Best Drones For Roof Inspections 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Drones For Roof Inspections 2020

Can you agree that scaling up the roof to verify its condition is harmful? Can you agree that there is a simpler means to do this?

It’s possible to accomplish the task without getting yourself at risk. There are numerous drones on the marketplace, making light work of a possibly risky occupation like drones for roofing review!

Yes, even drones are broadly used for amusement. Flying a quad-core is very enjoyable and satisfying. But, quadcopters may do much more than just entertaining you.

Drones are already utilized in commercial uses, from aerial photography and cinematography to several technical functions in the business, particularly in agriculture. This usually means you could take advantage of this tool at home to create intimidating tasks easier and faster.

If you’re considering getting the Best Drones For Roof Inspections, you are only on the perfect page! Staaker will be sharing with you my best select quads that allow me to get this task done.

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I understand you’re already quite excited, so let us begin!

Features of A High-Quality Roof Inspection Drone

Features of A High-Quality Roof Inspection Drones


The very best feature to search for in a roof review drone is equilibrium. Inspecting a roof needs to look closely at this roof’s condition and nail weak points and harm. Hence, the drone has to possess both flight equilibrium and picture equilibrium. These features will probably have the most important effect on the functionality and outcome features.

A drone that’s secure to fly and provides stable video outcomes will be efficient and helpful for your job. Features like elevation grip will make it easier for you to navigate and control your drone throughout the flight.

First Person View

Another vital feature to search for, in our view, is Person View or FPV. This feature will let you see exactly where and what the drone is pointing towards. Purchasing a camera to inspect roofs with no FPV feature could be a drawback and compromise its capacity to perform it properly.

To observe some difficulties with the roofing during and following roof review with your driveway, you’ll need useful features like FPV, which gives you control and capacity to inspect the roof more carefully.


GPS place feature is now common in modern-day drones, and it may prove extremely helpful for a house inspection drone. GPS is valuable in drones in two ways. First, it creates controlling and directing the drone simpler. Secondly, it enables your drone to get many other helpful features that may make inspecting a roof more comfortable, especially if you’re new.

It’s due to GPS your drone has features such as Waypoints (which we’ll talk about later in the manual ), follow option, auto return, orbit, cable camera, me, and more.

With the support of GPS and autonomous flight alternatives, you’ll have the ability to allow the drone to fly around the marked property together with the demand for such aid, which will give you time and liberty to observe the live FPV feed to check at the harm.

Camera Quality

Another crucial feature to thoroughly consider while purchasing a drone to review roofs and homes is your camera. It goes without saying that a drone for this specific program ought to be of top quality with the capacity to catch minor details, which will enable you to identify problems with the roofing.

We recommend looking for a drone with an adequate camera mounted onto a table or gimbal to ensure a high-quality, secure picture and flexibility to move the camera in various directions.

The Thisecamera’s standard of its own mounting will significantly determine what sort of experience you’ll have with scrutinizing roofs with a drone. We feel a camera using a 20 mpx CMOS sensor and also the capacity to capture 4K and provide an HD live feed is a fantastic benchmark for comprehensive roofing inspections.

Flight Duration

How long a drone may fly with no need to prevent and recharge batteries will determine the length of time you’ll have the ability to perform a roof inspection. To inspect roofs, we all think a longer flight length is better since it will provide you the opportunity to be methodical and complete the job in 1 go.

We recommend that you look for a drone that will provide you a minimum of 20 minutes of flight time. Some drones arrive with extra batteries to further expand the length of the flight.

If you’re inclined to splurge on a high-end version, you’ll discover lots of choices that provide you a flight period of around 25 to 27 minutes and batteries using quick charge technologies, improving efficiency, and reducing the waiting period. Make certain to check your drone, despite the budget, includes a highly effective LiPo battery and appropriate charger to prevent any hassle.

Flight Range

Many contemporary drones offer you extensive flight range for part of the superior features, but is it essential for a roofing review program? The easy answer is NO! Unless you’ll be inspecting roofs of big mansions and grand properties, there’s not any need to really go for drones with huge flight ranges.

But a flight assortment of several hundred meters will probably be needed and ample for many properties. Just ensure the drone provides optimum control and FPV during its scope to guarantee effectiveness.


Waypoints is a convenient feature to have in a roof review drone since it permits you to let you map out many waypoints to your place with the support of the GPS feature.

It is possible to personalize the waypoints depending on your requirements, such as flight rate, elevation, the orientation of the camera, and other facets. Predetermining these specifications will probably provide you the flexibility to scrutinize the roof while the drone follows the leadership.

This attribute can make your task simpler and simpler while letting you enjoy some liberty from constantly controlling all aspects of the flight.

Top Rated Best Drones For Roof Inspections

Top Rated Best Drone For Roof Inspections

1. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

  • Flight Time: 31 minutes
  • Range: 8 km
  • Camera: 4K resolution at 30 fps; 48-MP super-resolution stills
  • Take-off Weight: 905g
  • Gimbal: 3-Axis

When there’s a drone constructed for roof inspections, then it is the Mavic 2.

Usually, when we are speaking about DJI’s flagship drone, the Mavic 2 Pro normally wins the Mavic 2 Zoom using its powerful camera.

Nevertheless, in regards to roof review, the Zoom includes a little edge. Where the Pro gets additional energy, the Zoom has more flexibility when implementing aerial shots.

That benefit is in its own namesake the capability to zoom. The drone can up to 4x lossless zoom, such as 2x optical zoom. The movie stays clear even once you zoom in.

Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone with 720P HD Camera for Kids and Adults RC Quadcopter with Auto Hovering
  • 720P HD CAMERA: This CW4 Camera Drone is equipped with 2MP HD camera to take aerial photos and videos while flying. Movie resolution has been upgraded to 1280 x 720 at 30 FPS. With removable Micro SD card stores enough for several flights.
  • ONE KEY TAKE OFF / LANDING Function: One button take off / down function make it more easier access to kids, beginners, newbies without any skill. It also can protect the drone when it is out of control or low battery power.
  • HOVER / ALTITUDE HOLD MODE: The Auto hovering function enables the drone to hover at current height, make easier to control and more stable for aerial photography. One Key 360 degree Flips for perfect action and wonderful performance, definitely a great toy for kids or friends.

The consequence of this is that it creates faraway objects that seem much nearer. In the event of roofing, the drone does not have to come as near to catch every detail of the roof, permitting a safe space.

The wonderful zoom camera supports FPV mode exceptionally nicely. This Mavic 2 and video transmission, similar to any other drone – 1080p HD, pops around 8 kilometers away. This produces the Zoom among those few drones you want if you scrutinize the roof of quite tall or massive buildings.

Mavic 2 Zoom also has the maximum flight time from any consumer or business drone 31 minutes. For large properties or projects, this is among those few drones that could keep up with you.

Concerning smart flight manners, the Mavic 2 Zoom has lots that will be of terrific assistance to roofing inspections. Points of Interest and Waypoints are a couple of the greatest ones.

DJI’s Waypoint manner, particularly, also permits you to put interest points along with waypoints. Hence the result is that your drone will adhere to the route but will concentrate the camera to every point of attention great for focusing on particular areas of the roof.

In general, if you are a roofing professional that requires a strong drone to perform testimonials for you, the Mavic 2 Zoom is in our view your very best option.


  • Sensational 4x lossless zoom (such as 2x optical zoom)
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance for in-flight protection
  • Stunning video panoramas
  • Live 1080p HD video feed through DJI control.

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2. Autel Robotics EVO

  • Flight Time: ~30 minutes
  • Charge Time: ~210 minutes
  • Range: 7050m / 4.4 miles
  • Remote Controller: WiFi 2.4GHz (contained in the group )
  • Camera: 3-axis gimbal 4K 60fps camera using 12MP
  • Live Video Transmission Range: 7000m / 4.3 miles
  • Weight: 863g / 1.9pounds
  • Take Capacity: N/A
  • Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C

Rated for outdoor usage

The Autel EVO is a rocky adventure drone with all of the power and features to create an outstanding roof review drone.

To begin with, the EVO is a fairly durable drone. It could withstand strong winds readily. It may even endure a few drizzles of rain, which can be an ever-present threat when performing roof inspections.

The drone features a highly effective 4K UHD camera that could capture stills in 12 megapixels. It is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, which does a wonderful job at stabilizing footage taken from the camera.

This permits you to catch ultra-crisp and thorough photographs and videos of your roofing, providing you the very best view of its existing condition.

The FPV is fluid, too, transmitting a high-res 1080p HD live feed of your drone’s standpoint. You can see this FPV even if the EVO is around 7 kilometers off a very long-range that is fantastic for inspecting bigger houses easily.

The battery of this EVO also allows up it to 30 minutes of flight. That is lots of time to completely inspect small to moderate homes or several properties if you are a professional roofer.

Potensic T18 GPS Drone, FPV RC Quadcotper with Camera 1080P Live Video, Dual GPS Return Home, Follow Me, Adjustable Wide-Angle Camera, Altitude Hold, Long Control Range -Black
  • [1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera] Equipped with 1080P HD camera and 75° adjustable angle, the drone can capture high-quality video and aerial photos, and can also provide high-speed picture transmission without delay(1080P camera needs 16/32G SD card).
  • [Longer Flying Time & Control Distance] Up to 10 min flying time and 300m control distance, giving you a more pleasant flight experience.
  • [Dual GPS] GPS positioning + GLONASS positioning provide you with accurate positioning details of your drone. It can also provide automatic return, low power return and no signal return.

Then you’ve got the numerous strong automated flight features of the EVO. Virtually all of them – Waypoint, Viewpoint, and Orbit – are indispensable when performing roof inspections.

Waypoint works well, exactly as with any other drone available on the marketplace. You may save paths so that you can replicate them again and with pinpoint precision. Orbit also makes flying circles around your roofing simple with only a single click.

The Viewpoint manner can be intriguing, too. It is comparable to the FPV manner in that you’ll be able to observe a first-person perspective of exactly what your drone sees. However, here, you can just tap into some stage of your display, and also, the EVO will automatically proceed and concentrate on that point.

Viewpoint Mode makes it effortless to frame the shot. In the event of roof inspections, you may just tap on a particular region of your roof, along with the EVO, to proceed and framework that region.

If you’d like a strong and capable drone to perform roofing inspections, then the Autel EVO is a good choice and a superb alternative to your DJI. You can read also about Best Drones For Beginners.


  • Follow Me styles are Fantastic for shooting amazing looking shots autonomously.
  • Spectacular video quality thanks to its Effective 4K camera onboard
  • Sensors and security features like barrier avoidance maintain your drone and many others around you safe.


  • Could be tricky for novices to pick up right away

3. Holy Stone HS720

  • Flight Time: ~26 minutes
  • Charge Time: 5-7 hours
  • Range: 800-1000m / 2624-3277ft
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz transmitter contained
  • Camera: 2K HD (2048 x 1152) with shock absorption
  • Weight: 459g / 1.01pounds

Rated for outdoor usage

The Holy Stone HS720 is an inexpensive drone for the homeowner who needs a long-term solution to get a roofing inspection. The drone is a mobile flyer that folds down to a compact framework.

For starters, it certainly has the staying power required to get a roof inspection drone. It is outfitted with smart batteries, which provide electricity for your own HS720 to fly up to 26 minutes. That is courtesy of those brushless motors, which aren’t just less power-hungry but also persist longer.

Also, you have a range that is somewhat below 1km. It may be shorter than what we have seen with other roofing review drones, but this can be much more than what is demanded by the casual homeowner.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training
  • Headless security system enables players of any level to fly the drone easily
  • 2. 4GHz technology adopted for anti-interference
  • More stable and flexible with 6-axis gyro stabilization system

The camera is excellent for its price, providing crisp 2K HD resolution. The armed shock absorption holder does a swell job at creating the live movie simpler. However, a 3-axis gimbal is a great deal more effective.

A well-received safety quality of the HS720 is GPS Return To Home, which educates the drone to property in its source point in the event of critical battery amounts; therefore, you know it does not come crashing down on your roof.

The onboard GPS also forces many of those HS720’s smart flight styles, such as Custom Trail, which you can use similar to you would Waypoint or even Orbit mode.

You will also acquire stable placement, intuitive flight controllers, and silent operation from the drone. All in all, the Holy Stone HS720 makes it all our cut of their very best roof review drones on the market.


  • Foldable for convenient transportation
  • Premium feel at a Reasonable Price.
  • Staggering battery life


  • Slow charge time
  • No spare parts

4. Parrot Anafi Base

  • Flight Time: ~25 minutes
  • Charge Time: ~240 minutes
  • Range: 4000m / 2.5mi
  • Remote Controller: WiFi 5.4GHz & 2.4Ghz (contained in the group )
  • Camera: 180° adjustable f/2.4 ASPH lens 4K Camera with 21MP
  • Live Video Transmission Range: 4000m / 2.5mi
  • Weight: 320g / 11.28ounce
  • Working Temperature: -10°C into 40°C

Rated for indoor and outside usage

If you’re searching for a more streamlined and nimble drone for your roof inspections, then you can opt for the Parrot Anafi. While not as strong as the drones we’ve covered so far, it makes up for it with nimbleness and flexibility.

The Parrot’s camera can capture at a solid 4K resolution and 21 megapixels for stills. This is sufficient juice to catch detailed photographs and videos of your roofing to get post-analysis.

This drone camera also has a 3-axis gimbal that is flexible up to 180 degrees and a 2.8x ray digital zoom. These joined to give you a great deal of flexibility to frame shots readily, and it is a definite aid in fast focusing on crucial areas of your roof or seeing hard to reach areas.

The scope and durability of this Anafi are also a benefit for prolonged roof inspections. It’s a flight time of 25 minutes, despite all the cameras turned on constantly. The transmission range is a long 4 kilometers, which is more than sufficient for all review requirements.

1 useful feature of the Anafi is the flight rate of around 55 km/h, letting you fly around the rooftops at efficient rates. It isn’t an entire deal-breaker by any means, but a beneficial ability to get.

Parrot - Drone Anafi Extended - Pack with 2 Additional Batteries, Carrying Bag, Additional Propeller Blades and Others - 4K HDR Camera with 180° swivelling Platform - Compact and Foldable, Dark Grey
  • With its 4K HDR camera and 180° vertical swivel gondola, unique on the market, impress your friends with cinema-quality videos with breathtaking effects: low angle, compensated traveling, automatic subject framing, original aerial selfies and even Follow Me tracking drone (in-app purchase). With the Parrot Anafi, all that is now possible in the blink of an eye, using your smartphone
  • 21 MEGAPIXELS: Never miss another shot with the help of 3-axis Hybrid Stabilization, which will allow you to make crisp, smooth videos under every circumstance. Capture every detail of every photo with the new Sony sensor and its wide-angle aspherical lens (f / 2.4) and 2.8X loss-free digital zoom. And go even further with burst mode, which shoots 10 frames per second, as well with as with optimized exposure control
  • FILM, PHOTOGRAPH, AND FLY EASILY with FreeFlight 6 and Parrot Skycontroller 3, a new, intuitive, and safe piloting app with a state-of-the-art, ergonomic remote control that is designed to allow novices to have as much fun as possible starting with their very first flight. But that's not all: you can make Anafi take off or land with the push of a single button, and rest assured that, in the event of signal loss, Smart RH technology will bring your drone back to its starting point

For clever flight manners, the Anafi has quite a few. You’ve got the mainstay Orbit manner, which will be excellent for fast instructing the drone to ring around your roof. You also get a lot of creative modes such as Parabola and Dolly Zoom.

However, a popular one we utilize during roof inspections is Cameraman Mode. Utilizing Anafi’s visual monitoring system, you choose your roofing to be the most important attention point. You may then proceed freely while Anafi keeps the camera focused on the same spot.

This is very good for taking different viewpoints of the same roof’s same area to view it from different angles.

All in all, the Parrot Anafi is a competent drone, no matter if you are a roofing professional or a casual homeowner. You get features that make it incredibly easy to perform complex roof inspections.


  • Very mobile
  • Fantastic GPS features
  • Superb camera
  • Very long Selection


  • Fairly delicate – we recommend that you have some previous drone flying experience.
  • Reports of customer service related problems

what is the best camera drone

5. Ruko F11 Pro

  • Flight Time: ~28 minutes
  • Charge Time: ~210 minutes
  • Range: 1219m / 4000ft
  • Remote Control: WiFi 5GHz (contained in the group )
  • Camera: 90°Adaptive 4K Camera with 13MP
  • Live Video Transmission Range: 500m / 1640.4feet
  • Weight: 520 grams / 18.34 oz

Rated for indoor and outside usage

To get a roof review drone at a less expensive cost, look at the Ruko F11 Pro. It is a highly recommended flyer for homeowners to inspect their own roofs with a more budget-friendly drone.

Despite the reduced cost, but the F11 Pro may compete with other drones on this listing. It’s a high-resolution 4K UHD camera using a wide-angle 120-degree FOV. The FOV is flexible, providing a much simpler way to frame your own roof.

The effective camera also provides you a crisp and obvious FPV video, with transmission ranges of up to 1.2 kilometers. At regular distances, this gives you a solid signal power to operate with.

Dragon Touch Foldable GPS Drones for Adults, FPV Camera Drone HD 1080P Live Video with Background Music, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Tap Fly, RC Drone Quadcopter with Modular Battery& Carrying Case
  • FPV DRONE WITH 1080P HD CAMERA: 120° ultra-wide-angle lens lets you capture more stunning scenery. The air pressure altitude hold feature enables the drone to hover stably and capture more stable and clearer photos and videos. With a transmission range of 328ft, the drone can transmit real-time FPV view to the new generation two-way 2.4G remote control(3*2A batteries), which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media networks at any time.
  • BUILT-IN GPS & SMART RETURN TO HOME SYSTEM: The foldable drone has a built-in GPS system. Never need to worry about losing your drone. The Dragon Touch GPS drone will automatically return whenever it’s low on battery, it loses signal or whenever you want it by a tap of a button. Return within 10-feet of its take-off position. Equipped with 4 propeller guards to protect fuselage in case of collision.
  • INTELLIGENT FLIGHT FEATURES: One Key Takeoff/Landing, Headless Mode, Emergency Stop, and 3-speed settings features let you fly, land, control speeds with a tap of a button. The drone can automatically follow you (Follow Me Mode), fly around a targeted object in circles (Orbit Mode), or fly along a customized path (Tap Fly). LED lights at the bottom of the fuselage make the aircraft look cool and colorful. Just read the user manual and watch instructional videos before use and you’re ready to go.

The Ruko F11 Pro is also an endurance voucher, effective at an exceptional half an hour of flight time. And the excellent thing is that it comes with a spare battery straight from the box, basically extending the flight period to 60 minutes. That means that you can take your time and study your roof a whole lot more attentively; after all, you’ve got loads of time to spare!

This is among the most critical selling points of this Ruko F11 incredibly long flight period in a fraction of the price tag.

For flight manners conducive to roof inspections, the Ruko F11 Pro has the basics covered. Points of Interest Mode is here too, though it has a maximum radius of just 100m, so it may not be that achievable for more important properties.

Waypoint manner, known as Tap Fly using the F11, functions exactly as with any other drone route manner. It permits you to lay up to 16 points to create a route the drone will follow along.

Other fantastic items the F11 Pro has gone on comprising simple takeoff and landing, exact GPS grip, along a compact foldable design.

Overall, the Ruko F11 is a cheap yet powerful drone that produces roof inspections available to any homeowner keen to provide this one a spin.


  • Full GPS automation
  • Intense control range
  • 4K videos
  • Excellent 28-minute flight period


  • Mediocre app


Hubsan Zino is your first drone we are going to discuss today. Yes, I understand. Zino 2 is out there too, but it still has not struck Amazon, so we can not rely on this particular list. Nevertheless, what makes the now comparatively older, first Zino (and Zino Pro) a good drone for roof review?


To start with, the thing which makes Hubsan Zino a good drone in the first place is its own exceptional camera and an extremely competitive price tag. Believe it or not, this $400 drone packs a 4K camera that shoots with great stability and clarity.

The latter is brought to life with a complex 3-axis gimbal system, which can be of crucial significance for roofing inspections because they need a great deal of work together with the camera pointing straight down.

At the time of writing this review, there were no roof review applications created for Hubsan Zino. Even though this is somewhat unfortunate, consider it a chance to learn how to run manual roof inspections.

Running a drone is not too hard. However, you’ll have to pass each of the legislative procedures to be a certified drone pilot. If you are residing in the united states, this is.


Besides onboard GPS and altitude grip detectors, Hubsan Zino can boast using powerful brushless motors along with a foldable body. The latter makes Zino a mobile drone, excellent for all kinds of assignments, both casual and commercial. Normally, roof inspection assignments take about 12ish minutes.

It is all dependent on the sort of property you are working together, but it will not take more than 15 minutes generally. Where am I going with this? Well, Zino can fly roughly 20 minutes for each battery. The scope is pretty decent, capping in 4 km, which’s a lot more than the properties you will be working with.

7. UPAIR 2

UpAir Two is just another fantastic example of an inexpensive model that is feasible for roof inspection functions. It is a good deal larger than the above Hubsan Zino but features a total of three cameras that aim to take the perfect aerial pictures…


Yep, you have read that right – Upair 2 has three eyes, having picked up the favorite smartphone world’s tendency of owning multiple cameras. All three cameras are set in one box mounted onto a 3-axis gimbal, which guarantees optimum equilibrium.

Features-wise, you are getting a great deal of juice on this item. As you’d expect, it includes the normal GPS and altitude grip but also packs a couple of additional features like accompany me, headless style, and one crucial return home. On top of that, it supports customizable flight assignments, which means that you can set up marginally automated roof review assignments.


Specs-wise, Upair Two will not sweep you off your feet. Evidently, the people over at Upair needed to cut their costs someplace, and this time it was at the specs section. It is nothing too extreme but readily apparent.

Simply take the range as the ideal example extending into a kilometer and not a lot more. As soon as it’s decent concerning roof review drone operation, other industrial programs could endure. Battery length is strong, having the ability to continue for 22 to 24 minutes of flight each charge.


DJI Mavic Mini is your last drone at the very affordable section of the roof review drones list! As its name implies, a mini model is coming out of the planet’s biggest drone maker – DJI. What’s great about this little bugger? Well, let’s find out!


Obviously, the DJI Mavic Mini includes a great camera. It is capable of recording 2.7K and provides a fairly smooth encounter due to the onboard 3-axis gimbal. You do not really need much longer for roof review, do you really?

In terms of features, DJI Mavic Mini may perform all kinds of trickery with picture processing. There’s an editor at the DJI Go program that allows you to make mesmerizing social networking hits.

Regrettably, social networking existence will not do much to your roof review assignments. In that section, Mavic Mini can not actually do much. It hastens simple, is pinpoint exact, and packs excellent value for money, what roofing review startups need within their very first drone.


Along with this brilliant 2.7K camera, DJI Mavic Mini also can brag with (by far) the best specs sheet within its own class. As a result of the fact DJI Mavic Mini comes weighing in at approximately 250 g, the provided smart battery is not under a lot of strain from the atmosphere.

Because of this, it is equipped to output half an hour of flight time per charge consistently. Combine this with about 4 km of operating scope, which is exactly what you will receive from many drones at this price point (and just a little cheaper), and you’re going to understand what makes DJI Mavic Mini one of the very best budget buys for roofing inspection functions!


DJI Mavic Air is another based on roofing review drones we have in store for you! It is a light lager than the above DJI Mavic Mini and provides more features, but it comes also s in a much steeper price tag in general. It is a fantastic pick for drone bookings if you do not need to overspend.


DJI Mavic Air packs a powerful 4K camera mounted onto a 3-axis gimbal. Nevertheless, you are going to receive only the funniest picture whatever the weather conditions you are flying. The gimbal is exact and will go all of the ways down, which makes it perfect for roof review gigs.

The very best thing about DJI Mavic Air is that it functions with DroneDeploy and its own advanced roof inspection program.

The program is not free, but it is gallantly to alleviate the annoyance of heavily carrying all your roof review assignments. Additionally, DroneDeploy’s program does much more, including detailed reports and dimensions for residential or business roofing companies.


Specs-wise, DJI Mavic Air is not as beefy as the all-new DJI Mavic Mini. Although it may surprise you, particularly considering the price gap, the drone technology goes quickly, and it is a direct outcome of Mini’s excellence.

The difference is not that important, though. We are taking a look at precisely the same operating range, approximately 4 km, but slightly shorter battery life, drifting around the 20-minute mark.


Here we have another DJI version. Yep, I know I am leaning towards DJI all the time, but it is nothing subjective. Objectively speaking, DJI gets the most effective commercially-viable drones, and that is not really a mystery.

Inspired by these words, let us take a peek at the grandiose Phantom 4 Pro Plus and find out exactly what makes it the ideal solution for roofing inspections!


Right off the bat, DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus could handle even the toughest jobs. As a result of omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors, pinpoint precision, and lag-free controllers, Phantom 4 Pro Plus remains one of the very responsive drones on the market. Obviously, it supports DroneDeploy in addition to a large array of other business applications for flight freedom.

Camera-wise, this poor boy packs a huge 1-inch sensor capable of shooting 4K in 60fps. There is nothing to be said about this camera, aside from the fact that It is phenomenal. If you’d like the clearest picture and the most straight forward footage, then Phantom 4 Pro Plus is the version to buy!


Though DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus is an old version, its specifications continue to be available with the very best of them. This version is the epitome of high-end tech, and it is no wonder we are seeing approximately 7 km of functioning range from this poor boy.

The battery life is excellent also, capping at about 27 minutes. But once more, everything over 20 minutes is good enough to get roofing inspections, actually. Read also about Drone Phantom 3 vs 4; What You Need To Know

Why use a drone for roof inspections


1. Why use a drone for roof inspections?

We’ve pointed out the numerous advantages, but convenience and speed are the key benefits. When the flight program is set up, the review could be performed much quicker than a manual review.

Drone roof review cost is a fraction of the cost of the guide, conventional inspections. All footage is geo-referenced with accuracy. There’s not any threat of damage to the roofing or the folks doing the review.

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2. Can any drone be used for roof inspections?

The easy answer is no. When there are lots of excellent drones, some are far better suited to this kind of work. In the following guide, we’ll highlight the best alternatives for drone inspection.

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3. How long does the inspection take?

There is a drone review, framing, and significantly quicker than a manual review from beginning to end. When the fundamental groundwork is completed, the review may take from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of detail needed and the roof’s size.

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That might be it, men. Now you know what is the best drone for inspection review that’s presently available in the marketplace.

As you can see, all of these are outfitted with the great FPV attribute, which is essentially the simplest method of roof scrutinizing in today’s world. In the long run, we’d like to convey our gratitude for reading our post with hopes which you found it useful and informative for making your next buy.

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