Video of the Week #10 — Ivan Ilijevski

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It’s time for this week’s Video of the Week. We’ve talked to Ivan Ilijevski, who shared his first ever footage taken with Staaker with us. This was a unique chance for us to see what our users’ first impressions of Staaker may be, as well as check how intuitive the experience is. Here’s what Ivan shared with us:

Glacier rides from Ivan Pet on Vimeo.

Why did you choose Staaker, Ivan?
I was never to interested in drones. I thought some drone footage was cool, but top down view didn’t appeal to me, everything seems flat no perception of terrain features. Scenic drone footage is cool of course but a friend had a drone, and it seemed a hassle to learn to fly it to get smooth shots, plus you could only film others. Another friend also had a follow drone, but said didn’t work too well. It was coincidence that I came across Staaker, just by searching the web.

All my friends to whom I showed my first footage were super impressed. Many also asked what drone it is, who flew it and where to get it. I found it funny that it raised so much dust as me and my wife just went up our home resort one afternoon after work to try it for the first time and I edited video in about 5 minutes.

What was it like having a drone just following you and not having to control it?
This is first drone I ever owned and never flew any other. Knowing it doesn’t have obstacle sensors felt a bit sketchy, but I think it was also because it was only my first time so I had no experience how it will behave.
Was it difficult to get started with Staaker? If yes, why?
No, not at all. I did check the manual both short and full one but it’s like a 10 minute read. No need for endless referrals and reminders, its super easy and intuitive.


What’s your favorite mode and why?
It’s hard to say, as I only flew it once in action and two other times in the parking just to see how it works. I think the Compass mode is easy, Circle will be cool on mountain tops or ridges. I have ideas for shots with Hover mode already and I had an idea for the Follow mode that I tried just outside my house today, and it worked as I thought it might, so I’m very excited to try it. I think all the modes are great.

How’s your experience using Staaker been so far?
All positive — it works just great. One advice for skiers is that it might be better to attach the tracker to backpack waist strap because the drone is quite responsive, so it moved a bit more than needed because of arm movements with the pole plant. That way the remote is more steady at your center of gravity and I think the drone would be more stable, and remote will still be accessible for quick mode changes. The gimbal is very good because even when the drone moves quite a bit the footage still looks stable.

Is there anything else you liked that stood out for you?
The fact that it really works as claimed — no hassle, no long learning curve. I like that it’s weather and waterproof as I want to use it in snow. It seems quite powerful as 80km/h should be enough to use it for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Also, I think I saw somewhere that it wont or shouldn’t fly above 2000m altitude but my shot was at about 3000m elevation, so it works in high mountains. I am stoked for that.

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