Potensic T25 GPS Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Review

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Overview 2021 – would be your Potensic T25 quadcopter worth the cost? Overview of features, mileage, flight length, battery life, camera, and much more.

Believe that you can not get a nice camera drone for under 200? The Potensic T25 drone is here to prove differently. Retailing for only $139.99 on Amazon, this quadcopter (or only copter) includes pretty much everything you would expect.

Some users have indicated that it may be significant enough to go toe-to-toe using top-of-the-range versions. That is only 1 person’s view. Why do not take a closer look and judge for yourself?

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Overview

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Overview


  • Together with the one-touch button, it makes this particular drone ideal for beginners.
  • The Potensic T25 may be employed using the VR glasses in case you have some. They don’t have the package.
  • It’s a one-key click so that you may discuss it with your social networking buddies right from the camera once you capture it.
  • It’s small and compact, but it does not look bulky.
  • Well, designed and when desired, you can substitute the landing leg, propellers, and propeller guards.
  • Using the small size, you might even fly it indoors if you would like to.
  • It’s 4 LEDs, so if you fly at night, it’s simple to keep track of your drone.
  • It’s three speeds to Pick from
  • It may be controlled while the wind is mighty.


  • However, programs an SD card one isn’t included to buy one, get the one with the memory it will manage so you’ve got loads of storage memory card.
  • The videos and pictures from the camera may be a little jumpy.
  • At times the clarity Isn’t as strong as it Ought to Be
  • Each of the drones has been responsive to the controller, that there are a minimum lag and a few footage delay.

If you’re a drone fan (and you probably are), the very first thing you’ll see is the layout of this Potensic T25 that appears quite like that of this DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This is not a coincidence; the Phantom 4 is among the most popular drone; however, it is incredibly costly and catered towards professional photographers.

The Potensic T25 has quite a similar layout using an HD camera onto its abdomen and a set of landing legs that can protect the camera once you land the drone. However, I must add that the Potensic T25 is a lot smaller than the Phantom 4 Pro, and its own is constructed from high-quality vinyl.

But it doesn’t have the innovative features that the Phantom 4 Pro comes with. Still, it does not need to since the target market only wants fun with all the drones rather than professional aerial photographers.

You can find the drone in 2 colors, either white or black. I favor the black edition, as it seems more futuristic.

There are LED lights beneath each rotor, which makes it seem trendy and makes it convenient for night-time flying.

The drone is not huge. It measures 10.6 x 10.6 x 4.7 inches and weighs less than 4 lbs. If you reside in a large home, you could fly the drone inside. Also, it includes propeller guards to minimize any harm that may occur if you crash the drone.

Within the package, you receive a set of additional propellers, additional propeller guards, two batteries, a charger, other landing equipment, and the remote controller.

The remote controller looks like a new video console pad, it’s comfy to hold, and all of the controls are within reach. Additionally, it will come with a smartphone attachment if you would like to fly with the FPV attribute.

As usual, my favorite feature of a drone is that the camera, along with the Potensic T25, is accompanied by an amazing one.


The T25 is accompanied by an HD 1080p camera capable of recording excellent video footage, mainly to get a drone that costs less than $200.

The camera includes a 120° field of view lens that provides you with an expansive view of the region you’re flying about, and the camera could be tilted 75°, which will permit you to find superior angles to shoot better pictures and movie footage.

The footage and images are stabilized. There’s absolutely no high-end 3-axis gimbal connected to the camera. However, as you won’t be shooting professional quality photographs, there’s no demand to get a gimbal.

It is also possible to live stream movie footage right to your smartphone, then edit them and discuss them on social websites through the drone program.

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Potensic T25 includes two smart flight styles

Intelligent Flight Modes

Like most contemporary drones, the Potensic T25 includes two smart flight styles, these are;

Follow me – With double GPS systems guidance, the drone will lock on your phone through the program and follow you about. It is easy to record yourself or shoot selfies when out taking a walk or riding your bicycle with this feature.

Customized Flight Plan – This flight style lets you draw a personalized route on the program, and also, the drone will follow this route and comes back to its first destination.

The cool thing about both these flight manners is that it permits anybody to fly the drone, even people with zero flying experience.

Intelligent flight manners are often only found on more costly drones. The simple fact that this drone includes 2 tells you precisely how feature-rich that the Potensic T25 is.

There’s also an automated return house button. This can reduce the odds of losing your drone and provide added safety measures if you feel you’re losing control.

These flying manners are possible since the drone includes double GPS modules, so you’ve got accurate information regarding your drone’s place.

Other Features

9 Axis -Gyroscope – Normally, many beginner-friendly drones include a 6 axis-gyroscope for airport equilibrium. The Potensic T25 consists of a 9 axis-gyroscope that provides more stability. Additionally, it makes the droning wind resistant, and also excess strength ensures better quality videos and images.

3 Rate Modes – depending upon your skill level, you may pick from 3 rate manners that will determine how quickly the drone moves along with how much control you’ve got over it.

Headless Mode – This mode will permit you to fly the drone without understanding its orientation or the way its tail and head are pointed.

This mode is most appropriate for beginners because the controls are straight forward to understand. The headless mode should just be turned off whenever you’re knowledgeable about this drone’s tail and head and comprehend the rules.

Intelligent Battery – The drone requires one Li-Po 1000 mAh battery. Also, it includes LED lights for power level signal and fits in easily in the rear of the drone.

After the battery indicator indicates a reduced amount of cost, it is going to return home mechanically. That is why I believe they call it a smart battery, a fantastic feature to have decreases the odds of losing your drone.

Flight Time – This is the only difficulty. It includes a flight time of about 8-10 minutes, which may not be sufficient time to enjoy flying a drone. Nonetheless, this is in line with the majority of other drones in its course. Also, it will include a spare battery.

So bill both and if one works out, use another one. I would also suggest that you buy additional batteries with two batteries, so it doesn’t provide you a long time to run this drone.

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Battery Life And Flight Time

With this battery, you still have a flight time of approximately 8 minutes, so it’s a good idea to purchase a spare battery. When hovering, the longer you spent doing this, the better you’ll become excellent results out of your movies and photographs.

If it works out of electricity, it will return the house mechanically. When battery life is depleted, it is going to take 60 minutes to recharge.


The control looks like a control in the older x-box console. Therefore, it ought to be user friendly. On the power is where you’ll get the buttons to your return to house, electricity, and landing/takeoff.

On the control, you’ll come across a universal mount. This mount will allow you to snap an iPhone or Android Smartphone into position quickly.

Simplicity of Use

The Potensic T25’s controller seems like it borrowed a few ideas from popular gaming console controls.

Once it feels suspiciously comfortable, the controller’s front part is populated using an LED indicator desk, which is relatively uncommon as most drone transmitters come equipped with a monochrome display for real-time, lively readouts.

However, these light upward in primary colors, which can be vibrant enough to tell which are busy or are not.

A comfortable double joystick design is accountable for the flight controllers of the Potensic T25, whereas committed Electricity, Takeoff/Landing, and GPS buttons populate the bottom half of it.

Camera tilt angle is controlled from the upper and bottom left buttons on the front of the control, while Restart Me style and photo/video catches are cared for by the upper right and bottom right buttons.

For people who aren’t overly knowledgeable about the gaming console design, it may be somewhat overwhelming to learn each role by memory, but there is practice for it.

The control ergonomics are not all too bad also, providing you with maximum comfort when using it.

Design and Build Quality

When you take a look at the Potensic T25, it certainly does ring a few bells.

Although it isn’t unusual amongst budget-oriented drone makers to be motivated by the DJI Phantom 4 version, it might have been fine if the T25 might be a bit more unique in its physical appearance. Nevertheless, we love why they did not find a need to reinvent the wheel.

The quadcopter design is among the most embraced implementations from the drone area, and also, the Potensic T25 does well to stick to something which’s been tried and tested.

Though the producer does not define what sort of plastic contains the hull and most of the drone’s components, it looks durable in quality. This is not a passport to wreck your Potensic T25. Nevertheless, so simple on the fly until you have mastered each control.

Propeller guards protect the propeller in the event you crash or crash on obstacles, along with the extra-long landing equipment gives ample clearance between the camera and the floor so that you won’t need to worry each time you settle down for recovery.

Last Ideas

For individuals wanting to get into the drone arena, the Potensic T25 is a viable alternative, given the features and specs that it packs in its price point.

Staaker believes Potensic struck the nail on the head of the launch, as it has got everything a newcomer might need to learn and expertise drone flying, like responsiveness, security assistive features, simple controllers, and leading flight performance.

The battery might be better. However, the included spare indeed goes some way to rectifying that.

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