Walkera QR X350 Pro Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

Walkera QR X350 Pro Reviews

Continuation of our series of drone reviews. Today, Staaker is going to present to you a pretty good drone for about $ 800. It is the rival of DJI Phantom 2 Vision +, DJI Inspire 1, Parrot Bebop Drone, Blade 350 QX, etc. Find out why the Walkera QR X350 Pro is so popular in the Walkera QR X350 Pro reviews article below.

Walkera QR X350 Pro Reviews


  • It’s secure: this drone has a self-adjusting mechanism that retains its balancing and can shoot exceptionally professional videos that absence the shakiness of drone videos.
  • It’s more economical: although most drones with comparable features have a tendency to cost between $700 and $1000, this bot price as low as $450 in certain online vendors.
  • It’s brilliant: it can easily pick up commanding signs and may only fly inside the restricted commanding area. It may make automatic takeoffs and also a landing so it can safely reunite without much difficulty.
  • It’s agile in flight: this attribute enables it to cover long distances readily and, hence, gets more economical.


  • It’s hard to control: Despite having an innovative and firm control, this drone nevertheless can prove challenging to work with since it’s nearly manual controllers. Therefore, it requires time for you to acclimatize with the control.
  • It’s less durability: by its testimonials, it could be ascertained that the drone comes with a very delicate body. Up to 70 percent of its critics associated the drone with simple breakages.
  • Camera incompatibility: Since the drone is not packed with a camera, it has also confronted a couple of camera incompatibility complaints previously.

Walkera QR X350 Pro reviews - Packaging

1. Packaging

The QR X350 pro model is packed in a Ready-To-Fly (RTF) country, whereas the QR X350 X2 is packed at a Bind-n-Fly (BnF) state. Additionally, both variations typically lack a camera and a gimbal in regular packaging. Therefore, there exist variants of the packed drone elements based on different sellers.

Nevertheless, the quadcopter will constantly possess the following accompaniments:

  • The QR X350 drone
  • A 2200mAh or 5200mAh battery
  • A user guide
  • The Devo F7, 10, or F12E transmitter (pro version only)

Note: As mentioned previously, aside from the drone and the drone manual, other accompanying drone elements vary considerably among different drone sellers. According to the seller, it’s vital to verify the specific accompaniments and make a claim only if one of those could be missing.

Considering that the drone does not include a camera, the old version and the more recent version of this drone demand some minimum welding of you may need to adjust a camera on it. The old versions will also ask that you tighten the majority of the screws before engaging the drone.

This is one of the causes which hindered its previous popularity. Check-in under video the best way to do this.

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2. Drone Design & Durability

The QR X350 quadcopter has great looks to be discerned. From its front look, it’s a strange slant on its upper, which makes it look fancier and enriches its rate too. That may determine its agile rate of around 45mph.

Its elongated landing equipment able to adapt a camera under it and retains its detectors protected. It’s also relatively light, mobile and it can carry around 7lbs over its weight.

This drone’s casing is made from solid plastic, ready to protect its breakage using brushless motors. Additionally, how the drone has extended and nicely protective shooting equipment plays a part in maintaining the camera and the detectors from unintentional damage.

The Walkera Company’s drones have previously received a favorite criticism in their durability. Over 60 percent of those raised on the drone’s first launch compromised their drone’s poor welding.

Therefore, you must take a while to affirm that a drone has been nicely welded before carrying it into the atmosphere. The Pro version was constructed to tackle these hot pitfalls.

Walkera QR X350 Pro reviews - Camera

3. Camera

One sad truth is that the original benchmark release (that is the less expensive alternative ) doesn’t have an accompanying camera. Initially, it was published in a BnF type that could ask to bind the drone before attaching a camera.

On the other hand, the not releases ask that you bind the Gopro along with the camera. In other scenarios, some providers can do this for you openly!

The simple fact that the drone lacks a camera at the high price does make it look a little too wrong too many. But this can be advantageous since it permits you to update cameras and, with it, a much less costly way to improve the quality of images. It’s compatible with all new drone cameras such as the Hero 3, 3+, and Hero 4.

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4. Battery & Flight Time

The Pro version is generally packed with a 5200mAh, 11.1V battery, which requires between 40 and 60 minutes to control fully and drains in 15-21 minutes once in constant use.

This dramatically improves its predecessor (the X2 variant ) that may last between 7 and 11 minutes. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to pick the latter if you have some additional bucks.

5. Controller

The characteristic that puts this drone off from its rivals like the Scout X4 along with the Tali H500 is your APM flight control. If you’re a fanatic of multi-copters, then I am confident that you’ve already joined the dots.

The APM flight control is also an open-source application program provided by ArduPilot, which controls the drone’s functionality. It may also be termed as the drone head.

Fantastic features accompany the control to permit the quadcopter, become clever enough to compete with DJI Phantom 3 string drones. The top one of the features is its capacity to unite Google maps and GPS controllers to direct the drone liberally.

Walkera QR X350 Pro reviews - Flight Performance

6. Flight Performance

The QR X2 edition of the drone isn’t an easy-to-fly kind drone because it uses manual controllers. Manual controllers do not need a complex setup; they’re always prepared to fly immediately.

But you have got to become a bee’s knees. You take out the drone in the heavens and restrain it back without making mishaps.

Therefore, it’s strongly suggested that you take a while to study and find a few keys before giving it a go. You can check on this brief tutorial to help you learn and create the first flight.

The Pro version, on the other hand, is straightforward and enjoyable to restrain. The APM flight control comprises both analog and automobile features which produce its control easier. You will first have to set up a freeware called Mission Planner on your PC.

You connect your control using a USB, and you may begin to learn some exercises the bot can reach. When ready, place an appropriate control manner, e.g., the “Simple Flight” style allows you to perform exercises efficiently and begin your bot.

It is not challenging; you move, you are the controller stick whichever manner you desire the drone to maneuver, and it’ll obey. Do not be concerned about balancing the drone itself is smart enough to understand that. It’s a controlled space of 2 KM.

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7. Value For Money And Guarantee

The drone prices about $500 in online shops. It does seem like a massive figure, does not it? But the majority of the other drones with comparable features cost a whole lot more. That makes it a much better choice to elect for if working on a strict budget.

I have to point out that this drone lacks in the guarantee.

However, while the drone does not come with any legal guarantee from its providers, it’s always a good idea to negotiate terms with your vendor so you may be ensured of replacements if the drone arrives at a malfunctioning condition or when it is suspicious. On that, you have to use the principle of bidding: the ideal bidder wins.

8. Unique Features

The prominent identifying features of this box are:

The APM Flight control: this exceptionally innovative feature (already described above) distinguishes this quadcopter from several others of the identical class.

It puts in your desk control features such as the variety of flight modes such as the fly amount, straight or straightforward. Additionally, its GPS enabled it to detect elevation fluctuations, hover as it surpasses the control space, and return and take off mechanically.

The battery: Walkera QR X350 pro made a fantastic improvement on the drone’s battery compared to its predecessors. With a flight time of around 20 minutes, this drone appears for use commercially or as a replacement for the pricey DJI Phantom options.


The Walkera QR X350 Pro is not the best drone on the market, but it is still listed as one of the most consumed drones in the world. Ignoring the weaknesses of low durability, difficulty to control, flexibility and stability is a huge plus.

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