JJRC X1 Reviews: Top Full Guide 2021

JJRC X1 Reviews

Today, there are so many drones on the market, choosing a drone that is suitable for use and affordable is really difficult. Today, Staaker is going to present you with a well-rated drone JJRC X1 Reviews.

JJRC X1 Reviews


  • Brushless motors;
  • Nice sporty layout;
  • Three different moderates;
  • Existence of spare parts;
  • Fantastic control range (roughly 300-400 meters);
  • About 12-15 minutes trip period;


  • Complex chronological arrangement;
  • Unknown flight control;
  • Too lightweight to handle moderate end;
  • Poor LED lights;
  • Somewhat expensive for what it provides.

1. Packaging

The drone’s packaging, along with the accessories that come together with it, represents a significant aspect when you’re considering buying a drone. The JJRC X1 Quadcopter provides many added accessories, which will help you in the long run. The drone comes from its beautiful mailbox.

In its box, you’ll also locate its transmitter, 4 x propellers, two x-ray landing bars, 4 x propellers shields, the drone’s charges, along with the manual.

jjrc x1 Layout and built-in

2. Layout and built-in

Speaking about the plan, you can make sure JJRC X1 Quadcopter excels in this particular chapter. The quadcopter has a rather lovely eye-catching design, rather much like this Blade 200 QX Quadcopter.

Seeing this drone flying will make you fall in love with it for sure. The drone measures 21 x 21 x 11; thus, carrying it from 1 area to another won’t represent any problem.

The drone’s built-in caliber is impressive, and carrying it in your hand supplies a fantastic feeling. Its black color offers it a professional appearance, and it fits perfectly with the drone’s remote control.

The outside of the drone has been made from excellent top plastic, making it shock resistant and due to its propeller guards, so you do not need to be concerned about all the minor accidents that will happen while flying it.

This drone’s excellent benefit must provide comparing it with another drone during its price range because it features brushless motors. Brushless motors are the best that you might have on a drone, being more immune, at precisely the same time, they provide a lot more energy and are even more efficient.

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3. Battery and flight period

The JJRC X1 Quadcopter features a 7.4V 1300mAh battery, which’s an excellent one for this drone. The battery will provide you with an impressive flight period of about 15 minutes. Comparing it with another drone available on the marketplace, the X1 provides an excellent flight time.

If you’re trying to find a more flight experience, we advise you to buy a spare battery to charge it using the initial one when running out of electricity. As a result, you will double your flight uptime, and you may practice your flying abilities better. To completely control the drone’s battery takes somewhere about 90 minutes.

4. Flight performance

This quadcopter is an incredible one to begin your flying adventure with since it’s fantastic flight freedom, a fantastic controller range, and it is swift.

Flying it a couple of times will force you to become accustomed to it readily. When you get accustomed to it, you may enjoy a fantastic trip encounter. One other fantastic benefit this drone has to provide is that it features a superb control range if it’s 400 meters away from you.

However, you need to remember that you need to check whether the weather is proper for flying being a lightweight drone. The strong winds will produce the drone more challenging to control, and it may blow it away, so be sure that you check the weather before you’re flying the drone.

They are getting simple to control. Youngsters may also control it. It’s suggested for children the age over 14. One thing is sure, flying this drone will provide you with a great deal of fun as well as a fantastic flying atmosphere.

5. Transmitter

Frankly, even though the transmitter includes a beautiful layout, I don’t enjoy it much. It appears to be an inexpensive toy as opposed to an entry-level one. Anyhow, the promoted 300-400 meters seem pretty cool. I am curious if it’s going to be verified in the flight area.

The aircraft could be changed with the right-top button between 3-speed modes (10 percent usual manner, 25 percent relaxed flight manner, and 45% rapid speed style ).

After the transmitter’s supply voltage falls under 4.5 volts, the power LED will flash along with a “DiDi” alarm noise will alert the operator that it’s time to replace the batteries of the remote control.

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jjrc x1 Arming

6. Arming

The manufacturer chose to embrace a fresh two-step arming order with this X1 quadcore, probably to protect against these motors’ accidental arming by youngsters that may get debilitating injuries due to them. To Be Able to equip your quadcopter, You Need to follow Both of These steps:

Push and hold the left rod into the lowest-left position and the ideal stick into the lowest-right position (both sticks at precisely the exact moment!) Ever since a “DiDi” sound affirms the quad is still unlocked;

Move the left stick to the lowest-right, then lowest-left and lowest-right, along with the propellers, will begin spinning.

7. Test flight

I have just returned from my very first flight effort using this quad. It appeared to be a tremendous bright winter for a few maiden flights. However, the -5 °C and medium breeze were too much with this bit of quad.

As my reviewer fellows stated, it’s quick. It has an excellent controller range and flight freedom but what I discovered now is that it’s tough to restrain it against the medium end. Becoming tired after 9 minutes of “windsurfing,” I decided on a property and to return tomorrow to get another flight…

8. With It The Ideal Way

You may recalibrate it by holding both sticks to the proper. Being a brushless version, you have to equip the motors, a catchy dance of button management. First, you would like to flip on the transmitter, then plug in the battery to the quad, and you have a hold out both sticks to arm it essentially.

Then you have got to turn the motors by moving the left stick. I believe that it’s similar to right, left straight, or, you know, some mix. I forget if you begin left, right left right, whatever it is.

You hold out both sticks to arm it. You then move the left stick back and forth like this to turn on the motors. Then they will begin turning their own in a very low RPM, it is going to take off, but they’ll begin turning.

Occasionally I discovered that, like when I Iere to arm it in the home and take it out to go it, when I down it, I Iodidll that; arm it and then turn the motors, and it would not start. Occasionally, I found that if I Hold both sticks right to recalibrate it and do the entire process again, it might be equipped.

I am not sure what this is, but you might have to do precisely the recalibration first, should you proceed locations in the very first time you’ve armed it, so weird there.

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9. Accessories It Comes With

Let us look at everything that comes with it, we have got a spare pair of props, and this is a tool here to remove and twist the small hubs there, which lock the props onto the motors. Also, it does have prop guards, which can be relatively calm. Maybe not a lot of brushless quads arrive with prop guards.

I have not used them, but they’re pretty durable. I believe that they would do the job nicely, but they are at least likely to work nicely to protect you from getting hit by the blades since the brushless motor gained more electricity in these types of blades are somewhat more inclined to hurt you.

If you are new to something like this or a more powerful quad, you might choose to begin with the prop guards, then merely to prevent yourself from getting hurt. It will have wall sockets, which utilize the equilibrium plug to control.

The battery is a 2S LiPo, 7.4 Volt, 1300mAh battery. It is a beautiful massive battery, and it’s the JST plug-in and equilibrium plug. Should you use the inventory wall charger, it requires about one hour and 45 minutes to bill.

Here about the box, it states flight period 15 minutes which is only one of those first times when it isn’t a lie. It did get 15-minute flights, which I am reasonably impressed with. I was not expecting it to last long, as it is not a massive battery to get quadcore.

Nevertheless, it did not match the quality of those 15 minutes, which clclaimLike I Said, I Didn’t examine all the prop guards, so I Don’t understand just how much of a difference it makes. However, you know, together with the brushless quadcore, you have got lots of energy to spare. I Doubt the prop guards make that much difference in flight time.

It will have an additional power port at the mounting brackets. Therefore, some present camera or FPV camera you could mount here, or perhaps JJRC will probably be releasing something special to it. However, I did not observe that. It is prepared to go to get a camera.

This states “can port” I presume that it is assumed to be a canal, but it states “can port.” All right, let us see what’s there to say.

We have three speeds on the left bumper here, you alter speeds, and the yaw right does shift, and it is good yaw. It’s not super quick, but it is plenty fast at high prices. It is just a tiny bit. I don’t know whether it is the yaw too quickly or only the blend of pitching yaw.

However, it seems highly twitchy at high prices, which will be my primary complaint with this item. It just feels twitchy, and it is like it is so quickly. To read the degree itself, which you understand, you create a slight motion, and it is like it instantly snaps back. It does not have an extremely fluid sense to it.

I mean only feels as if you are constantly, the only kind of like twitching something about, as I mentioned, mainly on high prices. It only feels very uncontrollable and simply twitchy and cluttered.

At moderate prices, it is pretty decent. It is nice and flyable. It has got a good enough pitch to go quickly, and it seems alright, but it adjusts its amounts out so quickly. It only has this twitchy texture to it. It is nowhere near as eloquent line since the blade 200 QX has its nice smooth texture.


Considering all the aspects we mentioned above, the JJRC X1 is a perfect choice for a beginner drone without spending a lot of money. If you are interested in the best drone with camera you can watch it here.

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