JJRC H37 Elfie Foldable Mini RC Selfie Drone Review: Top Full Guide 2021

JJRC H37 Elfie Foldable Mini Rc Selfie Drone Review

Usually, selfie drones such as this JJRC H37 Elfie are costly gadgets. Even though this JJRC Elfie’s plan is quite like the one ZeroTech Dobby has, they’re out of a completely different league. It is somewhat more challenging to categorize the H37 for a selfie drone.

In 2021, most of the significant drone produces, such as Yuneec and DJI, declared their particular selfie drone. Even if the JJRC H37 Elfie Foldable Mini Rc Selfie Drone is only an inexpensive fake, I think that it deserves to be reviewed, Staaker.

JJRC H37 Drone inspection

JJRC H37 Drone inspection


The onboard 0.3MP (480p) Wi-Fi FPV camera lets to capture videos and photos together with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels.

Five minutes of movie takes roughly 23 MB. The JJRC H37 does not demand a micro SD memory card just since the recorded files are saved on your smartphone’s internal memory card.

The movie files are saved under the JJRC folder and finish with H264 expansion. Unfortunately, I did not manage to play the movies on my desktop even when I renamed the files into .avi, .mpg, or .mp4. Because the films have been recorded from the live video flow, I do not expect quality.

The camera’s real-time video feed may be shown on your mobile device (smartphone/tablet) via the JJRC APP. The caliber of the live video is enjoyable. Children will love the simple fact they can spy on the neighbor’s dog.


As the performance is concerned, I’ll split it into two standard traits battery length and functioning range. Those are the two standard numbers each drone sport and are essentially what makes a fantastic drone… great. Thus, without further ado, let us see how can Mini Elfie login terms of overall functionality:

Fight Time

A 400mAh Lithium-Ion battery powers JJRC H37 Mini Elfie. We’re referring to a 1-cell version here, which may output approximately 6 to 7 minutes of flight time.

Charging does not take too long, about one hour approximately. But I suggest investing in a few additional batteries since they are inexpensive and can get you many more flights.

It would also be a fantastic idea to locate a charger with additional batteries that can charge several simultaneously. This will significantly shorten your waiting period before another flying session, which is, of course, a big plus… particularly for younger users that can not wait to get their hands on their drone once more.

Operating Range

It was stated previously that selfie drones are not the best of the group concerning operating scope. Clients bear that because their principal use is not exploration. However, as their name implies, taking selfies.

All of us recognize that selfies are obtained only a few meters away, which is in the ideal perspective. So, with this in mind, Mini Elfie can reach anywhere from 50 to 100 meters away from its control, based on factors like interference and barriers (primarily buildings and trees ) from the surrounding region.

As far as the FPV range belongs, you’re looking at approximately 30-meters, which is not half bad for such an inexpensive drone.


JJRC H37 Elfie and Mini Elfie both game roughly the same design. Black body with cushioned propeller arms and white stickers on the other hand. There are also white plastics on both sides behind, which can be glowing LEDs.

Red runs the show from the trunk, and hot white is upward in front. They create the orientation adjustments relatively simple and are seeable in the evening. But, red lights are hard to see in the daytime but should not pose a large matter.

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Concerning features, Mini Elfie comes with different well-placed ones that will significantly enhance its selfie game. For example, that birdie sports WiFi FPV that can transmit live video feed right from the camera. It will have a little latency, but that’s normal and is true with most WiFi FPV systems.

Despite this, FPV will help you choose that ideal selfie…, and on top of that, it works with both iOS and Android apparatus, which usually means you will have the ability to relish FPV in the comfort of your smartphone.

What’s more, Mini Elfie also features a headless mode allowed by the push of one button. I wholeheartedly recommend this for beginners since it will help them create their first successful drone flying measures. Last but not least, Mini Elfie’s control features gravity detectors… Let us talk more about this!

Baby Elfie Controller

Mini Elfie Controller

First, I’d love to make 1 thing right JJRC H37 Mini Elfie features a very bizarre-looking control. Rather than opting for the traditionally styled apparatus with two analog sticks such as pitch, roll, jaw, and throttle, the people over at JJRC chosen to get a 1-analog system. But how does one analog do those orders?

Well, it can not! That is where the gravity mentioned above detector comes in. You see, together with the gravity detector, you’ll command the drone’s pitch and roll when utilizing the analog will control the throttle and jaw.

This gravity detector essentially replaces your smartphone’s gyroscope. By moving the control up and down, right and left, you’ll be controlling the moves of your drone.

Even though it may seem confusing initially, after only a couple of seconds of restraining your drone in this manner, you’re going to understand how automatic it truly is. The build quality is excellent also.

Though it’s made from plastic, it’s not so cheap one we’re so utilized to seeing entry-level drones. On the contrary, it seems pretty sturdy and creates reactive controls that your drone follows immediately.

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Remote App

As I mentioned previously, the JJRC H37 includes a transmitter and may be manipulated only through your mobile device.

You may elect to control aircraft in 2 ways, utilizing virtual sticks or gravity detectors (not worked together with my Samsung Galaxy S7). I am curious if the maker intends to provide a traditional transmitter for this particular model in the long run.

The drone’s flight management could be controlled using the ideal digital pole or using the smartphone’s inner gyro-sensor by leaning on the telephone. Virtually, the JJRC Elfie H37 may be manipulated as we play with a mobile game. Children will certainly love this attribute.

Finishing your flight has never been simpler. You have to press on the arrow-down button, along with the quad will property, and prevent its motors.

The JJRC APP lets to review your photos/videos directly in the flight area. The recorded files being saved on your smartphone’s memory card can immediately share them with friends and family.

First use

Before your initial flight, you want the install the APP onto your cellular device. After unfolding the arms, then power ON the quad and search for the JJRC-526E61 Wi-Fi system. The motors could be armed via the APP with the Up arrow.

The controller mode is set to virtual sticks. Push the throttle up the rod (left one), and also, the drone will begin to rise.

As a result of the integrated air-pressure detector, the aircraft retains its flight elevation very secure.

For novices and indoor flights, I urge you to place the speed rate at 30%.

As soon as I switched to the total rate of 100%, the H37 became quick and more agile. This rate is suggested for flights.

In case of emergency, it is possible to use the Stop button, which will immediately prevent all of the motors.

The live movie has a few lags because of this WiFi protocol, and it is not suggested to fly only in FPV style.

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Final Verdict

If it comes to estimating the JJRC H37 drone, the final verdict is an excellent one. For the price assortment of under $50, you’re not likely to discover a difference with its durability or capacities.

Users discover that if the Mini Elfie is utilized primarily for what it’s made for, taking drones, it features the very best bang for the buck. Its HD camera provides exactly what consumers are searching for: decent-quality selfie shots for a reasonable price.

For under $50, buyers receive a user-friendly drone, a burst to operate, perfect for beginners, and includes a slick cushioned design, which makes it ideal for taking on vacations or day excursions.

The Mini Elfie is suggested for consumers over age 14. Owners have reported that its user-friendly temperament makes it perfect for kids with a tiny bit of drone expertise. Since the price is correct, it’s believed to be an ideal gateway drone for kids and adults just beginning.

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