JJRC H26W Review: Top Full Guide 2021

JJRC H26W Review

JJRC H26W Review – Now, Staaker is going to present to you a new, value-for-money drone from JJRC. JJRC H26W is a powerful drone with a smart driving mode at a fairly cheap price.

JJRC H26W Review

1. Specifications:

  • Flight Time: 6 to 8 minutes
  • Camera: 2MP
  • Gimbal: 2 Axis (tilts upwards, downward, left or right )
  • Battery Type: 7.4 V 1.200 mAh 30C LiPo battery
  • Range: 300 meters
  • Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency
  • Gyro: 6 Axis
  • Features: Headless Mode and One-Key Yield

You can have a drone that’s above average quality (considering cost range). Not only do they generally come packaged with helpful features, but they are also eloquent fliers (suitable for both beginners and pros ) using a fantastic flight period and (the very best specification) control space.

JJRC drones are famous for their high control range compared to comparable cost products. Now we examine H26W, JJRC’s FPV (First Person View) variant of this previously reviewed H26D among the finest Toy-Grade photography and videography drones now in the industry. Please inform us as we review this FPV quadcopter.

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jjrc h26w review - Design and construct

2. Design and construct

At first appearance, the JJRC H26W Quadcopter appears like a professional drone that the arrangement appears quite like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro but using a toy-grade finish.

The drone takes up a massive distance using its bumpers and long arms. Overall it measures 45.5 x 45.5 x 18cm. The big bumpers and the propeller guards can provide high-quality protection to the inner components, including the camera. So, should you consider yourself a beginner, this is something you ought to look ahead to.

Also, it includes LED lights mounted onto the prop guards which will reveal to you the drone’s orientation, which includes particularly useful when it is dark.

Let us see a few more technical information concerning the H26W. The diagonal engine to engine (MTM) dimension is 350mms. With no camera or battery, using prop guards, the drone weighs just 334 g. However, with everything contained that the drone weighs 1000 grams.

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3. Large FPV Drone

H26W is a sizable FPV quadcopter (45.5 x 45.5 x 18 cm); it’s mainly an outside drone because of its dimensions and being somewhat nosy (maybe not the nosiest quad out there, however ).

H26W has different yaw rates match based on the pilot’s skills. The more complicated the yaw speed, the faster and more maneuverable (and hard to control) it’ll be. Higher the yaw that, the noisier it’ll be. However, it’s an excellent match for both beginners and specialists has got the different yaw rates that enable everyone to have the ability to restrain it.

H26W is a sizable drone with amazingly very good agility. Occasionally it looks like a bigger game camera drone. Beware that H26W requires some minor assembly. It’s rated as Ready-to-Fly however you need to place it on the propellers and landing equipment, nothing to fret about. It is very straightforward.

4. Control Distance

Generally, the control space topic is among the final subjects I talk about in drone testimonials. But, I believe it’s crucial to highlight it today. It’s not a surprise that JJRC products have a fantastic range; if you follow Drones Globe often, you’ve seen JJRC drones have the very best range on the low-cost Toy-Grade marketplace.

H26W is no exception, a surprisingly great 300 meters without connection problems at all. It provides what it promises 300 meters of control range and lives video transmission also.

H26W could be among the most inexpensive FPV drones with this kind of a very long range. Enough range for you to eliminate vision of this, but do not worry! It is FPV so that you can always see where it’s going.

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jjrc h26w review - Camera

5. Camera & FPV

Now, let’s talk about both the camera and FPV. As it is a real-time video transmission quadcopter, this is one of those features that you are most looking forward to seeing. Let us begin with the camera. H26W comprises a 2MP camera with rather good picture recording quality. Expect adequate quality aerial footage.

The live video transmission has over-average picture quality when comparing to the same-cost FPV drones. It will have some small jello-effect, but I am sure you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Aside from the camera as usual at the H26 collection, this drone includes a 2-Axis Gimbal capable of leaning upwards, downward, left, and right, enabling the pilot to obtain different angles of view.

Among the reasons why H26W is relatively more affordable than additional FPV drones, it’s enormous; it utilizes the pilot’s mobile device for an FPV (real-time video) screen. H26W flows to a phone via WiFi via a free program available for the two Android and iOS. The 2.4 GHz transmitter has a phone holder for one to put your device securely.

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6. Features

JJRC H26W includes the standard features we’ve developed for use in low-cost drones. Valuable features improve the quadcopter and make it’s not an abnormal plane’ but a real Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with pleasure purposes.

I am speaking about the 360º aerial stunt tip (using only the press of a button), Headless Mode (for easier orientation regardless of where drone front is pointing ), and One-Key Yield (drone yields to pilot).

While Headless Mode eases management for both beginners and kids, One-Key Yield makes certain H26W will return to you, something that certainly comes in handy because of the extensive 300-meter range. Apart from these features, it also has cool LED lights allowing flights.

7. Battery & Flight Time

JJRC H26W utilizes a 7.4 voltage 1.200 mAh lipo battery capable of powering around 8 minutes of flight time based on camera utilization.

Even though it isn’t the very best flight period for JJRC drones, should we consider drone dimension, camera, and First Person View, then it’s an adequate flight period. If you perform flights utilizing the camera and FPV always, it will drain more battery power.


If you are looking for a Wifi FPV drone at a cheap price then JJRC H26W is really the choice you should not miss. It was selected as one of the best drones in its price range.

Let me know your reviews in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this info with your friends if you find it helpful.

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