Best Drone Without Camera: DJI, HolyStone…: Top Brands Review 2022

Best Drone Without Camera For Your Needs Top Brand Review 2022

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for various purposes, including photography and videography. However, not everyone wants or needs a camera on their drone. Several great drones available don’t have cameras, and these are perfect for those who want to fly for fun. 

Here is the best drone without cameras, based on our expert reviews.

Top Rated Best Drones without Camera

There are several drones with cameras on the market right now, but you might not know where to begin if you’re not familiar with the technology. To ensure that these quadcopters live up to their reputations, we have tested and tried the greatest drones on the market.

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk, 3DR Solo, Force1 F100 Brushless Drone, DJI Phantom 2, and Holy Stone HS170,… are some of the top-rated drones without cameras. To provide you with all the information you need to know before buying one of these quadcopters, we disassemble each one of them piece by piece in the sections below.

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0...
  • Fun flying by itself or even...
  • The latest Phantom 2 comes...
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini...
  • 2.4GHz Technology Adopted for...

1. Altair Blackhawk

This drone is our vote for the best non-camera drone, not necessarily because it has the most features, but rather because it’s a fantastic option for everyone. It’s a low-cost drone that’s simple to use and, most significantly for new users, quite strong and steady in the air.

It has a 300-meter flight range and can fly for 15 minutes on a single battery. With these many features, any quadcopter without a camera would be remarkable, but when you consider that the Blackhawk, you have the greatest cheap long-range drone on the market.

The Altair Blackhawk also has other characteristics, including as

  • Sturdy, stable frame
  • Flight time of 15 minutes
  • Range of 300 meters
  • A GoPro Hero 3 or 4 action camera slot or a similar-sized camera

Beyond that, flying this drone is just a ton of fun. It doesn’t have the same altitude hold as Altair Aerial’s other products, giving you full control over the aircraft. It travels quickly, especially while ascending and descending, and its 300-meter range allows you to really let go without fear of losing it, giving you a sense of speed.

Additionally, it is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 or 4, like a few other drones without cameras, allowing you to take excellent pictures and films if you so desire.

  • Size: 14 by 13 by 6″
  • 3.1 pounds for the item.
  • 1640 feet maximum range (500 meters)
  • 1800 mah battery Li-Po
  • 18 minutes total running time
  • Time to charge: 2 to 5 hours
  • Camera-ready: Yes


  • Camera mount compatible with GoPro
  • Increased average flight time
  • Two-speed settings
  • Dependable metal shell
  • Wind-resistant
  • Swift flier
  • Long range of flight


  • Lacks features that are useful to beginners
  • Extended charging

2. 3DR Solo

This drone is appropriate for both novice and experienced pilots. The drone is simple to control; all it needs is the push of a button to launch, land, or stop in midair. Smart computer programs are used to control the flying of the 3DR SOLO.

You can install a camera yourself because the drone doesn’t come with one. You are still assured of the highest quality aerial images and videos thanks to features like wireless communication, Altitude Hold, and safety sensors.

Additional 3DR Solo features include

  • Twin computers provide the power.
  • Direct flight video streaming to your iOS/Android devices
  • Smart Shot automatic photography and videography technology
  • GoPro capable
  • Following Me

This drone has an impromptu controller like one from a video game. The Smart Shots function enables users to experience artistic photography. The Follow Me function will enable hands-free drone operation.

Simply said, it goes where you do. In addition, this quadcopter has dedicated iOS and Android software to give consumers the best flying and recording experience possible. The Solo app is updated frequently to ensure that your drone keeps up with new developments in technology.

3. Xiro Xplorer Standard Version

This is a fantastic option if you want to buy a cheap quadcopter without a camera that is also lightweight, portable, and simple to assemble. It includes GPS stabilization that makes it simple to fly (and snap pictures with, if you opt to buy a GoPro to use with it.)

The body is quite sturdy, and how can you not adore that distinctive X-shaped design. It can run for 25 minutes on a single charge.

The Xiro Xplorer has additional functions, like as

  • Modular structure
  • Direct flight video streaming to your iOS/Android devices
  • 25 minutes for the flight
  • GoPro capable
  • Follow-Me functionality

The Xplorer, even in its standard configuration, has some capabilities that let it compete head-to-head with the DJI product line, such as a “Follow Me” mode that is akin to the Phantom 2’s and enables hands-free drone operation.

This quadcopter has a very outstanding 1000-meter flight range and can be operated with the provided controller or a smartphone. Overall, this is a fantastic drone for the price. If you enjoy the Standard Version, you can also acquire the Xplorer V or the Xplorer G, which have cameras incorporated into them (which has a 3-axis gimbal.)

4. DJI Phantom 2

Although this drone has been available for a while, it is still among the best quadcopters that are compatible with GoPros. The flight experience is lengthy and amazing, even without a camera. Control is simple and fluid, and the propellers self-tighten. In order to provide flight stability in all three dimensions, it also includes a 3-axis gimbal stabilizing mechanism.

The DJI Phantom 2 has additional features like:

  • Smart battery with a 27-minute flight time cap
  • Compatible with the GoPro Hero4
  • Downloadable software from DJI

This airplane is simple to fly and enjoyable. Don’t worry about it breaking in the event of minor collisions because it is well built. Smooth controls are made possible by the DJI Naza-M flight control technology that is included inside this drone. Compass, barometric altimeter, and LED indicator lights are all included in the system.

  • Size: 11.1 x 11.1 x 7.1″
  • 2.43 lbs. is the product weight.
  • Range maximum: 3281 feet (1000 meters)
  • Battery: LiPo 5200 mAh
  • 28 minutes total running time
  • Charged for more than 60 minutes
  • Camera-ready: Yes


  • Very simple to operate
  • Suitable with GoPro cameras
  • Trustworthy drone
  • A steady flier
  • Made to last
  • Lengthy flight
  • Adequate range
  • Get back home (RTH)


  • Needs calibration prior to flight
  • No live GoPro stream
DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0...
  • Fun flying by itself or even...
  • The latest Phantom 2 comes...

5. Holy Stone HS170

One can argue that this drone’s 6-axis gyro stabilization feature, which ensures stable flights, is its most noteworthy feature.

Because of this, photographers may take advantage of noise-free, sharp, and crisp photographs and movies. The Altitude Hold Function of the Holy Stone HS170 is very useful for aerial photography.

Characteristics of Holy Stone F181C

  • Headlessness Mode.
  • Low-interference engineering.
  • A six-axis gyro stabilization system.
  • Unaffected by the wind.
  • Six to eight minutes are spent in flight.
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini...
  • 2.4GHz Technology Adopted for...

6. Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone

The following drone is a camera-free, quick-flying racer. The HS150 Bolt Bee Mini from Holy Stone is a high-speed quad for experienced beginners.

  • Best attribute 1: a fast-moving racing drone
  • Best feature 2: Headless mode
  • Pluses include three-dimensional flips, quick acceleration, five-speed modes, and a supplementary battery.

Short flight time and unsuitability for beginners are negative points.

As its name suggests, the Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini is a little racing quadcopter. It just weighs 2.43 oz, which is really light. (68.9g). It can go from 0 to 30 mph in just seconds and has a top speed of 30 mph.

New pilots have time to become accustomed to the quad, thanks to its five-speed levels. The headless mode enables racers to concentrate on the control sticks without being aware of the orientation of the craft.

Despite the Bolt Bee Mini’s small weight, powerful motors enable the drone to endure the wind. As they sprint to the finish line, users may also perform 3D flips and rolls with just one button. When this best Holy drone or its controller runs out of juice, the quad’s low-battery alarm lets pilots know.

A lightweight racing quadcopter typically has a flight time of 5-7 minutes. That doesn’t lessen how upsetting the poor battery life is. Furthermore, a tiny quadcopter’s 90-minute charging period is a bit excessive.

A free battery is included with the Holy Stone HS150. Most users will undoubtedly desire a few more. The complete beginner should not use this bird due to its fast speeds and absence of GPS.

  • 5.7 x 4.2 x 1.8 inches in size
  • 2.5 oz. is the product weight.
  • Range Maximum: 230 ft (70 meters)
  • 3.7V 600Mah Li-Po battery
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • 90 minutes for charging
  • Camera-ready: not


  • Frantic racing drone
  • No-head mode
  • 5-speed settings
  • Accelerated quickly
  • Wind-resistant
  • Single-button 3D flips and rolls
  • Extra battery


  • Brief flight duration
  • Not appropriate for newcomers

7. JJRC H31

A budget-friendly drone that is actually waterproof is the JJRC H31. It also has a lot of pilot-friendly flight characteristics, although it moves too quickly for a quadcopter’s debut.

  • Best quality 1: Nearly unbreakable
  • Best feature 2: Waterproof camera-less drone

Pluses include over-charge protection, LED lights, headless mode, and 1-key return to home (RTH).

Lack of wind resistance and limited flight time are negative points.

Flying on this drone should be a lot of fun for drone operators of all skill levels. The inevitable collisions and crashes are one of the main worries for most fans. That is not an issue with this puppy because it is nearly indestructible.

It is also capable of colliding with water and immediately taking off again. There is no need to position the craft before flights because the H31 features a headless mode as well.

Users can instantly return the quad to base thanks to the one-key return to home (RTH) capability. The bright LED lights make it possible to fly at night. The average charging time is 60 minutes. And to protect its battery, the JJRC H31 has an overcharge prevention mechanism.

The H31 is only 2.2 oz in weight. (64g), making it unusable in winds more than a moderate breeze. On windy days, it is feasible to fly indoors, albeit its size makes it difficult to maneuver in confined areas.

The flight will only last for at most 8 minutes. That requires additional batteries and is usually also depressing.

  • 11.4 × 3.5 x 11.4″ in size
  • Weight of Product: 2.2 oz. (64g)
  • 262-foot maximum range (80 meters)
  • 3.7V 400mAh LiPo battery
  • Duration: 8 minutes
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Camera-ready: not


  • A waterproof drone without a camera
  • Almost unbreakable
  • No-head mode
  • 1 key to return home (RTH)
  • LED bulbs
  • Overcharge defense


  • Not resistant to wind
  • A brief flight

8. Syma X5A-1 RC Headless Flying Quadcopter

An affordable flying quadcopter is the Syma X5A-1. It lacks a camera or camera functionality. For those who merely wish to fly and hone their piloting skills, it’s the perfect training drone.

  • Best feature 1: An easy-to-fly drone without a camera
  • High and low-speed options are the best feature.
  • Advantages include headless mode, 360-degree flips and rolls, vivid flashing LEDs, and quick charging.
  • Short flight time and instability in winds are negative points.

The pocket-sized Syma X5A-1 RC drone is simple to fly, even for novice pilots. Users can choose between two-speed modes based on their level of experience. The headless mode and 1-key takeoff/landing are further flight-assistance features.

The headless mode enables the drone’s pilot to concentrate on the controls rather than the drone’s orientation. That’s especially helpful when it’s difficult to see the quad.

A risk-free 360° stunt flips and rolls feature is available on the X5A-1. Viewers think these aerial feats are impressive, yet they only need pressing a button. Flying at night is made possible and enjoyable by a vibrant array of multicolored, flashing LED lights.

Guards for each of the four propellers are included, which is something not all toy quads have. The flight time is disappointing, but the speedy charging time makes up for it.

This drone’s battery life, at barely 7 minutes, is appalling yet normal for its class. The charging process is very amazing and just takes 45 to 1 hour. To increase the play time, it’s still a smart idea to get a few more batteries. Additionally, it’s crucial to give the motors some time to cool down in between flights. The drone is also too light to operate in windy situations.

  • 12.2 × 12.2 x 3 inches
  • Weight of Product: 1.2 lbs.
  • Range Maximum: 164 ft (50 meters)
  • 3.7V 350mAh Li-ion battery
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Charge Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
  • Camera-ready: not


  • An easy-to-fly drone without a camera
  • High and low-speed settings
  • No-head mode
  • Indoor/outdoor capability
  • 360-degree turns and rolls
  • Colorful LEDs that flash
  • Quick charging period


  • Brief flight duration
  • Instable in the wind

9. Mysterystone Bugs 3 Quad W/ Camera Mount

The Mysterystone Bugs 3 is the final of our top 7 selections for cameraless drones. You may even use it as a flying camera if you want to. The quad has a mount that works with the majority of action cameras.

  • The first best feature is the action camera mount.
  • Second-best attribute: Low battery warning
  • Brushless motors, quickness, wind resistance, extended range, range alert, and bonus batteries are positive attributes.

Long charging times and average flight times are negative points.

Pilots occasionally just want to fly for fun. Sometimes they wish to record video or capture aerial pictures. Well, the Mysterystone Bugs 3 let you do both. Most contemporary action cameras may fit inside of their robust camera mount. Models like the GoPro HERO 3, 3+, 4, SJCAMS, SJ4000, SJ7000a, and comparable ones are among them.

The drone is quick and wind-resistant, thanks to its dependable, strong brushless motors. Due to its rapid speed, it can quickly travel to and from the distant outer range of 1640 feet. It also contains warnings for out-of-range and low power.

These warnings ensure that pilots maintain their bird safe and return it to its nest on schedule. Additionally, a bonus battery and an extra pair of propellers are included with the Bugs 3.

The typical flying time is 16 minutes, but with a mount and camera attached, expect less. In essence, the extra battery doubles the flight time. It’s still a good idea to wait a few minutes between switches to let the motors cool down. Another letdown is the lengthy 5-hour charging time. If Bugs 3 is on your shortlist, you should think about purchasing extra batteries.

  • Size: 10 by ten by 5″
  • Weight When Shipped: 3.4 lbs.
  • 1640 feet maximum range (500 meters)
  • 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Po battery (x2)
  • Duration: 16 minutes
  • Time to charge: 5 hours
  • Action camera mounts for cameras.


  • Action camera mount
  • Effective brushless motors
  • Swift flier
  • Wind-resistant
  • Extensive control range
  • Low-battery alert
  • Out-of-range warning
  • Extra battery


  • Typical flight duration
  • Lengthy charging period
Mysterystone Bugs 3 Brushless...
  • The no.1, bugs 3 drone can fly...
  • [Amazing power]: do you have...

Analysis of the Best Drones without Camera

Analysis of the Best Drones without Camera

The finest drone without a camera for all ages, skill levels, and price ranges is the Altair Blackhawk. It is entertaining to fly, comes with a ton of high-end features at an absurdly low price, and has an amazing 300-meter range. The Blackhawk offers something for everyone if you’re unsure of which drone with a camera to buy.

The 3DR Solo is a fantastic drone for taking pictures. In addition to the Smart Shot feature, the drone offers an Orbit mode where you can instruct it to just circle a scene while being filmed. The camera will remain fixed on your topic the entire time.

Only skilled video editors can create that particular distinctive video effect in post-production. Additionally, you may pan or tilt your camera as much as you like to get the ideal filming perspective when using this piece of technology in flight.

The greatest drone for covert photography and espionage is the Force 1 F 100. In addition to having brushless motors that keep it quiet, it has excellent control response. Beginners need not worry about this technology crashing because they can choose the Low-Speed option while experts choose the High-Speed mode.

The fact that this quadcopter only includes one battery may be its only drawback. A second battery pack could increase the amount of time you can play with this awesome aircraft.

Due to its durability, flight stability, simplicity of control, and lengthy battery life, the DJI Phantom 2 is included on our list. The drone’s streamlined body form makes takeoff and landing easy.

The camera roll is stabilized by the gimbal so that abrupt motions during flight won’t disrupt recording or photos. Additionally, you may pan and tilt the camera to capture images and films from various artistic perspectives.

The advantage of the Holy Stone HS170 above the competition is its Wind Resistance control. These characteristics, along with the 6 Axis Gyro, give the drone stability and dependability. A Key Return Home feature is also included. If the battery runs out or the control signal is disrupted, you don’t have to be concerned about losing your drone. By pressing a button, it can be brought back.

The JJRC H31 has a 6 Axis Gyro, similar to the Holy Stone HS170, which stabilizes the aircraft both inside and outside. It only features the LED light feature for evening play and recording as a benefit over the Holy Stone.

Buyers Guide – Drone No Camera

Buying Guide

Here are the key factors to take into account if you want a drone with no camera. A lot of the time, drones without cameras also lack other sophisticated gear, such as sensors and collision avoidance software.

You must take a few extra safety measures since you don’t have a forward-facing camera to ensure that your flights are fun and don’t result in a collision that breaks your drone.

Guards for Propellers

Making sure that the drone has propeller protectors is one of the first things I would look for if I were purchasing a drone without a camera. Generally speaking, if someone is looking for a drone without a camera, they will be using it more frequently indoors.

Make sure the propellers of your drone don’t make touch things like walls, doors, plants, ornaments, shelves, and a lot more when you are flying it indoors. It is a little bit more difficult to operate your drone in an enclosed environment because of how the air flows there.

You can even get propeller shields with protection on the top and bottom of the blades, which will allow your drone to bounce off any objects it runs into at the same level.

When learning to fly a drone or when executing challenging maneuvers in confined locations, propeller guards are a lifesaver. If your drone does not come with propeller guards, there are various ways to get these.

Many drones are available with propeller guards already installed. They might prevent your drone from dropping out of the sky and sustaining irreparable damage.

Guards for Propellers

Vibrant Hues

An important consideration when purchasing a drone without a camera has a drone that is simple to notice from a distance. The problem is that it can be very challenging to determine the drone’s location in space and its proximity to other objects in the environment without having a first-person view of what the drone is viewing.

Choosing a drone with bright colors will make it simpler to see from a distance. Additionally, choosing a drone with colors that change on each side will allow you to determine which direction the drone is pointing.

This is especially crucial if your drone lacks a headless mode (where the drone always moves in the direction of the joysticks irrespective of the direction it is pointing).

Some of the aforementioned drones feature lights, which make them excellent for indoor flying, flying in conditions of light cloud cover, dusk, or dawn. Lights must be used with caution because they add to the battery’s load and can drastically cut the flight time. If you want a longer flying time, choosing a drone with brilliant colors rather than one with lights may be the best choice.

Battery Power

best non camera drone

The excitement you will derive from your drone will come from acrobatic movements and flying around obstacles or down predetermined paths because you are seeking the finest drone without a camera.

With the exception of the occasional pan, tilt, or repositioning, getting the perfect photo with a drone equipped with a camera doesn’t need a lot of movement. Your drone will move around a lot more during the flying session without a camera.

Because of this, you must ensure that the drone’s battery life is adequate. Long battery life allows you to fly longer and practice your drone flying skills rather than having to wait for the battery to recharge.

In today’s drones, good battery life is between 20 and 30 minutes. That is a sufficient amount of time for the flight to ensure that you genuinely enjoy it.

You should think about purchasing extra batteries if you discover that the flight time of your preferred drone is relatively brief. A number of drones are sold with extra batteries already installed.

Purchasing extra batteries is a fairly simple and economical solution to extend the flying time of a drone that is quite inexpensive by around an hour. Just make sure that all of your batteries are charged before leaving!

Charge Duration

You should look at the battery charging time and the charger that the drone comes with. The charger needs to be effective enough to charge the batteries in a reasonable length of time.

Nothing is more annoying for a drone enthusiast than having to wait a long time for the drone batteries to charge.

Either Indoors or Outside

Most drones without cameras are used largely inside. The best drone used indoors is typically much less expensive and does not have the sophisticated stabilization software (such as geolocation and altitude hold) or sensors needed to maintain the drone’s stable flight.

If you want to fly your drone outside, you must either have the skills to fly in difficult conditions or a drone that can stabilize itself against the wind.

Spend some time outlining the drone’s planned flight locations so that you can choose one that can fly in those areas without any problems. This will help you choose the drone that is best for you and the places you want to fly.

Remote management

Remote management

A pilot can only communicate with a drone while it is in flight using the remote control. You must feel entirely at ease and like using the remote control because it is a vital instrument. Many pilots ignore the significance of the remote control and are unaware that it determines how much fun you will have flying your drone.

Select a drone that comes with a reliable remote control or an app that is simple to use on the particular brand of smartphone or smart device that you own. The many buttons and joysticks will take some getting accustomed to, but going gently will help you gain confidence more quickly.

Spare parts

If your drone doesn’t have a camera, you won’t have the first-person perspective that can help you fly it more safely. In order to position and align the drone, you must use your direct line of sight. The drone is likely to come into touch with objects in the surroundings more frequently because you will only have a straight line of sight to operate the drone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your drone will crash, but you might check or damage some propellers as a result. Make sure that the type of drone you’re thinking about purchasing has a wide variety of free replacement parts available online. The following types of components will require routine replacement:

Propellers are the sole component of a drone that will require regular replacement. They are an essential component of drone flight. I advise you to run your fingers over the entire length of the hours, even if you haven’t had a significant crash, as this will give you a good indication of whether or not you need to replace them. The propeller should be replaced if there is even a minor crack or damage.

Propeller guards may be broken or bent out of shape if you have experienced a serious crash. The propellers won’t likely come into contact with any damaged parts of the other guard after the propeller guards have been replaced.

In order to avoid experiencing buyer’s remorse, this buyer’s guide will assist you in choosing the best drone without a camera.

Where You Can Fly a Drone?

There are many places where you can fly a drone. Some of the most popular places to fly drones are in parks, on beaches, and in open fields. When flying a drone, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid flying near people or over the property.

To know more details, please check out: Best Places To Fly A Drone And Where Are Drones Banned


FAQs about Best Drone Without Camera

Is it hard to fly these drones?

The former is significantly simpler to handle for untrained individuals flying with or without cameras (we’re talking FPV here, obviously). FPV or LoS won’t really matter to more experienced pilots, though everyone has their preferences.

To get all the controls ingrained in your muscle memory, it is advised to fly in line of sight for at least a few days. Then, once you have mastered flying by a line of sight, you can switch to FPV. Here is my response in light of that: piloting drones without a camera line of sight is really not that challenging at all! But what exactly is the line of sight flying?

How does line of sight flying work?

Line of sight flying is centered on the pilot always keeping an eye on his or her aircraft, as the name would imply. Additionally, the pilot is required to operate without any visual aids like FPV goggles or screens. Even though it’s still very simple to fly drones in line of sight, in my opinion, FPV flying is the most enjoyable.

It places you smack dab in the middle of the action, in the cockpit of your aircraft. Your children will undoubtedly have a unique experience with drone flight because of the excellent immersion.

Is a license required to operate a drone without a camera?

No. As long as you are using the drone for recreational reasons and it weighs no more than 5 lbs.

How do I use my drone to live broadcast with a GoPro?

Since many drones’ remote controls are incompatible with GoPro’s WIFI connection, you must set up a video download link in order to stream live video.

Can I take my drone with me when I fly?

Yes, but you must adhere to the rules. Regarding drone batteries, there are numerous regulations. Keep them inside the drone while it is in flight, for starters. After then, you must turn it off.


Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but many people are unaware you can buy drones without cameras. While camera-equipped drones are great for photography and videography, they are unnecessary for everyone.

There are several reasons someone might want a drone without a camera, such as using it for racing or simply wanting to save money. No matter the reason, there are a number of great drones without cameras on the market.

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