Promark P70 VR Drone Reviews – this is a virtual reality drone designed exclusively for professionals. Besides, there are also features designed for beginners. If you are learning about Promark P70 VR Drone, check out our following article.

Promark VR Drone Review – Promark P70 VR Drone Reviews


  • Large size. Drone steps about 15 x 15 x 7.5 inches,
  • Remote Controller. Large ergonomic transmitter using LED display to keep you advised about the drone’s standing
  • HD camera. The 720p camera is adequate enough
  • FPV mode. Download the Promark VR program from Google Play or iTunes and fly the drone in FPV way
  • Auto-hover. When you press on the camera button, then the drone moves in the automobile hover mode
  • Headless mode. Switch it to fly the drone longer readily
  • Flexible speed. Three-speed configurations can be found
  • Additional. VR goggles come in the bundle


  • Camera. It’s an HD, but it could be better

1. Design

This isn’t a little drone. The measurements are 19 x 5.8 x 19 inches, and the weight will be 1, 3 lbs. It’s a contemporary layout and four rotor blades. Under the rotors are 4 LED lighting. 2 green to the front, two reddish for the trunk.

Four long legs beneath the drone function as landing equipment and protection to the camera put beneath the drone. The blades also have shields that aren’t attached when you get them in the box.

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Promark VR Drone Review - Promark P70 VR Drone Reviews

2. P70-VR Camera

A 720p HD camera mounted underneath the drone may be tilted up or down by employing the “Camera Angle” button on the remote control. The video quality could be described as quite adequate.

There’s a jelly impact once the drone abruptly moves. The total impression is that the filming is greatest when the drone has been about the slowest speed setting.

3. Transmitter

The transmitter includes a typical design, a slick layout that lies quite well from the palms. Even though the drone has lots of features, it isn’t overcrowded with switches.

The left joystick is the controller and exerts control. The ideal joystick is the directional controller. You will find buttons for trimming left-right and up-down.

Additionally, the camera may be pointed up or down with the corresponding button. There’s a button to the camera too. A brief media is going to take a picture, a very long press will begin a movie. Corresponding buttons for automobile land- remove, and for rate, settings are there similarly.

The fantastic thing with this control if you don’t need to figure what preferences you have selected. There’s a beautiful LED display that shows you the current settings and the camera mode, shooting or shooting photos. The remote control has a telephone holder that supports the biggest telephones.

The drone could be controlled by your telephone via the Promark VR program. But some features might be restricted while still flying along with your smartphone, such as the single-button reverse attribute.

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4. P70-VR Battery

The maker outfitted this drone using a reasonably healthy battery, a 7.4V 2,000mAh Li-Polymer battery. It allows for as much as 12 minutes of flight time, based on this drone’s rate and operation. Flips and stunts significantly reduce the flight period.

The battery is rechargeable via the included USB cord, and also to control it entirely will take you approximately 5 hours. Before the initial use, the battery has to be changed entirely. The battery is put within the drone; you will find a committed doorway plus a slot for this. It links quite easily by plug& play programs.

P70-VR Additional Features

5. P70-VR Additional Features

  • Autoland And Car Take – Off

You may start or territory the drone simply by pressing the corresponding button.

  • Speed Control

You will find speed settings, you’ll be able to pick from.

  • FPV Control

As a result of the streaming movie style, you can view instantly what the camera sees.

  • VR Mode

By employing the VR Goggles that are provided as standard equipment in the bundle, you may enjoy a true VR experience. Put your cell phone in the very nicely designed and protected goggles, and texture as a pilot.

  • Headless Mode

This choice makes the drone simpler to fly.

  • One-Button Stunt

With a press of a button, the drone will implement a 360-degree reverse. Remember the minimum elevation needed for the stunt, which drains the battery. Never execute the stunt using a nearly empty battery since it may lead to a crash.

  • Emergency Stop

This can kill all of the power to the engines, and also, the drone will fall to the floor. This attribute is meant to be applied as a last resort step.

6. Flying Experience

The drone has sufficient power to fly efficiently and quickly. The drawback is that it’s quite loud. It’s 3-speed settings. Therefore anybody can get the one which suits him the very best.

There’s a Headless style available, which may make flying more comfortable, particularly for beginners. The auto-hover purpose is featured, and it begins when you press on the camera button.

The maximum range is 300 yards, but it drops down to 100 yards while employing the Wi-Fi. If you fly out the drone of range, the sign is going to be gone along with the drone will land in the place.

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Reasons to Prefer Promark P70 Drones:

  • Remote Controller: The big and ergonomic transmitter using an LED display which gives you the capability to understand concerning the Drone’s status.
  • FPV manner: FPV style is connected in the Promark complimentary app that can help you to receive the actual time expertise and fly readily.
  • Automobile hover: The automobile hover style will automatically turn on if you press on the connected camera.
  • Flexible Rate: Three different speed settings can be found in such a Drone to control the rate. It helps you control the whole motion of the Drone.
  • Headless mode: This mode assists the Drone to fly easily and flawlessly on its functioning time.


The standard VR experience of accessories provides a great flying experience. You should own a VR drone.

If you have any further information, do not hesitate to share it with us.