Latrax Alias Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

Latrax Alias Reviews

The Latrax Alias reviews are Traxxas’s next-generation drone. Suitable for both beginners and pros, this is the model you don’t want to miss.
For a more detailed look at the features and reviews of this model, see our below article – Latrax Alias Reviews.

Latrax Alias Reviews

1. Packaging

When You Get your own LaTrax Alias, you should expect the next to come in the box:

  • The LaTrax Alias and 2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter
  • 650mAh LiPo Battery Bundle
  • USB-powered LiPo Charger
  • 5mm Hex Wrench
  • Traxxas AAA Alkaline Batteries, 4
  • Spare Rotor Blade Sets
  • Spare Hardware
  • Thumb Stick Pads

The control, branded since the 2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter, provides complete control and a comfortable flying experience with the thumb-stick pads. It appears almost like some video game console control, particularly the PlayStation.

Latrax Alias Reviews in 2021

2. Design & Durability

Crafted out of a molded mixture, the UAV comes in 4 different color assortments and contains 14.78 x 14.78 x 1.69 inches. The general flight weight using the battery included is approximately 3.53 oz or 100g. The Alias was developed to possess an auto-leveling 6-axis flight program and a 4.2GHz 6-channel Multi-Mode radio platform.

It is made for a smooth, secure flying experience that reaches out to both beginners and seasoned experts alike. The unmatched quad-rotor push paired together with the auto-leveling 6-axis equilibrium flight system ensures the drone flies just like a hot knife through butter without needing to worry about a crash landing.

The plan incorporates a soft enough material to guarantee that the drone is just one of its lightest type’s lightest, ultra-responsive and lightning-fast. All in all, the unique flight management system enables both old and new drone users to have the ability to master and go through the artwork that’s flying a UAV.

The raised rotors were created to make sure they can’t become tangled in trees, by way of instance, if a crash occurs or obstruction is in the way. The whole drone’s burden can be minimized as a result of the design of this framework while still staying glossy in style.

If it comes to durability, this drone is almost indestructible. Crash damage isn’t a worry, mainly due to the 50% power growth, which can help guarantee whole snap-back management in the event of an accidental crash.

The molded composite and high-technology overall construction aspects bring drone strength to an entirely new level. To obtain a notion of just how durable the drone is, please see this movie.

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3. Camera

The Alias doesn’t include a camera. However, several different accessories could be utilized and integrated, including numerous cameras that will fit your need just perfectly. While marketed via the producer, you could even locate cameras by retail dealers and Amazon for a very reasonable price.

The LaTrax Alias Camera is bought separately as an attachment and can be quite the powerhouse because of its tiny size. It is swift to set up, is immediately recognized by the drone platform, and automatically configures itself into this transmitter/controller’s controls.

Videos and photos are stored on a micro SD card, which can be sold individually. The drone has a maximum SD card managing of up to 16 GB. This camera’s only drawback is it can’t capture real-time footage since it’s not equipped with an FVP system.

Listed below are the features and specs of this LaTrax Alias Camera:

  • 12 MP photos, nevertheless
  • 720p HD video quality
  • An articulating lens using an integrated layout when attached
  • Total color still pictures and videos
  • Can have yet another 120-degree wide-angle lens attached, which can be sold separately as an addition to the camera
  • Status is revealed throughout the LCD transmitter
  • Starts/stops video recording and carries photos Throughout the transmitter itself

4. Crash-Proof Characteristic of the LaTrax Alias

The LaTrax has made this version to defy novices’ errors and flying. This is essential for anybody who has ever purchased a pricey quadcopter, just to crush it throughout its initial flight. This “experience” could be extremely upsetting and frustrating.

The LaTrax Alias is quite elastic and elastic to crashes, lumps, and impacts. You can intentionally fly it into the floor, and it’ll survive. It’ll dust off itself and fly back in the skies again. This drone can resist being run over by a bicycle, as it could be found in the producer’s video.

The Latrax Alias is constructed to last, and it’s the perfect entry-level quad to get the newcomer. It is irrelevant if you aren’t a skilled flyer, and even if you wreck it, you can continue.

This drone has been backed up with a lifetime guarantee so that you may fly without having to worry. As soon as you’ve mastered a flight, you can change it into a specialist flying style and learn to fly a drone with no autopilot system.

Also, don’t worry whether any of those tiny components on the drone must require replacement since optional accessories are available for purchase.

Top features of this LaTrax Alias

5. Top features of this LaTrax Alias

This drone has a few unique and unusual features that make it the perfect entry-level drone for beginner pilots and enough to focus on innovative pilots. The very best facet of this drone is undoubtedly the auto-leveling 6-axis flight program. This uses proprietary flight management software, which lets you command the LaTrax from the atmosphere.

6. Flight Modes

There are three different flight styles simple, professional, and fast. Simple mode is ideal for beginners. In this manner, you’ll have complete auto-leveling in the restricted pitch angles and 6-axis gyro.

Quick mode, where many pilots invest their time, nevertheless utilizes a number of these auto-leveling features. But this mode lets you unlock the entire rate of this Latrax Alias. Additionally, one-button stunts and flight angles are now busy so that you can attempt more complex motions. The Alias will roll, twist and twist with the press of this button.

The last mode al called expert mode. Inside this flight mode, it is possible to take complete charge of the Alias. The auto-leveling applications are disabled, and most stunts are done entirely independently.

Only experienced pilots must use this manner. It will let you get a responsive, linear charge of your quad, and this attribute may please the professionals. Do not be concerned if you discover yourself in trouble since there’s an emergency automobile level recovery button at specialist mode.

One other great feature is a crash-proof attribute, and the maker asserts that this drone is practically indestructible. The Alias is intended to resist the dings and bumps, so should you wreck, you should not be concerned about it. You might still have to substitute a sword from time to time. However, these pieces are cheap to replace.

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7. Controller

The control is mild, fits well in hand, and it is all about the size of the majority of the controls. This transmitter allows for precision management of your quad, so it’s possible to fly for longer intervals.

You will find thumb pads around the gimbal for comfortable hands. The gimbals provide excellent accuracy control that reacts immediately to the quad. They’re contained in the package. But for people who prefer to restrain their drone traditionally, you will find sticks that may be had separately. The sticks are fast and easy to set up.

The control with this drone is not difficult to use. The radio is controlled with Traxxas technologies, and it won’t ever interfere with another person flying a quad close to you.

You may verify your settings reasonably quickly because the control has an LCD. Furthermore, if you would like to try customized preferences, it will direct through the menus.

This Alias’ particular memory technologies will make it possible for you to remain connected and never eliminate touch with your drone that the minute you turn to the electricity. Additionally, this technology will let you run the same flight airplane many times since it can keep up to ten flights.

8. Motors

The Latrax Alias has engines rated at 50 percent more electricity than the typical quadcopters of the size. Every propeller includes an engine, and they run independently of others.

This offers the quad the thrust it requires for high-speed flight maneuvers. Additionally, you can change every one of the motors’ thrusts and ability to get directional control. Another wonderful thing about this particular drone is it will not get tangled in the grass since the drive system is raised.

The other canopies, LED lenses, and rotor blades can be purchased in green, orange, blue, and crimson. Additionally, the canopies, lenses, and rotor blades could be utilized to get a personalized color mix.

latrax alias - Ability

9. Ability

The 1S 620mAh Li-Po battery and USB charger using two charging modes have been contained. This permits you to control in regular mode or quick mode.

Whenever your quad energy is running and must be billed, the gas gauge will alert you to it. This will make it possible for you to return to your residence before your battery expires.

The Li-Po battery pack will permit you to fly for around 15 minutes, and it takes approximately 30 minutes to recharge it for another excursion. If you wish to improve the flying time, you can swap out the battery pack for a brand new one.

The incredible stunts can be carried out with just the movie of a pole and push of a button. Rolls, flips, and twists are a few of the stunts you’ll have the ability to carry out. Together with other producer’s quads, it may take a long time to understand how to do stunts and aerobatics. But with all the Alias that you will learn entirely right from the box.

The rolls and springs can be carried out left or right, backward or forward, and even diagonally. Additionally, you can do a twister, rotating around its axis along with your Alias. These stunts may also be done in series.

The expert mode provides you complete control. But, it is possible to try rolls, rolls, and spins in this manner.

Spare parts are easily obtainable, and this allows easy and quick repairs.

10. Lights

The boom arms have incorporated LED lights that light up the entire drone. The lights operate in the evening and night visibility. The lights will mechanically get brighter at night as they can feel when it begins to get darker.

These lights won’t just provide a little bit of flash to your Alias, but they also provide orientation. In this manner, you can observe the lights lineup with the horizon. The LED lights also permit you to keep a better eye on the drone from the atmosphere.

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11. Add-on Accessories

There are lots of fantastic add-on accessories to grow your Alias. The most crucial component is backed up with a life electronics guarantee, but a few small components could be damaged during flight, and they can be replaced.

The LED lenses can be found in five sets of five different color options: green, orange, red, blue, and transparent. This mild enables one to realize your quad during the night and in the distance.

Rotor blades aren’t covered by warranty since they’re usually ruined by flight. But they cost $2 a couple, and they’re inexpensive enough to replace. They can be found in six different color choices: blue, black, white, white, orange, green, and red.

The canopies will also be economical, and they’re about $5 percent. They can be found in five different color options: black and green, orange and black, black, black and white, black and red, and black and blue.

Batteries and USB chargers, for both the Alias and control, do not continue forever. But the wonderful thing is that the replacement chargers and batteries are available on the site. It’s also suggested to purchase additional alkaline batteries.

The Alias primary frame can be obtained, and if it’s bent out of shape, it’s suggested to change it out to get a brand new one. This is a relatively straightforward and speedy process. The lower primary frame can be offered. Both of these frames can be found in two color choices: black and white.

The Latrax Alias camera is an add-on, and including it could be an enjoyable facet of flying. The camera needs a memory card which needs to be purchased individually. The camera attaches to the bottom of this quad.

12. Customer Support

The Latrax Alias site provides many flying hints and information that will help you get from the atmosphere, find out stunts and keep in the atmosphere. This is extremely important since you may need as much help as you can get when learning how to fly the Alias range.

There are various photographs that you have a look at the Alias accessories along with different color options. You can purchase many different kinds of Latrax Alias accessories or drones. But if you do not need any of them, you can purchase the quad.

Numerous videos can allow you to get going on your very first flight. There’s also a movie that will assist you in learning how to personalize your radio control preferences.

Another video that’s hugely beneficial to test out is the way to learn how to do complicated tricks, like springs and rolls. It’s possible to turn your Alias to specialist mode as soon as you’ve progressed beyond the fundamentals to learn a few tricks. This will let you carry out complicated stunts.

You could also download different manuals on the site. They will be able to assist you with whatever point you’re in your learning.

You’ll discover a manual that will assist you with a motor replacement if you need to perform repairs. The LED lighting kit directions are incredibly beneficial in case you need to replace Alias’s LED lighting.

Additionally, some instructions will assist you in setting up the camera. And lastly, in the event you’ve lost your box, you’ll find that the Latrax Alias box images along with an Alias parts listing.

Additionally, it’s essential to register your Alias. This is important as you will need additional support compared to literature can assist you with. There’s a troubleshooting guide that will assist you in resolving your problems.

The site is filled with PDFs and guides about the best way best to do more stunts. And lastly, there’s an internet FAQ where you can discover answers to the common problems you might encounter.


Its rugged configuration is a priority for kids or beginners. There are also a ton of features that make it a popular drone. You can trust it. It’s tough to spoil.

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