Eachine E58 Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Eachine E58 Drone Review

Drones are the rage now, and they’ve grown more complicated and feature-rich.

While high-end drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro are capable of all kinds of aerobatics and videography, not everybody can afford one. Thus there’s a big and expanding market for cheaper drones that are still enjoyable to fly and provide lots of the higher-end cousins’ features. One such product is the Eachine E58 Drone.

Although it’s essentially a smaller version of this granddaddy Mavic Pro, it’s still packed with features while still being considerably cheaper. Let us test it out! Gadget on!

What can it be?

The Eachine E85 Quadcopter Drone is a small, foldable, radio-controlled drone that’s styled to be, in look and fundamental purposes at least, a tiny version of the bigger and far more costly DJI Mavic Pro drone. So it’s essentially a drone clone (see what I did there?).

Eachine E58 Drone Inspection

Eachine E58 Drone Inspection


  • Cool design
  • Simple to fly
  • Extremely stable elevation hold
  • Simple maintenance
  • Spare parts availability
  • Strong headlights
  • HD camera using Wi-Fi FPV


  • Videos are recorded at only 20 fps and may be directly recorded on the onboard SD card.
  • Anything over light wind can make it to battle.
  • Proprietary battery
  • No storage device is comprised.

While DJI dominates the consumer drone marketplace, particularly within the discipline of drones for aerial photography, there are a plethora of smaller drone producers hoping to establish themselves in the funding friendly drone market, these companies are Eachine, plus they’ve got an impressive collection of drones which are economical and perfect for beginners.

The most popular is probably the Eachine E58, which, as I’ve said, resembles a bigger version of this DJI Mavic.

It’s so small it fits in the palm of your hands; it is manufactured from durable vinyl and does not feel cheap; a few affordable electronic products feel as though they will fall apart, but also the Eachine E58 does not give you that sense.

There’s a 720p camera on its nose, and it may be manually corrected 90°; it won’t win you some aerial photography awards, but it will produce superior pictures and movie footage.

The drone also will come with a few propeller guards to minimize any damages which may occur if you crash. If you’re a beginner, you will most likely, so these guards will be convenient.


My very first impression of this E58 was that it was tiny and compact when folded down. Smaller than I’d envisioned, really, and due to this, it appeared very mobile and easy to take along with you.

In reality, the E58 is small enough to fit in the palm of the hands nearly and is relatively lightweight. But even if folded down, it feels rather substantial, such as it is not likely to fall apart on you if you bump it against something. How many drones believe me personally.

Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video, E58 WiFi FPV Quadcopter with 120° FOV 720P HD Camera Foldable Drone RTF -25 mins Flight time, Altitude Hold, One Key Take Off/Landing, 3Pcs Batteries
1 Reviews
Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video, E58 WiFi FPV Quadcopter with 120° FOV 720P HD Camera Foldable Drone RTF -25 mins Flight time, Altitude Hold, One Key Take Off/Landing, 3Pcs Batteries
  • Take HD pictures and videos, enjoy FPV function: The E58 drone is equipped with a 120° Wide-angle 720P HD Camera including adjustable angle, which captures high-quality video and clear aerial photos. The Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system can connect to your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoy the world above the horizon, accurately capture photos and record videos for extraordinary moments.
  • Can be carried around & Replaceable Drone arm : The small fuselage contains excellent performance, clever folding design, let you travel light, enjoy the flight fun. The drone arm is replaceable, when the motor or drone arm is broken, you don't need to worry about the drone not performing anymore. Just replace the drone arm and it can fly again.
  • It's easy for everyone to fly the drone: On altitude hold mode, you can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover and capture video or photos from any angle shooting, making the experience very easy and convenient, even a novice, can play this drone easily. The drone automatically takes off and lands with one click, which is very handy. There is an emergency landing feature to prevent collision with other things.

It would be simple enough to put it in a backpack or other bag for transportation. Still, I think that it may get banged up a bit in case it was not placed into some situation first, do a Google search for the E58 drone instance, and you might discover some fantastic possibilities for it.

After folding out the E58’s four legs, my next belief was that look, it’s genuinely a replica of this DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter drone, and this can be among the present granddaddies of high-end drones.

The E58 is essentially a virtually exact copy in look but in tiny. I don’t believe this is a terrible thing whatsoever; I enjoy the low-profile, futuristic design of this Mavic Pro myself. Also, Eachine did an excellent job of imitating the Mavic Pro’s Styling for their E58.

Above, another opinion of this E58 using its arms completely stretched.

The E58’s four props are every essentially hinged double-sided prop. This permits them to be more collapsible for storage and transport, but when rotation, centripetal acceleration can make them set up external, basically forming one prop blade after every one of their E58’s arms.

Every one of those props is labeled B or A, and each has to be set up on the right legs of this E58, or the drone won’t fly (if at all). Additionally, the E58 contains four bumpers, which may be attached to each leg to protect the props.

As a relatively new drone pilot, I installed them on the E58 before I took it out for the initial test flight, as found from the above picture. In reality, those bumpers spared the E58 in my flight controller learning curve on several occasions since I appeared to find things on my lawn to collide with.

Personally, the front part of the E58 almost seems to be a face, as noticed previously. There are two lights on both sides of a grille, together with all the E58’s camera mounted in the chin position.

The E58’s camera has been mounted on a pivot which, though it doesn’t move side-to-side, may be manually positioned from zero degrees (straight forward) to 90 degrees (straight down) before the flight, as shown previously, and it slides easily along its path, not at all discreet quitting points.

The camera includes a glass lens for friction and clarity appears to maintain its place set up once set, even through crashes.

Pressing the power button towards the surface of the E58 turns it on. As seen from the picture above, there’s a pillar of three blue LED lights around the cover of the E58’s fuselage that to me resemble the emblem of this favorite game, Destiny. (Probably a shame, but enjoyable.)

In any case, these three LEDs aren’t battery power level signs as you may expect; they only signal when the E58 is powered.

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One such product is the Eachine E58 Drone


Among the chief reasons for the prevalence of drones is that almost all of them include cameras, and the Eachine E58 is not any different.

The camera is one of its best features. Of course, to get a drone that costs less than $100, it is not likely to be on precisely the same excellent level as the camera included with the DJI Mavic. Nevertheless, it is still significant enough to shoot videos and graphics which can impress friends and family. Read also: Best Drones Under 100.

It is a 720p camera using a 120° FOV, which will provide you a broad-angle to capture movies; you may even adjust the camera angle between 0-90° to find the aerial perspective you desire.

But unlike more sophisticated drones, where you can alter the angle along with your remote control, together with the Eachine E58, you may need to do it manually before you begin flying.

The camera also includes a 2MP sensor, which will permit you to shoot some good pictures. Even though it does not have a 3-axis gimbal for movie and image stabilization, it will work using a 6-axis gyroscope and elevation hold to minimize distortion.

The camera also includes FPV capacity. This usually means that you can stream live video footage on your mobile device. This, in my view, is among the most outstanding features of this drone.

You’ll have so much fun using a drone that comes with FPV, watch the planet from above, utilize the drone on your photographer in weddings and special events, use it to show off to your buddies drones using FPV. Read also Best Racing Drones.

Remote Controller

The remote control is well-designed and seems very contemporary, it comes as no surprise, but it appears very much like this DJI Mavic controller. It’s lightweight and feels comfortable in your hands, and it’s two antennas only for aesthetic reasons. However, they aren’t vital.

The control is powered by 3 AA batteries that you’ll need to buy individually, and many buttons control specific features of this drone.

There’s a smartphone attachment at the base. This can provide you access to this drone’s FPV features. It’s a little attachment so that you can’t attach a massive smartphone.

The control includes a transmission assortment of approximately 80 meters, but if you would like to utilize the FPV features, you’ll need to maintain the drone in a variety of 30 meters.


Each E58 Includes a lot of cool features. These include the following;

  • 1 button reunite – Easily reunite the drone to its flight of source with the 1 button return attribute.
  • 3D Flips – Make to drone do a few cool 3D flips at the push of a button; this feature will surely impress friends and family.
  • 3 Rate Modes – Test your ability level by boosting this drone rate; even though there is no actual rate given for the 3-speed modes, the drone has been relatively fast on the maximum rate level.
  • Headless Mode – Headless style is for beginners, and it permits you to fly the drone without understanding where it is tail and head are. You’re able to change mode as soon as you become a more seasoned drone pilot.

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Flight Time And Performance

The drone has a very brief flight time of about 9 minutes. This is 1 level with comparable drones in its budget. 1 thing that I expect drone businesses to improve later on is the duration of the flight period from 1 battery charge. 9 minutes isn’t long enough to appreciate flying a drone.

The drone includes a single 500 mAh lipo battery that takes just over an hour to control entirely. I advise people to buy more batteries for drones that have short flight times.

In the instance of this Eachine E58 drone, then you genuinely have the choice to obtain a bundle that comes with 3 additional batteries that I highly recommend.

Since the drone is small and lightweight, it does not hold up well in somewhat windy conditions, and also, the scope when not utilizing the FPV attribute is merely 80-100 meters.

Together with its 6-axis gyroscope and elevation hold attribute, it flies pretty nicely in the right weather conditions. These features also let your videos and images be clear with minimal distortion.

The drone has 2 LED lights in front and one in the rear. These create the drone seem trendy and make it convenient to fly through twilight hours.

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Our Verdict

The feature-rich Eachine drone is a superb entry-level drone helping you understand and research essential functions without costing too much.

Either you will be happy with the feature set and quality in the price, or you may learn what things for you when the time is to purchase drone technologies. Remember that the flight period, image quality, and features will reveal the purchase price you pay. Visit Staaker to read more information.

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