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Best Gopro Drones 2020

Staater intends to help you realize the attributes to look for when purchasing a harmonious drone using a GoPro camera. We do not cover normal movie drones, only the Best GoPro Drones or an economical GoPro option to acquire professional airborne footage.

GoPro Drone Buying Guide

GoPro Drone Buying Guide

Finding the Ideal GoPro Service

If you’re carrying about a GoPro HERO 4 or 3, you are in luck. The majority of the GoPro drones nowadays can encourage those 2 versions. Name any new drone and for sure that the rear cover will state it supports HERO 4 and 3.

Several versions are still ample to allow you to use an old HERO 2 like the Holy Stone HS700 along with the Altair Aerial Blackhawk.

Compatible or Mounted

You may observe that a few drones such as the Holy Stone and the Force1 are GoPro harmonious, while the Altair, DROCON, and DJI are GoPro mounts.

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Compatible means you’re ready to command the GoPro options utilizing the drone’s control. Simultaneously, the bracket is not anything more than merely minding your GoPro onto it and trusting it’s recording in the atmosphere. The harmonious ones are pricier than the bracket types.

Weight of the Drone

If you would rather a drone that focuses more on continuous shoots and cinematic photography, then receive a heavy kind of drone. But if you prefer to capture high-speed and fast-paced shots, then get the milder version instead.

Drone Design

Ensure the drone you purchase is from a trustworthy brand to ensure security for your camera Drones. Otherwise, it might only malfunction in mid-air.

Top Rated Best GoPro Drones

Top Rated Best Drone For GoPro Brands

1. DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 (GoPro Model )

This drone ranks number one on my list for many reasons, and camera drones equilibrium is just one of these. It’s a Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal. You will love the smooth records this drone produces. The gimbal comes included but has to be set up.

The DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 includes a 20-25 minutes flight time on just a single charge when you utilize the 5,200mAh lithium-polymer battery included if you get this drone. This battery consists of a built-in control indicator and smart circuitry.

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 WiFi FPV Drone 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera, White
  • Headless/IOC function. Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using headless/IOC, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. This lessens the steepness of the learning curve and allows the pilot to enjoy flight while slowly learning each specific orientation of the quadcopter.
  • Equipped with the latest 6-Axis flight control systems, 3D lock, more scheduled flight, operating more to the force!
  • Equipped with HD camera to take photos and videos while flying! Bring a new perspective to your photos and videos from the air.

This quadcopter has essential updates in the DJI Phantom 2, including:

  • Remote coach interface and controller lock
  • The control includes a rechargeable battery.
  • Anti-static compass shell
  • The remote includes a gimbal control dial.
  • Updated motors and props to get more thrust

With each of these updates, the remote controller provides you greater control over the drone. The updated thrusters and engine lead to this in addition to the propellers. These updates also let you load an extra 1.8 pounds in your Phantom drone.

I like the smooth and stable control this drone has. The movies I shot on this particular drone were clear and lovely. It reacted well on windy days, making shooting video and photographs simple.

The DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 also includes a No-Fly Zone attribute to prevent accidental intrusion into restricted zones and improve airport security. Additionally, it contains an automobile Return to Home attribute if you eliminate connection throughout the flight.


  • GoPro Compatible
  • Fabulous features like Return to Home
  • A lot of updates from the Phantom two
  • 20-25-minute flight period
  • The Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal for Greater stability
  • Extra thrust and precision command due to updates to the engine, thrusters, propeller, and distant
  • The No-Fly attribute to help keep you from trouble.
  • 5,200mAh lithium-polymer batteries


  • Some individuals reported applications or firmware problems.

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2. GoPro Karma

The GoPro Karma is another popular one of GoPro owners. It’s incredibly light and portable since it warms up and fits right into a situation. To fly, simply unfold it and attach the propellers.

This drone has the Karma Stabilizer that lets you capture incredible shake-free movies on the floor and in the atmosphere. It is possible to remove it and set it to the Karma Grip for even steadier, high-quality handheld picture shots. The Karma Grip can be body-mountable for amazing photos as well.

This feature I adore. It permits you to easily switch back and forth in the drone to your entire body-mounted camera so you can produce many different photographs from other vantage points.

DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller - Onyx Black
  • 32.0MP sphere panoramas - In addition to horizontal, vertical, and 180° panoramas, Mavic Air stitches 25 photos together in just eight seconds to create crystal clear 32.0MP sphere panoramas.
  • Lightweight and compact foldable design - You can take it anywhere with you.
  • Supports 4K video at 30 fps - The 12.0MP camera with Adobe DNG RAW support is ready to shoot. The three-axis gimbal is capable of stabilizing the camera even during high-speed motion for smooth video and sharp photos.

The control is game-styled, having an integrated touch screen making it easy and enjoyable to fly. It is fantastic for first-time flyers and will shoot off using all the automatic-single button take-off and landing. The Karma even offers a flight simulator that provides you with hands-on instruction.

The signature screen on the control can be designed specifically for use outside. Therefore it provides bright, real-time FPV of precisely what the drone sees.


  • GoPro Compatible
  • Karma Stabilizer for excellent, shake-free movie
  • The Karma Grip can be body-mountable
  • Increased touch screen designed for looking at FPV outside
  • The signature screen can also be a game-styled incorporated touch screen.
  • Flight simulator for first-time flyers


  • Some consumers reported crashes for a missing link.

3. Holy Stone HS700

This economically priced drone includes a lot of excellent features. It is accompanied by an innovative 5G 1080P FHD camera using an updated lens which provides a 110-degree field of view (FOV). It’s compatible with all the GoPro Hero 2, 3, and 4.

The HS700 Also Has GPS using a Return to Home attribute. The GPS also lets the drone hovers stably. Additionally, it has followed Me, Headless, and Fly in a Circle manner. These are unique modes for shooting pictures.

I discovered it to be among the greatest drones having the complete collection of features. It let me shoot some fantastic videos while hovering through the historic properties I was filming. The Fly at a Circle mode additionally helped with this.

A 20 minutes flight time provides you additional time to take stunning videos and photographs. The 2800mAH high-capacity smart battery includes a low-power alert too.

DJI Mavic Mini - Drone FlyCam Quadcopter UAV with 2.7K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal GPS 30min Flight Time, less than 0.55lbs, Gray
  • The compact yet powerful Mavic Mini camera drone is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that effortlessly elevates the ordinary
  • Weighing less than 0.55lbs / 250 grams, Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone. In the United States and Canada, you can fly this camera drone without the need to register your drone with the government
  • Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos. A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, Ultra-smooth footage

The brushless motor with this drone is relatively quiet but extremely strong. You will barely ever have breakdowns or will need to substitute this engine.

It is also possible to quickly start this drone with a single touch. It’s simple to control, leaving you to concentrate on handling the camera to get better images.


  • GoPro Compatible
  • 20-minute flight period
  • Headless, Follow Me and Fly at a Circle manners
  • One-touch launching
  • It comes with a camera but is harmonious with Hero 2, 3, and 4.
  • The lens on your camera provides a 110-degree FOV


  • Initializing the drone every time you reinsert the battery can prove bothersome for some people

4. DROCON Blue Bugs

Some of the most economical GoPro harmonious drones available on the current market, the DROCON Blue Bugs brushless motor does not overheat, meaning 15-20-minute flight occasions. This engine can be far safer than many others.

This drone is smooth and secure for novices yet quicker for the more seasoned. It’s possible to fly 1,000 feet fast while shooting excellent photographs and movies. You will still have perfect control.

SIMREX X11 Upgraded GPS Drone with 1080P HD Camera 2-Axis Self stabilizing Gimbal 5G WiFi FPV Video RC Quadcopter Auto Return Home with Follow Me Altitude Hold Headless Brushless Motor Remote Control
  • Ultra-Long Flying Time: Capacity of the battery is up to 3150mAh, which provides about 22 minutes ultra-long flight time. And it can reach up to 500m control distance giving you a more extensive flight experience.
  • 1080P HD 108°FOV Adjustable FPV Camera: Captures high-quality video and aerial photos for the memorable moments. See the world through the eyes of a bird on your phone.
  • Headless Mode: Orientation of the drone is in relation to the operation, when eyes can't identify the orientation of the drone, the Headless Mode can help to control easier and prevent from losing the direction.

The Blue Bugs consists of nylon fiber, which makes it durable and can withstand high winds. This drone additionally performs some neat tricks like flips and 3D rolls. The weak signal low electricity alarms improve your capability to restrain the Blue Bugs.


  • GoPro Compatible
  • 15-20-minute flight period
  • Flips and 3D rolls-neat tips
  • Durability
  • Simple to fly for novices and fun for specialists
  • Low electricity and weak signal alerts


  • Some people reported problems with the battery charger or battery charging.

5. Force1 F100

This sleekly designed drone is excellent for novices. The tips and 360 flips are easy to learn. Additionally, it is durable, so that it’s a superb solution for kids.

Having a more silent flight than various other drones, the brushless motor provides stability to your many breathtaking pictures and movie.

The brushless engine also cuts immunity for even more excellent stability. I discovered how great the equilibrium was when shooting videos of character scenes. It helped decrease vibration in the movies.

Contixo F18 2K FPV RC Drone with Camera for Adults - Quadcopter with Brushless Motor - Beginners GPS Drone for Kids-5G WiFi- Follow Me - Auto Return - Point of Interest - Modular Battery with Backpack
  • ✈ Ultra HD Camera and 5G FPV Transmission--2K WiFi camera (2048*1152P) catches much detail for after-treatment than 1080P one; 110° FOV angle broaden your views; 5G a less-interrupted frequency, ensuring more clear and faster image without delay from up to 1500ft away. Our FPV drone gives you a superior photography experience.
  • ✈ Safer Flight with GPS--Assisted with GPS location system, you will locate the position of F18 precisely at any time. When the drone lost signal or in low power or whenever you press one key return, it will auto fly back.
  • ✈ Long-life Brushless Motor--The advantages of it over brushed motors are high power to weight ratio, high speed, and electronic control. No burn-out due to internal friction and no maintenance required. The quick-release propellers run smoothly and powerfully with high efficiency.

The Force1 F100 includes a 15-minute flight period when it is not carrying camera gear. This drone is an excellent economical choice for a GoPro compatible drone.


  • GoPro Compatible
  • 15-minute flight-time without gear
  • 360 flips and other tricks
  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Easy for beginners to fly. See more about Best Drones For Beginners.


  • Syncing the drone Might Not Be so Easy.

best camera drone

6. Altair Aerial Blackhawk

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk is a robust and long-lasting cheap drone you shouldn’t miss. It affirms the GoPro Hero 4 and 3 and will travel up to a maximum of 500m.

This item is rather heavy, too, but the GoPro clamp ensures it will stick on the saucer with no problems. According to its title, the Altair Aerial Blackhawk does amazing aerobatics also, capturing rad clips that just drones can perform. Its worth is worth more than its price, that’s why it’s merely to get this if you need something cheap and fun to toy with.

7. DROCON Blue Bugs 3

The DROCON Blue Bugs 3 is a mount-only GoPro drone that’s simple on the cash and straightforward about the learning curve. This very affordable drone functions as a fantastic entry-level drone for those novices yet complicated enough for the experienced veteran drone pilots.

Swift, elegant, and mild, the DROCON Blue Bugs 3 could last up to 18 minutes shirts and a full assortment of 300 m. Additionally, it flaunts weak signal alerts and low electricity consumption, which results in a long-lasting drone.

On top of that, the DROCON Blue Bugs 3 may perform all kinds of 3D aerobatics due to its mild arrangement. It is a deal to buy and also a must if you would like to combine the drone encounter. It supports GoPro Hero 4 and 3.

8. Force1 F100 Ghost

The Force1 F100 Ghost isn’t just great for novices but also produces a fantastic racer type. It’s a very long battery life of up to 15 minutes and a spare in case you want to continue flying.

The simple controls and ready-to-use construct causes this very welcome for new drone pilots in addition to inexperienced individuals who wish to check it out.

The Force1 F100 Ghost includes two forms of rates: 1 for leisure use and one for competition. The name and layout might appear expensive, but as it happens, it’s among the most inexpensive drones you could ever purchase. Ensure that your GoPro Hero is 3 or 4.

9. GoPro Karma Quadcopter

The GoPro Karma is back, and it provides you total control of your GoPro camera and super and outstanding easy video features, such as Orbit, Cable Cam, along Dronie.

The Supreme Drones for GoPro

Together with the Karma, you receive a bundle that contains the drone, the Karma Grip for continuous hand footage, along with a very trendy game-style controller.

The DJI Mavic, the Karma is foldable, rendering it portable and easy to undertake experiences.

What makes the Karma drone particular is its own super easy movie, credited to its”not too high” rate and controlled motions.

It stinks for about 20 minutes, which may be better for your budget. Reportedly you need to stay well inside the controlled assortment of 3km to prevent drops in the relationship.

Works together with GoPro Hero 6 and 5

The Karma operates with GoPro Hero 5 along with Hero 6. You get complete control of the camera with the assistance of your controller. Additionally, it functions with Hero 4.

Video Game Style Controller

I like the control of this Karma. You genuinely feel as though you’re playing a video game, and the picture is crisp. The rule is also simple to use, and you get complete control of your camera.

Many professional movie manufacturers have voiced admiration for its superb smooth features of this Karma. Read also some Best Professional Drones.

10. MJX BUGS 3

MJX may not be the most famous drone maker on the market, but this is simply because they (still) do not make high-end versions. If it comes to entry-level ones, their GoPro harmonious drone MJX Bugs 3 is much more than capable of providing you with a great time!

If you previously have a GoPro, you are just seeking a robust airborne platform to mount it on. That is because MJX Bugs 3 is among the least expensive drones harmonious with GoPro cameras (the greatest drones for GoPro beneath $200!).

However, there’s more to the fabulous little bugger… so let us have a better look at it and determine exactly what exactly does it need to offer you!


Concerning specifications, it’s very apparent that MJX Bugs 3 doesn’t fail to provide. It’s approximately 300 meters of variety and over 15 minutes of flight period. The latter dramatically depends upon the sort of camera that you mount onto it. For that matter, you will be delighted to know that it supports not just GoPro’s however Xiaoyi’s and Xiaomi’s too.

The stabilization is not likely to blow you away. However, it’s still adequate and will not provide you that everyday jelly impact that many other, similarly priced, versions, tend to output.

That is because of a bulky frame and tight camera bracket that doesn’t suffice to end. What’s more, you also need to understand that MJX Bugs 3 features brushless motors. More importantly, 1805 1800KV brushless motors that work exceptionally well on a 310mm drone.


With that said, it is quite apparent that MJX Bugs 3 does wonder in terms of aerial photography, which is why it is not only being purchased by novices but also t more advanced users alike.

Therefore, all things considered, if you already have an activity camera and you’re searching for a good platform for aerial photography, it is quite evident that MJX Bugs 3 is a considerably reasonably priced GoPro drone.


Potensic is just another excellent example of what great GoPro drones will need to look like. It is enormous, sturdy, feels good quality, and does not have notable drawbacks concerning its performance. Broadly, we are looking at a great all-around design that works well with almost any GoPro camera that you throw it.


The matter with Potensic D85 is the fact that it features a camera. And it is not just any camera, but not another one of these insignificant 720p detectors in a gigantic, jitter-packed homemade.

Instead, Potensic D85 features a good 2K camera that sports a committed FPV module. Regrettably, there is no onboard software nor hardware improvement, which will be an actual problem in the long term.

And that is precisely where the GoPro action cameras become involved. If you’d like a far better aerial photography adventure out of the Potensic D85, then the best thing you can do is mount a proper activity camera on it.

One that’s applications image stabilization works best, mind. Mounting a GoPro does require a little bit of work, particularly if you intend to climb among the most recent versions. The mount will expect a little DIY, or you may straight up 3D preprints that will match perfectly!


Probably the best thing about this particular drone is its own price/performance ratio. For example, under $300, you are getting a huge drone comprising brushless motors, a body, and the capability to transport GoPro cameras.

Along with this, Potensic D85 additionally owns an excess layer of security in the kind of automatic return to residence. When the drone falls, the battery is low if you press which glistening return into the home button.

Additionally, you are becoming your Potensic D85 with a lot of additional gear, the most significant of which would be the other batteries along with the sturdy briefcase.

Numbers-wise, Potensic D85 can manage approximately 20 minutes of flying a battery charge. The battery we are speaking about is a right 2800mAh 2S LiPo that can, fortunately, be bought individually.

Range-wise, Potensic D85 can manage cca.2 to 1.5 km of operating scope. That is only a theoretical amount. In practice, it is safe to state Potensic D85 won’t ever go out of variety… so long as you are sticking with the FAA regulations, which will be!


Next up, we are likely to have a better look in Holy Stone HS700. It is a comparatively unknown version, shadowed by its popular brother, HS700D.

The sole difference between both drones is their cameras. The HS700 (with no D) features a various 1080p camera mount on a few of these traditional brackets with little to no vibration.

That is essentially the main reason it’s listed among the very best GoPro drones on the market since the mount is readily modified/changed for one which matches GoPro activity cameras.


If you adore sleek-looking drones, then HS700 will be right up your street. It is hardy and robust, but it also features sleek, curved borders and enormous brushless motors, which may reach the very best rate. In addition to this, they run more effectively and continue for a lifetime, which can not be said in their counterparts that are brushed.

As stated previously, this little bugger features a camera exactly like the above Potensic version, but you can mount a GoPro rather readily, too.

Furthermore, Holy Stone HS700 proves that there is no pushover in the features section, courtesy of GPS, in addition to security features like failsafe and return to residence. In general, Holy Stone HS700 flies smooth, does not have some hiccups, and is a cinch to operate even for absolute beginners.


Overall, if you’re trying to find a fantastic all-around celebrity for your new action cameras, then Holy Stone HS700 will not disappoint you one bit!

Its brushless 1500KV motors pack quite the punch, the provided 2800mAh LiPo battery may manage around 20 minutes of flight time, and you may expect approximately 700 meters of variety. Maybe the flight period will shed a little with a GoPro on. However, you could always purchase more ones on Amazon.

Can you use GoPro for FPV


1. What is the highest altitude a What are the best drones for GoPro?

This will be based on your preference. But do take a look at the ones listed above to understand exactly what you would like to purchase. You might opt to follow along with my view – that will be the Holy Stone HS700 – or go with what your gut tells you that is the finest of this bunch.

2. Can you use GoPro for FPV?

Yes, I can provide that you are aware of how to customize and configure the FPV drone. But, FPVs are a lot better to utilize their built-in cameras than the GoPro (that is problematic ). Your safest approach is to purchase a drone created for GoPro support like the drones recorded in this report.

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3. Is the GoPro drone good?

Nowadays, a lot of drones have a built-in cameras; however, they usually are very costly. But should you, by chance, get a GoPro together with you personally and want to see aerial shots, then this kind of drone is much more than excellent. In reality, some drone fans encourage you to purchase this rather than their drones with built-in cameras.


In the end, the best cheap drone for GoPro you select is based on what you need. Unless you are a pro, I would consider going with an entry-level. As I mentioned previously, the technology is continually shifting, and odds are you might choose to update not as far down the street.

Professionals or aspiring videographers will need a drone with innovative flight capacities like follow me features, or return to houses. Possessing a fantastic visual screen monitor and the ability to upgrade parts is uncommon by essential. Interchangeable batteries are a must-have for you!

It can still be a couple of years until we see drones reach the marketplace with each feature we might desire. For the time being, however, we must pick those that best fulfill our needs in receiving the sorts of shots that matter!

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