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Can You Fly DJI Mavic Mini Without Phone

Can you fly DJI Mavic Mini without a phone? Have you ever had a situation where you don’t have a smartphone to control Dji Mavic Mini? Staaker will show you something interesting in this article, a feature you’ll need at some point.

Would You Fly DJI Mavic Mini Without Phone

1. The Way to Recover Your Mavic Mini With no Telephone

We have all ruined our mobiles at some stage in our own lives; it happens to the best of us! Imagine if it happens for you once you would like to fly your Mavic Mini? It is not time to give up yet; there is a means to control the device without using a cell phone.

The Mavic Mini comes wholly equipped with remote control, which comes in handy in such situations. The first thing you should do is flip the device and the remote on and give them a couple of seconds to sync.

Next, you are going to use the guide sticks on the Mavic Mini to start it. All you need to do is pull on the left and down diagonally towards the center. In this way, the engine will start, and when it is prepared to begin, the flashing lights will turn green.

Now you have the Mavic Mini running. You can do anything else via the remote controller. If you are flying the drone for photography functions, you may use the manual switches on the front of the remote controller while the device is flying.

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2. Precautions for Flying Your Own Mavic Mini With no Telephone

Though a Mavic Mini can fly with no telephone, that does not mean that it will be the same. The shortage of a cell phone means you won’t have access to this DJI Fly program. Consequently, you will not have the ability to use smart flight manners.

There are several things which you are going to need to look after. Otherwise, you might harm your drone or shed it in the atmosphere.

  • Fly on a Minimal Height

The Mavic Mini’s color readily camouflages with its environment. Should you lift it in an extreme elevation, it may bypass your sight and become lost. Additionally, it’s tough to tell how the drone is confronting. If it occurs, the very best solution would be to pitch the drone forward and observe how it travels to ascertain its orientation.

If you are working it using a cell phone, you won’t confront this problem as you will have the ability to command it properly and watch that your heading/orientation on the monitor. Alternatively, with no telephone, the Mavic Mini may get out easily.

  • Use the return to Home Characteristic.

The RTH alternative is among the most prominent features of this Mavic Mini. It is possible to specify an elevation for your drone to go back to. This way, it will have the ability to return instead of getting lost on its way upward.

The previous RTH altitude setting you implemented on the DJI Fly program is precisely what it’s set at. If you press and hold the RTH button at the left of this control, the Mini will go back home.

Nice to get this significant feature on the distance in addition to the telephone!

If you would like to take pictures or record something, you may use the remote controller. Following the drone evolves, you will see the consequences of your move.

  • Try It at a Safe Place First

It would take a while to get used to the Mavic Mini with no telephone. For your first couple of times, you need to visit a safe location you understand well. This way, you’re going to be prepared to chase the drone in case it determines to soar away.

After succeeding on your first attempts and getting used with the remote controller, you can take your drone anyplace you would like.

  • Learn the Flashing Signs

Every drone includes a flashing code that flashes in colors to indicate the current activity. To understand how to fly your Mavic Mini with no telephone, you need to learn its flashing signs and what they signify.

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Flying a Mavic Mini With no Phone - Challenges You Can Face

3. Flying a Mavic Mini With no Phone – Challenges You Can Face

Among those challenges that will confront you is tackling the Mavic Mini’s small size. This site provides it a privilege over comparable products. But it is a double-edged sword. The small size ensures that the apparatus will be more difficult to control with no telephone.

Moreover, you will probably find it hard to correct the flying elevation. The Mavic Mini will probably fly roughly 60 meters upward and hovers in its location. You will need to relaunch it a couple of times until it is ready to wash correctly.

Last, many users complained the Mavic Mini stinks for approximately 3 minutes before beeping and falling. Then, it will not fly unless you reboot into it and relaunch it. In cases like this, you need to pass using a telephone for the first time so that the program may supply you with proper directions. After that, use it with no phone, whatever you need.

4. The Way The Mavic Mini Is Not the Smartest Choice for Flying With no Telephone

Despite its broad popularity, the Mavic Mini includes a few drawbacks, which will make it much harder for you to fly with the remote control.

By way of instance, it will not have the choice for 4K videos, which can be inconvenient for videographers. As a videographer, you are already filming because of the shortage of a cell phone.

So, in addition to this, you might need to combine Mavic’s 2.7K movies using 4K footage, which will not turn out okay. The Mavic Pro, along with the Mavic Air, nevertheless, are great possibilities for this.

What’s more, the Mavic Mini does not have collision detectors for the front and back. This implies that if it fulfills any barrier, you won’t understand it since flying it liberally. Though it’s possible to avoid this with a telephone, it will inevitably go wrong once you use the remote control.


Can You Fly DJI Mavic Mini Without Phone? The answer is yes, although it is a bit difficult, you absolutely can do it. Please read the manual of your drone carefully before using it; you will be surprised by it.

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