Best Drone Tracker 2022: Top Review For You

Best Drone Tracker 2022 Top Review For You

What if your thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of drones lost signal? And you probably won’t be able to find your favorite drone anymore. Then there is no reason not to install a navigation system to detect the location whenever the drone has connection problems or loses signal.

And if you’re looking for a device to track your beloved drone, this is the place you need to come. Here, Staaker will show you the Best Drone Tracker 2022 and the things necessary to find the best device for your drone.

What to Look for in the Best Drone Trackers

What to Look for in the Best Drone Trackers

Drone Tracking Capabilities

Drone tracking device use GPS technology to locate your drone. Many drone tracking can be used for drones and other devices, so they provide indoor and outdoor tracking.

Many GPS trackers come with wifi capabilities for indoor tracking.

A GPS drone tracker that supports multiple modes is recommended, such as GPS, AGPS, A/GSM, GSM, and wifi. You’re investing in a versatile device that will not let you down in any circumstance.

It would help if you verified that the unmanned aircraft locator you are interested in uses cellular networks. If so, you will likely end up paying a monthly charge.

Another thing is that some GPS tracking for drones does not require GPS reception or a cellular network. These are great if you want to fly your unmanned aircraft in remote locations, but make sure you know the no-drone zones.


Trackers that can track unlimited distance are my favorite. It’s nice not to have to worry about the drone tracker’s radius. But, if you don’t fly your unmanned aircraft far enough, some excellent trackers can cover you within a 2-mile radius.

Battery life

The battery life was something I didn’t think would be so important. While I was testing out these drone trackers, I was pleasantly surprised at how useful long battery life can prove. I quickly fell in love with the battery save flight mode.


While drone trackers are expensive price, how much would you lose if your drone vanished (our article on finding a lost drone)?

A drone tracker was an expensive investment for me. This is especially when you consider how much I spent on my first drone!

I understand that you may be on a tight budget or don’t want a high-end drone tracker. I have included some affordable options that still offer value.

There Are Two Different Kinds of Drones Tracker

There Are Two Different Kinds of Drone Trackers

Gps Drones Trackers

The Tracker connects to the network satellites that circle the earth for the global positioning system. This technology can track virtually any place on the globe, but there are two limitations.

The first is that solid structures must not block the signal of the drone tracker. The drone won’t track well inside buildings or other structures.

The best results are obtained in the open. A cellular plan is required for the TrackerTracker. Otherwise, it will not send its location to your phone.

Rf Drones Trackers

These trackers transmit radio waves which are then received by detection devices. This technology doesn’t rely on GSM reception like GPS drone trackers. They work in areas without much infrastructure. However, most RF trackers on the market have a range limit of only 2 miles.

The Third Kind of Drones Tracker

A series of devices that did not have GPS capability was launched over the years. Instead, they used a Bluetooth range of 10-15 meters. These devices were also used by other users on a larger scale who could locate your item using the Bluetooth broadcast of the drone tracker.

We have not listed these companies because they have yet to build a following that would make the crowd-tracking devices a viable option to GPS tracking lost drones.

Top 8 Best Drone Trackers 2022

Top 7 Best Drone Trackers 2022

Bestseller No. 1
VIFLY Beacon Self-powered...
269 Reviews
VIFLY Beacon Self-powered...
  • With the built-in motion...
  • Easy to setup, just attach it...
Bestseller No. 2
Marco Polo Ultralight...
82 Reviews
Marco Polo Ultralight...
  • Simple to setup and use,...
  • Works anywhere, totally...
Bestseller No. 3
GPS Tracker Trackimo 2021...
  • Easy setup, working...
  • Trackimo is a world leader...
Bestseller No. 4
FPV Drone Finder Buzzer 110dB...
  • Dual LED,much brighter,easier...
  • Just connect to the buzzer...
Bestseller No. 5
WEERSHUN GPS Strong Magnetic...
36 Reviews
WEERSHUN GPS Strong Magnetic...
  • ✅1. Precise positioning,...
  • ✅2. Silicon mark noise...
Bestseller No. 6
Discrete Tracking Device,GPS...
  • 1. Precise positioning,...
  • 2. Silicon mark noise...

1. Trackimo 3G GPS Trackers

Top Drone Tracker 2020

Trackimo GPS Drone Tracker is the best GPS drone that has received many positive reviews. This is the best currently on the market.

The Tracker is light weight and compact, specially designed to be used with Drone Attachment Kit. The installation takes only three minutes. To view its location online or via an application, you need to attach it to your drone.

Trackimo GPS functions just like any other drones GPS tracker. Trackimo uses GPS signal, GSM, and GPS to track your drone’s location via a Web platform or an IOS/Android App.

This TrackerTracker has many useful features:

  • Alerts for fence alarm: Get alerts when a device leaves the geofence that you have set.
  • Speed alert: Get alerts when your device exceeds the preset speed.
  • Alerts for devices that are moving: Get alerts when your device is in motion.
  • Protective silicone cover for water resistance
  • SOS alert when you press the SOS button + 2 additional preset alerts buttons
  • Live to track the device’s path with 1-minute updates
  • Tracking device in real-time
  • Low annual service costs

Trackimo currently offers Trackimo to drone operators for $199.98. This price includes the drone, an attachment kit, and a one-year worldwide drone GPS service. The monthly fee for the service will be $5 after the initial year.

AT&T Certified ABLEGRID GPS...
  • AT&T Certified 4G Real-time...
  • 3400mAh Large Battery, 30 Days...

2. Marco Polo Advanced Drones Recovery Systems

A popular drone tracker is the Marco Polo advanced drone. The Marco Polo advanced drone is not just a tracker but also a tracking device that uses a transceiver to pinpoint the location of your drone.

Marco Polo doesn’t require cellular service, GPS satellite, or internet. A smartphone app allows users to locate their drones.

These are the features:

  • No internet, GPS, or mobile required
  • There are no monthly fees
  • Includes a transceiver.
  • Marco Polo can travel up to 2 miles (3 km) in line of sight.
  • Battery life up to 15 days per charge

The system will allow you to mix and match 3 tags for drone, pet, or any other application.

There are two options available: the Ultralight device is $219.95 per drone, and the Advanced System is $234.95 per drone.

It’s not the easiest tracking system, but it is very accurate. It can also be irritating to have the transceiver on you. It is seen as among the very best drone trackers with the best tracking system. 

Read More: 

3. Trackimo 2G GPS Tracker

Trackimo GPS Tracker is the best budget GPS drone company. These guys are experts in their field. The 2G version is the best option if you are looking to save some money.

The battery life is also very long, up to 96 hours when it’s on standby and 1 month when it’s on a full charge.

Their kit is very easy to attach to your unmanned aircraft – it’s a simple Velcro strap that can be looped around most drone parts. It will be barely noticeable on your drone due to its low profile.

Notice: 2G is an old technology that many cellular companies slowly phase out.

ZEERKEER Mini GPS Tracker...
92 Reviews
ZEERKEER Mini GPS Tracker...
  • ★【Real-time & Accurate...
  • ★【One-button SOS Call 】:...

4. Scout Universal GPS Tracker

Scout Universal GPS Tracker is a device that combines GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth with vibration sensing, accelerometer, and Bluetooth technologies.

This allows you to follow speed, heading, and position in real-time. The Scout’s low weight (24g) makes it a good drone tracker. A smartphone app allows users to locate their unmanned aircraft.

Like a drone tracker, the app allows you to draw geofences and alert you if the drone moves away from the geofence. You will be notified immediately by the app’s vibration sensor if your drone is moved.

You will need GSM cellular reception to use the device and a monthly plan. This is the best lost and found tracker drone.

5. Eaglerich Coban GPS102B Mini GPS Tracker

  • Worked for unlimited distance
  • GSM/GPS: 2 flight modes
  • Accuracy GPS: 3.2 feet
  • Built-in microphone

It is amazing how fast a drone can become lost. Without a tracker for drones, it’s highly unlikely that you will find your drone. The Eaglerich Coban Tracker is a great option for those on a tight budget.

You might be thinking that this low price seems a little suspicious. You’ll love the GPS drone tracking devices, I promise.

It’s a small device, first of all. Fun-sized gadgets are a favorite of many. I know that I do!

It works over unlimited distances. It’s also possible with a less expensive device and great tracking system.

This drone tracker has a unique feature: the microphone built-in can be used as a silent listener.

I didn’t mind that there is no battery save mode and that regular battery life is the only 72hrs.

If you are looking for an affordable drones GPS tracker that can follow unlimited distances, this is the best GPS quadcopter If you lose your drone you will have its exact position of it.

Tracki GPS Tracker for...
  • Unlimited distance real time...
  • Tracki is smallest & lightest,...

6. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker

  • Unlimited distance
  • 5 modes: GPS/A-GSM/GSM, GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Battery Save Mode

The Tracki GPS tracker for unmanned aircraft was a complete surprise to me! We have to be real; while high quality doesn’t always guarantee high quality, it doesn’t mean that low quality doesn’t exist. This is among the best drone trackers.

This tiny gadget can follow unlimited distances in real-time and works in all countries around the world!

Although the battery lasts for about 2 days, it is still quite useful. However, there is a handy battery save mode which prolongs battery life up to a whole month.

It works in GPS, A/GSM, and GSM modes outdoors. There’s also wifi indoors.

This drone tracker was so fun! I am certain you will not find anything better at this price.

The Tracki mini drone tracker is not perfect. There is a monthly charge, and it uses cellular services.

This gadget is great for those who love mini-sized devices.

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, I recommend something else.

7. TK102 GPS Tracker

The TK102 GPS for drone tracking is the best cheap GPS drones. This device works with a GSM Simcard and transmits data over cellular networks.

Call the TrackerTracker using your phone. You will receive an SMS with GPS coordinates. You can then view the exact position using Google Maps on your phone.

The TrackerTracker is very heavy, so I recommend purchasing a separate GPS Tracker Holder Bracket Mount. A smartphone app (iOS or Android) allows users to locate their unmanned aircraft.

The TK102 GPS Tracker is currently the cheapest drones option, as it costs only $31,99.

VIFLY Beacon Self-powered...
269 Reviews
VIFLY Beacon Self-powered...
  • With the built-in motion...
  • Easy to setup, just attach it...


FAQs about Best drone tracker

Do drones have a GPS tracker?

Trackimo uses GPS to follow your drone’s location via the web, iOS, or Android apps. Attach your Trackimo device to your unmanned aircraft to view its location online or through the app. Now you can locate your drone anywhere in the world, securely and in real-time.


Can I add GPS to my drones?

External modules can be attached to drones that are not equipped with GPS.


What happens if a drones goes out of range?

Drones can only move within a certain range. The signal to control the drone stops working if it is outside of this range. You can’t control the drone from this range.


How to Find Lost Drones Without a Tracker?

It can be quite a sad affair if your precious drones through the air and you never sees it again. Maybe the battery failed, or a software glitch. Worse if it’s a drones with no tracking device. But don’t worry, see the guide to know how to find a lost drone without a tracker

SourceHow to Find a Lost Drone Without a Tracker? Best Methods 2022


Can the Mavic mini follow you?

The DJI Mavic Mini does not have to Follow Me ActiveTrack. This technology would make the quadcopter heavier and larger. Many drones have followed my modes. These drones are featured in our article about the top follow me mode drones.

How far can drones follow you?

Follow me Distance

The transmitter and GSC could become disconnected if they are allowed to travel too far apart. DJI drones, such as the Phantom 4, have strong GPS connections at 30 meters (98.4ft) high and 20 miles (66.5ft).

Can drones fly in the rain?

Drones can’t fly unmanned aircraft aerial in the rain because they are not waterproof nor water-resistant. There are, however, drones with different levels of water resistance.

Will DJI replace lost drones?

DJI Care Fresh has launched a new program that protects drones that accidentally fly away or become lost. The service allows for the replacement of drones that have been lost in flight at a reduced cost. The coverage covers the Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2 models.


These are the best drone trackers on the market now; we sure you can’t go wrong with any suggestions on this list. Let’s make sure you can track your drone anywhere and when to avoid losing your drone. We hope that our article can help you learn more about the way to protect your best drones.

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