flying.

Should I fly my drone in headless mode?

If your drone is flying too far away, the headless mode can be useful to keep track of which direction is forward or backward … Then again, if that was the case, you could always.

Source: https://www.thedronegirl.com/2016/11/09/ask-drone-girl-whats-wrong-headless-mode-cheating/

Is Headless Mode Cheating?

Automation is taking over everything around you. Automated cars and garage opener apps are just a few of the many ways people have found easier ways to do things. This is the same as flying your drone headless.

Some might view it as cheating. To them, it undermines or takes away the joy of drone flying. Others feel it’s a good way to increase your drone piloting confidence while you’re still learning.

It all boils down to which side you fall on the divide.

Is it easier to fly a drone in headless mode?

The mode makes learning how to fly a drone much easier. The mode will allow you to enjoy the experience without worrying about the controls turning back when you change direction.

Source: https://comedronewithme.com/what-is-headless-mode/

Does Mavic Pro have headless mode?

Mavic Pro has a headless mode. These modes are called Home Lock and Course Lock on the Mavic Pro. Each mode can control the flight’s direction and can be used during the flight.

Can Headless Mode Work with FPV?

First-person view, also known as FPV, allows you to view the quad from the viewpoint of the drone camera. You don’t have to use headless mode because the drone will face the same direction as the video footage. The drone will be moved right if you move the stick to the right.

Most manufacturers will disable Headless Mode when the drone is flown via FPV.


You now know the answer to the question, “what is headless mode with a drone?”. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to use it depending on your experience and current situation.

Reach out if you have any questions about your drone or how to use headless flight mode. We are more than happy to assist you!

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