Parrot vs DJI: Parrot Anafi Vs Mavic Air: Top Full Guide 2021

Parrot vs DJI

Parrot vs DJI showdown – Who will be the winner. It is indeed very difficult to decide. If you are wondering between these two products, read our following article.

DJI Mavic Air

DJI found fantastic success using all the Mavic Pro. They followed up that with the much less expensive Spark. The Mavic Air bridges the difference between those two, offering all of the fun features from the more compact Spark and all of the pro flight features of this Mavic Pro.

Even better, the Mavic Air introduced a 100Mbps data rate for video capture on a DJI drone below $1500. This seems like a mouthful; suffice to state, the Mavic Air immediately took the crown to the very best video at the lowest cost of any drone available on the marketplace.

Much like numerous DJI drones, the Mavic Air comes in two primary buying alternatives, and you can purchase the drone independently or update it into the alveolar More package to find more batteries, a carry case, and much more.

Following the initiation of the Mavic two-string of drones, we needed to urge the newer Mavic lineup as the very best camera onto a compact drone. However, the Mavic Air remains our best pick if supreme portability is the own concern. The Mavic Air manages to package down to nearly fit snugly in your pocket.

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Parrot Anafi

Parrot Anafi

The Parrot Anafi is among the best entries from Parrot for its consumer camera market. Recognizing the ability of an articulating gimbal, the newest 21MP 4K camera can point all of the ways down and rotate into pointing all of the ways up. This is exceptionally successful for review services on commercial drones however is constructed to a consumer-friendly folding quadcopter layout.

The drone is a step upward from Parrot’s usual mostly-foam construct. Foam is perfect for building dimensions without adding much weight. Instead, the Anafi is a considerably sleeker package using a plastic body.

Start looking for the now-common pair of features in the Anafi, for example folding propeller arms, hands propellers, compact dimensions, and a stabilized 4K camera. The remote controller uses your telephone for a screen, and you can swap batteries to expand your flight afternoon.

Parrot vs DJI - Parrot Anafi Vs Mavic Air

Parrot vs DJI – Parrot Anafi Vs Mavic Air

1. Camera

The Mavic Air and Anafi sport robust cameras which sit maneuverable 3-axis gimbals.

Even though the Mavic Air defeats Anafi at two or three essential locations, general Anafi’s revolutionary new camera defeats DJI’s camera in power and design.

The two drones game a Sony CMOS camera sensor for photo and movie, but the Mavic Air employs a 1/2.3″ detector effective at 12MP (4,056 x 3,040) stills. In contrast, Anafi uses a superior 1/2.4″ detector which shoots 21MP (5,344 x 4,016) stills.

Comparing lenses, the Anafi includes a superior aperture (F2.4 vs. F2.8) and may hit quicker shutter speeds (1/10000s to 1/8000s).

Additionally, Parrot implemented a positive new attribute in its lens that no additional drone, such as the Mavic Air, has now: lossless digital zoom.

You may magnify around 2.8x without a decrease in picture or movie quality, making it much easier to picture your topic without needing to get so near. However, Mavic Air does only win for camera FOV, at 85-degrees versus 84-degrees.

While Anafi wins because of the option for photographers, filmmakers possess a trickier option.

The two drones can picture in 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) up to 30 FPS, ample for a few impressive home movies.

Anafi can go a step farther and movie in 4K Cinema style (4,096 x 2,160), although only around 24 FPS. Mavic Air can not do that, but it can picture at around 120 FPS in Total HD or HD. Therefore, while Anafi wins for picture quality, Mavic Air can triumph to get filming fast-moving objects.

Mavic Air also arguably displays slightly steadier camera service for non-shaky filmmaking. Both possess a 3-axis gimbal, but Anafi is a hybrid vehicle: roster and tilt are automatically controlled. However, the yaw (panning left and right) is controlled, making it potentially less stable.

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Anafi’s camera will compensate for its less-stable mechanics using an unbelievable vertical tilt range: it could point directly back (-90º) and directly upward (90º), while Mavic ranges from -90º to 17º up. Creative drone owners may gain from Anafi’s capacity to readily shoot a complete range of down and up.

The two drones sport the same maximum bit rate, 100Mbps, but just the Mavic Air includes any internal storage (8 GB). The Anafi includes a 16GB microSD card at the box, significant enough for approximately 20 minutes of 4K filming. So, for the drone, you will probably wish to improve your micro storage.

We all know the Mavic Air supports a 128GB card, and Anafi engineer told us that the drone could encourage 128GB, but we do not know whether it could go higher. We have asked Parrot for clarification and will update this article once we hear back again.

2. Layout and portability

If you’re searching for a mobile, lightweight drone to adhere to your coat pocket or back without feeling the burden, then you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Parrot Anafi weighs in at a mere 320g (11.3oz), although the elderly Mavic Air stays at 430g (15.2oz) heavier to carry but still lighter than most other competitions.

The two drones have foldable propeller arms, even though with different configurations. Together with the Mavic Air, you fold the front arms back next to the drone; then, the rear arms fold forwards in addition to the front arms.

Together with the Anafi, each one’s arms flatten outwards and could be pulled or pushed in separate from one another.

As a result of this, the Anafi is considerably longer but less broad than the Mavic Air. Parrot Anafi steps at 9.6 x 2.6 x 2.5 in (244 x 66 x 63.5 mm), whereas DJI Mavic Air climbs at 6.61 x 3.26 x 1.92 inches (168 x 83 x 49 mm). For real-world circumstances, Anafi is shaped like a tall water jar, while Mavic Air is all about the size of a very thick iPhone X.

Even though Mavic Air is a lot easier to continue, Anafi’s unique layout could compensate many buyers. The two drones mount their telephones at the front. However, Mavic Air’s camera, such as many drones, is embedded in the frame to save space. By comparison, the Anafi camera stays alone, like an insect mind.

This permits for its 180 degrees of perpendicular filming cited previously because nothing cubes its FOV. Better still, its positioning guarantees that the rotors are not ever put in your photo or picture while they are put around the borders of your Mavic Air shots.

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3. Flight and control

Despite its lighter framework, the Anafi comes equipped using speed and battery life created to conquer the Mavic Air. However, beyond pure specs, the Mavic Air gains from DJI AI technology that Parrot arguably has not caught up with yet.

In Sport mode, DJI’s drone may reach a high rate of 42.5miles (68km/h), while Parrot’s drone may hit a maximum of 33mph (55km/h). However, bear in mind the Mavic Air hits 17mph (29km/h) in Normal mode, which you’d mostly utilize for filming and photos.

But, Parrot Anafi does conquer the Mavic Air in end resistance. While Anafi can remain hovering in position at around 31 mph winds (50 km/h), Mavic Air loses equilibrium when storms reach the 19-24mph (29-38km/h) range.

Bear in mind that although Anafi can manage poor weather, neither drone is waterproof, so don’t attempt to test either drone rally in the center of a storm.

Mavic Air’s 2,375mAh battery allows for 21 minutes each excursion in terms of battery life, although our reviewers discovered 18 minutes for a nearer number for “true flight period.” Parrot asserts the Anafi strikes 25 minutes in factory settings, which can be nearer to that which high-end drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro are capable of. After all our testing is finished, we will see just how much flight time we get into the actual world.

If you’re planning on sending your drone from visual range, neither drone ought to cause you some management difficulties. Both enroll orders around 2.5 miles from the distant control, through Wi-Fi frequencies in either 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz, and the two may also react to orders by a dedicated mobile program.

After we get into intelligent flight manners and AI features, Anafi sets up a valiant struggle. However, Mavic Air seems to be the superior option.

The two drones include standard flight choices such as “follow-me” monitoring, a return house attribute, and creative shot manners where the drone movies you while doing committed flight paths such as boomerangs or magnificent pans upward. Both may picture in slow motion, although the Mavic Pro empowers this at 2.7K, while Anafi can hit FHD.

Anafi benefits from its zoomable lens to execute the renowned Hollywood dolly zoom and may even produce 3D maps of buildings or objects. Nevertheless, Mavic Air has its very own exclusive camera gimmicks to compensate for this, for example, its 32MP world panoramas of its surroundings.

More to the point, Mavic Air has movement controller functionality built-in, with its sensors to react to gestures. You’ll have it take off, soil, catch a still, begin or finish filming fly away from you, or accompany you through gestures. Anafi can not do some of the. If you place your hand near it, then it will not even detect.

With its detectors, Mavic Air also can feel and avoids barriers in 3 directions forward, downward and backward. When doing smart flight modes such as circles, it will automatically Dodge around things in its course without direct input.

By comparison (as far as we know), the Anafi cannot be capable of complex functionality. You’ve got to be careful of possible crashes until you begin any automatic flight manners.

Ultimately, it is uncertain if the Anafi affirms the FPV accessory headset you can buy for your Parrot Bebop 2. We have asked Parrot for clarification and will upgrade once we hear back again.

4. Cost and accessories

The DJI Mavic Air started shipping out in January of $2018 for $799 (#769 / AU$1,299). For this, you obtained the drone, three batteries, a remote control, a traveling tote, two pairs of propeller guards, six pairs of propellers, a battery-to-power-bank charger, and a battery charging pulse.

By comparison, the Parrot Anafi, scheduled for distribution on July 1, 2018, is priced at $699 / #649 (roughly AU$910). Besides the drone, the kit includes:

  • The remote control.
  • One battery.
  • The transport case.
  • 16 GB microSD card.
  • Eight free propeller blades.
  • A USB-A into USB-C charging cable.
  • Mounting instrument.

Anafi’s lower starting price point indeed makes it an attractive alternative. The deficiency of propeller guards or charging pulse could frustrate a few buyers. Still, Parrot’s USB-C cable makes it effortless to control the battery using any mobile or home knobs you might already have.

More vexing is that Parrot costs $99 for a single spare battery also does not contain a spare at the box. With no backup battery, you’re going to be stuck waiting for 2 hours to recharge before becoming airborne. Anafi may conquer Mavic Air’s flight time by five minutes. However, Air owners can bring both spares and stretch flight time in an hour before needing to go home.

Consequently, if you decide a backup battery is essential, then both of these drones’ purchase price becomes pretty much the same. To put it differently, we advise that you make your decision based mainly on the specs we’ve summarized previously.


Well, the Parrot Anafi is a formidable opponent that is holding the position of the DJI Mavic Air. It is truly a desirable drone. The camera and battery are outstanding, the speed and flight duration are about the same.

However, we do appreciate DJI’s obstacle avoidance feature, which does not guarantee your camera 100% safety but still has some potential danger. If you trust your best friend to be a good pilot with the ability to fly drones skillfully, the Parrot Anafi is also a worthy choice for you to keep in mind.

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