Best Gopro Alternative For Budget 2022: Top Product Reviews

Best Gopro Alternative 2022 Top Product Reviews

If you’re looking for a GoPro alternative, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, what do you need the camera for? Action shots? Vlogging? Second, what’s your budget? Here are a few of the best GoPro alternatives on the market.

The Best Alternative To GoPro: What To Look For

The Best GoPro Alternatives- What To Look For

When we put together our guide to the top GoPro alternatives, we analyzed the weight and size of devices, along with the pricing and actual camera features.

1. Weight and size: GoPros are small, unobtrusive and light by nature. This is so that they may be mounted in all sorts of locations when you’re adventuring and so that they don’t get in the way of whatever activity you’re performing. We’ve consequently stuck to fairly tiny models that are versatile and enabling.

2. Price: GoPro lead the way when it comes to designing cameras for active lifestyles, but they may often be somewhat expensive when originally produced. In this guide, the models chosen should be under the price of an identical GoPro camera, allowing you more value for money when you abandon the GoPro logo.

good alternative to gopro

3. Camera features: The most significant component of a GoPro substitute is that it still has great camera specs. We looked at stabilization technologies, quality, video functionalities and battery life to ensure that any alternatives are up to the task.

Here are some of the top GoPro replacements that we have been able to track down online and test…

Top Rated Best GoPro Alternative

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action...
AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP...

DJI Osmo Action

GoPro’s actual challenger delivers 4K video, a front-facing screen and exceptional stability.


  • Excellent value
  • High-quality stabilized footage
  • Useful front-facing screen


  • Getting on a bit

When DJI announced it would be launched an action camera, it would have to be incredibly good to get close to competing with GoPro’s. Luckily, the Osmo Action did just that, and the better news is its best cheap gopro alternative. While cycling, rafting, or climbing, the RockSteady stabilization technology ensures smooth video.

This camera will produce high-quality, professional-looking films no matter what kind of journey you’re on. Shooting in 4K60p video and 12MP stills are made possible thanks to a handy front-facing screen.

Despite the fact that DJI appears to be concentrating more on the best DJI drones(opens in new tab) than on action cameras, the Osmo Action is still a good option to consider. A square, modular system rather than the typical action camera set-up was released by DJI, but we’ve nonetheless included it in our list.

AKASO EK7000 Pro: Cheap Alternative For GoPro

It’s the ideal GoPro option for those on a small budget.


  • The 2-inch touchscreen is a nice touch.
  • Excellent value for the money spent at $4,000.


  • SD card is not included.
  • Can’t perform well in dim light

Cheap GoPro alternatives are many, but it’s wise to be selective because not all are worth your time. Despite the waterproof shell, you cannot use the 2-inch touchscreen on the Akaso EK7000 Pro when it is in use. It also shoots an amazing 4K video.

In low light, the sensor has some issues, but overall, it performs an excellent job, and for the price, it’s hard to find fault. The SD card is not included, so if you don’t already own one, you’ll need to factor it into the price.

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action...

DJI Action 2

4K footage and two touchscreens make this action camera a must-have.


  • Use the compact or the combo unit.
  • User interface with two touchscreens
  • Streaming live


  • No support for video resolutions higher than 4K.
  • Limited without additional mods.

The Osmo Action, DJI’s first action camera, included a front screen, forcing a rethink for GoPro. In 2021, Action 2 finally arrived, and it was a very different beast than the first one. With the Action 2, Osmo has rethought what a GoPro-style camera can look like, starting with a 39x39mm square camera and allowing additional units to be attached via a magnetic clip for additional connectivity, battery life, and an on-screen vlogging screen.

However, GoPro cameras such as the Hero 8 and forward have more in common with their modular design than with earlier GoPro Session models (if anyone remembers those). The camera’s image stabilization settings, including a horizon leveler, are very outstanding.

It’s still about the same size as a GoPro, even with a second device attached (but only when paired do you get a USB socket or the option to add a microSD card).

With the front touchscreen attachment, vlogging has never been easier, thanks to the camera’s small size and the touchscreen’s compatibility. Although it isn’t quite a replacement for a GoPro Hero camera, it’s a viable alternative.

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

If you’re looking for a camera that serves as both an action camera and a 360-degree camera, this is your best bet


  • Extremely flexible.
  • RAW recording is possible.
  • Shooting modes enabled by AI.


  • A smaller display.

It makes sense for rivals to innovate in the action camera market because GoPro has dominated the market. When it comes to recent releases, the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is one of the most intriguing.

The moniker comes from the fact that it’s two cameras in one. It includes two interchangeable lens modules, one of which is a 360-degree camera, while the other is a 4K-shooting action mode.

With the Leica-made one-inch sensor mode, you can get the same quality as the Sony RX0 II! A new generation of 360-degree cameras has AI-powered shooting modes that can assist you in finding the most intriguing parts of your footage.

Akaso Brave 7 LE

Vlogging on a budget can be a lot easier with a camera like this.


  • The front-facing display is convenient.
  • Stabilization on all six axes.


  • Frame rates that aren’t great.
  • There is no housing in this minimal waterproofing.

Brave 7 LE is the latest affordable action camera from Akaso, and it’s packed with useful features for budget-conscious vloggers. Even at this price, it boasts a 6-axis stability mechanism that’s quite impressive. It’s fantastic for vlogging because of the front-facing screen, but it’s a tiny model, so getting used to it may take some time.

Keep in mind that it has very little water resistance even without housing, so don’t go swimming with it! Nevertheless, the Akaso Brave 7 LE is a fantastic affordable alternative for vloggers looking for something similar to the GoPro.

AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP...

DJI Pocket 2

A vlogger’s dream comes true with powerful stabilization that you can carry around in your pocket.


  • Vloggers will love the Creator Combo.
  • Excellent stability in a little package.


  • Low-light difficulties
  • A lack of water tightness

One other option for individuals who don’t care about waterproofing: is the DJI Pocket 2, which fills a similar videography void to GoPro cameras. As a matter of fact, it can be purchased as part of an amazing Creator Combo bundle that includes a Mini Control Stick in addition to a case and tripod mount as well as a wireless microphone as well as a dead-cat windscreen.

The Pocket 2 is one of the most potent tiny cameras for vloggers because of this, as well as the industry-leading stabilization and pocketable form factor. However, it does have a problem with low-light noise, so that’s something to keep in mind, but overall it’s a very good camera.

Olympus Tough TG-6

An underwater camera that’s capable of taking a beating.


  • Extremely tough.
  • In photography, this is a lens with an optical zoom.


  • Pricey for a tough little compact

GoPros have a fixed wide-angle lens, which means you’re stuck with the unique perspective that comes with using a GoPro. With a 25-100mm equivalent optical zoom lens and an f/2 maximum aperture at the wide end, the Olympus Tough TG-6 is a small, water-resistant camera.

If you’re looking for something that looks and acts more like a camera than a GoPro, this is the one for you. It is, however, an incredibly durable camera that can withstand a fair amount of adversity and keep going.

DJI Mavic Air 2

It’s a bit of a gimmick, but this camera is capable of capturing all of your high-octane experiences from above.


  • This movie in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second is just fantastic.
  • Intuitive flying


  • It’s quite costly.
  • Internal storage space is limited.

Why not consider a drone if you’re interested in GoPros for the fact that they can capture extreme footage and travel where other cameras cannot? The DJI Mavic Air 2 is a top-of-the-line drone that combines easy flight with high-quality video recording.

ActiveTrack and QuickShots let the camera do most of the work for you, while the sensor is a bit larger than what you’d find in a typical drone and so it improves the video quality and dynamic range.

Before taking to the skies, you must first register your drone, but once you have, you’ll be able to capture stunning video and clear images in no time.

OCLU Action Camera

Our Pick For The Best Go Pro Alternative


  • Timelapse, burst, and loop recording are just a few of the many options available.
  • My OCLU was able to work with a wide range of different mounts.
  • Editing in real time


  • Image stabilization isn’t an option in Ultra HD (4K).
  • The picture quality isn’t as good as other cameras’.
  • An extra case is needed to make the device completely waterproof.

What do you need right out of the box to begin capturing high-quality 4K footage? Get to know the new OCLU action camera! For the past few years, this well-thought-out action cam has been turning heads – and it won’t break your gear budget for the year.

This could very well be the best new camera I tested so far in 2018. Why? It offers all the capabilities I’m looking for in a GoPro replacement, plus a few extras that are special to OCLU’s line.

To ensure that you only get the best photos at the end of the day of shooting, you may use the Live Cut capabilities to control your clips as you go. Using a smartphone app, the user can access all of the camera’s modes and settings with just a few taps. When filming at 1080P @ 30 / 60 FPS, smooth picture stabilization is possible, and let’s face it, most of us don’t need to shoot in 4K all the time anyhow.

Still, the camera is capable of capturing 4k video at 30 frames per second.

Even though the camera’s shape takes some getting used to, the fact that it is tiny and excellent for people who want to travel light should not be underestimated.

Additionally, OCLU offers a variety of useful add-ons, such as waterproof housing, multiple helmets and body mounts for different types of activities, and extensible grip mounts for capturing vlogs or POV videos. Shooting at depths of up to 165 feet is possible because of the waterproof enclosure (50m).

GPS tracking allows you to keep track of where you’ve been on every trip.

Akaso Brave 4

The Best Ultra Low-Cost GoPro Replacement


  • An excellent 4K recording.
  • The use of two displays.
  • It’s quite reasonable.


  • The audio isn’t the best.
  • A microSD card is not included in the package.
  • A video’s quality degrades dramatically after 30 frames per second.

The Akaso Brave 7 LE is the newest and best model in Akaso’s series of affordable cameras, and it costs a quarter of what the current GoPro cameras cost.

This 4K camera comes with a lot of perks for the money you spend: a wireless remote control, dual-screen recording, and extra batteries. You can obtain the greatest ultra-budget GoPro alternative out there with the Akaso Brave 4 LE action camera!

Having the ability to capture up to 30 fps at this quality makes the Brave 4 LE’s recording skills excellent. 120 frames per second @720p is the maximum frame rate that can be achieved with low-resolution video.

Slightly less effective than some of the other action cameras in our guide, but still helpful, is the camera’s included electronic image stabilizer. The microphone on the Akaso camera isn’t as excellent as the one on a GoPro; however, it has been enhanced in the last year for the current Akaso camera.

Remote control is supplied with the Brave 4 and may be used to start and stop recording sessions. As a basic remote control with no live view capabilities, it does the job. The iSmart Pro +’s built-in WiFi also makes it possible for customers to connect to their smartphones via an app.

The AkasoBrave 4 has a touchscreen in addition to the USB and HDMI connectors that are standard. Unless you use the provided waterproof case, the camera is waterproof to a depth of one meter without the case.

The Brave 4 LE does not include an SD card, so you’ll need to buy one separately. It comes with extra batteries, which helps to offset the cost of an SD card. Accessories for mounting the camera are also included, as are a wide range of mounting options.

AKASO Brave 4 4K30fps 20MP...

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Good Overall GoPro Alternative


  • The G-Metrix system and robust voice recognition allow for excellent communication.
  • Compatible with all GoPro accessories and mounts.
  • The video and image quality is excellent.


  • Battery life is reduced.
  • A lack of steadiness is a major issue.

Waterproofing is only possible with the use of an extra casing. However, the touch screen and speech recognition remain functional.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is our pick for the best overall GoPro alternative because of its high-quality design, exceptional video quality, and novel features like speech recognition and instructive overlays.

It has a solid build quality. The VIRB 30 is a compact device with a robust exterior and a touchscreen that is just as sturdy.

The Garmin VIRB is not waterproof on its own, but it can be made so by attaching an additional housing that can withstand a depth of 131 feet. Amazingly, even with the housing in place, the touch screen and voice recognition function perfectly.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra continues to impress when it comes to video quality and recording. For the first time, Garmin can record in 4K at 30 frames per second. Other options include 1080p at 120 fps, 720p at 240 fps, and so on. I’d say it’s even better than the most recent GoPro versions in terms of video and image quality.

The voice control option on the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 isn’t ideal, but it works pretty well. WiFi is provided and can be used to connect to your phone and even broadcast live videos on YouTube. Using Garmin’s G-Metrix system, you can overlay parameters such as heart rate and distance traveled on your films.

However, the Garmin VIRB Ultra has a few issues. Users have complained that 4k filming can last less than an hour on the camera’s more demanding technology. However, the batteries can be removed and replaced on the go. It is laudable. However, the built-in picture stabilization is merely electronic and not always effective.

Yi 4k+

The Best GoPro Replacement on a Budget


  • High-quality filming in 4K.
  • A large touchscreen that responds quickly and easily.
  • The batteries last a long time.


  • The waterproof housing is not required.
  • Usability is hampered by a heavy reliance on the touchscreen.
  • A pared-down version of the GoPro in terms of features.

For a fraction of the price, the Yi 4k + can compete with numerous GoPros. Featuring a durable touchscreen, long battery life, and 4k filming, this camera is the greatest cheap alternative to the GoPro.

The Yi 4k Plus can compete with GoPros in terms of image quality. The video quality is on par with the GoPro HERO4 in terms of sharpness and detail.

As the name suggests, 4k video recording can be done at 30 fps or more. At 720p, 240 fps is achievable. The Yi does have electronic image stabilization, but it’s nothing special compared to what you’ll find in most other stabilization systems.

Although popular shooting modes like slow-motion and time-lapse are still possible, the Yi 4k + does not have as many shooting modes as GoPros. Yi 4k + images are still beautiful and free of vignetting, chromatic aberrations, and other distortions, which is a surprise. In-camera adjustments are to blame for the absence of these blemishes.

Compared to the GoPro, the Yi 4k + is made strong, tiny, and utilitarian in appearance. A huge touchscreen on the back of the Yi 4k Plus is what really sticks out, as it houses most of the camera’s settings. The touchscreen is responsive and beautiful to look at. However, it has a hard time working in bright conditions. The addition of mechanical controls would have been excellent.

The Yi 4k+’s battery life is one of the most impressive aspects of the device. At all resolutions, it easily outperforms the GoPro HERO4. Incredibly, the Yi 4k Plus is able to record in 4k for nearly 90 minutes.

Consider the fact that the Yi 4k+ does not include any additional accessories, including underwater housing. Buying this affordable GoPro replacement may or may not feel like a letdown because you’ll have to buy all of the accessories separately.

Sony FDR X3000R

Good Overall GoPro Alternative


  • Stabilization is among the best you’ll find on an action camera.
  • Remote control for Live View.
  • High-definition video


  • Inadequate image quality when seen in its raw form.
  • Shorter battery life.
  • Some may be put off by the high cost.

Video quality is top-notch, and the Live View Remote on the Sony FDR X3000R is a welcome addition. For those prepared to invest a bit extra money, we believe that this product is the finest premium GoPro replacement.

It has a premium price tag, but it delivers high-quality footage. Of course, shooting in 4K is a possibility, and the FDR X3000R excels at it. Videos are even more clear and more smooth because of the camera’s excellent built-in image stabilization.

The Sony FDR X3000R may not be able to fit in the same places as smaller cube-shaped action cameras because of its bullet design. However, the X3000R has a built-in tripod mount that is compatible with GoPro accessories, so there are still many possibilities for mounting. In order to use your phone underwater, you’ll need to get a separate waterproof case. This action camera can be submerged up to 197 feet with the included case.

Sony’s FDR X3000R camera comes with a separate Live View Remote adapter, which may be attached to a nearby object, such as a bike handle or a wrist. It is possible to see the live video without interrupting the recording doing this.

However, the remote’s connectivity can be a problem in theory. PlayMemories, a smartphone app that can be attached to this camera via built-in WiFi, functions in a very similar fashion to the remote control.

There is a problem with the Sony FDR battery X3000R’s life. A few spare batteries are required for a full day of shooting, although the battery may be replaced. Also, the still photographs taken by this camera aren’t all that inspiring.

Sony FDRX3000R/W 4K HD...
  • Ultimate image stabilization...
  • Splash-proof body or use incl....

Garmin VIRB 360

Alternatives to the GoPro 360


  • I have the ability to photograph at 5.7 megapixels.
  • It is still extremely durable and water-repellent.
  • It’s a good value for the money.


  • 5.7k stitches might be a pain.
  • With 360 videos, the battery drains quickly.
  • It’s still a lot of money for an action camera.

The Garmin VIRB 360 is the greatest 360-degree camera available for less than $1000 if you’re looking for something tough and long-lasting. The Garmin VIRB 360 is the ideal action camera for individuals who wish to capture 360-degree footage at a reasonable price.

A 360 camera, as the name says, captures video in all directions around you. Virtual reality-like experiences may be on the horizon thanks to this new style of video capture. Some sites, such as YouTube, are unable to display 360-degree videos adequately because of the lack of improvement in technology. Investing in a 360-degree camera is a smart move for individuals looking for a new and fascinating way to capture images.

The camera on the Garmin VIRB 360 is excellent. Specifically, it has a 5.7k video resolution, which is higher than that of the GoPro Fusion 360 camera. As yet, the quality of 360-degree videos isn’t as high as that of a standard non-360 video, which is why they aren’t as popular. With the VIRB 360, you can shoot standard 4K films at 30 frames per second and 120 frames per second at 720 pixels, so it doubles as an effective action camera alternative to GoPro.

A 360-degree movie must be patched together from numerous images in order to be properly produced. Both in-body and companion software can be used for this.

In-body 5.7k 360 videos can’t be stitched with the VIRB 360; a third-party app is required instead.

The VIRB 360 is exactly what you’d expect from a Garmin action camera in terms of its build quality. The camera can be submerged in water for up to 100 feet without the need for additional housing. With its LCD screen and physical buttons, the VIRB 360’s controls are simple to understand.

VIRB 360 has many sensors that capture various metrics like speed, elevation, and GPS locations, similar to other Garmin devices.

Garmin VIRB 360, Waterproof...
  • Resolution up to 5.7K/30fps...
  • Up to 15-megapixel resolution...


It is an excellent GoPro substitute.


  • Excellent video quality at 4K resolution.
  • Stabilization works well in this case.
  • It’s a good deal.


  • Aluminum is a highly hot material to be in contact with.
  • It does not have a tripod socket.
  • This touchscreen camera has all of the usual problems.

The SJCAM SJ7 Star, like the Yi 4k Plus, borrows heavily on GoPro’s design in order to provide a more modestly priced camera.It  is a strong rival in the battle for the best action camera better than GoPro, thanks to its high-quality 4K recording and touchscreen.

In terms of video resolutions, the SJCAM SJ7 Star is in line with the current norm for 4k action cameras. Even in 4K, the frame rate drops to 30 frames per second. At 720p, 240fps video is feasible.

The video output is of excellent quality, and we have no issues with it. Electronic (Gyro) picture stabilization is built in, but it’s not as good as mechanical image stabilizers, which are more reliable.

Alu-alloy construction and reasonable sturdiness characterize the SJCAM SJ7 Star. When the camera is in use for a long amount of time, and the processor begins to overheat, the camera’s body might get quite hot. It is possible to overheat the SJCAM SJ7 and cause catastrophic failure, as well as a decrease in battery life (which is already average in the SJ7).

The LCD menus, which are accessed via the camera’s back touchscreen, contain the vast bulk of the camera’s settings and controls. The rear touchscreen is snappy, but it is prone to glare in harsh light. The front camera has a power button and a settings button, but that’s all.

For the SJ7 to be waterproof, an additional housing (100 feet) must be purchased. In contrast to the Yi 4k+, the SJ7 camera comes with a housing and a number of other accessories pre-installed. Strangely, the bottom of the camera does not have any threading for attaching a tripod, which is now practically normal in all cameras.

Polaroid Cube

GoPro Replacement Honorable Mention


  • Small and easy to carry along.
  • Cheap.
  • Well-produced video.


  • The battery is short and can’t be swapped out.
  • More for the sake of novelty than for any practical purpose.
  • Only a few options are available.

There are several GoPro competitors on the market that are smaller and lighter, but the Polaroid Cube is one of the most compacts of them all! If you’re in the market for an action camera that can shoot 1080p video at a reasonable price, this one is for you.

The Polaroid Cube does a decent job, given its size. Compared to other cameras on our list, the 1080p recording quality is not as high. Overall, the camera’s performance can be hampered by a small sensor and a slow 8 Mbps bitrate. However, if the right conditions are met — adequate lighting, minimal movement, etc. — the videos still appear good.

The overall quality of the device is excellent, despite the lack of spectacular recording capabilities. You can treat it like any other action camera by throwing, dropping, and otherwise abusing it. In order to submerge the Polaroid, it will need external housing.

Cameras can be attached to metal objects using a magnetic surface on the bottom.

All of the functions of the Polaroid Cube can be performed using a single button. Because there is no live view screen, you will be completely blind while shooting or recording.

The Polaroid Cube’s battery life is inevitably short, and much worse, it cannot be removed. Granted, longer recordings aren’t possible with the Cube because videos can only be 5 minutes long. If you want to save some time, you can disassemble the Cube and replace the battery on your own, although this will need some effort.

TomTom Bandit

GoPro Alternative Honorable Mention


  • No learning curve.
  • Fast editing thanks to excellent connectivity.
  • The batteries last a long time.


  • For an action camera, it’s quite heavy.
  • Mounting can be difficult due to the bullet shape.
  • Underwater use necessitates the use of a separate lens cover.

In the realm of action cameras, TomTom’s debut is a triumph. The TomTom Bandit is a terrific alternative to a GoPro because of its durable build, excellent use, and compatibility with GoPro mounts.

The Bandit’s body is extremely durable and waterproof, except for the front lens parts, making it ideal for outdoor use. The Bandit may be made totally waterproof up to 131 feet by simply removing the normal lens cover and replacing it with a “dive” cover.

TomTom’s controls and connectivity are what make it stand out. Setting up the Bandit is a breeze because of the camera’s on-camera buttons and LCD viewing screen. Changing settings in the camera is also a breeze because of the user-friendly menu system built right into the camera.

Tom, The mobile app associated with Tom is superior to the competition. In addition to the typical remote shooting controls, the software is excellent at video editing as well as maintaining some important metrics. A GPS and motion sensors allow you to record crucial data during shooting, such as speed and G-Force and then see it afterward in an app.

There are better video recorders than the Bandit, but the Bandit does a good job for the most part. Only at 15 fps can you shoot 4k at full resolution. Users should probably film in 1080p or 720p at 120fps if they want the most frames per second.

The battery life of the TomTom Bandit is excellent, beating out nearly every other action camera in this guide. This may be due to its less demanding recording technique. According to reports, if the WiFi is switched off, the Bandit can shoot continuously for about three hours at lesser resolutions. With a twist of Tom Tom’s back panel (the battery compartment), the USB stick that is used to charge and transfer files is revealed.

TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video...
  • 4k HD video camera provides...
  • Long battery life allows for...

Olympus Tough TG-Tracker

GoPro Alternative Honorable Mention


  • Sensors that can detect changes in the surrounding environment.
  • 100% water resistant, even without a case.
  • The performance was excellent.


  • Menus and the mobile app are both very complicated.
  • Changing the field of view (FOV) can be a time-consuming process.
  • This is still a bit larger than a GoPro.

This camera is one of the greatest action cameras because of its superlatively durable build and several features that make shooting enjoyable!

Tough TG-Tracker is an action camera that looks like a bullet. With just 180 grams, the TG-Tracker is the lightest of the bullet cameras we’ve reviewed thus far. If you’re looking for a camera that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and is completely waterproof, this one is for you! However, you will need to attach a thin waterproof cover to the lens in order for it to be completely watertight.

The Olympus Tough TG-Tracker is extremely simple to use. Changing settings and starting films is simple by using the camera’s numerous buttons. Like most camcorders, the LCD screen can be flipped out. However, it cannot be rotated. For low-light photography, there is also a tiny LED light.

Video quality is superb with the Olympus TG-Tracker. The normal action camera features like 4K video, 240fps at 720p, and picture stabilization are all here, and they work well. When it comes to still photographs, the 8 Mp sensor takes some good ones, but they are soft and lack contrast.

The Olympus Tough TG-Tracker has a broader field of view than the GoPro at 204 degrees. It’s possible that some people find this angle a little overbearing because of the prevalence of fish gazing. You can alter the TG-field Tracker’s view by using the on-screen options, but these are a bit hidden.

As far as I can tell, the TG-most Tracker’s laudable qualities are its improved GPS and ambient sensors. The TG-Tracker can record a wider range of stats than any other  besides GoPro on this list, thanks to its array of sensors. Temperature, barometric pressure, GPS tracking, and more are all included.

Sony DSC-RX0

GoPro Alternative Honorable Mention


  • High-quality images
  • Completely impervious to water.
  • The size of a gnat.


  • Expensive.
  • 4k video is not recorded internally.
  • A more restricted field of view (FOV).

The Sony DSC-RX0 is a great action camera for those looking for something a little different. It is less of an action cam and more of a hybrid compact camera thanks to its wider field of view and superior optics. I think it deserves its own category because it’s so unique. However, it’s still a fantastic action camera.

When it comes to the Sony DSC-RX0, the most impressive weapon is its superb 24mm f/4.0 Zeiss lens. This camera’s images are sharp and well-contrasted. Additionally, the camera’s 15.3 megapixels provide plenty of detail. Despite its slower f/4.0 aperture, the bigger picture sensor performs a good job of reducing noise, even in low-light situations.

Compared to most action cameras, the Sony DSC-RX0 has a shorter field of view (FOV) at 24mm (FF equivalent). The RXO’s tighter, more photographer-friendly framing will make those who despise the fisheye effect on action cameras very happy. On the other hand, it will be unable to capture the kinds of massive scenes that GoPro-wielding athletes love to shoot.

An excellent video camera may be found in the Sony DSC-RX0. At 100 frames per second, Full HD can be recorded; however, 4K can only be recorded using an external recording device. It makes a trade-off between video quality and still image quality in order to achieve the latter.

Although the DSC-lenses RX0’s resemble those of a normal camera, the rest of its design is totally action camera-oriented. It is a waterproof camera that measures around the size of a GoPro. A microphone, HDMI cable, and a compact travel tripod can connect the system via various connections.

iSaw Edge

GoPro Alternative Honorable Mention


  • Cheap.
  • High-quality video
  • Include the option to use GoPro mounts and a wide range of bundled accessories.


  • FPS issues, especially at 4K resolutions.
  • Apps that don’t work on smartphones
  • Unoriginal.

The iSaw Edge is another low-cost alternative to the GoPro camera. On this list, the iSaw Edge is identical to the GoPro in terms of design but at a far lesser price.

When it comes to optics, the iSaw Edge does a great job. The quality of both video and still photographs is excellent. In order to capture 4k video, the iSaw Edge can only shoot at 10 fps. The iSaw Edge’s maximum frame rate is 120 fps @ 720p.

With its robustness and portability rivaling those of a GoPro camera, the iSaw Edge is an excellent camera choice. Aside from its waterproof casing, both the iSaw Edge and GoPro are the same size. The iSaw Edge is waterproof up to 130 feet when it is inside its container.

The iSaw Edge is a breeze to operate in general. The camera has three physical buttons that may be used to switch the camera on and off, take photos, and adjust the settings. A touchscreen LCD display is also available. However, it exhibits the usual glare problems associated with such displays.

Video recording can be done for up to two hours on a single charge. A fantastic feature for individuals who like to record videos on their cars’ dashboards is that the battery and camera may both be charged while the vehicle is moving.

iSaw Edge comes with a wide range of mounting accessories. If they aren’t enough, the Edge is compatible with GoPro attachments, allowing you to considerably increase your accessory options.

Live view and remote control may be accomplished via the iSaw Edge’s mobile app. An unreliable and unstable app has been installed on the phone.

Olfi One.Five

GoPro Alternative Honorable Mention


  • Smaller than a GoPro, even.
  • The LCD screen and buttons make it a breeze to operate.
  • It’s a good deal.


  • No complaints here.
  • Some people may be disappointed by the 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.
  • The editing and companion apps are lacking.

The Olfi One.Five is one of the most user-friendly action cameras on the market, and it doesn’t cost a fortune either. It is a wonderful alternative to a GoPro, thanks to its affordable price and extensive control options.

The Olfi One.Five video quality is commendable, yet it falls short in many respects. Although the resolution is interpolated (upscaled, i.e., “false pixels”), 4K recording is done at an acceptable frame rate of 24 fps. Olfi One.120 Five’s fps at 720p is only acceptable on the other end of the spectrum. Even its poor video performance can be excused given the Olfi One. Small Five’s size and low price, those expecting the best video quality will be disappointed nonetheless.

Unique and striking, the design is both. As opposed to looking like a cube, the camera is more like a little remote control. The Olfi still has a very sturdy feel to it, despite the fact that it may feel like it could break at any moment. For this product to be waterproof, a separate housing must be purchased. Unfortunately, this adds some weight.

The Olfi One Five’s controls are one of its most enticing features. On the camera’s body, there are only a few buttons and an LCD screen, both of which function admirably in bright sunlight. The in-camera menus are easy to understand, and the settings may be changed quickly.

The Olfi One.Five’s connectivity is perfectly fine. This camera has all of the standard connections, including a WiFi adaptor. However the accompanying software is weak. Both the mobile app and the editing application are cumbersome to use.


There are many GoPro alternatives on the market that can be just as good, if not better, than the popular action camera. These alternatives are often more affordable and come packed with more features, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a new action camera. Hope you find this guide useful.

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