3DR Solo Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

3Dr Solo Drone Review

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The 3DR Solo has been among the greatest drones in its own time. This big and powerful machine has been created to haul a GoPro, and it did very nicely with a 3-axis stabilized gimbal (worth over the drone itself) and quality peripherals to improve the flight.

3Dr Solo Drone shifted their focus considerably since the Solo began to lag behind other people in the marketplace.

3DR is practically entirely a services and applications business today, offering website scanning packages with drones from other producers. That said, all these are drones that reach exactly what accomplish what the Solo did in the early days.

The 3DR Solo includes large, strong motors, a massive battery, and a flexible payload bracket. The device is sturdy, with a plastic casing and LED lights on each corner. The landing gear isn’t wimpy, but they’re a slight, delicate feeling. Considering a number of these antennas are in these thighs, we recommend obtaining spares, just in case.

The 3DR Solo is a stable drone, hovering reasonably well, and can be relatively smooth. We do not suggest relying upon the non-stabilized GoPro bracket on your camera, but the outcomes aren’t terrible.

As previously mentioned, the stabilized gimbal sells for at least the drone nowadays. Also, it supports up into the Hero camera. Thus we’ve got an adamant time recommending it at this stage. However, if you’re searching for a strong and trustworthy drone for different applications, the 3DR Solo is a fantastic alternative.

3D Robotics Solo Drone Reviews

3D Robotics Solo Drone Reviews

The most recent drone from 3D Robotics, the 3DR Solo Drone, boasts a wide variety of aerial photography capacities built together with the GoPro Hero 4 camera. The 3D Robotics Solo features 20 – 25 minutes of flight time, giving you more than enough time to catch the ideal aerial shot!

The 3DR Solo is powered with 2 1GHz Linux processors, one from the control and one at the drone. By dividing up essential functions and much more basic ones within two computers, a more significant assortment of features and capabilities can be obtained.

Made for all experience levels, even the most beginner pilot will get this simple to fly and catch professional aerial photography.

Smart Shots

Usually, complicated aerial camerawork requires two pilots to command the camera and you to run the drone. The ability of this 3DR Solo enables one user to perform both the piloting of this drone and catch magnificent aerial photography in precisely the exact moment.

You determine how automated your ideal aerial footage or taken will be. Do everything precisely what it states, giving you the command to fly the drone just like any other consumer drone accessible. In the You Do everything manner, the pilot’s inputs control the camera via both the Solo Program and transmitter.

3DR Solo Quadcopter (No Gimbal)
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3DR Solo Quadcopter (No Gimbal)
  • Solo’s video game-style controller will feel familiar the second you pick it up, even if you’ve never flown a drone. Pushbutton commands put both camera and copter at your fingertips. Take off, land or instantly pause your flight midair with a single touch. Click to start and stop recording or snap a photo, even adjust camera angle while you fly
  • In case you missed it in the picture…that’s a high-quality HDMI port directly from the controller so you can connect Solo to practically any screen you can think of. Refer user manual below
  • Full-featured app for iOS and Android puts total craft control at your fingertips.

Split The Workstyle allows you to select your role. You may opt to fly the drone while Smart Shots mechanically transports the ideal shot through pre-programmed parameters, or you could run the camera. At the same time, the Solo mechanically blows a predetermined flight path.

Drone Does It All manner permits you to prepare the ideal shot and allow the 3DR Solo to execute it. When it’s the lean, rate, or pan of this shooter, the Solo has supreme flexibility for shooting aerial footage that is creative.

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Executing Smart Shots

The goal was straightforward from the design. Produce an adequate aerial photographic experience every flight. Smart Shots is a personal computer-aided cinematographer’s dream, letting you catch the ideal aerial shot or footage each moment. Harness the Play button and watch as the Solo takes off on its own, then only execute the kind of image you desire.

Orbit-style circles around the topic while retaining the camera centered on your interest. Wraparound Shot style featuring a flexible radius and height permits the pilot to catch complex shots such as towering spirals and striking ellipses.

Follow-Me mode keeps the camera focused on you, letting you capture stunning aerial footage of yourself. In a 100 percent Hands-Free manner, your Solo will catch your every move rather than forget a moment of your experience. Skiing, Biking, Soccer, you name it, relive the gorgeous footage recorded with Follow-Me.

Cablecam mode enables you to decide on a safe predetermined flight route, from which you can quickly pan and pan the camera into your taste as the drone flies. Selfie style takes off from the floor with a stunning pull-out shot, providing both a portrait and showing the broader landscape around you to get the ideal personal shooter.

The recorded pictures will automatically save to your mobile device, allowing for quick and effortless sharing of your photos with family and friends.

Two extra Smart Shots are declared and are coming shortly via a simple software upgrade. Zipline style is an expansion of CableCam, allowing the Solo to fly between two things capable of shooting whatever the pilot needs. Pano style was created for the pilot to produce the ideal panoramic shot.

Solo Gimbal

Stability is essential to obtaining eloquent pictures or footage, and also, the 3-axis gimbal was stabilized to within 0.1 degrees of pointing precision.

Working directly with GoPro has its layout and execution benefits. The 3DR Solo transmitter has buttons to do GoPro camera functions right during flight. The gimbal even produces electricity to a GoPro to make sure the GoPro battery won’t expire mid-flight.

3DR Transmitter

3DR Transmitter

Powered with a 1 GHz computer, this processing power in front of this pilot provides unparalleled control over camera and flight implementation.

Dedicated one-touch implementation buttons comprise Pause, Return to Home, and Automatic Flight Take-Off and Land. The flight control sticks are exact and extremely user-responsive.

The Solo was constructed for aerial photography. Therefore all of the camera controls are available through the Transmitter. Start and stop Go-Pro records, immediately snap a photograph, or readily adjust camera speed and tilt. Mount a cellular device over the controller and the included bracket and flow live HD video in the Solo in real-time!

A built-in Wi-Fi Hub guarantees that your video feed is linked, and an HDMI interface lets a live broadcast of your video feed! Live flow to any outside display, and simultaneously keep the live HD flow to your mobile device.

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Solo App

An added controller can also be available through an iOS and Android Solo program that allows the consumer a different instrument for piloting and correcting the camera.

Pick multiple viewing choices via your mobile device, possibly the camera view or an overhead satellite view of the present location of your drone. Swipe your finger down to change your viewing choice within an instant.

Upgrades to the 3DR Solo are managed through the Solo Program without the wires required. In case of a technical problem, the consumer can only immediately submit a service ticket to 3D Robotics via the Solo App.

The Solo app also functions as a flight simulator that lets you practice flying the drone. You can use the 3D Robotics physical transmitter while flying the Solo drone at the flight simulator on your Android or iOS device.

The flight simulator work lets you become an expert in flying the Solo drone before flying the drone in actual life, reducing the probability of crashing the drone because of inexperience.

Safety Features

The Rewind function implements the same safe flight route you chose to a destination, but in reverse. If your flight has been safe going in, only hit rewind and sit back as your drone mechanically strikes back to you!

The Pause button on your transmitter instantly brings your Solo into a block. Are you worried about a possible problem? Pause, and whenever you’re prepared to resume flying, only hit the play button and then continue where you left from.

The Solo controller also doubles as a Black Box using all the Solo saving vital flight data into the control’s memory. These files are easily downloaded into your computer in the long run to test certain flights your Solo took.

Custom-made Geofencing permits you to draw a digital weapon with your finger through the App. Once empowered, the drone won’t enable you to fly out of the fenced-in place, a characteristic ideal for people learning how to fly and valuable when working in more populated regions.

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Future Expandability

Are you wondering about the Solo getting obsolete? The Solo is intended to evolve, using a detachable gimbal bay, attachment bay, and swappable motor pods, letting you swap out and set up the most recent technologies instead of buying an entirely different version every year.

Made For Solo is your program for 3DR Solo that expands the potential uses of their drone as global partners incorporate remarkable new technologies that are available later on. Accessories under development include a parachute system alongside a sense and prevent system.

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Developer Support

Since the Solo is an open-source platform, users always have space for advanced advancements by having a fire to push the bounds.

The open software system is named DroneKit, which permits anybody to make customized drone programs. Extensive forums provide a collaborative service network and strong roots in the most significant open robotics community on earth, Diy Drones. You’ve got a great community of programmers and users to use.

How It Works

3DR is unveiling Solo now in the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, and it’ll start shipping in a couple of weeks. For a base price of $999, using an optional $399 gimbal for increased camera controllers, Solo is the primary drone to provide whole management of a GoPro camera.

However, the integration proves to be a significant deal: with Solo, you can start and stop records or modify the camera frame rate or additional configurations while in flight. It is substances filmmakers have been requesting forever.

Many drones utilize one computer situated in the flying device and broadcast signals to it with control. On the other hand, Solo includes a 1 GHz processor in both the power and the quadcopter.

The processor on the quadcopter is dedicated entirely to autopilot works essential to maintain it aloft. Meanwhile, the control functions as Solo’s adrenal gland and works higher-level works, a few of which can arrive through future software upgrades.

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