Why Do I Need A Drone? Tips New 2022

Why Do I Need A Drone

Why Do I Need A Drone? A drone can be a terrific piece of kit for travelers and photographers, letting you capture unique perspectives of your destination.

With drones now incredibly advanced and simple to fly, many individuals now use them throughout their journeys. But before buying one, it is essential to consider a few of the drawbacks (cons) and the pros of buying one.

Why Do I Need A Drone?

1. Enhanced real estate photography and videography

Utilizing drones to catch particular stills or videos of property properties may be among the most talked-about applications for drones from an industrial perspective…

If you are a real estate agent searching for an excellent means to showcase your properties, employing a drone to catch aerial stills and movies of these houses you’re listing could be a terrific way to detect potential buyers’ attention.

Aerial stills and footage of those properties you’re list will give house shoppers a fantastic idea of the property’s surrounding regions and also will provide them with a comprehensive look at the entirety of their property.

And, finally, by providing a more excellent all-around record, you will probably win the hearts of potential customers.

Note: The FAA requires that to utilize your drone for industrial purposes, you need to have an FAA-approved 333 exemptions have a pilot’s license.

2. Turn yourself into a tech-savvy farmer?

Are you a farmer? Can you love tech? Would you prefer to utilize your love of technologies that will help you be a more efficient farmer?

If this is so, you might wish to consider obtaining a drone that will assist you in tracking your farm and help you receive essential data about your plants.

There are lots of drone companies and projects being established that will aim to improve how farms function. Such projects and companies may attempt to determine things such as the health of plants, whether or plants are receiving enough water, just how much pesticide to use, and where to use it, along with the most effective times for harvesting.

Farmers may also use drones to conserve time scouting their plants, getting a better idea for crop rotation, and mapping out their plantation.

Later on, drones will start up broad possibilities for farmers and their capacity to maximize the return from their plants.

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3. Give your photography business an edge

Can you run a photography company? If that’s the case, including a drone for your camera-arsenal may offer you an advantage over your opponents when potential customers in your town are searching for a photographer.

Using a drone, it’s possible to shoot photos and videos from angles that other photographers (ones who don’t have drones) only will not have the ability to reach.

Drones are fast becoming popular for weddings, occasions, and family photo sessions just due to the unique perspective they could add to these photo or movie sessions.

Finally, by providing drone photography and videography, you’re offering your customers a more comprehensive package.

Note: Again, the FAA governs the use of drones for industrial purposes and demands that you have an FAA 333 exemption along with also a pilot’s license to have the ability to conduct your drone for industrial purposes.

4. Get into a technology that has a big future

Some of us will want to receive a drone only as it’s the hot new technology. It is like owning a computer in the late 80’s early ’90s, except that consumer drones today are considerably more useful than consumer computers were through this period.

But just because there was an “a” or” factor related to possessing pc afterward (being an early-adopter is always cool), the same is valid for having a drone today. And, although it’s correct that there has been a slew of drones offered in 2017, the marketplace for consumer drones projects to reach well over $1 billion from the end of 2019…

So… it is safe to say the marketplace for consumer drones remains in its infancy. And, if you would like to be among those early adopters of this technology, now’s the time to jump on board.

5. For fun, duh!

PerhapPerhaps, est motive to acquire a drone will be because they’re a great deal of fun. Despite all the FAA rolling out new consumer-oriented regulations which restrict what you could do using a drone, drones continue to be a great deal of pleasure to fly.

I am not entirely sure exactly what it is. However, man has ever had a fascination with trying to defeat matters he should not be able to… and also with drones, that try is for man to further it is the domain over the heavens.

Whatever the instance, flying a drone could be a rather enjoyable experience… mainly if you’ve got a competent drone that is simple to wash. In case you haven’t flown a drone. Nevertheless, I advise that you do that.

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6. Capture stunning footage

The most incredible thrill for drone fans is the simple fact that they can shoot stunning aerial photos and movies, plus they do not need to be skilled photographers to get those shots.

This is simply because any aerial shot (assuming an excellent camera takes it) has a specific caliber of amazement for it, and so that you do not need to become a professional to receive a superb photo or movie.

So, if you wish to capture footage or video which nobody else can reach, you will need a drone.

7. Stand out on social media

All of us follow individuals who place daily selfies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And, most of us wonder why they get numerous followers…

Now, I am not suggesting you ought to be a one-upper. However… you must one-up them and take everyday selfies, too… along with your drone. That’s when you would like to become the new queen or king of your social website circle.

Seriously, however, among the most excellent strategies to construct a large social media after would be to post high-quality videos or photos which are exceptional. And, what better means to do that than using a drone?

8. Fly through the air… from the ground!

Among the most excellent features of a few of the high-end drones available on the current market is the capacity to live flow your flight footage directly to your cell device. This is known as FPV (First Person View).

Many drones are now controlled partly through a cell program on your telephone or tablet computer. As an example, the DJI Phantom 3 set includes their transmitter that has the typical control features. You also will need to connect your smartphone or tablet computer to the transmitter and utilize their program for the remainder of the flying features they provide.

And, with their program, your phone/tablet will display just what the camera onto your drone is seeing. So, rather than needing to look up in your drone at the heavens constantly, you can take a look over your tablet and receive a first-person perspective of what your drone is considering.

There are several advantages of FPV concerning positioning your drone to get the best shot possible. However, among the most remarkable aspects of this is that it lets you find out precisely what it might be like to fly through the atmosphere. You will find even FPV-dedicated goggles, which you could use to isolate the opinion (even though it’s a fantastic idea to have a spotter using an immediate line-of-sight on the drone).

9. You could be the next Dale Earndhart Jr… of Drones!

Believe it or not, drone racing is currently something, and a federal drone racing tournament is already established. Fundamentally, drone racing is quite like playing with a competitive eSports video game at which all the contestants sit side-by-side and race their drones.

And, rather than standing across the stadium and viewing their drones, they utilize FPV goggles to direct their machines as they race across the program.

10. They’re becoming more affordable

Consumer drones now range from as low as $40 to as pricey as $3,000 or more. However, the less costly drones are always getting better and easier to fly.

Even sub $50 drones such as the Syma X5C come equipped with a camera along with a few innovative features like return-to-home. That is pretty great for a ~$50 quadcopter.

And, while the Syma X5C does not have the most beautiful camera installation (shoots 720p and does not possess a gimbal to stabilize video), it reveals you the video cheap drones are equally competent and improving.

Finally, as drone technology continues to progress, you may continue to find the standard of drones below $100 improves.

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11. They’re actually not that hard to fly… if you’re smart about it

This is probably subjective because there are many drone enthusiasts around who would assert that flying a drone is a challenging undertaking that requires a great deal of practice.

And, I will not contend with those people since they have lots of YouTube movies to copy that claim. To back up, however, in my experience, drones are getting to be simpler and easier to fly, and a number of the high-end drones available on the marketplace (such as the DJI Phantom 3 string and also the 3DR Solo) are so straightforward to fly that it is sort of unique…

That is not to say that problems do not arise during flights, or the Phantom 3 along with the Solo are ideal, but instead that if you use common sense and fly your drone with care whenever you’re first beginning, you’ll be amazed to see how they manage and how easy they are to navigate.

12. Capture sports angles like never before

Yes, most of us saw that firing almost crush a skier than a couple of weeks back. This was scary… and it makes you wonder why the drone has been floating right over the route… Why not transfer the drone a bit to both sides and forfeit the overhead perspective to ensure the skiers’ security?

Whatever the situation, if utilized safely, drones may be used in a variety of sports preferences from popular sports such as football (the American kind) and soccer (the rest-of-the-world type ) to extreme sports such as mountain biking, ski, etc. ) to capture unique angles and reveal the game like it’s never been shown before.

In reality, the Tennessee Titans lately became among their first professional sports team for an FAA 333 Exemption to use drones for industrial purposes. It seems as though they’ll utilize their drones to have a wide variety of aerial footage of the group practicing through pre-season miniature decks.

In the end, this is probably only the beginning of drones used to catch professional sports.

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13. Map out your property and get cool pictures of your house

Even when you are not a realtor, there are still reasons why you’d want to shoot pictures of your property. For starters, it is your house… and it is a significant investment. Many people today cherish their house and, as such, need photographs of it. A drone lets you shoot pictures of your house that nobody else may.

And, because a lot of drone cameras are high-quality, you might even have the image of your house blown up, framed, and set upon a wall inside your home.

14. Up close whale watching?

I am not sure what the Specific rules and regulations are about flying your drones over whales, but this guy is doing this:

And, so is this man:

Need I say more?

15. Scare the out of someone!

That is another one that can only be clarified by viewing the movie. This prank is incredibly awesome…

That man is not using a drone that you can purchase from Amazon or another online retailer for this issue. He is with a heavy-duty drone which has been mainly constructed to carry that ghoul.

However, that does not mean that you can not construct something similar. I am not sure what the legality is about something like this… I am guessing it is breaking some legislation… but damn, is it funny.

16. Speaking of scary things… got an animal problem? Scare them away with your drone.

Do you know who does not enjoy drones (besides your neighbor)? Animals do not like drones. However, there are cases where creatures not enjoying drones are a fantastic thing…

For example, Ottawa has a goose problem. You see, geese can discharge 2 lbs of feces every day. And Ottawa has a lot of geese… so a whole lot of goose poop.

So, the town of Ottawa has turned into drone-enthusiast Steve Wambolt to help rid them of the goose problem. Wambolt was tasked with chasing geese from Petrie Island, where seemingly the sea poop is so poor that at particular times you can not see the earth.

Not everybody wishes to chase the geese away, along with also the option to try to do this by the town remains up for discussion, but it will reveal how drones may be utilized to maintain pesky animals off.

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17. Catch corrupt meat-packing plants turning your river red with blood…

Did you ever feel that carrying out your drone for a spin might wind up in a situation where you would help capture a meat-packing plant that has been dumping animal blood into a nearby creek?

That is what happened when a guy flying his consumer drone within the Trinity River at Oak Cliff, Texas, seized a flow of blood flowing to the lake… Whatever came of this meat-packing plant, I am not sure, but seemingly multiple analyses were started to reach the bottom of what happened.

Whatever the case, can you afford not to be flying your drone on neighborhood meat-packing plants today?

18. Leaf-blowing? Ha! More like leaf-droning!

Nobody likes to sweep leaves. And, pulling the leaf-blower to perform the job is not all that fun… at least compared to leaf-droning:

Yes, that is a costly way to eliminate your leaves… but all pleasure comes at a price…

19. You can’t spell hoverboarding without D-R-O-N-E

Would you wish to find out precisely what the very first step in the process of getting the Green Goblin looks like? Well, check out this movie:

This is not a DJI Inspire 1, which the man is drifting on. He spent some time constructing this (and seemingly through all that time from the window once it crashed). Finally, however, if this man can do it, why can not you?

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 should i buy a drone for travel

The issues with drones

So why should you not purchase a drone? Well, because of some people being reckless, like the Gatwick shutdown problem in 2018, in addition to various other difficulties (see cons below), there’s currently more regulation and limitations in place.

Such as from the UK, you finally must acquire an Operator and Flyer ID, and in the event, you fly a drone (over 250g) with no, you might be fined. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority governs it, and the evaluation is relatively simple to pass.

The CAA provides approximately 5 internet pages of clear advice to assist you and many of its common sense. But, even after departure, you can even discover different limitations on where you can fly. Like many beautiful nature places in England, the National Trust has bylaws that cut many areas you would probably need to pass.

Because of this, you might end up restricted on where it is possible to use your drone. This is merely an instance in England; however, you will probably find similar limitations popping up in several countries like Canada and the USA.

In addition to constraints, you will find several different negatives to purchasing a drone that you’ll discover below. Do these beg the question… is it worth buying a drone?

They can be expensive: Drones may be expensive, particularly if you opt for a number of the mid-range or high versions from the DJI range. In addition to the drone, you may also require spare batteries, a tote along with other parts of the kit. If you purchase a bigger drone like the Phantom, you may also pay for additional luggage when you travel.

Restrictions and laws: Various countries today ask that you have a concept test or possess a license to fly. Also, like this, you may come across local regulations or laws that prohibit flying also.

Privacy Issues: Drones may start new privacy problems because of their capacity to carry access previously inaccessible locations. Such as in people’s gardens or windows.

Unpleasant for will people The noise of a whizzing drone is not agreeable for wildlife. There were tales of people being unkind and even chasing creatures, even though they were fearful of the sounds.

Can still be a hazard: Despite built-in security measures, drones continue to be quite dangerous. The propellers proceed at an enormous resolution, and if they hit someone, they could do some actual harm. In addition to this, if drone malfunctions and falls out of the air and lands on someone, that may also cause some injury.

It May be hard to transport: Ultimately, hauling your drone around may be easier said than done. Though some versions can be very tiny (including the Spark), they still occupy space.

Read also Medical Certification of FAA: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/medical_certification/


These are our ideas and a few of the pros and cons of purchasing a drone. We would suggest that you get a fantastic think about what you’ll use your drone for and where you’re going to be traveling and use that as a basis for the choice.

Such as though you will be in character places and there are no constraints, it will probably be a terrific investment. But if you only really visit cities where it is unlikely you would be allowed to use that legally, then it may not be well worth it. We hope this helps, and in case you purchase one, then make sure you fly secure, and we hope you have a lot of fun.

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