Fimi X8 Se Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Fimi X8 Se Drone Review

Now Staaker is analyzing the Fimi X8 Se Drone. A 4K-Quadrocopter out of Xiaomi. It’s not a flying Stormtrooper, even though it seems as though it at first sight. Since you’re anticipating Xiaomi, this cheap drone has many energy and features, which you know from many more expensive drones.

Xiaomi or FIMI

Xiaomi or FIMI?

There are, in fact, two business names in the title of this quadrocopter, which could confuse you or another drone-interested individual. Fimi is a Chinese firm founded in 2014 inside the Xiaomi ecosystem. Under this name that the startup sells gimbals for smartphones, activity cams, and naturally, drones.

The young organization is promoting the principles and values of Xiaomi. Xiaomi is famous for its smartphones and smart devices (like vacuum cleaner robots and e-scooters), which have an incredibly excellent price/performance ratio.

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Fimi X8 Se Drone Inspection

Fimi X8 Se Drone Inspection

The very first thing you’ll see is the FIMI X8 SE is a well-designed drone. It is a foldable drone like its own DJI rivals, making it compact and easy to travel with. On a negative note, if you’re a regular traveler, I frankly think foldable drones would be the ideal sort of drones to journey with.

The drone steps only 73*106*204mm when consumed and weighs less than 800g. The 4K camera is set close to the front and is stabilized with a three-axis mechanical gimbal. The top ability lipo battery fits nicely on top, and it’s a memory card slot on its side.

This is quite a nicely designed drone. It’s a superior texture, the rotor arms are easy to take out, and they all have trendy LED lights that’ll be useful when you would like to fly throughout the evening time.

It includes brushless motors that can be more efficient and provides the drone longer thrust throughout take-off and make it go quicker; its high speed is over 64 km/h, which’s very fast to get a none racing drone.


Without a doubt, this drone’s top quality will be that the beautiful 4K camera is a remarkable piece of gear that will enable you to observe the world from over in pristine HD.

That is why I adore drones, you have to explore the planet in a manner you would not have been capable of earlier, and together with all the FIMI X8 SE, you have to view it in crystal clear HD.

The 4k drone camera is stabilized with a three-axis mechanical gimbal that will remove any distortion type, providing you with ultra-smooth videos and images in windy conditions. Together with the 4K camera, you can capture in 30FPS and live stream movies right to your smartphone, at which you’ll have the ability to edit and edit your videos to social networking.

The camera includes a Sony 1/2.3 inch sensor that provides HDR that can capture increased image information and provide you greater color functionality. The camera is capable of taking gorgeous aerial pictures from 12MP. The camera specs are worth the cost of this drone.

FIMI X8 SE 2020 Drone 8km Range 35mins Flight Time 3X Digital Zoom Camera 4K HDR Video 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal Rain-Proof Design FlyCam Quadcopter UAV
  • ✈【3-AXIS MECHANICAL GIMBAL】It combines a light weight 3-axis mechanical gimbal with the latest professional control algorithms, bringing in the ultra smooth and jello-free videos even in high-speed or strong-wind conditions.
  • ✈【HDR VIDEO AND PHOTO】High-dynamic-range video support. The FIMI X8SE 2020 makes your shots lookin stuniing by preserving the original detail,light and color tones of your scene or subject. in such way, its HDR capabilities take the visual experience of any creator to the entirely new level.
  • ✈【FIMI X8 SE 2020 Drone】Capture impressive 12MP photos with a 1/2.6” SONY CMOS sensor while the 3-axis mechanical gimbal provides 4K/30fbs 100Mbs video. The secret to incredible HDR video is a high-performance image sensor. Video transmission distance of up to 8 km and can also deliver 1080p FHD resolution livestream directly from the drone’s camera.

The mechanical gimbal may also be flipped 90° providing you with a much more choice to capture images from different angles.

This is only one of the most effective cheap 4K camera drones available on the current market. If you would like a drone that may take professional-level video and graphics but don’t need to pay more than a grand for the likes of a DJI drone, then the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE is worth considering.

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Remote Controller

I must state the remote control is among the best I’ve ever seen. It is well designed and feels comfortable on your hands.

All of the controls are easy to achieve, and it’s a massive transmission assortment of approximately 5km. This is a more extensive range than the Mavic Pro along with the Parrot Anafi.

You will find controls for take-off, landing, shooting pictures and videos, plus a dial that will permit you to command the mechanical gimbal.

The controller includes an excellent smartphone attachment, it stretches from either end, and you can match your smartphone or a little tablet between. You do not require a smartphone to restrain the drone but could be passing up the principal features of this drone-like FPV and brilliant flight manners.

It includes innovative video transmission technology, which reduces latency and stream live video feed HD right to your smartphone.

The battery of FIMI X8 SE (Smart Battery)

The battery is a so-called Smart Battery. The LEDs on the top side indicate the present charging position once the button is pressed. When saved for quite a while, the battery automatically adjusts to a particular percentage, so the Smart Battery has a longer lifespan. For this reason, you must fully control it only before the flight and get going.

Experience has indicated that it requires approximately two hours to charge the battery life completely. The flight period with a complete fee is 33 minutes, as stated above, under optimum conditions.

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The battery of FIMI X8 SE

Intelligent Flight Modes

Like most high-end drones, the Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE includes various flight styles, which will make it much simpler to fly this particular drone. These flying manners are excellent for beginners since they require little attempt to restrain both the drone. They also provide a perfect way to shoot images and videos.

Cine Shot – Take excellent picture shots with the click of a button. In this particular flight mode, you can shoot pictures in 4 Unique ways.

Dronie – The drone’s way of shooting selfies, the drone will lock on its target and then fly back and up and take a selfie.

Circle – The drone will orbit the goal.

Spiral – Same as above but will maneuver into a spiral pattern around the goal.

Rocket – In this manner, the drone will soar using its camera, pointing down and shoot images of its subject matter.

Smart Tracking Mode – Developed by AI technologies, the drone may monitor your moves in three distinct manners. This is a superb flight style for outside activities since you’ll have the ability to record yourself in the atmosphere completely hands-free. The drone will monitor you from behind, track you by a parallel view, and watch your moves from other angles.

Flight Planning – In this flight mode, you’ll have the ability to draw a flight route on the drone program, and also, the drone will automatically fly across that route and go home. This is the form of technology that is going to be powering drone delivery solutions very soon.

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Safety Features

The Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE includes many security features that will enhance your flying experience. It contains double GPS, which will permit the drone to associate with satellites for quicker positioning and better learning. With GPS, you might also monitor your drone and be sure never to lose it.

It’s multiple security measures in place to ensure any prospect of losing or damaging your drone has been minimized. For example, it includes an automated return house attribute. This may be triggered if you eliminate connection with your control or whenever your battery cost is low.

There are just two IMU systems, therefore if a single inner measuring device fails, another one is triggered, and the danger of your drone falling from the skies can also be minimized.

The drone has a reasonably significant-end resistance, but you’ll be notified inside the program and return the drone dwelling when it gets too humid.

Other Features

The drone is accompanied by an intelligent life battery that offers the drone a flight time of about half an hour. This is just like the DJI Mavic and Air and can be about the longer end of drone flight times. Nevertheless, it’s better to buy a few additional batteries as 30 minutes won’t be adequate to enjoy flying this particular drone.

The FIMI Navi program can be used with the two Android and iOS apparatuses. It’s got a simple-to-use intuitive interface also. It’s the program that provides you access to the majority of the beautiful features that drones include.

The one significant feature that the Xiaomi X8 SE doesn’t have is an obstacle avoidance program. This will not be a problem if you don’t wish to fly the drone off too much away; however, if you choose to check the drone’s transmission array, you’ll need to be cautious of the drones encompassing.


The Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE drone is acceptable for both beginners and skilled drone pilots. For a relatively low price, you get a fantastic choice of features along with a great deal of functionality. Drone shots using a FIMI look excellent and secure as a result of a mechanical 3-axis gimbal.

The drone is also quite acceptable for traveling, for instance. When you inform your family and friends about your vacation back home, you won’t only demonstrate the conventional cell phone photos. Still, you will also have the ability to impress them with a professional 4K aerial vision, which didn’t take massive investment.

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