Mobius Cam Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Mobius Cam Review

Today, Staaker presents you with the best action camera on the market today – the Mobius Cam review. Mobius Cam has a good price point with a wide variety of features, allowing extensive customization of settings.

It has good video quality, 720p or 1080p with a small weight. And many more features. Because of these advantages, Mobius Cam has become the most popular action camera on the market.

Mobius Cam Review


This camera provides excellent value for $70. The movie quality is excellent, configuration and use are simple.

The producer is constantly improving the firmware. Bugs have been fixed, and new features are being added. Without needing to upgrade the firmware, I’m already quite pleased with the present condition. So much for me, this was utterly reliable.

The Mobius 1080P HD Action Camera is simple to carry around due to the lightweight and compact dimensions. It could be attached to a keyring or just place in a pocket. Also, I use this camera in my miniature quadcopter.

The sound is clear and clean.


The movie quality is excellent if recording a daylight atmosphere. However, I feel that the capacity of maintaining its movie’s quality under low light conditions may nevertheless be improved.

I also really don’t enjoy the heat produced when recording movies. There are just two parts of metal heat sinks around the camera case’s surface, and they can become hot after a couple of minutes of tape. Not too hot to touch, however.

There was no screen, neither men nor reside video outside the screen. Though it’s like all the GoPro, they provide a straightforward menu screen and wifi access, which means it’s still possible to view what’s being listed on your mobile phone.

A small LCD screen backpack could be fantastic to have an attachment. The only workaround at present will use the AV video cable to observe the picture on an LCD.

I’ve seen videos accepted by the Mobius with lens A (standard angle lens), and the angle of perspective is relatively low. That is why I chose to find the wide-angle lens variation (lens B). However, with the wide-angle lens, you’ll observe the four corners seem darker than the middle of the picture.

Another improvement they can make is water resistance or an accessory water-proof case, just like it is possible to get together with the GoPro. That would be fine!

A Complicated Still Cheap Action Camera

1. A Complicated Still Cheap Action Camera

The Mobius Action Cam is among the best deals going.

It requires excellent quality 720p or 1080p video, plus it is small and lightweight (56 gram with bracket ).

The best part might be the application, which allows extensive customization of those configurations.

Many user-definable choices may be altered, and the applications and the camera are straightforward to use.

This capacity and the minimal cost have created the Mobius activity camera a cult favorite.

In reality, you may call this nerd’s actions camera of choice. The Mobius community generated the settings applications; there is an Android program, a Mobius forum, and many more.

It has a user-replaceable lens and battery.

While the Mobius is not designed primarily for bicycle use, it is adaptable to many mounts. Also, it can be used for constant loop recording, and it can be a plus.

The simplicity, ease of usage, high-quality video, and colossal customization capacity make the Mobius Action Cam stand out.

Not all is rosy, however. The movie quality is excellent in bright sunshine, but you can find an off-color tint in the shadows.

Additionally, like most action cameras, the still photo quality is… not very significant. However, there is a lot of items that may be overlooked at this cost.

So if you are getting into an onboard video for your very first time or whether you are a seasoned “vlogger,” you won’t get more for your 85 dollars, and transport is included!

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2. Mobius Action Cam Form Element

We are not sure why they called they called the camera following the Möbius strip…or even when they did.

No, it is not named after the man in the 1956 movie “Forbidden Planet” possibly; this has been Dr. Edward Morbius, played with the excellent Walter Pidgeon.

The Mobius Action Cam hedges its bets involving the “tube” shaped activity cameras, such as the ReplayXD Prime X we reviewed not long ago and the “box” form of this favorite GoPro Hero 3 (inspection ).

This is precisely the identical sort of hybrid shape utilized from the Drift HD (inspection ).

The Mobius is relatively tiny, measuring only 35 mm round, 17 mm thick, and 68.5 mm long, including the lens. The body is covered in that semi-smooth, semi-soft silicone material and weighs just 46 g. The slide-in foundation with brass 1/4-20 standard tripod mount adds yet another 10 g.

The buttons are at the top and two “V”-sh” ped metallic heat sinks, which help dissipate heat generated by the CPU. Video cameras and activity cameras especially create a great deal of them. Therefore, these built-in radiators are a fantastic idea.

The radiator is also a hint to the degree of engineering in the design of this Mobius.

This is not just another el-cheapo action camera built to a cost; it’s evident that the Mobius is the brainchild of a video engineering scientific nerdy kind, using a genuine enthusiasm for activity camera movie.

Not only is that the Mobius constructed into a higher spec than you may expect, but the capability to personalize the atmosphere is also very extraordinary for any activity camera at any given cost.

The magic of this is that you don’t need to become involved with all of tweaking the brains of this Mobius in case you do not want to. It is simple enough to use right from the box.

If you need to have a peek under the hood, there are numerous displays in a downloadable Windows or Mac program that simplify it.

The program will also allow you to know whenever there’s a new firmware upgrade, and you’re able to download it, install it, and alter the preferences all without leaving the program.

The computer software will not win any style awards; actually, it seems somewhat like DOS 3.0. That means it is not fancy, but it’s user-friendly and looks stable, which counts for a good deal.

And remember that the cost you get all this for 85 bucks!

Within this review, we will touch just briefly on working the Mobius, as it is straightforward to accomplish, and we will have a peek at some screenshots of the setup applications to show you precisely what it is all about.

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Mobius Action Cam Features

3. Mobius Action Cam Features

The low cost is probably why you do not get a good deal of fancy packaging together with the Mobius. It is available in a plain box with a USB cable, one hook-and-loop stickie, plus a perfect mount with a built-in tripod mount as well as an accessory pocket clip.

Based on where you get it, you might also receive an electrical attachment socket USB charger. We did not get you with ours, nevertheless.

The Mobius could be bought as a”Pro” kit. However, that does not include anything of importance. There are many different accessories available; get the simple kit, and you need to have all the basics covered.

Features that are infrequent at the price or some other cost comprise:

  • The MSetup configuration utility applications (Windows or Mac).
  • Sharpness, exposure, saturation, and contrast have extensive customizable settings.
  • Color options could be selected.
  • The white balance has extensive customizable options such as three custom configurations.
  • White balance and exposure can be put and subsequently secured.
  • A battery and lens may be eliminated (but requires extensive surgery to do this ).
  • The rechargeable LIPO battery to the newest Mobius cams is 820mAh (a current update (>December 4, 2014) in the 520mAh in ours).
  • Live video output (low res) while recording (requires accessory cable).
  • Continuous loop recording (for dashcam)
  • I was recording while powered through USB 5VDC.
  • A narrow or broad field of view options in the configuration program.

Other features of this Mobius Action Cam comprise:

  • Video: 1080p/30fps or 720p in 30 or 60fps.
  • Video from H.264/AVC1 codec, stored in. MOV document (rename the files to .mp4 if needed to your video editor).
  • Still photo resolution: 2304×1536; 1920×1080; 1280×720 pixels.
  • Time lapse still photo shooting: 0.25; 0.5; 1.0; 2.0; 5.0; 10.0; 30.0; 60.0 moment intervals.U
  • MicroSD cards to 32GB with restricted support for 64 and 128GB.
  • Class 4 Kingston cards advocated (less costly ).
  • USB 2.0, plug-and-play with no drivers needed.

4. Employing The Mobius Action Cam

The camera doesn’t include published directions. The Mobius firmware, programs, and directions are here. There’s also a Mobius Action Cam documentation .pdf with detailed information on each of the camera operational features.

Considering that Mobius is supported in part with its community, the web pages, directions, and programs have a confused look. Locating the crucial info and webpages to the downloads could be perplexing, but the two links above should get you all that you want.

An individual Mobius proprietor allegedly developed the MSetup configuration utility, and it is on this page of this RCGroups radio-control forum.

  • Live View?

No. Be aware that the Mobius Action Cam doesn’t have live opinion support from the Windows, Mac, or even Android program; these programs are for configuration settings only.

  • Starting and Stopping

The Mobius doesn’t have an LCD, so that which is controlled by three buttons and a single LED light that shows red, blue, or yellow. By default, the camera turns on and begins recording video; this is probably for a dashcam mode.

This behavior can be altered from the MSetup configuration document. Unless you are using the camera as a dashcam (continuous loop), it is a fantastic idea to disable the auto-on recording attribute, or you’re going to get a lot of short videos (if you remember to stop the video recording).

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We put our Mobius to document when the primary button has been pushed. Now, just one push of this on/off button turns the camera in standby (yellow LED) after about 5 minutes.

Press the centre “M” (Mode) button to change recording from 1080p (yellow LED) into 720p (blue) to photo recording (reddish ). In any of these manners, press the record button to begin recording.

That is it; it is very straightforward. To switch off the camera, then press on the on/off button after. The LED will flash red/blue concurrently, along the camera will turn off.

  • WiFi Connectivity


  • Software

As mentioned above, Mobius has setup applications available for Windows, Mac, or Android.

  • Video Formats

Video stored in .MOV file format together with the H.264 codec in 1080p (1920×1080) at 30fps or 720p (1280×720) in 30 or 60fps.

We could not observe any quality differences when comparing 720p vs. 1080p or in 30 or 60fps.

  • Photo Formats

The Mobius takes quite indifferent quality photos at 72 dpi in the resolutions mentioned above. The photos do react to post-processing in photo editing applications, however.

  • Lens

There is some confusion within the available lenses to the Mobius. There is a “C” lens of 132° field of view. The”B” lens cameras continue to be in the retail flow; they have a 116° field of view lens.

However, the more recent Mobius cameras also have a “Broad” and “Narrow” FOV option from the configuration program.

We have not attempted a B lens camera, but it may be a better alternative since the C lens camera shows reveal quite a lot of barrel distortion when the camera is not perfectly flat or shooting close-ups.

  • Battery

After December 4, 2014, the cameras possess an 820mAh battery, and this will be a 63% battery capacity update from the prior 520mAh cameras.

The tiny red LED at the back of the camera will flash when the camera is switched on to indicate the battery level.

  • Memory

The producer recommends Class 4 Kingston microSD cards (not included) up to 32GB. Some 64GB and 128GB cards are encouraged.

  • Audio

The camera records in single-channel (mono) using a 32kHz sample rate and 512kbps little speed.

  • Other Features and Curiosities

A lot more info regarding the Mobius Action Camera could be discovered inside this RCGroups forum thread.

There are lots of other settings tweaks and configurations which may be achieved into the Mobius. However, the beauty of this is that if you are only considering a cheap, lightweight action camera, there is no demand or cause to mess with the preferences.

Some configurations are known in the many clumsy web pages dedicated to this camera, but we have not managed to figure it out.

Case in point: 1 segment means frame rates of 15, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 fps. But we could not find a mention of how to put them.

Also, it seems that there could be a few settings offered from the syscfg.txt document which aren’t available from the MSetup configuration utility. Obtaining the syscfg.txt document is somewhat tricky, but so we can not confirm this.


Overall, the Mobius Cam is a worthwhile device to buy, it’s the cheapest customizable, feature-rich action camera right now.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will help you answer.

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