What Causes Drone Flyaways? Ways To Prevent Flyaways (2021)

What Causes Drone Flyaways

Is there anything worse than watching your drone go missing while you have no control over it? Drone flyaways still happen despite the advancements in transmission technology. This will almost always result in the drone colliding with something – most likely somewhere far away.

We will answer the question, “What Causes Drone Flyaways?”  and the best ways to stop drone flyaways from happening in the first instance in this article.

What is Drone Flyaway?

What is Drone Flyaway

Drone Flyaway refers to an unmanned drone that loses control of its aircraft and makes unpredicted and uncontrollable flight decisions without the transmitter’s permission.

Drones should be understood as far as the drone’s range is. This is a common rule. However, that’s a rule that we only can see on paper.

Drone Flyaway is a popular experience for many drone pilots. Your drone can lose control completely if you make a mistake if your drone is out of range or magnetic field interference.

It is essential to understand the drone’s range and how to recover it. This is what we will be learning here.


What causes drone flyaways?

It is possible to stop drone flyaways from happening by understanding their causes. How does this happen?

A flyaway can be caused by a loss of signal between the drone and remote controller. This causes several things:

  • It is involved in a collision
  • It can even fall from the sky.
  • It just flies away, and you can’t see it because you weren’t in its line of sight.
  • This can be particularly devastating if the drone is flying near the water. There’s a good chance that it has taken a trip to the sea.

Experience a signal loss such as this. It could either be an error by the manufacturer (i.e., a malfunction) of your part, or it could be that you are flying the aircraft in a manner that is considered careless (i.e., out of the line-of-sight, in poor weather conditions, over obstacles, etc.).

Flying your drone too close or too far from powerlines can cause interference with the drone’s signal and a flyaway.

It’s worth reading the instruction manual before you start to fly your drone. This will help you to understand the intricate gadgets of the drone and what could go wrong.

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How to Prevent a Drone Flyaway?

How to Prevent a Drone Flyaway

Prevention is better than trying to find a missing drone. Here are some tips to prevent flyaways for drone owners.

1. Do a Pre-flight Check

Do a preflight check before you fly your drone. Make sure that your drone is fully charged and that all components work as they should.

Also, make sure to check the weather conditions in the area where you will be flying. You can lose your drone or cause it to fly away from you by sudden wind or rain.

2. Remember to Set a Home Point and RTH Altitude

Before you take off, make sure that your home point is set. If the drone loses its signal or the batteries get low, this is where it will return to.

Set a dynamic home point if you’re on a moving object like a boat. If you don’t, the drone could land far from where it is supposed to or splash into the water.

You must also indicate an RTH altitude when you designate a home point. It should be higher than any trees, buildings, or objects in the vicinity. This will ensure that the drone does not bump into any objects or buildings as it returns to its home.

It’s a good idea for drones to be set at an altitude, even if they have obstacle avoidance. Low light may cause the sensors to fail, and they can miss obstacles like thin branches or glass.

3. Recalibrate Your Compass

Your drone’s GPS can not be relied on alone. To be able to orient itself in RTH mode properly, it needs a compass.

DJI drones can be checked on the DJI GO app to see the current status of their compass. This will indicate when the compass should be calibrated. This is often necessary if there is too much magnetic interference.

4. Fly Within Line of Sight

This is common sense. The FAA insists that you keep your drone within sight at all times. You risk losing your drone if you fly it too far from the FAA’s sight.

Make sure you have enough light to see your drone. Fly your drone closer if it is foggy, or wait until the weather clears.

Don’t fly your drone at night or early in the morning when there’s not enough light.

5. Get a Tracker

Drone trackers have become increasingly popular. These trackers use GPS to keep an eye on your drone’s location. Other trackers use a cell signal to locate your drone even when there isn’t a GPS.

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FAQs Regarding Drone Flyaways

FAQs Regarding Drone Flyaways

What are the most common drone flyaways?

Experts estimate that up to 1/3 of drone pilots will experience a flyaway. However, it is possible to avoid most incidents by following simple guidelines.

Source: https://cultofdrone.com/prevent-drone-fly-away/

How do I find a drone that flew away?

How to Find a Flyaway drone without a tracker Use the Return to Home button on your controller. To locate it, you can use another drone. Verify the last known coordinates of your drone. Verify telemetry information.

Source: https://trackimo.com/find-drone-without-a-tracker/

Can a stolen drone be tracked?

DJI cannot track your drone using its serial number, last flight location, or whereabouts. DJI cannot track your drone’s location or serial number, and you must find other ways to retrieve it.

Source: https://www.droneblog.com/2021/06/23/can-dji-track-my-stolen-or-lost-drone-solved/

What happens if the drone is out of range?

Drones can only fly within a certain range. The signal to control the drone stops working if it is outside of this range. You can’t control the drone from this range.

Source: https://www.newson6.com/story/5e9e0eeb7c6d3a5d636cab46/guide-to-what-happens-when-a-drone-is-out-of-range

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Drone flyaways are no longer common thanks to better transmission technology. They still happen, however. We still hear stories of drones flying off for no apparent reason and then crashing after a mile.

This article will help you understand the reasons your drone flyaways are happening and how to fix them. Would you please share this article with others who might be interested? We appreciate you taking the time and visiting staaker.com.


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