Typhoon Q500 4K Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

Typhoon Q500 4K Reviews

Typhoon Q500 4K Reviews – The drone offers users many options. This is a carefully planned and designed drone, modern features, etc… with those factors typhoon q500 4k is dubbed “mermaid drone “. Let’s take a look at the factors that make it so special in the following article.

Typhoon Q500 4K Reviews In 2021

Typhoon Q500 4K Reviews

It is the type of drone which wasn’t only intended and entirely designed without blowing off any single detail but has also been made to combine the most recent technology and features available on the market these days with the concept of selection and a large number of options in addition to the path the consumer could take to be able to attain something or solve a problem.

Bearing that in mind, we can now know the Q500 was dubbed the “mermaid drone.” This drone appears so tempting and so favorable from afar. However, when you take it from the box and find a close look at it, you understand there is a lot more to this particular drone that satisfies the eye, making it quite challenging and complex to grasp from the very beginning.

The principal thing that it sports is that it is ready to capture and record pictures in 4K, a resolution that isn’t just much more significant than anything that we were utilized to before and hard to be appropriately recorded by a great deal of recording gear to this season.

Another thing it manages to perform correctly, which places this drone a definite cut above the rest, is a simple fact it can very easily capture in the slow movement (60 frames per minute ), which means that the footage it captures may be slowed down appreciably in post-production or while watching, and retain the sharpness and clarity that come using 60 frames per second frame rate.

Another attribute that’s not unique to the Q500, but it’s the best indication of implementation. This notion thus far is an easy 3-axis gimballing mechanism, letting the camera stay secure and leveled no matter the position degree of their drone.

Thus compensating for tipping, banking, and minor turbulence by things like crosswind and other meteorological phenomena. If you would like to get more comfortable with drone gimbals and know how they operate, we suggest checking out our informative article about drone gimbals too.

The camera itself may be taken out of the drone using its gimballing mechanism. It may be mounted onto a handheld device that links to some smartphone, allowing the user to utilize the camera and its features like a remote camera with no true drone.

Among those things that got our attention regarding the drone wasn’t only the design but how it stinks. It is flexible and smooth, very nimble and agile, managing to conquer every barrier or problem which mother nature can throw in it. It manages to fly through rough weather conditions that could ground different drones, but it has a catch.

It’s not the simplest drone to function, and it’s by no means recommended for beginner or inexperienced pilots.

The first thing that gives us the notion is that the control itself, which shows a lot of innovative flight information an experienced pilot, would instantly understand and get the maximum from the drone and provide it the very best flight ever.

And of course, how the drone itself, by default, on weather, isn’t the simplest thing to restrain, along with an inexperienced pilot, will surely struggle.

It is not all grim sunsets, though, since the drone has a lot of automatization performed and how it stinks. This provides the pilot possibilities like autopilot, automobile landing, return house features, confront targeting, and automated after.

We’ve been saving the best for last since the camera includes incorporated facial recognition applications, making it effective at faces, then targeting and locking on to them.

If the pilot wants, they can elect to provide the drone that the control to adhere to these faces from afar that will permit the drone to mechanically circle and adhere to the face or faces it’s locked on to.

It may require a rather proficient pilot to make the most of these choices and features; however, it is more than worthwhile at the end of it all.


  • Fantastic performance
  • ST10+ control is among the best
  • 4K movie recording is excellent


  • Bodywork is plastic
  • Battery endurance is typical
  • Batteries require ages to control

1. Packaging

Like most drones in the current market, the Q500 includes a reasonably necessary bundle, to begin with.

It’s prepared to fly from the box type of drone, meaning you won’t need to handle any soldering, any wires, or other circuitry. However, you’ll need to manage only a lot of assembly.

The Simple package comprises:

  • 1x Drone
  • 8 x Drone propellers
  • 1x Propeller mounting instrument
  • 1x camera
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x Memory card
  • 1x Set of directions
  • 1x Remote flight control
  • 1x Handheld camera control
  • 1x Remote Flight control strap

We could realize that the simple kit includes spare parts, less or more, right off the bat. A spare pair of propellers and a spare battery, to be precise. This is something that not most drones arrive with. The great majority of them require you to buy components along with the drones themselves.

However, there’ll be a little assembly required, mostly requiring one to mount the propellers on the drone, insert the memory card into the camera, and mount and charge the battery on the drone.

This takes around approximately 5 minutes, excluding the battery charging period, and after that, the drone is prepared to take to the heavens.

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2. Design and Endurance

The theory behind the design of this Q500 was supposed to take as much work from this post-production portion of the filming process as you can.

Let us get a bit more into detail.

Ordinarily, when filming objects using drones, the filming section itself is insufficient since there’s a lot of vibration, many vibrations, and a great deal of reimbursement. Of course, occasionally, the made’s maneuvers aren’t the ones you want to be featured at the finished cut.

There’s a great deal of post-production work entailed, essentially cutting and pasting different movie sections to exit everything you do not need folks to see or expertise and promote everything you wanted to attain.

The Q500 was created to reduce this time dramatically. Also, you will view it with Every layout element:

  • The human anatomy is aerodynamic, made to deal and stream with uncovering from all directions.
  • The camera gimbals and retains the image and concentrates steady, though the drone may be combating the forces of nature from the backdrop.
  • The resolution is 4K, the maximum resolution available so much, and the frame rate is a continuous slow-motion 60 frames per minute.
  • The lens includes a small side angle, so the picture’s aspect ratio remains the same on the floor and in the atmosphere.

The software that comes already installed at the drone enables it to perform amazing things like faces, lock on them, follow them about, and react to simple commands and visual cues.

Camera typhoon q500 4k

3. Camera

The Q500 sports a CGO3 4K 3-axis Gimbal Camera That Allows it to shoot some stunning images and capture a few high-quality minutes as a high-quality movie:

  • Picture/frame resolution: 12 Megapixels
  • Video Frame rate: 60 frames per second
  • Slow movement: 120 frames per second fluid slow movement capture
  • Maximum video resolution: 4K
  • HD capacities: 1080p
  • Lens: little broad-angle no distortion flexible crystal lens

Additional design features:

  • Three-axis gaming
  • Heavy-duty weather resistant casing
  • Simple to mount/dismount mechanism

4. Controller

In theory, the Q500 is effective at working with different controls, and undoubtedly the most advocated controller is that the Yuneec Q500 flight controller the drone has by default.

The cause of that is that the drone and control come already calibrated using one another, making it a good deal easier to fly and manage the drone and benefit from the numerous features that it includes.

Another great reason you need to stick with the default control is that the touchscreen in the control base lets you command the camera and put it up by cycling through the numerous choices and features that it’s mid-flight.

The control itself has a much better flight control design than other drone controls, making it a lot easier for the pilot to get features and flight possibilities like the autopilot controls and automobile shooting choices.

The control itself is quite simple to use, and also the drone is very responsive when using it. But, it will still need a little bit of training to become accustomed to.

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5. Flight Performance

This is the point where the Q500 stands above the rest, mainly due to the simple fact it may go a long way over the lawful 400 ft. drone flight elevation, and there are reports that, in clear weather and optimum states, the drone could reach double that elevation.

However, it’s illegal to perform fly high, particularly in populated areas. Therefore it’s not a good idea to check it out on your own.

It’s a 26 ft. smart circle radius where it could perform its creative functions like facial recognition, targeting, and adhering to the goal around, as well as a 300 ft. radius geofence, meaning if the drone flies out the 300 ft. radius of the sign begins to lose its potency and will drop at any time.

It is ok though, since the drone itself is programmed to return “home” or back into the pilot if it finds any signal reduction.

One final point to mention here is about this 26ft—radius ring. The drone should never take off when put within the circle. For calibration and performance functions, the drone must always eliminate outside of the circle of its goal after around and the distant flight control.

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 Value For Money And Guarantee typhoon q500 4k

6. Value For Money And Guarantee

As it stands now, the Q500 and the numerous models in this lineup are now being retailed for between $549.99 and $599.99, based upon the product or kit which you choose to select.

There are many spare components and elements made available from the manufacturer and may be seen on the current market, in addition to optional extras that you may purchase when purchasing your Q500 drone.

The bottom value for a completely operational, flight-prepared, high-performance drone is 549.99 due to the simple fact that the same basic kit includes all that you need to get the most from this drone.

According to claims, the different retailers provide different warranties, frequently taking it upon themselves to sort the problem out whether it arises.

The producer, on the other hand, doesn’t mention any cashback guarantees. Still, it will provide you with a hefty and thorough guarantee for the drone, in addition to a great deal of support for virtually any sort of problem or question which you may have concerning the Q500.

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7. Unique Features

As soon as we consider exceptional features, we frequently search for unusual things and layout options that produce the drone question stick out above the rest.

In the instance of this Q500, there aren’t that many real unique features but instead a vast collection of features it embraced and improved radically.

The original, exceptional features found on this particular drone are mainly little layout choices such as the positioning and access to the battery and memory card.

On the other hand, the improvements are nothing to be scoffed at since the designers and engineers in Yuneec have looked towards innovative military-grade hardware to get inspiration instead of existing in the civilian marketplace. While we could say that those improvements are exceptional to the Q500 from a civilian perspective, they’re quite close in style to their army counterparts.

That said, features like:

  • Facial recognition
  • Targeting
  • After
  • Gimbaling flexible camera
  • The capability to automatically compensate for atmospheric weather and changes shifts
  • The ability to monitor its signal constraints and function inside them on an Automated flight operation protocol

These features are unique to this Q500 in the civilian perspective but all too recognizable from a military perspective. These features are closely linked to the same features sported by the army UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).


The Typhoon Q500 4K may not have more features than other professional drones. But at that price point, it is the perfect choice compared to the competition, great for beginners.

Although the fuselage is plastic, not very durable, in return, it owns the ST10 + controller, the image quality and flight time are above average.

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