JJRC H11D Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

JJRC H11D Reviews

JJRC H11D Reviews – JJRC H11D is an FPV equipped drone, excellent specifications. Join us in exploring this drone.

JJRC H11D Reviews


  • Nice lasting design;
  • Very secure and easy to command;
  • Total 5.8G FPV program;
  • Regular and Professional flight manners;
  • Simple to replace motors, just minor soldering required;
  • On/Off change;


  • Short playtime;
  • No elevation hold;
  • Poor video quality;
  • Horizontal bars on FPV;
  • Deficiency of spare parts availability.

1. Specifications:

  • Flight period: 10 minutes
  • Camera: 2mp FPV
  • Battery type: 3.7V 1100mAh LiPo
  • Range: 120 meters
  • Transmitter Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • FPV Frequency: 5.8 GHz
  • Features: One Automated media yield, 360° eversion, remotely adjustable camera

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jjrc h11d reviews - First impressions

2. First impressions

The bundle was delivered quite quickly by SF Express directly to my door. Becoming curious about it, I opened the package instantly. I discovered a very trendy black box with a translucent window that shows the very small H111D Nano FPV Q4.

Frankly, Hubsan did a fantastic job. I didn’t impress that I am handling a cheap Chinese product, such as additional quadcopter manufacturers (such as JJRC or even machines).

Aside from the tiny aircraft and its huge transmitter, I discovered within the next: USB charging cable, one pair of spare propellers, along with an instruction manual. Regrettably, there’s no memory card included, so that you’ll have to buy one separately. A small-capacity micro SD card (4GB – 8GB) can do the work just flawlessly.

The included user guide is the first one in this price range that’s a beneficial one since including details about how to get ready for flight and how to control the aircraft. There is also a chapter concerning the available spare components and an exploded-view diagram in the event you need to fix them.

As a layout, the H111D follows its predecessor. Fundamentally, everything (such as motors) is mounted onto the main-board. The inner parts (battery, camera, and receiver board) are protected by a lightweight and durable ABS casing. The 0614 coreless motors may be replaceable, but you’ll still require minor soldering understanding.

At the back part, below the charging plug, there is found a tiny power switch.

Even though the Nano FPV Q4 features a headless flight style, it’s white propellers at the front and green ones at the trunk. This will permit a better orientation through flights.

The four LED lights (blue ones facing and red ones at the trunk ) will assist during nighttime flights. Those tiny LEDs not just provide excellent visibility but also create your nighttime flights more magnificent.

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3. Camera

The camera is incorporated and doesn’t permit angle adjustment.

There’s no memory card slot based on the aircraft since the recorded documents (videos) are saved on the micro SD card put into the transmitter. The movies have been stored using a resolution of 720 x 240 (extremely broad ). Two minutes of recorded videos occupy roughly 105 MB of the micro SD card.

About the quality of those listed movies, I can only state that it is not overly enjoyable. The movies have been stored in the live-video feed with all the RF sounds. Anyhow, in this price range, we can not expect the standard of a GoPro camera.

Sad to say, the Hubsan Nano H111D can capture videos without permitting to shoot still photos.

The camera’s live video feed may be shown on the transmitter’s FPV display. This attribute is fantastic. Kids will surely love it.

4. Transmitter

Indeed, the first thing you will discover with this RC is that it is enormous compared to this drone’s magnitude. It’s nearly as big as it’s the RC of my professional Yuneec Q500 4K.

Four pieces of AA batteries power the transmitter. Frankly, it might have been more suitable to adopt one Li-Po battery.

The upper section is situated on the ample 4.3″ FPV LCD that displays the recording period, trim levels, and the camera lives video feed. The transmitter comes with an integrated DVR which enables recording the travel of your flights. There’s also a playback feature that enables reviewing your flight right in the area.

Aside from the typical control sticks and trimming buttons, there are just two buttons. While the perfect one lets to start/stop video recording, the left one’s purpose is unknown (at least there’s nothing said about it from the Q4 FPV user guide ).

Switching between standard and specialist flight styles can be carried out by lightly pressing the ideal rod (style 2) for 0.5 minutes. The jet mode could be triggered in precisely the same manner as the throttle rod.

By pressing and holding the throttle rod for 1.5 minutes, it could be empowered in the 3D reverse manner.

The remote control will be located in the micro SD card slot and a mini USB port on the remote control’s ideal side. The memory card has to be loaded to the RC before powering ON. By linking the transmitter into a computer through the USB interface, you may move the videos.

The transmitter setup menu can be triggered by pressing the throttle stick to the bottom position and long-pressing the proper stick. The on-screen menu enables to perform the followings:

Playback your recorded videos;

  • Time and date preferences;
  • Format the memory card
  • Reverse control stations;
  • Input sensitiveness;
  • Manually pick the FPV 5.8G frequency.

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jjrc h11d reviews - Battery

5. Battery

To start with, the 3.7V 1100mAh Lip battery works incredibly well in this quadcopter. They are powering flights of over 10 minutes (without a camera) and about 8 to 9 minutes with a camera. When the battery is running low, this quadcopter’s glowing LED lights will begin flashing as a warning to the pilot.

6. Range

Although H11D will almost certainly be the upcoming major hit at the low-cost drones marketplace, maybe not everything is excellent. The management space on H11D is the opposing element. Today, a range between 100 and 120 meters is under average; new and lower-priced quadcopters have more control space.

7. Test flight

After spending a while flying the H111D indoor, I had been impressed with how secure this tiny drone is. Even though it doesn’t feature elevation hold, it’s pretty easy to hover with slight throttle adjustments.

Following your flight ability, you can choose between “Regular” and “Expert” flight manners. For indoor and novices flights, I urge the usual manner.

The FPV transmission functioned pretty well except for a few annoying horizontal bars in the atmosphere, probably generated from the brushed engine’s electrical sound.

When it had been on the floor, I got excellent image quality on the transmitter display in addition to in my KDS Kylin FPV goggles. If you consider the transmitter’s FPV LCD too little, essentially, you can use together with the Hubsan Q4 FPV another 5.8G screen.

The miniature 180mAh Li-Po battery provides between 4 and 3 minutes of playtime that, in my estimation, is reasonable considering that the magnitude of this drone. I am aware of this is just about half of the promoted flight period perhaps I flew overly aggressively.

As soon as I landed and changed it OFF, I discovered this little toy warmed up badly. This is probably brought on by the RX and TX modules.

If you fly from the controller range, the engines of those H111D are ceased almost immediately (1 -2 minutes ). This is great because this way can not happen a flyaway.

If the aircraft begins to fly chaotically, I urge calibrating that the gyro by pressing and pushing the throttle stick into the lowest-right position and moving the ideal stick (aileron mode) left-right immediately.


JJRC H11D is a micro drone with good performance and an attractive price. On the other hand, it is not a wind-resistant drone, you should use it indoors or in good weather.

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