Parrot Bebop 2 Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Parrot Bebop 2 Review in 2021

The Parrot Bebop 2 is an excellent choice if you like the Parrot series, but your budget does not allow it. It costs only 1/2 of the Parrot Anafi but still offers good image quality, a flight time of about 26 minutes, etc …

This is indeed a powerful yet economical drone under 300$ that you should buy. The following article will give you some great information about this drone – the Parrot Bebop 2 review.

Parrot Bebop 2 Review

Parrot Bebop 2 Review

Video Quality

With no gimbal, the Bebop 2 only does not have the camera equilibrium to produce decent footage. However, it had been more stable than YUNEEC Breeze, and its comparatively low-quality camera frequently produces grainy footage.

Accordingly, it obtained the lowest score of 3 in this metric, nicely off the top rating of 10. The movie produced by the Parrot Bebop 2 could be fun to get a child who’d only flown the drone about to take a look at, but maybe not for much else. This version does do an excellent job of carrying still selfies, but the YUNEEC Breeze does a far better job of this.

Ease of Use

The Bebop 2 received the worst rating of 3 at our simplicity of use metric, well behind the best rating of 9. This was mainly because of its controller. It depends on a third-party smartphone tablet for a controller.

There are some different control modes. One uses the telephone’s camera, letting you steer the drone by leaning your cell phone. When this sounds instinctive, we discovered that it really was not, and also some lag at the copter’s reaction time made it unbelievably hard to pilot this manner.

Things worked better when we changed over to the manner which uses two virtual touchscreen joysticks. While piloting this manner has been much better, it was simple to slide past the joystick and tell that the Bebop 2 would perform a reverse. We would have much preferred a control with real joysticks.

There’s one available for your own Bebop 2. However, the excess cost brings the entire price tag to the range of much, much more competent drones.

Outside the control, the Bebop two is simple to set up from the box. The first flight feels enjoyable and straightforward on the drone’s lightweight, making it difficult to hurt in a wreck.

Launch the FreeFlight Pro program you will see a takeoff button. Pressing it lifts the drone to the atmosphere and sets it into a spot at roughly eye level.

The touchscreen joysticks do not lend the ideal controller, but you get an overall sense for them relatively fast and can at least zip the drone around a bit. Double-tapping the display makes the Bebop 2 do a reverse, which can be enjoyable, but these flips do not appear in the movie. When it is time to get down, a landing button sets the copter back on solid ground.

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Flight Performance

The Bebop 2 shared the low score of 5 at our flight functionality testing, which was well behind the best rating of 5.

It tended to ramble and bob a bit during takeoff and landing. It ended up being a little more stable when we attempted to place it to a continuous hover but owing to the lightweight design. Even a slight breeze can move it about.

It’s some autonomous flight manners, like a cable camera-type waypoint feature, but we found them to be this shaky and unsteady they were almost useless. Also, the range is just 1000 feet.

This is far better than another non-gimbal version, the YUNEEC Breeze, but still not enough to receive a significant panning shot. The Bebop 2 will have a wonderful long maximum flight time of 25 minutes.

parrot bebop 2 review - Portability


Despite being among those bigger drones in our inspection, the Bebop 2 was just average concerning portability. It does not include a case, and placing it into a backpack felt insecure because the arms and propellers are all delicate.

The Parrot Bebop 2 Travel Case lists for $100, but we believe the DJI Spark is a much better alternative if you are looking for a portable drone that includes a situation.


The Parrot listings for $550, however, are frequently sold for fewer retailers. This seems quite steep considering that it’s very best to use it as a toy, and there are loads of toy drones with cameras offered for less. The DJI Spark lists for $500 and is much superior to the Bebop two in each respect.

The Battery Is Vastly Better

Let us begin with what I enjoy about Bebop 2. It’s double the battery life of their original Bebop, and also, the battery currently locks into position, rather than being inadequately secured using a Velcro strap.

The body looks otherwise practically identical to its predecessor, even though the rotors have been color-coded to make it somewhat easier to remember where everyone goes.

By itself, with no optional remote controller and Wi-Fi range extender, the Bebop is superbly light and compact. Despite its small stature, I discovered it did a fantastic job of holding its standing in powerful winds.

The original Bebop frequently disconnected from my telephone when it had been only a few feet off. And rather than glancing in position after a disconnection, it occasionally continued flying, resulting in a dangerous wreck. I never had either of those difficulties together with all the Bebop 2.

For capturing images and video, the Bebop 2 requires a different approach than many drones: it uses a fisheye lens connected to the nose rather than an outside camera mounted on a gimbal.

Rather than working with a remote to manually pan and tilt a camera, then you can alter your focus inside the broad field of opinion created by the fishery, a hint accomplished via applications.

The brand new Bebop has achieved an excellent job of improving the movie’s quality when you’re panned straight down to the floor, a viewpoint that’s unique to airborne filming. It will produce some magical consequences over intriguing terrain.

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The Is Still No Removable Storage

The Is Still No Removable Storage

Regrettably, the camera hasn’t been updated much. After comparing the fuzzy, compressed footage to precisely what we shot identical locations with cameras out of DJI and Yuneec, the Bebop is far inferior.

And there’s still no choice for removable storage, only 8GB of memory, which matches up fairly quickly when you are shooting 1080p. This means you have to prevent and transfer footage to your telephone or pc or pull footage straight from the drone to your telephone or tablet computer working with a Wi-Fi link.

Neither process is convenient or fast, along with the wireless transport alternative means you are burning battery on both the apparatus rather than flying.

I flew that the Bebop two in three different places: a playground in New York City, ashore in Hammonasset, Connecticut, along with a golf course at Fairfield, Connecticut. I made sure to try it out on all of the accessible Wi-Fi groups: 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, and a mix of both. I’ve flown drones out of DJI, Yuneec, 3D Robotics, and Blade at the very same areas previously with no troubles.

In each case, it was simple to join, takeoff, and fly together with all the Bebop 2. But after it passed about 100 meters, the movie feed started to get choppy, freezing, and pixelating.

At 150 meters or even more, I often lost the link. When I walked to within 50 meters of the drone, then I could occasionally reconnect. The majority of the time, it hovered in place for 60 minutes before climbing to 30 meters and coming back into the house point where it started.

Disconnections Were A Constant

After quite a few failures, I chose to move all-in and examine a possible worst-case scenario. I flew out the drone within the East River, imagining that if it dropped into the beverage, that could make an excellent decision for my review. It must 250 meters, the farthest I flew with only the telephone as my distance.

Nevertheless, when it disconnected, for any reason, it did not return home after 60 minutes. I saw as the drone hovered set up, battery dwindling.

In desperation, I jumped a fence, shimmied along a dock, and by obtaining a couple of dozen feet nearer, managed to recover the Wi-Fi community, reboot into the program, and hit on the return house button, then landing with only 9 percent of my battery to spare.

I did figure out how to get more range from the Bebop two when using the optional $399 ” SkyController,” which is Parrot’s beautiful title for its conventional two-stick remote controller.

This unit features a Wi-Fi range extender at the top, which allows me to fly the Bebop out 2 to about 550 meters with complete control and just minor hiccups in my feed.

But beyond that range, I had two disconnects, and with the quantity of terrain in between, I could not move close enough to recover the sign before the drone returned home. The SkyController makes the Bebop 2 as bulky and expensive as a DJI Phantom or even Yuneec Typhoon.

Limited Range Is Ok: Unreliable Connectivity Is Not

Here is what: 300 meters is a lot for a beginner drone which prices under $600. Suppose Parrot promised and delivered on that range faithfully. In that case, I’d see it as a characteristic of an inexpensive drone that’s attempting to straddle the difference between a tool and a toy, a sensible trade-off between security and capacity.

There’s a sweet spot on the industry at the moment to get a unit that’s lightweight, small, and meager cost since the onslaught of gift asks I got this holiday season revealed. I’d even be OK with a drone which felt when it had been losing connection and cautioned me stopped moving to maintain in range.

However, while Parrot promises it is possible to reach 300 meters. It possesses a drone that regularly disconnects 150 meters (or 600 meters rather than 2 km with all the SkyController). I am reluctant to recommend that the unit to anybody.


Above are my comments about parrot bebop 2. What about you? Why did you decide to buy parrot bebop 2? Let us know. Follow our other articles for more information about drones on the market today.

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