Syma X8SW Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Syma X8SW Review

Syma drones have appeared on the market for more than 10 years and are known as the king of the popular drone segment. In the previous post, Staaker has reviewed Syma products in general, in this article, we will analyze for you in detail the Syma X8SW Review review drone. Let’s see if it is right for you!

Syma X8SW Review


  • Nice toaster
  • Tons of great features
  • WiFi FPV camera
  • Very secure and easy to command
  • Fantastic flight freedom
  • Fantastic lifting power.


  • No APP controller;
  • Proprietary battery
  • Prop caps could pop off easily;
  • Noisy as HELL.

syma x8sw review - Remote control

1. Transmitter / Remote control

The transmitter of this X8SW drone is precisely the same, just like its little brother has (that the Syma X5UW). Honestly, this brand-new redesigned remote control seems far better.

Syma gave up on the trimming buttons along with the mostly useless LCD to offer you a more friendly layout.

On the front panel, besides both regular control rods (throttle and lift ), there is just one button, the power button.

The X8SW remote control has a total of four shoulder buttons on each side. Automated take-off/landing may be participated by short pressing on the front-right shoulder.

360-degree flip modes could be triggered via the rear-right shoulder.

Switching between flight rate rates (Low/High) could be carried out by short pressing the ideal control stick. By long pressing, the same rod could be triggered in the headless flight manner.

By transferring both sticks into the bottom right position will trigger the self-level calibration sequence. Maintain the sticks in this place until the LED’s beginning to flash quickly.

Even though most real drones provide smartphone/APP control strangely, SYMA did not incorporate this attribute in the X8SW.

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2. Camera

Concerning shape, the X8SW’s camera is quite similar to the one its predecessor has (you can test it here: Syma X8W review). Regrettably, the angle of the camera can not be corrected manually or remotely.

My first positive surprise was that the camera features a micro SD slot machine packed using a 4GB memory card. This is fine because the listed videos are saved right on the camera, without needing a smartphone/tablet to capture movies.

To exhibit the Wi-Fi camera live-video feed onto your mobile device (smartphone/tablet), you have to set up the Syma FPV APP (accessible for the two Android and iOS apparatus ).

One minute of recorded movie conveys about 35 MB. Both photos and videos possess a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The picture quality is adequate, although not exceptional, as you’d expect from an HD camera. Anyhow, the X8SW is potent enough to join a better camera, such as the RunCam 2. This way, you’ll have the ability to record some excellent aerial movies.

syma x8sw review - Test flight

3. First use / Test flight

Before your airport, you want to mount the: landing skids, camera, propellers, and blade protectors. Based on the X8SW’s user guide, you want to use the included wrench to set up the propellers. The catch is that the wrench is more significant than it ought to be, but do not worry, two of your hands will do the task.

The “Power” button can be found on top of the drone, which is fine as it’s readily accessible.

Being a giant bird, the Syma X8SW quadcopter is appropriate just for flights. Anyhow, it’s damn dumb to fly indoors.

As I anticipated, the X8SW was relatively stable and straightforward to control. The altitude-hold performed exceptionally well, making it appropriate for newcomer pilots. The crucial Take-off / Land feature will probably also be valued by them.

The Wi-Fi FPV is gimmicky. Maybe children will love this attribute; however, for me, it proved to be nearly useless. Everybody understands that Wi-Fi FPV cameras aren’t appropriate for first-person view flights, so they’ve too considerable latency.

For FPV flights, I am likely to use my machine MC01 camera. The MC01 is relatively lightweight and convenient to be powered by 2s Li-Po batteries.

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syma x8sw review - Wifi FPV Camera

4. Wifi FPV Camera

Let us begin with the fascinating feature this drone offers, its camera. The built-in real-time FPV camera is capable of shooting 720p videos and photos. Linking into the drone with camera has been completed with a smartphone (Android and iOS) over 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.

Captured snapshots are recorded to the phone right through Wi-Fi or into the drone’s micro SD card (we obtained a 4GB SD card using all the drone). The embedded camera provides a resolution of 0.3MP, which is not that bad for the purchase price. The controller has a holder for your cell phone.

5. Battery

As I have previously said, the battery X8SW utilizes Symas’s proprietary plug-and-play mechanism to remove the battery. That is both positive and negative. It is excellent because it makes it a lot easier for the consumer to replace the battery. It is terrible because you’re made to buy batteries just from Syma.

Fortunately, the battery the drone provides is a 7.4V 2000 mAh lipo battery life. In my tests, it managed to send about 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge. Extra batteries can be bought on Amazon. The current cost is about $40 for a three-battery pack.

6. Altitude Hold

Syma X8SW drone will encourage elevation hold, and it does it quite well. Constructed in barometer sensor makes it possible for the drone to keep height after you launch the controls. The left joystick is used to improve the height of this drone.

When you get to the desired elevation, release the joystick, and the drone will maintain hovering in the atmosphere. This is very good for beginners because it does not need to be concerned about maintaining drone elevation. It is also perfect for recording movies because it reduces shakiness and wobbling.

7. Flip Tricks And Stunts

Something which our younger audience may adore is the built-in stunt suggestions that X8SW comes packed with. While in-flight, all the drone pilot must do is press a button on the control. After doing that, you ought to observe the drone do a 360° reverse.

Many drone beginners do not have the expertise to perform springs and tricks like this by themselves. It is nice seeing Syma such as this attribute even in their budget-friendly versions. Not many drones within this price segment may perform tricks

8. Additional Goodies

X8SW also has the typical features that have become the standard for drones now. For starters, there is a headless manner for the more seasoned pilots.

The drone had LED lights in the base, which looks quite acceptable when flying the drone at nighttime. Blade guards can help protect the drone through these first crashes and bumps, which beginners know. Pro-tip, eliminate them later to decrease the drone weight. That about it.


If you are looking for the best drone for the cheapest price then you are right – Syma X8SW is the perfect choice for you.

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