JXD 509G Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

JXD 509G Reviews

Below, the JXD 509G reviews to see if it is a drone worth money? Take a look at performance features, cameras, flight life, battery life, and more.

JXD 509G, at first glance, seems to be a drone with nothing special. But after you control it, a difference opens up. Please find out how different it is through the article below.

JXD 509G Reviews in2021

JXD 509G Reviews


  • The effortless motion of the drone ensures a smooth glide.
  • The body is made from durable materials, which makes it a definite conclusion.
  • With guidance management detectors, this drone guarantees secure flight throughout
  • A value for money Buy


  • The flight period could have been more.
  • While This drone is a bit smaller in size, it often gets turbulences and impacts of the mighty wind.
  • Also, This drone has a lesser control range.

1. Packaging

In comparison to other drones available on the current market, JXD 509G really will come with everything. The great folks over at JXD have heard from the errors of different producers. They correctly send out the drone with the appropriate wrap and the appropriate protection against harm and transport problems.

The very first thing you will get is a thick and tight rectangular box that’s jam-packed with Styrofoam and shock-absorbing cushioning to protect against the drone from accepting any damage during transport.

What you’ll receive in the box is as follows:

  • 1x drone
  • 1x transmitter
  • 1x set of directions
  • 1x pair of protective rings to your propellers (4 bits )
  • 1x telephone clip to your transmitter
  • 2x charging wires
  • 2x special screwdrivers
  • 1 x pair of propeller blades (4 bits )
  • 1x lithium-ion battery

Based on which model or package you select, you can opt for a video screen for your transmitter or a telephone clip. You may also get a complimentary pair of propellers, a complementary battery, or perhaps both.

The battery and the propellers themselves aren’t so expensive. In actuality, they are relatively cheap. It’s usually advised to buy 3 to 4 additional batteries and 3 to 4 sets of spare propeller blades to ensure you are set to fly to get a reasonably long time.

One final point to notice here is a simple fact that the propeller protection rings are equally significant and a tremendous advantage to have.

It will take some time for pilots to get accustomed to this particular drone and how it flies, which explains why it’s advisable that the rings must be mounted while the drone has been discovered from the pilot instead of immediately discarded.

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2. Design and Endurance

Among the more essential things which can attract your attention is that JXD 509G includes a somewhat bizarre elongated, and in precisely the same time, sleek shape as opposed to the milder, more intimidating drones in its bracket.

This is due to the simple fact that this drone has been created from the beginning to work together with the atmosphere around it rather than against it.

That is having been said, the drone has too reduced haul and can be capable of managing a great deal of airflow coming from all directions while maintaining a balanced and steady degree of management.

The drone propellers have been put instead strangely than other drones at precisely the same bracket and class. Most other drones tend to maintain their propellers at asymmetrical places, often forming a perfect square when drawing a line between their propellers’ centers.

The JXD 509G switches up things since the propellers aren’t put at asymmetrical square arrangement but instead a rectangular one. The propellers themselves are put more towards the ends of their drone.

The propellers’ somewhat strange positioning will feel very strange initially, particularly for pilots who are utilized to the conventional drones.

The drone of itself will sense a lot slower and much more challenging to control due to this, and that’s to be anticipated. But, there’ll be next to no equilibrium difficulties and no equilibrium concerns. This is when the blades’ positioning shines as it features the drone that extra bit of equilibrium and that extra bit of equilibrium.

One more thing that’s readily evident is the place of the camera. Unlike the majority of other drones, which have a more bulky body and a camera positioned beneath, the JXD 509G gets got the camera positioned in the very front of this drone, orientated and aligned in such a manner that it features the pilot that the very POV of this drone itself.

One thing to say here when talking about the camera is that the camera doesn’t have a gimbaled mechanism, nor can it be encouraged by the mounting bracket. This is a small problem for people seeking to have the best shots from more exacting angles or confront hectic flight requirements, but it’s ideal for people following fly-by shots and movies.

This drone’s central body was made to be as aerodynamic as possible, permitting the drone to move freely throughout the atmosphere more like a bit of a plane than a helicopter, even without needing to be concerned about frontal drag or unwanted winds.

The propellers are amazingly well balanced and sturdy enough to take care of harsh flight requirements, though, due to the positioning of their propellers in the first place, it’s somewhat difficult to maneuver the drone set up, often requiring the pilot to produce special maneuvers to be able to achieve that.

If it has to do with this aircraft’s sturdiness, it is inclined to go both ways. The JXD 509G is more than able to aviation through harsh weather conditions so far as drone criteria go, but there’s a good deal of wear and tear has been performed to both rotors and the most crucial motor.

In other words, although the drone can have a good deal of punishment from harsh weather conditions, it wasn’t equipped with this aspect in mind. Therefore there’ll be a fair bit of care that has to be done to keep it properly.

The body is nicely protected against accidents and slight accident landings, and the propellers are well protected by the protective bands, provided you have them mounted to the drone ahead. The genuine portion of the drone that’s in danger is your camera.

Though it’s mounted in the very close of this drone, it hangs lower than the remainder of the human body, and it might endure some harm in case of a crash landing or unexpected hurdles coming its way.

Total the drone is quite strong and relatively steady, provided the pilot flying its adequate amounts of expertise and training with it. If you lack thereof expertise, we recommend that you also look at our post about drone metering and the best way to control it properly.

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3. Camera

The camera itself isn’t anything to write home about. It’s pretty much an easy 2Mp forwards mounted camera that sits neatly in the very front of their JXD 509G. It doesn’t have a gimbaled program, but it doesn’t have any in-flight filtering or editing choices, but it’s perfectly calibrated to shoot mid-flight shots and movie while zooming around.

The 2Mp resolution is sufficient for regular users and inexperienced to intermediate drone pilots, nevertheless for its pilots out there that need more clarity and a higher resolution from the drones, it’s possible to change and update the dedicated camera using different firmware and substituting the lens. Nonetheless, these activities void the guarantee of this drone.

It’s presently impossible to mount a different camera just like a GoPro on the JXD 509G without needing to make heavy modifications to your drone.

Another thing about here is the simple fact that the battery doesn’t hold sufficient charge to adopt a stricter camera to begin with. Therefore it’s suggested to adhere to the camera the drone includes.

jxd 509g Battery And Flight Time

4. Battery And Flight Time

The battery is a 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po battery, which isn’t impressive, to begin with. It can provide the drone with 9-10 minutes of flight time and be of great use to beginner pilots. But it requires a little while for the battery to be fully charged.

Due to the reasonably low cost these batteries can hold, along with the fact that they’re somewhat affordable, to begin with, it’s frequently advisable that you purchase extra batteries to extend your time at the skies and find a whole lot more walks from your adventure.

Additionally, you may use a few tips to maintain your drone in the atmosphere by following the tips from our post about the strategies to expand your flight period.

Thus far, there aren’t any dependable battery expansion kits to your JXD 509G, and there’s no method of fitting a larger battery to the body of their drone.

5. Controller

The control is a 5.8 GHz controller with (based on your options and tastes ) either a video screen or a clip to your cell phone. The most popular option is a video screen since it can sync with the camera a great deal better and provides the pilot with a much better picture in addition to excellent opinions.

The controller itself is a somewhat standard-looking and feeling control, together with all the vertical controls towards the surface and the base’s features. It may be a minor hassle for pilots who have shorter than ordinary principle spans. Nevertheless, pinching is a viable management method with this control so that there should be no problems.

Something which must be noted concerning the control is how it has to be correctly calibrated before flying the JXD 509G. Ensure everything is so and the controls are responsive before getting the drone from the atmosphere. Otherwise, you may get a somewhat unresponsive drone.

One final point to say about the control is that it feels cheaply designed for the moment’s vast bulk. It seems more like the remote management of a toy car than anything else. However, this doesn’t influence the performances of this craft nor the grade of the flight encounter.

6. Flight Performance

Provided that the ideal calibration and the proper alterations are made, the flight operation of the JXD 509G is impeccable, to say the very least. First of all, the 10 minutes of flight time the battery provides you’re a lot of fun. The drone is agile and ready to perform the maneuvers that you control and can perform tricks effortlessly.

The drone has a long signal range up to 100 yards in control and can execute many maneuvers effortlessly within that space. It includes many flight features, like a one-button return, operate, and a vast flight manner that allows it to put in the atmosphere while at a considerable distance on the floor.

One critical issue to notice here is the simple fact that the drone isn’t just perfect for inexperienced drone pilots. Even though it can be easy to control and maneuver, it requires some time to get used to it and all of the systems it manages to bring to the table.

That is having been said. It’s straightforward to crash the drone in the event the pilot isn’t experienced enough. Considering the drone’s purchase price, inexperienced pilots tend to be much better off figuring out how to fly different, more affordable drones and finally moving up to the 509G.

7. Value For Money And Guarantee

Among the things which tend to drive folks apart from JXD 509G is that the right price. This afternoon where this review is composed, this JXD 509G retail cost is $95, which isn’t the priciest drone available on the marketplace. Nevertheless, considering the features and choices this drone includes, it’s a little too large off the bat.

Though the drone has a lot of features and can deliver the quality it promises to provide, the simple fact that the flight period is just 10 minutes at best, the camera does not have any gimbaled joint, and that there’s no accepted manner of upgrade/replace the camera, which makes this specific drone not to deserve the first asking price.

JXD 509G is a superb drone to possess, but it’s only somewhat overpriced.

About money-back guarantees, the drone includes the standard warranty that covers support expenses and gives the pilot question that the choice to substitute the drone or refund it altogether if inside this period you will find manufacture flaws that are discovered.

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8. Unique Features

There are a couple of features that are unique to this JXD 509G, as well as also the features in question are mainly about the time which the drone sits in the atmosphere:

First of all, it’s probably the most agile camera drone available on the marketplace. It is being in a position to perform 360 spins, barrel rolls, loops, and several other nimble maneuvers while filming and in the edge of this signal range, causes this tiny drone a nifty small flier.

The next thing that has to be mentioned here is that the design of this craft. Due to the propellers’ rectangular positioning, the airflow above and around the entire body of this drone is much more irregular, providing the aircraft using a pretty little lift and at precisely the same time relatively a little forward acceleration.

This usually means that the drone doesn’t need to tilt forward as far as other drones perform, and it may accelerate a whole lot quicker and far more evenly during its flight.

These two features, though entirely separate at first glance, when combined, are far more than sufficient to provide the pilot an extremely gratifying experience. Additionally, it gives the camera the ability to capture pictures and footage without a bank to compensate for the forward tilt.


The JXD 509G allows drones to fly with regular contraction, the ability to fly in unstable weather, windy weather, which can be the strong point of this product. It is the most agile drone on the market and can flexibly record videos and photos at a mid-range price. Indeed you will have to consider this drone.

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